With Alejandro keeping him at bay with the Alvatore’s beam cannons, Setsuna follows Lasse’s advice to shoot at the pieces of the container that the Alvatore is still holding on to. Unfortunately, the Alvatore gets through the subsequent explosion unscathed. Across the battlefield, Sergei and Soma are searching for the damaged Kyrios that is hiding behind an asteroid. It is during this lull in the battle that Allelujah tells Hallelujah that he’s also alive and that he can’t die until he knows the meaning of this fighting. Realizing what Allelujah is saying, Hallelujah takes off his helmet and pulls back his hair to reveal both eyes. This allows both sides of him to participate at the same time, and despite the damage to the Kyrios, he’s able to take on both his opponents at once. Alejandro meanwhile sends the Alvatore’s GN Fangs after the Exia, so Lasse has Setsuna dock the Gundam with the GN Arms. Combined, they’re able to destroy all the GN Fangs and avoid being hit by the Alvatore’s main particle cannon. They then charge at it and succeed in slicing off one of its claws and shooting off the second. However, Alejandro responds by firing all the cannons on the Alvatore, and several of these shots hit the GN Arms, causing a big explosion in the cockpit that Lasse is in.

With the GN Arms taking more and more damage, Setsuna charges the docked Exia at the Alvatore and drives his blade through its GN field. He manages to take out the field, but an explosion rips through the GN Arms soon after, leaving Setsuna to take on his opponent in just the Exia. This hardly holds him back though, and he proceeds to slice up the Alvatore, causing it to explode. Back in the other battle, Hallelujah tells Soma that she’s not a perfect super-soldier like she thinks she is and compares her to an animal acting on instinct. He feels that the fusion of reflexes and thought is what a super-soldier should be, and he then activates the Kyrios’ Trans-Am system. This grants him the speed to start slicing the limbs off of Soma’s GN-X, however Sergei protects her when Hallelujah goes for the kill. Soma uses the opportunity to shoot at the Kyrios, knocking it out of Trans-Am mode and sending it adrift. She doesn’t try to finish it off though because she’s concerned about Sergei and opens his cockpit to check on him instead. Sergei thinks that she shouldn’t worry about him and go fight, but Soma declares that she can’t because she feels that if she lost him, then she’d be all alone. As for Allelujah, the right side of his face was hurt by a cockpit explosion, and when he sees Soma with Sergei, he recognizes her as someone named Marie.

Meanwhile, a still-uninjured Alejandro brings out the mobile suit that was inside of his mobile armor and attacks the Exia. Setsuna accuses him of distorting Aeolia Schenberg’s plan, but Alejandro replies by saying that things are going according to plan – it just involves him in the leading role now. When Setsuna questions what he’s after, Alejandro explains that he wanted Celestial Being to ruin the world through military intervention so that he could influence the world in its revival. He thinks that Setsuna doesn’t belong in this new world though and unleashes a particle cannon blast that forces Setsuna to activate the Exia’s Trans-Am system. Setsuna now believes that he’s found the culprit behind the world being warped, and when faced against the Alvatore’s GN field, he recalls how Lockon once told him that the Exia was equipped with a solid blade so that it could combat GN fields. Their initial plan had included fighting with Gundams, and Lockon had said that if something unexpected should happened, then Setsuna would be their trump card. Because of this, Setsuna drives his blade straight into the Alvatore’s GN field and succeeds in taking it out. Setsuna now believes that he’s Gundam again and uses all of his blades to incapacitate the Alvatore.

As he sits in his damaged mobile suit, Alejandro gets a message from Libbons calling him a good clown. Libbons reveals that this was his plan and suggests that Alejandro should leave the unified world to him. Alejandro is pissed off, but he dies moments later when the Alvatore explodes. Setsuna, on the other hand, barely gets a chance to catch his breath before yet another mobile suit appears: a Flag equipped with a pseudo-GN Drive. Its pilot is Graham, and when he messages Setsuna to declare his intent to get revenge for Howard and Daryl, Setsuna identifies him from when they met back in Azadistan. Recognizing Setsuna too, Graham comments on how they’re connected by the red string of fate and compare his feelings to those of love, but he feels that going beyond love is hate. During all this, he and Setsuna start slicing each other’s mobile suits apart, and they eventually charge straight at each other. The two succeed in driving their weapons into the other’s mobile suits, and this leads to a large explosion. Meanwhile, an injured Tieria decides that their plan will continue on and ejects the GN Drive from the Nadleeh. After having done this, he feels that he can finally go to where Lockon is.

Also floating adrift in space is the Kyrios, and Allelujah questions if Hallelujah knew about Soma being Marie. Hallelujah thinks that Allelujah would not have been able to fight if he knew, but he feels that it’s the same either way. He then tells Allelujah that he’s going on ahead, and Allelujah suddenly realizes that Hallelujah is gone. Sometime later, Marina reads a message from Setsuna that he had written before the battle. In it, he talks about learning the meaning of fighting and questions why the world is so warped, why people are unconsciously malicious, and why they hurt each other. He thought that he’d have answers if he met her since she’s on a different path than him but wants the same thing, and so he kept seeking an answer with his Gundam. He now lies unconscious as the Exia floats in space.

Four years later, in A.D. 2312, Saji writes a message to Louise – something he hasn’t done in a while. It’s been two years since he heard from her, and he informs her that he’ll be working in space starting from this year. Though he’s experienced a lot of sadness, he’s also realized a small dream, and so he wants Louise to realize another one. Saji is waiting for her in space, and while he’s in the middle of his job, he sees a trail of GN particles in the distance. He knows that it’s not a Federation unit because the particle color is different, and he soon figures out that it’s a Gundam. In this future, the United Nations has become the Earth Federation, and all of its member countries have dismantled their militaries so that they can form the Earth Federation peacekeeping force instead. On the Celestial Being asteroid base, Ian reports to Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long about rolling out each of their new mobile suits. She asks to see the first generation unit, so Ian brings out the 0 Gundam and talks about removing its GN Drive. However, it didn’t match, and Ian wonders if the Exia’s will work as he looks at the hanger door for the 00 Gundam. This 00 Gundam is a unit that Wang Liu Mei thinks will change the world.

Four Years Later

So at the end of this first half, it looks like just Alejandro and maybe Lasse were added to the list of dead characters. I’m surprised they didn’t do more to make it seem like Setsuna is dead – showing him floating unconscious in a Gundam adrift in space pretty much guarantee that he’ll survive, especially since Tieria seemed to have had the same fate yet turned out okay in the four-years-after epilogue (he’s even sporting a Lockon-esque haircut). Actually, that may be a bad example because it’s not guaranteed that Tieria is alive. There’s a person listed in the credits as Regene Rejetta, voiced by Paku Romi, and speculation is that this character could be the new Tieria. I listened to the “hmph” he/she made in that scene with Louise, and it sounded female and different from normal. That, plus the process of elimination due to how Paku Romi’s voice is very distinctive – she does a lot of young male voices like Hitsugaya from Bleach – makes it entirely possible (even probable) that this is her.

