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OP: 「トライアングラー」 (Triangular) by 坂本真綾 (Sakamoto Maaya)
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ED: 「アイモ」 (Aimo) by 中島愛 (Nakajima Megumi)
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Macross F gets an actual opening sequence with the normal broadcast, and it makes me really excited because it hints at what’s going to be a huge cast of characters and all the things that are in store. The ED was also featured, but it was shortened to half length (presumably because of all the edits to the episode), and my initial impression is that I don’t like it nearly as much as the OP.

The normal broadcast for Macross F’s first episode turned out to be noticeably different from the special broadcast that aired at the end of last year. Unlike that version, the episode that aired today starts out with the narrator explanation of the Macross universe, and they cut out Sheryl arriving on the main ship and the first half of the opening scene with Alto and his friends (meaning they also cut the great BGM that was in that scene). I think they made some minor cuts elsewhere too, but one of the bigger changes was the addition of a scene where Sheryl basically throws a fit because there are people who she thinks are fans backstage.

However, the biggest change – and the one I liked the least – was them extended the concert scene but removing one of my favorite parts: the mixing of the song and the battle going on at the same time in space. Instead, they added a scene during the concert where an accident leads to Alto diving towards Sheryl, and that in turn causes her to fall. He subsequently catches her, and the concert goes on. It made me think they might be trying to play up the potential romance aspects, which is fine, but I wish it hadn’t been at the expense of that incredible action/music sequence from the special broadcast. Having said all that, it still really didn’t change my positive outlook for the series, and I’m eager to see the rest of the story starting next week.


  1. Sweet mother of mercy Macross is BACK! Also of note… that fight/concert scene was amazing so that loss and the loss of the BGM at the beginning…

    rough stuff, but I guess all the more reason to keep the DeCulture edition around… already Macross F 01 DVD is gonna have some crazy extended version…

  2. YES, this looks very much like a real, classic Macross, reminding me of the 1st series back in 1983, with a touch of Macross 7.
    I came into anime circa 1986, so wasn`t really with this franchise from the beginning, but i have followed every Macross title since Macross Plus in mid 90s, and collected mostly everything later.
    My favourite Macross titles to this date are 1st series, 0080, 0083, The War in The Pocket and Macross 7 with it`s sequels.

  3. @Savofenno

    Unless I’m very much mistaken ‘0080 War in the Pocket’, and ‘0083 Stardust Memory’ are part of the Gundam franchise, and are not Macross titles.

    nobody important
  4. Well, this seems kinda like a prelude episode to me. Summing up stuff from the deculture version as well as adding some new things. Hope it’ll start of next week where the special broadcast ended.

  5. Reply to “nobody important”: My mistake. I always mix them up.
    There has been a LOT of big anime space operas in anime history.
    And i should get enough sleep to avoid these silly mistakes, instead of hanging to my PC all nights. I live in Sweden, so it`s past midninght by now.
    Just how good is your japanese? I know my should be much better.
    That said in all friendliness.

  6. heh, nice transition from Hollywood-style drama (ala Macross Plus) to TV melo-drama. I only wish i had a Valkyrie to play with when i was in high school and not just my Dad’s excavator.

  7. Shame they removed the battle + music scene, though watching this and the special December episode together mitigates some of the flaws of watching just this episode by itself.

  8. Whose triumphant return?

    Anyone think that their fighting the protoculture empire (one of them whichever survived) or a protoculture empire united or even joined by the first macross?

    I think I read it somewhere ???

  9. no offence, but those mechas in the OP suck, they’re probably trying to make a reference to the original, but they look really mediocre and uninspired….they look fantastic in plane form, though.

  10. @ DmonHiro

    Besides the fact that that one episode has the animation quality of a movie? The story of a masterpiece? The music of an ophera concert ? Really this one episode is just so amazingly good.

    Why not watch the special edition before “wondering” why we like it? I’ll bet you’ll understand why after watching it.

  11. Just watched the OP, which was what I was really looking forward to (huge fan of Yoko Kanno and Yoko/Maaya goodness). I liked it… but does anybody else think maybe the song wasn’t really suited for Maaya’s voice? Maybe it would have been better for somebody like AKINO (Genesis of Aquarion OPs singer) to sing it.

  12. sleep is always a good thing (~_~)… maa~ found [Q-R]’s post on both Tokyotosho and NyaaTorrent when i woke up … heh , just wish someone got the CM included edition too or one for lower resolution screens, maa~ just a matter of time i guess. ( btw, i’m running on an old IBM ThinkPad X24 )

  13. Of course I already watched the episode. Production values, yes. Good BGM, yes. Story on a masterpiece…..don’t think so. How can you tell that a story is a masterpiece when you only read the prologue? It’s like saying that a movie is great after only seeing the trailer.

