OP Sequence

OP: 「サクラ アマネク セカイ」 (Sakura Amaneku Sekai) by yozuca*
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Yoshiyuki wakes up one morning to find Otome and Yume on his bed, watching him sleep. They look like they’re about to kiss him as punishment for oversleeping, but it is at this moment that Sakura wakes Yoshiyuki up from what was only a dream. The real Otome and Yume are waiting for him outside, and after a discussion that results from how Yoshiyuki doesn’t have lunch for today and how they don’t have time to cook him something, the three head to school. In class, Maya leads the planning for the Christmas party and what they want to do for it, so Anzu suggests a puppet show. However, Suginami puts up the idea of a haunted house and convinces all the boys in the class to vote for it. With the voting even between the two ideas, Yoshiyuki gets to cast the tiebreaker, and he ends up choosing the puppet show. The class immediately begins to prepare, and since they have the leading roles, Yoshiyuki and Koko try to practice. However, the script leads them to talk instead about their past relationship, and Yoshiyuki apologizes to her again. Koko doesn’t mind and admits that she doesn’t really understand love or dating either, but she still has a positive outlook for love as she continues to mature.

Yoshiyuki walks home that afternoon with Nanaka, Koko, and Wataru, and he finds out that the band hasn’t practiced lately because Nanaka has been busy. They also haven’t found a new guitarist to replace Yoshiyuki due to Wataru being picky. Later, over dinner, Sakura, Yoshiyuki, and his sisters talk about his class’s play, and Otome insists on helping him practice. They spend much of the rest of the night doing so, and during a break, Otome comments on how good a story Anzu wrote. Otome admits that she had once tried writing something like this, but it made her realize how she lacked talent. She refuses to show it to Yoshiyuki though and tries to claim that it is not around anymore. Yoshiyuki, however, can guess where it is, so Otome forbids him from entering her room. After some more practice, Otome leaves to return home, but as she is walking away from Sakura’s house, she senses something from the nearby sakura tree and lets a petal float onto her hand. As she clutches it, she gets the same feeling again and realizes something. Sakura meanwhile has returned to the island’s giant sakura tree with a very worried look on her face.

ED Sequence

ED: 「僕たちの行方」 (Boku-tachi no Yukue) by CooRie
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They previewed these songs a while back on the official site, and while I didn’t think much of those samples, I like the clips they used for the actual OP and ED a little more. I still think it’s pretty standard as far as Da Capo music goes though.

Well, I’m happy to see that there’s a lot of time being spent on Yume, Otome, and Sakura from the get-go, particularly Otome. That says to me that they’re not likely to waste time in getting on with the main story, though it seems like there are some hints that they might do some stuff with Anzu’s character. I’ve still got a little hesitation towards the title in general because of the first DCII series (which I still don’t think was worth it), but this is a step in the right direction. To put it another way, with the main character/sister relationship focus and all the sakura tree mysteriousness, this finally feels like a Da Capo story. Now we get to see if the main story is actually any good, and I hope the tidbits I’ve learned from random spoilers don’t ruin it too much. Regardless, I’m tentatively planning on following this again, though I’m not going to commit to it until after some more new Saturday shows air next weekend.


  1. The season seem more serious than the 1st one with again seem to heavily due to the sakura tree again, this one could be better than D.C.S.S. Hope this one wont be dissapointing.

  2. “seems like it’s going back to the beginning.”

    That works on so many levels, if you think about it. ^^;

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  3. “With all the Sakura and sakura tree stuff, it finally feels like the story is on the right track.”

    This sounds like “ah well, the same as usual, so I might just watch this”.
    If you don’t like it to much and blog something else. It’s not like that you HAVE to blog this.

  4. finally game proper routes… they would eventually would have to end up with yume or otome at the very least… about sakura something will indeed happen to her…
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  5. Argh!!! With Yoshiyuki out of the band it seems like the Nanaka route is closed for good or at least the least likely to happen. It seems like the focus will be on Otome, Yume and Anzu (in that order). Why can’t a Shirakawa get the happy ending for once?! Oh also, I hope a certain grandpa will make a guest appearance. All in all, it was a pretty okay first episode.

  6. Algester: finally game proper routes… they would eventually would have to end up with yume or otome at the very least… about sakura something will indeed happen to her…

    Have you actually PLAYED the original Da Capo II game or were you simply reading spoilers from other sources? Because from what I understood of the game, that was certainly not what actually happened to Sakura… :p

    But I am excited to see Sakura featuring almost like a main heroine in the OP (appearing both first and last). The fact may hint that her arc would be included in this season (quite possibly one of the best arcs in the original game, which in my opinion, surpasses even Otome’s story :)).


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