On the whole, I think the production staff did a pretty good job of setting us up for the second half of this series with the stuff in the epilogue. At the very least, they made me curious about Libbons’ harem, about the aforementioned Tieria stuff, and about if there’s going to be a Zeon to go with the new Earth Federation. I found it a little odd though that, in the epilogue, they played the scene where Shirin appears to be leaving Marina, but in the voiceover, it was Nena talking with Wang Liu Mei about the world changing. That left me confused for a moment because of the disconnect between what was going on on-screen and what was being said. At least we now know that Nena is probably serving Wang Liu Mei. The other thing that bothered me was how they incorporated Graham into the episode. His fight with Setsuna was exciting to watch, but it felt really tacked on – like they realized too late that they needed to do something so that they could make Graham the masked character in the second half. It was amplified by how there were only five minutes between when it looked like he died and when he appeared again with the mask. I’m hoping that he’ll get some better character development in the future.

Regardless, I still enjoyed the ending and can’t wait to see the continuation in October. Fortunately though, there’s CODE GEASS to look forward to next week. 😀


  1. They did a 4 years later thing, I knew there would be a gap but I figured it would be months not years. I’m shocked and now I have to wait about 7-8 months to see the rest of it .

  2. Dam this episode looks good ouch now i have to wait 🙁 i got a major feeling that the Gundam meisters will go renegade and Setsuna will be the only one still fighting to eradicate war. But who knows? were just going to have to wait 🙁

  3. O__________O ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OMG on the other hand Tieria looks better on the timeskip…. I mean he now looks more like a man now…. and is that Luise with him on the screnshot?

    and Graham!

  4. Well we all knew libbons was going to be the bad guy, no surprise there, the things that shocked me was what was louise doing with tieria and now I get to see what Setsuna looks like when he’s 20 probably and I don’t know whether this is a good or a bad thing b/c I like the 16 year old Setsuna.

  5. Yeah i agree Tieria looks way better compared to four years ago. but why the heck is ali-al sarshes still alive???? Poor lockon…. looks like he really died for nothing… 🙁

  6. haha wth? graham just rushed in for one episode and took otu setsuna..=.=
    the mask dosen’t make him look gd either =P
    sigh…itz going to be so long b4 the 2nd season starts T_T

  7. Sarshes survived Lockon last shot?, Setsuna must be pissed off knowing he’s still alive then.

    And Graham…, he could disguised himself better. >_>

    So next season will be all out war against Livonze and his bishie armies then.

    Also, Nena seems to be getting scarier than ever…

  8. Exia is due for the avalanche pack in between the time skip. Throne einns turbulenz is also supposed to appear. That should mean setsuna’s alive and nena will be piloting throne turbulenz. Can’t wait to see the fights coming.

    Btw how come ian lived while sumeragi and felt died and is CB still active?

  9. @lolz

    Second time is a reflection… So the eye that got hit is definitely the right one.

    However, we don’t know if it’s the eye itself which has been hit or its surroundings (I wouldn’t like to see Allelujah with a Lockon syndrome)…

  10. wth happened…??!!!is hallelujah dead or wat???no….nd hu’s that guy with his face half shone in the screencaps…the guy looked lyk lockon..i mean the hair..etc..eheheh

  11. wait, so cockroach lives and Allelujah dies? well that kinda sucks…

    But I was wondering what happened to nena, she hasn’t shown up since the thrones got written off, even though we all knew she was still alive.

  12. Allelujah and Hallelujah become one (parts their hair), activates Trans Am and pwns the Colonel and Soma. Only self-sacrifice on the part of Sergei saves them both and defeats Kyrios.

    After defeating Alejandro with the Exia, Graham appears and both pilots finally reveal their faces to each other. Graham admits that their battle must be fate and the feelings he has towards Setsuna and the Exia is LOVE (Setsuna: WTF?). A twisted kind of love. They proceed to lovingly blow each other up.

    Allelujah’s right eye is injured in an explosion in the cockpit. Allelujah witnesses Soma getting out of her MS and identifies her as Mari (an old friend? sister?). Hallelujah decides to leave Allelujah after some parting words. Whether that means he died or not is not clear. Allelujah is last “heard” drifiting off into space inside the wreckage of Kyrios, still unable to believe Hallelujah has left.

    Tieria jettisons the GN drive from the Nadleeh, leaving the survivors from the Ptolemaios to recover it.

    The Gundam in the shadows is the Gundam 00, successor to the O Gundam standing next to it. Nena is evaesdropping on the conversation between Ian and Liu Mei.

    I think Ian says they managed to recover the GN Drive from Exia. Either that or they weren’t able to recover it.

    just guessing
  13. Second last pic is definitely Exia, three pics before that is gundam 00 i believe, the gold gundam looks so stupid. Hopefully H/Allelujah are still alive, they are like my favorite characters in this series, He looks so much more kick ass with the hair pulled back.

  14. Tieria is no longer a trap! Great, he was my favourite meister and now he doesn’t look like a fruit, just somewhat bishie.

    And I knew Libbons was the bad guy for a while. I had a slight lingering suspicion until Alejandro died but pretty much when that poll on “Do you think Alejandro in the ultimate bad guy in Gundam 00” I knew he wasn’t the final enemy. Hell, Libbons might even not be the very last enemy.

  15. HOLY SHIAT!!!! GO masked Graham!!! I almost creamed my shorts when I saw that! This episode reminded me alot of the final ep of GSeed, and defenitly goes down as one of the best Gundam episodes EVER! Can’t wait for season 2, damn you sunrise!

  16. Was that Shirin at the end? I thought it looked like her, but they had Kugimiya Rie (Nena Trinity’s seiyuu) doing her voice. I wonder why they couldn’t get Neya Michiko in for this episode. As such, the credits didn’t list Shirin at all. Kugimiya Rie was listed for playing Nena Trinity, even though Nena had no lines.

    Also, I can’t tell if Nena is spying on them at the end or simply observing. I hope it’s the latter meaning she’s with CB now (as per Louise too).

  17. Also, the series was time lapsed as expected, but I didn’t think they’d do 4 years. I was thinking 2 or 3. In addition, I didn’t think they’d cram it into the last episode of the first half and instead, would leave it for the opening of the second half.

  18. Tieria saying “now I can go back to you, Lockon” = XD!!
    Teiria with Lockon hairstlye = XD!!

    Graham’s love confession to Setsuna = Hell Yeah!! XD
    Graham’s mask = ….UGLY!

    Teiria eyeing Loiuse and smiles to himself = NO WAYYYYY!

    Conclusion = AWESOME ending for season 1 with no seriously annoying cliffhanger! Applauses to production team!

    Special praise: Miyano Mamoru as Setsuna is simply outstanding.

  19. I take back that comment about Louise and CB.


    I don’t know if this was said already, but I don’t think that’s Tieria at the end. If you look at the credits, it lists Paku Romi as playing リジェネ・レジェッタ (Regene Regetta as someone translated on ANN). By the sound of his/her “Hmph” line, it definitely sounds like Paku Romi too.

  20. I take back that comment about Louise and CB.


    I don’t know if this was said already, but I don’t think that’s Tieria at the end. If you look at the credits, it lists Paku Romi as playing リジェネ・レジェッタ (Regene Regetta as someone translated on ANN). By the sound of his/her “Hmph” line, it definitely sounds like Paku Romi too.

    (woot, Paku Romi in Gundam!)

  21. Based on the screenshots, Tieria appears to be with the newly-formed Earth Federation and is probably listed as MIA for celestial being while Wang Liu-Mei, Hong Long, & Nena are now official gundam meisters. Since the GN Drive for the exia is going to be reused for the 00 gundam, it’s safe to assume the GN Drives for the dynames and nadleeh have been reused for wang liu-mei and hong long’s new mobile units. I’m assuming setsuna and allelujah have been recovered by celestial being and will continue to be gundam meisters. Additional, I think celestial being might at least introduce one more GN Drive with an associated gundam. Finally, I believe the 00 gundam might very well feature the seven swords system in its intended form.