    And it was HARDLY “the musc of an ophera concert”. Why must people always over-dramatise?

  14. I have a question….

    In this picture, I see 2 mechs. The one on the left looks like the Valkyrie. What is the one on the right?

    It looks kind of reminiscent of the Macross, except that, as I recall, the Macross Frontier ship is a New Macross class ship, and hence should look more like the mech from Macross 7 (so, rather than having long shoulder-mounted dual cannons, it should instead be using a separate ship as a hand-held cannon.

    Or, am I being to geeky here?

  15. So what’s the difference between this and the episode they showed last year? I’ve been saving that episode for when this series starts proper but sounds like they are the same episode or something

  16. “but removing one of my favorite parts: the mixing of the song and the battle going on at the same time in space”

    Too bad, I loved the part with ships launching with the music :/
    If it’s only the fight part they removed it would explain a re-used scene in this part

  17. I’ve actually been reading the Macross F Manga and must say there is a reason for changing around the concert sequence… You’ll get it if you see episode 2, if Sheryl and Alto didn’t have that close encounter, something wouldn’t make sense: Show Spoiler ▼


  18. After seeing the broadcast version of ep 1, it left a poor taste in my mouth regarding the battle. The fight theme felt over played, looped enough to lose the sense of urgency the first time around. Everything felt miscued and the battle felt less epic, jumps occurred in the battle to make you wonder how they get from point a to d with steps b and c glaring omissions. It made the battle seem less significant almost. It’s a shame it got edited that badly. I don’t mind the addition of the new scenes, but that cut of the battle just felt totally off.

  19. Concert-Dog Fight sequence is certainly a great Macross tradition, but you know, isn’t it even better if the pilots are Alto and other main characters, not Unified Force scrubs? I strongly guess that they saved the sequence for the main guys.

    I can’t help but say wow to this series.
    Macross Frontier…super quality MOE anime, where Ghost in the Shell meets Star Wars…

  20. hm.. this looks intresting but i havnt seen the pevious ones so would i have to watch the previous ones to pick up where this is starting off?

    omg CGR2 in 2 days!!!!! …*cough* .. sorry bout that..

  21. I was saving the special episode to watch it when the show premiered properly, so having finally watched it yesterday it was kind of a let down, from what people were saying I was expecting something truly expectacular, but it was almost boring.

    The battle was bleh! And I hope Alto develops a personality, and gets a haircut, I like bishies but if the main guy’s hair is too ridiculous I can’t focus on anything else.

  22. @kokoro, fyi that’s the VF-25 and Battle-25(aka Frontier). all New-Macross class ships come in Battle + City components as witnessed in Macross-7.

    Epic fight scenes appeared in Macross (1982-3) before Return of the Jedi (1983) or BattleStar Galactica.

    For all you action sequence buffs, too much focus on action alone makes a hollow tale, with or without the music. they are making a series , not short OVAs , tho i do miss the part when the kitchen staff chides Ranka for behaving childishly at work ( “..aikawarazu tennen-poku da-ne-” , if i remember the line correctly. not the ” all natural pork ” that i saw on some sub [ made me spew my coffee ])

  23. soy amante de los animes de terror como me mechas, esta web esta cheverengue, espero que macross sea del nivel del gundam 00, bueno si hay algun latino por aqui me escribes a mi msn star1224_1@hotmail , soy un fanatico de las series japonesas por que EEUU no saca series del nivel de los nipones.
    mi top del 2007 y 2008 es:

    – claymore (brutal demonios ahhh solo para locos que les gusta lo terrible)
    – gundam 00
    – code geass RE 2008 (buenaza para un publico en general)
    – persona trinity soul
    – devil may cry
    – higurashi no naku koro ni kai (este anime es psicologia y sangrienta, para amantes de la sangre ahhhh que rico, mientras no sea mi cuerpo todo esta bien)

  24. I like the deculture version better this jumps everywhere and the scenes they cut out were actually quite nice but I guess it would’ve been to long oh well but my Maaya sings the opening so I can’t complain

  25. Its good that they have brought out a version different to the DC that came out in December’s but i cant find a subbed version I have a feeling people will just leave the December’s episode as the 1st 1 which is annoying however if any of you can find a link to prove me wrong id b happy 2 click it 😀 (apologies for lack of grammar its too early)

  26. Just thought people should know if they ever check this far back, the first DVD being released, will have an extended 32(ish) minute first episode that will undoubtedly have both the deculture version, and the tv-broadcast version combined. So hopefully the negatives will be cut out, and all the scenes from both will be included.

    The extended scene in the concern with Alto x Sheryl is kind of important too, as it explains WHY Sheryl is looking for her earring, and why she goes to Alto to find it…

    And it gives them more time together. <3

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