  22. Romi Paku (Edward Elric) and Rie Kugimiya (Alphonse Elric) reunited by Seiji Mishizuma (Director of Full Metal Alchemist). I can see the influence in this one. My two favourite female VA’s in my favourite franchise together, a triple threat. What more could I ask for in my anime watching life? It just can’t get much better than this right now for my anticipation of season 2. Not even the most bitching post from animeblogger can quell the utter satisfaction I feel with this series right now in general.

  23. With the significant development for Livonze Almack, he and the innovators were probably the ones behind Ali-Al Saachez locating the trinity team and enabling him to pilot the throne zwei by rewriting its biometrics for him. I have no doubt the innovators were the ones aiding Laguna Harvey in his plans for mass profit. Livonze seemed to have prior knowledge of Laguna Harvey’s dealings when he presented Alejandro with the information.

    I believe the innovators see the world and humanity in a way similar to how Tieria saw Setsuna, Allelujah, and Sumeragi. Essentially, the innovators may believe humanity is incapable of running a war-free world while believing only themselves to be qualified.

  24. So Patrick survieved? LOL, is that person with Louise Tiera? ’cause some people say he is and others say he isn’t, if it’s indeed him, then he looks even more feminine if possible.
    Looks exciting, this anime keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait for the second season, thank god I’ll have Code Geass it’ll make the wait more bearable, just as G00 made the wait for Geass less nerve wracking.

    I don’t wanna think of what I’ll do when they’re both finished.

  25. ‘K, I SO reckon it’s gonna turn out Aolia Schenberg created the innovators; he wants humanity to be ran by ‘perfect’ robots, and that’s his true goal, (you know the one that Pfor. Thingy was talking about before he got deaded)

  26. The 1st season is about unite the nations.
    My guess is that the 2nd season focuses on pushing Earth Federations’ development into space, such as space colonies. Given current situation, EF faces no external thread. Therefore, EF will largely focus its resource on earth. Only when EF faces a great external threat from space, it will re-direct its attention and expand in space, which should be CB’s final objective.

  27. Fucking Sunrise. Can’t break the mold, can you? You just have to have a masked character?

    Jesus Christ, and it has to be Graham, too? One of the coolest characters in the show?


  28. @Bob
    LOL I’m a yaoi fangirl and proud to say I didn’t. I was like EWWW 😉 now if something like that Happened to Tieria on the other Hand….. bleh… he’s probably dead… but I was watching this series b/c of death and not yaoi (which was clearly unexpected- but mostly not unwelcome)… for that I’d go to aarinfantasy’s subs….

  29. If it looks like Tieria, acts like Tieria, and smells like Tieria it probably IS Tieria. The fact that Tieria ejected the GN drive signifies that he’s obviously not a part of CB anymore. It wouldn’t be improbable that Tieria would change his identity and a new voice would help facilitate this. His condition did not look so grave that he should have died in this episode… but the simple fact that he ejected the core signifies he parted ways with CB. Otherwise why do it? His gundam was in no way about to explode and the drive and what was left of Nadleeh could have been picked up at the same time.

  30. @divine|s
    Well thats the main question now floating around – Is it Tieria or no?There’s certainly alot of factors for both Yes and No answers so, for now, its kind of hard to really say what/who he/she/it is.

    But the main discussion is about uniforms and that Tieria-lookalike in that screenshots wears EF uniform 🙂

    Unknown Voice
  31. Nice now have to wait till october NOOO!!!! Aljendros mobile suit kind of reminded me of a cross between the Hyaku Shiki and the Epyon. Also the new GN-X look like Mass produced Gyans. So Patrick and Ali survive and Graham wears a mask.

  32. Graham Acre…

    disturbance in the force…

    *shoohhhhhh* DarthVadah> /me doing a choke-force

    full face mask to boot (with the jaw looking like darth-father); expecting him to say “I’m your father!!” next season ;p

  33. Graham Acre…

    disturbance in the force…

    *shoohhhhhh* DarthVadah> /me doing a choke-force

    full face mask to boot (with the jaw looking like darth-father); expecting him to say “I’m your daddy!!” next season ;p

  34. K. Fudge the rest.

    I wanna know why Setsuna, Alle, Sumeragi, Fedlt and lasse aren’t shown ._.. If they recover Exia, i would be fairly sure they would’ve secure Setsuna. He wasn’t dead just yet, so I hope he lives. If Ali is alive, there’s still a purpose for him to serve.

    I think, Alle would survive. If only because we find out Soma’s name is Marie, which opens up some interesting development. Tieria, I have no possibly idea. If Ian’s alive, I would assume Sumeragie and co would be alive as well, I wanna know where they are ._.

    They did a good job setting up the basis of the second season. the fight to change the world is still here, can’t wait till october to see Exia back in action.

    I hope.

  35. Hahaha, has anyone noticed that when the Exia megastabbed the Alvatore, even though he clearly stuck 6 of his 7 swords into it, it only shows 4 swords? I noticed this when I was wondering why there were only 2 GN energy swords showing 😐

  36. Tieria with Lockon hairdo = Not the Tieria we know but a new Tieria clone?!? = Oh my…
    Makes sense though. Even Livonze got a few clones so why not Tieria?
    Besides Tieria did say he was going to go back to Lockon.. ^__^ la la.. (is a yaoi fangirl)

  37. Arrrgh, why did Ali al sharses have to live – Lockon died for nothing 🙁

    And why Hallelujah ?? WHY ???? That half was leet and now its dead too. As much as I hate what’s happened in the last few episodes, I know I’m going to come back and watch it once Lelouch is done XD

  38. this is so awesome, “earth federation” , man I think this would be like the firt gundam ,a 00 version of “zeon” this looks great, the only problem is what the fuck hapened with alelulla????? 😐 and masked graham rlz

  39. I couldn’t stop myself to think of this as a Shigofumi…

    Marina Ismail,
    If you’re reading this…then I’m no longer in this world.
    The entity that eradicated conflicts by force, Celestial Being…
    Taught myself, who only knew how to fight; the true meaning of fighting.
    Like Gundam did that time.
    I wanted to know, why the world was so warped.
    Where did this warping come from.
    Why do people have an inherent evil within their subconscious.
    Why don’t they try to recognize that inherent evil.
    Why there are those who drive themselves mad.
    Why people control, and are controlled.
    Why people hurt each other.
    Why people…don’t try to live their lives to the fullest.
    I sought the answer.
    I thought if I met you, you’d be able to answer it all.
    Having traveled the same road, yet desiring something different,
    The answer to the road…
    …of understanding one another.
    I kept seeking it,
    Along with my Gundam.
    With my….Gundam

    Anyway; how the Hell Setsuna sent that message to Marina?

    I don’t think Setsuna is dead, but he surely isn’t with Celestial Being anymore… since Exia has been recovered by CB but Setsuna wasn’t there….

    Syaoran Li
  40. @Unknown Voice:

    Well, I’m quite a seiyuu fan and I can distinctly tell from that “Hmph” that it’s Paku Romi. I’d say I’m 99% sure it’s her. Also, it seems like Omni agrees with me based on his updated comments.

  41. Also, if you watch the episode closely and tuned to seiyuu voices, there is no other character who is played by Paku Romi. Her voice is pretty distinct and easy to pick up on if you’ve watched enough shows shes been in (for both male and female roles).

    When you add in the fact that she’s playing a new characted named リジェネ・レジェッタ (Regene Regetta/Rejetta), by process of elimination, there isn’t really any other character (who had a line and would get credited for it) that she could have been.

    Again to those people who are only reading the latest comments, this in in reference to the screenshot here and how this is probably NOT Tieria and how Louise isn’t necessarily with Celestial Being now.

  42. OMG Gundam 00 if setsuna is still alive ( he’d better be) then he will pilot it but PLEAS let the remaing 3 have the kira blood in them U CANNOT DIE FROM AN EXPLOSION OR ANY THING GUYS dam y did the mak the ending soo good now ui have to wait

  43. Okay here are my thoughts:
    In regards to Regene Regetta: It may actually be Louise and it may not. Since CB gives pseudonyms to their members, it wouldnt make the idea implausible.
    I also expected Sarches to live. He symbolized war; as a war monger, he thrives on war. Since their was a second season, than he would have to survive. Otherwise peace would have been attained already.
    As for the meisters: I am confident Setsuna, Hallelujah, and Tieria are alive. However, I do think we will see some new meisters.

  44. As indicated in the ending credit, Alejandro’s death was confirmed. (松本保典 did the voiceover)

    Patrick… He is doing ok. As he was seen saluting right behind Kathy and Sergei.

    Libbons… There were 5 more (cyborgs too?) look just like him. Imagine all 6 of them can pilot mobile suits and can hack into CB system. Since I knew about the “special capabilities” of Tieria, Libbons and Nena, I often thought about some day there will be a showdown between these cyborg type of beings. Has anyone noticed the backgounds (circled in red below) when he was right next to Aeolia Schenberg and when he was with his gang? Looks like they were still in that moon base where VEDA is located at.

    Graham… Mr. Char Aznable look alike! Writers just like about a guy wearing a mask, don’t they?

    Al Ali Sarshes… Sadly, he is not going away.

    Tieria… Looks like he has infiltrated into the Earth Federation as he appeared to be wearing the same uniform as Graham and Sergei et al.

    Although Tieria was last seen with Louise, I don’t think that he’s involved with her. It looks like that they were in an elevator or something. Here’s my guess: Believe it or not, Saji is still Setuna’s neighbor… Louise went to visit Saji but he wasn’t in his place (as he was working in space), and coincidentally Tieria went to see Setuna and ended up with Louise in the same elevator as he left Setuna’s place.

    Nena… Was she hacking to the CB system to eavesdrop their conversations (as her eyes turned bright yellow)? Or has she join the Sumeragi’s CB team? (With her previous childish and irresponsible attack that upset Setuna and other Gundam Meisters, I wonder how she can fit in Sumeragi’s team.)

    00 appeared to be Exia upgrade with a new head.

    Setsuna… Is this how Setsuna going to look like 4 years later?
    (Thanks to

    What a great finish! I’m looking forward to the next season to see how it turns out. This is a fantastic series. I consider Gundam 00 to be in the very top of my list of favorite Gundam series.

  45. @divine|s
    I know that, and I do know on which seiyu said that “hmph”. And I do know that the tieria lookalike was listed as Regnette Leggeta in credits.

    But still, the design similarities with Tieria are too big to be coincidence. Clone? Tieria in disguise? Twin?
    The sad thing is that to know that we will have to wait till season2.

    Unknown Voice
  46. Patrick is immortal…lol

    allelujah is certainly not dead! but hallelujah did disappear…

    oh my graham…why…why?!
    he expressed his feeling towards setsuna passionately…but i want him to be with billy!
    this episode is so yaoi…

  47. @Unknown Voice:

    Ah I see. Personally, I think that Regene might be related to Tieria (hence the appearance similarities), but I don’t think he/she is some split personality of him. Again, just my hunch for now.

    As for whether he/she is spying on the EF or actually a member, I’ll leave that for the second half. 🙂

  48. lol graham looks like hes about to go on a black ops mission. and props to Haro who always provides good insights backed by links and pics. cannot wait til october. guess code geass will hav to suffice for now. its gonna premiere on adult swim in mid april =D altho i assume like all anime the english subs will suck

  49. What a great episode!

    But why is everyone certain that that isn’t Tieria at the end? Firstly, I don’t care what kind of seiyuu fan you are, that millisecond “hmph” could’ve been any voice actor/actress. Secondly, even if it is that particular voice actress, and she’s listed as playing Regene Regetta, why can that not be Tieria? Tieria isn’t his real name. It’s merely a codename assigned to him. Setsuna = Ibrahim. Lockon = Neil. Regene Regetta could just be a new codename. Or even his REAL name. The change in seiyuu could merely represent a change in voice that’s the usual accompaniment with growth.

    Now that I’ve got that out of the way, who knows. Maybe it’s not Tieria. Libbons looked like he had a small collection of clones behind him, maybe Tieria comes from the same sort of assembly line and this is the latest model. Either way, I think it’s safe to assume that Louise has something to do with Celestial Being now. The character similarities of Tieria and Tieria lookalike are too great to be coincidence.

    I’m guessing the wounding of Hallelujah’s eye is symbolic that Hallelujah is dead now? I hope not, since H/Allelujah just finally got cool this episode. At least Allelujah seemed pretty ok still. If you’ve got the energy to cry like a girl, you’ve got the energy to live.

  50. Not really a Gundam 00 watcher, but I was interested in Omni’s comment concerning Paku Romi’s cameo appearance.

    With Kugimiya Rie already in the cast, for season 2, Mizushima Seiji will have a reunion with the Elric brothers ever since they last worked together in Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Kinny Riddle
  51. This episode a bit’ shocking me .Well,this 1st season ending is quite satisfying enough.
    Something that still stuck in my mind :
    -Masked character(Why must Graham?That just very2 annoying,lot of people(Include me) expect him as the ‘coolest’ character in this series . But,that mask ruin evrything(I’m fed up with masked character)
    -Is Graham gay?Or he just don’t realize that Setsuna is a boy or he just looked at the gundam
    -Wondering how Setsuna’s appearance in the 2nd season
    -Regene Regetta is Tieria or not Tieria?
    -Ali Al Sarshes’s life
    – CB’s 2nd season story(Is there any new meister?)
    – Will be any change or Extension in Gundam 00’s title(exmp. Gundam SEED -> Gundam SEED Destiny) or just Gundam 00 : 2nd season?
    – 2nd season new characters

    Well,just wait until next season….
    I think i will fill this ‘waiting session’ with Gossip Girl,Ugly Betty,Codegeass,Naruto Shippuden & Gundam SEED the movie…

    Milo Cottilard
  52. all i can say is wow…HS…
    cant deny the mask man series in almost every gundam series…
    ask for the gundam 00, its is a brand new gundam mostly like Gundam Wing…its NOT Gundam Plutone coz look at the design of air funnel on the head and color of the gundam 00 shoulder differ from G.Plutone

    It is also NOT gundam avalanche exia as the body air funnel is differ and look closely at the pic

    if you notice behind the shoulder there either a wing or a weaponary system for Gundam 00 look closely, also include to those GSD fanboys/girls look closely at the head design and compared it wit G.S.F
    and yeah its exact the face design of the G.S.F…except for the helm surround it as it the same exia helm design with differ side design

    to summarise this Gundam 00, its got design from others gundam series, it got story line almost like other gundam series, and hell yeah wht do we expect its a GUNDAM alright
    cant wait for season 2.

    personal opinion…this is starting look like a new version of Gundam Wing with revent G and ideas from other series of G Universe…2 thumbs up for gundam mecha series

  53. DAMN!!! I swear thats one of the best episodes I have ever seen of any tv show in my life, even if some stuff did seemed added at the last minute. I’ve never been glued to my seat (or bed as I was watching this in the bedroom) with all the non-stop action. Gundam 00 is without a doubt one of the best Gundam series I’ve seen so far, especially with the realistic battles (tactics are used and enemies are not just cannon fodder for overpowered beam weapons, they can actually fight back).

    I am so bloody psyched for part 2, thank goodness Code Geass R2 will be able to keep me under control until then.

    Also, gotta love the old-school Gundam look of the 0 Gundam, I love that RX-78 / RX-178 inspired design, though the 00 Gundam’s head looks a bit too much like Exia’s. Roll on for a 0 Gundam MG kit & HCM-Pro release.

  54. Observations:
    1. Hallelujah + Allelujah = Pure WIN. Hallelujah better still be around in S2.
    Most exciting pilot in CB.
    2. Allejandro is one lousy ass pilot. Lolz his MS exploded after punching Livonze…
    maybe he shouldnt have done that…
    3. I agree with HalomanZero. Could Regene be Tieria’s REAL name?
    Next season couldnt come soon enough IMHO.

  55. Someone please tell me. It seems like to me Hallelujah/Allelujah survived Halle being dead? Tieria is alive? with Louise? Setsuna is still floating in space and never retrieved him for 4 years? That’s messed up D.O.A? Two Gundams shown 1st Gen. to Wang Liu and Hong Long and Nena is the new Vader controller? Ali is still alive fuck!!! Grahm is still alive with a mask from 300 so why shouldn’t Setsuna? They need to get Lockon’s bro. Livonze takes over what Corner didn’t finish and who is the Innovator himself or some other top dog? Is Louise a new communicator for the bridge what happened to the survivors Feldt, Sumeragi? Fuck time for Code Geass I hear?

  56. i dont think we can consider Allelujah dead, same goes for Tieria and Setsuna. To be KIA in Gundam Universe it have to be with G-Death Style. The ending was awesome. It should be that way since we all know wht their purpose of existence meant till Livonze and Corner came to picture and screw up the plan and thus resulting to the ending we see. I’m pretty sure Nena is not in the new Veda controller. Our best guess is that its their spaceship where by Nena now work fully under Wang Liu Min and she is part of CB in tht 2312. Dont forget that Livonze and his boyz are the one in Veda now.
    The way i see it there no more CB in Veda…look back to episode 23, Livonze say “All the detail of CB have been deleted” thus resulting CB is on their own. As for Ali Al Sarshes character, he wouldnt be dead till Setsuna kill him that 100% fact, not coz he’s a war addict or anything as such but he is he kind of character that exist till he’s dead by the character that was meant to kill him. As for Grahm case, well it’s shocking to see he become the Phantom not coz his cool or such but his role is not done yet. Tell me, how many airtime that character get? Its just getting lesser and lesser till the ending of eps 25.
    For the rest of the crew Feldt and Sumeragi, there should be in the S2 also coz in the ending, Gundam 00 focus on revealing Gundam 0 and Gundam 00 and glimpse of what happen 4 yrs later. That y it called anime gimmick. so we get more addicted. Dont worry much since C.G.2 also damn interesting to watch and cant wait for it to air up.

  57. if you look back at the episode where lockon shot him with the beam canon, he avoided it and that reason let him survive. yes we did see the throne explode but look at the eps again in slow motion, only his lower part of throne caught in the shot and momentarily after that he shot at lockon beam canon. That why he still alive, although i agree with you he should have been dead he was not meant to die at lockon hand but setsuna’s.

  58. Well, finally after one day I’m calm and ready to do a final judgment over this final episode.

    Setsuna: He fought for himself and no one else; sure, he was part of Celestial Being at that time but his own beliefs were at stake in both battles, against Alejandro and Graham. Finally, he sent a letter (a shigofumi) to Marina Ismail. Don’t ask me how the hell he managed to send that; maybe he’s certain that the upcoming battle could be his last and so he prepared that message to be delivered to her at certain time. Anyway, he finally found something to fight for and believe in. I hope SUNRISE has plans for this couple in the future; 28 and 20 are now both legal ages.

    Allelujah: His alter ego is dead now (or so it seems); he discovered that Soma was someone he knew (a sister maybe) and finally loss an eye (Hallelujah) in the cockpit explosion. Damn it, he’s better to be alive.

    Tieria: We all know he wasn’t human; so my bet here is that Tieria is dead and that person we saw with Louise at the end of this episode is another entity-type-like-human Tieria was. Hopefully, he’ll like girls (look towards Louise).

    Anyway, I’ll miss this show until October.

    Syaoran Li
  59. I’ve got a few uncertain things I need clearing up now that the show is over…

    The Trinity siblings believed they were working for Celestial Being but who was it really that was pulling their strings? Alejandro Corner? Livonze? Somebody else?

    Why did Nena wipe the Level 7 data from Veda (if it really was her that did it)? It would seem to work counter to what Alejandro and Livonze were planning when they arrived at the Veda mainframe (assuming they were controlling the Trinities).

    just guessing
  60. Awesome ep.

    Hallelujah reminded me of Aizen Sousuke when he pushed his hair back for some reason!!

    Does anyone else think Allelujah will sport a mask since the right part of his face was injured? D:

  61. @HalomanZero

    Ditto. Having a different person to do voiceover for “Tieria” (and only for a few seconds at the end BTW) doesn’t mean Regene Regetta isn’t Tieria Erde, which is a “code name” anyway like Setsuna F. Seiei, which isn’t the real name of “Setsuna” (Soran Ibrahim). Regene Regetta can be Tieria’s real name, or a name that he uses to be in the Earth Federation. Remember Quattro Bajeena, the “code name” used by Char Aznable, whose real/birth name is actually Casval Rem Deikun?

    His right eye color was yellow/orange whereas his left eye color was grey. When Hallelujah talked to him as the right side of his face was injured, Hallelujah’s eye color was yellow/orange. IMHO, Soma/Marie is someone close to Allelujah so once he discovered it’s Marie he realized that he shouldn’t go after her anymore, which made Hallelujah go away (for now?).

  62. Hallelujah and Allelujah are no more,could mean that they are now one mind permantly, so there wont be anymore split personality. Also could kinda be like trauma to the brain fixed him, or the part of his brain that contained the other half was damaged so its like that side of him died.

    I wonder which gundam that was that saji saw. Cause they never show it.

  63. NO! Season 1 is done. October is too fr away!!
    Gah!!! Like Marie. What, what?? aH WELL, This season was pretty good ;D
    Oh and gotta love Tieria’s(?) perm. haha. 😉

  64. At least now it’s a Gundam series: space colonies, blond guy in a mask, Earth Federation- etc. This is the first time we’ve ever gotten to see the traditional marks of a Gundam series explained originally. Looking forward to S2, but for now there’s Geass!

  65. Alright so I finished watching the episodes with subs and heres what I got from it.

    So since Graham got caught in the explosion on GN particals, i’m guessing his faces got messed up thus he wears the mask now.

    The gundam Saji sees while working is one of the next gen gundams which was finished early.

    Exia’s and 0 gundams GN drives were dismantled or something similar to that, in other words neither are in 00 gundams GN drive space.

    One or two more gundams are being made as well. I’m guessing 2 more, to make it four,

    So theres one unit complete and being tested, one or two being made, and 00 gundam which needs to get a GN drive installed.

  66. My opinion for season 2(new path for CB free will)

    Setsuna is ok and more determined to save the fragil new peace(human nature to make war easily). CB member true goal(christina + lockon wishes…) is to guard the peace(and the living) by their own. So the 00Gundam (more powerfull than exia avalanche) is a jump of technology(new exia GN drive body) to keep peace possible. New CB will not make the same mistake. Why to make war to war if after you could’nt garantee peace?

    Alleluya is ok, his mental psycho personality is dead(side bleeding ot his head)…that’s all. His relation with marie keep him alive to meet her again. He may will fight for himself, can’t no more let Hallelujah make it for him.

    Felt, may be part of the new CB pilot with Haro (free will) since Veda is no more. Yes a new-hot-sexy-girl pilot as i like (dream). hope She will finish with setsu (more realistic than a far older princess who will get married with another one in 5 years waiting). Sorry no sexual intention between setsu/marina (remember the bedroom scene)YESSSSS!!!

    The looklike tiera (n XXX), a cyborg like tiera(n XXY). Ok you know why tiera was like half girl half man. A good agent from CB to infiltrate the Earth leadership community to prevent internal crisis.

    Sumeragi, new mentor for CB, a new goddess maybe!

    Graham, a new bad guy with the dark Force. He is a soldier, the peace is annoying for him.
    The vador of livonze, cause will make everything to fight more a gundam. Addicted to gundam/setsuna.

    Ali will surely lend a hand to livonze as always.

    Livonze, his true dream is to make the humanity his servant? Yes the independant master cyborg who could make by his own a new world. His personality so selfish is manipulation of human and us. A new army of cyborg? Rule the entire world by defeating the united army?

    The fighting between human/psyborg-newtype will begin in Next season2.

    Damn,i may be totaly wrong too!

  67. At the end when we see the Gundam 0 it’s said that they dismantled the original solar furnace in it and that they’re reinstalling it. Which means that now there should be 5 Gundams with true GN drives running around, assuming that they’ve recovered the 4 from the Meister’s Gundams. The Gundam that Saji saw is propbably a new one, since apparently CB has one already out and “running time trials”.

    It looked like Nena was wearing the same kind of space suit as Wang Liu Mei, so it’s most likely that she’s with them in CB now.

  68. Yeah, we all thought that Nadleh killed Patrick but it seems the cockpit of the GN-Xs is in the lower half and not the torso so when its upper half was blown off he survived.

  69. Well, at least we don’t have to wait a year+ for the next season, like in Geass. This is by far the best final episode I’ve seen in years, and it’s all because it ISN’T a cliffhanger. Get that, studios? Cliffhangers suck. And follow up your series quickly before everyone loses interest.

  70. Graham got shafted so I hope he gets to play a bigger role in the next one now that he has a mask. Other than that this was an appealing ending. Code Geass R2 next and more Gundam 00 after that. This is going to be awesome.

  71. Nena and Wang Liu Mei are hot, at least they are still alive along with Felt and Sumeragi. Louise probably has a cybernetic hand Darth Vader and Graham is 300/Phantom man. C.B will always rule now that they have Nena and the rest are still intact….well most of them. C.B needs to kill all people they couldn’t kill, kill Livonze Team and Original Livonze. The Earth Alliance needs to bow down to the powers of C.B forever hahahaah. Aeola Schenberg lives forever in C.B hahaahahahaha.

  72. I don’t mind the idea of a few Tieria or Libonze clones running around but the general idea of having a whopping load of Nena clones makes me shudder. Anyone else get weirded out by Graham’s insane “I LOVE YOU (but shall now procede to hate and kill you)” bit?….

    God knows how the fan girls are going to take that one…I’ll bet there are going to be loads of graham + setsuna fanfictions popping up…O_O…

  73. Purple hair with Lockon’s haircut is either Tieria, Tieria with amnesia or a clone. Seeing the pic of multiple Libonze, Tieria and Libonze seemed to be prototype coordinators. I had thought Tieria was an android but that doesn’t fit with Gundam so he must be an early coordinator.

    I believe the 2nd season will be about the formation of space colonies. Saji will be involved in the creation of the colonies. The rise of coordinators and the beginnings of the people in space wanting to be free from Earth to control their own destinies.

  74. Looks like they didn’t really show what happend to Setsuna and Allelujah on purpose. It seems as if that is a new Tieria, and I’m guessing based off of feedback they’ll decide if Setsuna and Allelujah died or survived. I was pissed to see that Ali Al is still alive, but I guess he is mostly the real bad guy in this.

    Was it me or did it seem as if Nena was spying on the new gundams via Wang Liu Mei, or is she a part of the real Celestial Being now? It seems all the gundams have been upgraded to own the new mobile suits.

  75. The season 2 Gundam 00, The Earth Federation was not popular abmong people, so started a civil war, between earth federation and “zeon what to be”, that a third the evolve emerge, and war have never being so sweet. I got the feeling “Saji” will be got involve in between the war and end up driving Gundam 0……same story line as before as gundam story

  76. I wonder if anyone noticed this, but in the scene where Hallelujah leaves, Kyrios right eye (Allelujah point of view) has lost is light. Maybe it significantly means that only Hallelujah died and not Allelujah. Dunno, just found it interesting. I’m going to also assume that Nena going to pilot Gundam 0 while Setsuna is piloting Gundam 00.

    And Tieria female half dying, make sense, after all Nadleeh died, but Virtue is i guess in metaphoric sense not the one who was killed/ destroyed due to the unit change.

    Oh yeah, I knew that stupid Libbons had some evil in him. The stupid evil smile from time to time showed that he was going to be the guy behind everything. The sneaky bastard.

    I guess they’re going to let Setsuna do the killing blow to Ali AL Sarshes. Wow, i already bet that Lockon spirit will help him aim and kill ALi Al Sarshes or something like that. Love the Mission Incomplete status ending.

    Sora no Kaze
  77. All right so the person at the end is definitely not Tieria in voice, but there is no way that the similarity in appearance and attitude (with the self satisfied grunt at the end there) is a coincidence.

    So why is Tieria a woman? The longer Lockon style hair suggest some kind of tribute towards his fellow pilot. After watching the last few episodes it seems reasonable that he had a thing for the guy. Maybe the attraction lead to a decision to switch teams.

    While I find this gender swap pretty disturbing, he\she\it is a cyborg making these more traditional human sentiments irrelevant. Tieria was already damn androgynous in the first season.

    So Grahm’s the anti-setsuna apparently. I wonder what kind of suit livone is gonna give him for the climax? I hope they don’t give us the same fang heavy final bosses like in seed. It kinda clashes with his whole flag thing so we may be safe.

    Hallelujah is dead brain damage ended him.

    It seems quite possible that Louise will join CB, which may be even more bizzare than what happened to Tieria.

    Most importantly though Gundam 0 is without a doubt the Gundam that saved setsuna as a child. It’s the Gundam prototype. Now there is no way that Gundam 00 is that old. Just based on the look of the head or realize that the namesake of the show will be cutting-edge technology. This said the 00 is symbolic of a new age of Gundam will begin with this unit.

    Its been bothering me how much 0’s GN particle output resemled the Nena’s Throne’s since the first time is saw. But after seeing her spliced into the scene where 0 is revealed, it is clear that was no coincidence. Apparently Wang Liu Mi came through, for one of the thrones that is, Nena will be the pilot of this the 5th solar furnace. (20 bucks says she and Maria dont get along)

    Finally, why only 2 gundams at least 3 furnaces survive (probably 5 all together)? i have a few possible answers
    1) There may be other numbered Gundams in the same era as 0 that will be used. this would explain the time trials comment by the engineer and the stream green GN particles.
    Also lets not forget that this is gundam and in gundam if you piloted a gundam last season you get a new one this season. While in my opinion tieria and allelujah are pretty useless (without alternate personality / veda gundam disabling weapon) they will almost undoubtedly be back. Together with saji thats 5 pilots
    2)I’m just throwing this out there but we dont really know the inner workings of a solar furnace and if they can be dismantled maybe they can be fused together? (he’ll they could even use fake GN particles to extend trans am for all we know) This would help explain how the 00 could go up against the EF with an army of fake GN drives

  78. Have anyone not noticed that what Tiera(or the one that looks like him), after the timeskip, is wearing something similar to what the EF pilots were wearing??? Check the top part! You can notice the same small silver piece of metal on the top of the uniform!!

  79. heres my take, at the end of season 2, Gundam 00 will some how fall into the wrong hands piloted by the “final” villian (whoever that may be, i hope its Graham) VS Gundam 0 piloted by Setsuna for sure.

    That will be the climax, Setsuna after screaming and yelling of being the “GUNDAM” gets to pilot the underdog with the “original” Gundam 0 into an epic battle

  80. @ Dragoon87, now that you mention it does seem as if Tieria is wearing a earth Federation suit. So there can be two possibilities, after the battle the AEU or HRL found him and re-programmed him once they found out that he was a cyborg, or he is just a spy, i mean how else does CB get all their info?

  81. i rewatched it and it looks like the new Tieria is definetly rocking an EF uniform

    makes me think he’s undercover which makes sense because i couldn’t figure out why he would be together with Louise

    I’d say shes either going into space to get her hand repaired or she just did and now shes to find Saji after 4 years. I bet they’ve come a ways with treating GN particle injuries since they started mass producing furnaces. more to the point, there’s no way she could handle seeing Saji till she’s been repaired

  82. Anybody else think Innovator is probably livonze’s newly reprogrammed evil Veda

    He probably used it to create those “clones” (all the same height)

    I can’t wait till he start using them like chess pieces i bet they can communicate telepathically around the globe like when tieria uses Veda

  83. Wad… So many good guys died and bad guys live… Just kill Patrick already. Ace pilot my ass. With such a losing situation, Celestial Being will have to have some secret weapons stashed. So typical Gundam story. The next season they will have some extremely powerful MS. Probably with Trans-Am time limit removed. They should have let the story to be developed slowly. One episode Gundam kick asses. Next, they got trashed. Geass is ten, hundred times better. I hope 00 second season will change my opinion on this series.

  84. @ Dularc: No. The woman in the picture you show is Marina Ismail’s secretary. The woman next to Louise is not Tieria.

    This is from Mizuchima’s interview:

    字幕だと→ (リジェネ)ふっ。
    The person with Louise at the end that looks like Tieria isn’t Tieria at all.
    From the subtitle -> (Regene) Hmph.
    The staff roll listed her as “Regene Legetta”
    Seiyuu is Paku who did the role of Ed in FMA.

    Taken directly from the Gundam 00 LJ Community.

  85. I know its a bit farfetched….
    But what if the guy with the tattoo isn’t ali al?
    This is extremely farfetched but what if thats actually setsuna?
    Similar side burns, and i dnt remember seeing him topless, so he cud
    also have a tattoo similar, cud of been forced to of got one by ali al wen
    he was a kid.
    Farfetched i know, but its just a theory, but i definitly saw ali al get
    blow up.
    Just a thought…

  86. @Persona0
    Doesn’t he look more like Graham then Lockon…?
    I’m pretty sure they killed of Lockon since he has a twin or a clone he’ll probably oppose the gundam or join them.
    I’m most confused on Tieria….. like wth? Like I knew he was having gender issues and I just presumed he was a android type of being that was made with both gender but so someone said the female side died while the male lived on? I don’t know the voice is very very very different though. Then there’s the status of the CB who’s alive and who’s dead and where every one is I mean if they have an epilogue why didn’t they just show us Allelujah, Sumragi, Felt, and Lasse(if he’s alive that is..)
    and we all know Setsuna is alive since someone here posted a link a while ago showing us how he looks 4 years later
    Then there’s the O? Gundam that’s having troubles with GN Drives not fitting him and Exia which is still present although if it’s still unknown if he’s fixed at this point.

  87. If that’s the case, I think it might be the other way around, where the male side disappeared while the female side now has dominance over the body, especially if everyone is commenting on “Tieria’s” new girly voice ;o

  88. @Ragna
    Well, I wouldn’t call them having exactly the same hair style, but their hair and eye colors as well as facial appearances and even glasses are almost identical.


    Here’s my theory:


    (a) Presumed that Tieria is a cyborg, he may have similar capability as Virtue/Nadleeh (which means ‘Two-Spirit’): “he” has a female “spirit” living inside such that he can “morph” into a person with feminine appearance (for him to infilterate into the Earth Federation?) or vice versa.


    (b) Regene is Tieria’s twin sister.


    (c) ??????????

  89. @Kagekyuubi, the mobile suits featured in 00V are just variations of the original units. They won’t get any airtime in the 2nd season. Just look at Eins, it is already been trashed.

    They’re just upgrade “plans” that will not push through storywise.

  90. I like the comparison of tieria to his gundam which does appear to have both male and female forms

    While, it is impossible to be sure whether the character in the end is a clone or simply tieria, i think it seems to be an odd leap of faith to say that in a show prime with fake deaths a “non-explosion” death could realistically occur to a main character

    I see no reason that the person in that elevator shares tieria’s memory, and is wearing an EF suit

  91. Holy crap tieria got a twin sister?!!! Or he change his gender. With all the meister status unknown except for Lockon K.I.A. I think in season 2 they might put another new meister beside the meisters in season 1

  92. Oh I notice when I watched the other day, there are not 6 Livonzes. There are 3 sets of Twins 2 with green hair 2 with purple hair and 2 with red hair. They are the Innovator’s this team.


  93. @Rosen
    Thanks for quoting the pic posted in my blog.

    Someone had mentioned about this interview with Mizushima a while back. Anyway, here’s the interview dialog.

    [Other than the claim that Graham is ‘dead’ (translation?), which I don’t believe at all, the rest of things Mizushima sounds interesting.]

    Mizushima’s Interview

    -Is Lockon really dead ?

    Mizushima :- Yes, I’m afraid so,

    -Really !? He has a lot of fans and you left all of them heartbroken at Episode 23 !

    Mizushima :- I appreciate that. But those are rally 2 different matters altogether.

    -Damn you….But who’s the other Lockon that we say in the graveyard scene ?

    Mizushima :- Oh, that scene ? But who’s really Lockon in that scene. That is something I’ll have to let other fiigured that out.

    Lockon’s Haro and Neena’s Halo, are they stemmed from the same root ? From that flashback 80 years ago, who really made them ?

    かもしれないし。ただ 、
    のはオレンジを「お 兄様」
    Mizushima :- In that Jupiter exploration ship 80 years prior, we can’t really tell who’s the first Haro and there’s nothing to prove it. On top of it, that’s a really long time back. But when you think about when in CB, the Orange Haro had a lot of phrase for “Brothers” and it refers to the Purple one as “Brotherd” and that perhaps says that the Purple one was the older Haro, which I say made clear in second season.

    -Is Tieria a human

    Mizushima :- That’s a secret

    Then what is him ?

    Mizushima :- That’s a secret

    There’s really something going on basing on your replies

    Mizushima :- That’s a secret

    -At least tell us his gender.

    Mizushima :- That’s a secret. In regrads to what and who he really is, wait for the second season.

    Colonel Mannequin is a Strategic Forecaster. (i.e. Sumeragi)

    The mystery of the character who looks like Lockon will be solved in the second season. It asks “Which one is Lockon” regarding the graveyard scene.

    Tieria’s mysteries (human or not/which gender) will be solved in the second season.

    Tieria’s feelings for Lockon will be revealed in the second season… Perhaps.

    The matter of Regene is still a secret. However, it is felt that Regene is a symbol of the second season. By adding new characters in the second season, the current characters’ drama thickens.
    Note: The place Louise and Regene were at was an elevator.

    Marina is Setsuna’s fated person.

    Lockon is dead. Graham is also dead.

    The secret of the purple Haro will probably be revealed in the second season.

    The Staff have reflected upon the pace of the first half of the first season. And will hasten things up.

    There will not be much changes upon the story. And there will not be deflection to the dark and painful things.
    After all no body will be happy In a war, right ?

    The rest of the mysteries about what “Kinue was searching on Aeolia will be accidently found on Ribbon”.

    In the 2nd season, not every nations in the world bears the intention on joining the EF. And from there, the drama of Saji will developed

    Louise wears the colours of EF in the final episode.

    –end of interview–

    Haro 00
  94. Found some more elsewhere…


    [ A part of Mizushima interview ]
    ・I tried to carry out the idea that “Gundam isn’t a champion of justice”.
    ・After all, CB’s intervention by military power was a terrorism. Therefore, they will need to compensate the world.
    ・”Be brame for”… This will become one centering not only the first season but also the second season.
    ・Setsuna and Saji are double hero in this story.
    ・Louis will become the reverse position to the injured party.
    ・Setsuna will appear in second season. He will be 20 years old, and grow taller.

    ■Commentary in PASH(simplicity) / ※PASH is the magazine for female.
    [ character’s generalization / theme:love and sorrow]

    ・Setsuna’s shout
    ―He carried through his convictions without being discouraged by adversity.
    When everybody worried, only he didn’t hesitate and faced the enemy.
    His straight spirit and innocent are true strength.
    And, Alehandro’s ambition was broken to pieces by Setsuna’s strength.
    ―All of him started from “I am Gundam”, and ended in “I am Gundam”.
    Love to Gundam is more greatly than average Gundam Otaku! Because “I am Gundam”!

    ・Sacrifice of Lockon
    ―He was usually an adult attitude. However, he had his own way in the very end.
    He fighted for his belief that it didn’t concede.
    Beyond any doubt, this is true “man among men’s love” to men!
    ―The goal of Setsna was same as Lockon’s.
    Before his noticing it, Setsuna and Lockon were true companion(comrade).

    ・Allelujah & Hallelujah
    ―To tell the truth, Hallelujah might have worried about the Aallelujah.
    There was certainly love between them.
    ―Mali(Marie?) seems to be a very important person for Allelujah.
    We want that Mari’s truth revealed in the second season…

    ・Tieria’s vindictiveness
    ―Tieria’s fight was vindictive, because he wanted to revenge Lockon.
    Is it love to the companion…? Was his awkward feeling rewarding?
    He alone know their answer.
    ―Tieria said “I can go to the ~ Lockon…” last.
    If Lockon witnessed Tieria’s such state, he would smile(or laugh) as he would say “Ba-ka”, and banter Tieria.

  95. I m wishing for the other 3 meisters(setsuna,allelujah & tieria)to be alive,though. Its seems unfair,if one by one that the heros meet their death too soon,since that,the whole series is about their story,why does it have to end so quickly?Really,totally unfair. Dunno about tieria though. But to my predictions,these 3 are still,alive having recover from the first season,i m sure about it. Setsuna had a very strong heart to fight back when,where there’s wrong he try to make it right(he haven’t reach his goal yet,right?),while al had yet to find an/some answer from soma pieres a.k.a marie(still it won’t end there yet)and there’s this mystery boy named tieria and it need to be solve too.Will the gundam meisters give up so easily and early?How ’bout ali al-sarshes,the meisters real-deal & the most annoying foe then?who’ll beat him later? will it be lyle(lockon’s twin)?or will setsuna take a revenge on him for lockon?How ’bout that livonze guy?..and more yet to,so,so crazy! I had never felt this crazy before over these 00 series and now it makes me hungry for much,much more!then again,will there be a replacement for the 3 meisters? Curiosity killed the cat.let’s hope that the long wait will be in a short while only. Let’s hope. ..(-_-)

  96. tieria not dies, Lockon dies but Lockon Seems to have a brother or something. Setsuna is not die, Halelujah Haptism may die, but Alelujah is not. He said That he must Protect Amria or something Known As Soma Peries. hahhahhaha…,….
    Can`t wait to see the seasons 2.

  97. Wikipedia:

    The name “Nadleeh” is a term interchangeable with “Two-spirit,” used by the Navajo tribes to denote a male spirit and a female spirit living in the same body.

    If this means anything at all, Romi Paku may very well be the voice of Tieria’s feminine alter-ego 😮

  98. Somebody Help Me…….

    I need to clear my head but i still couldn’t forget about what happened…….

    No wonder why This Show Can Affect my everyday’s Life till i couldn’t study bcoz of THAT PRICK ALI AL SACHEZ!!! FUCK!! BITCH!! I HATE HIM!! I can’t Study Bcoz Of that!!

    Jafri Zain
  99. Dude what you just said is fucked up man. It makes no sense. Allelujah should not be dead. In the end he recogized Soma the supersolider as Maria their something there to make sure he doesn’t get killed off. I think Tieria is a girl and liked Lockon. Libbons is gay man. And Grahams gone crazy. Setsuna should still be alive. I was disappointed when Patrick and Ali Ali Sashas didn’t die but there has to be someone evil in there.

  100. I hope lockon is alive…
    How is it possible Graham who was in his suit when it exploded to be alive and lockon was was close an explosion to be dead…it is impossible!

  101. New info is out!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  102. i got three videos regarding the 2nd season of Gundam 00

    Show Spoiler ▼

    @Omni: before Code Geass R2 ends, will you also make Gundam 00 Season Two Primer like what you did in Code Geass?

  103. Yeah I know that is no the Lockon that we know they said that Lockon is dead and is no coming back. Whoever this guy is, he is just using Lockon’s code name. Since he look exactly like Lockon, he might be his twin.


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