While the newly freed Black Knights are celebrating, Lelouch speaks with Kallen and C.C. about the Vincent’s pilot, though he doesn’t reveal that it’s Rolo. Kallen doesn’t like that he’s keeping it a secret, but she nevertheless decides to reprise her role as the commander of Zero’s personal guard. Lelouch then puts on the Zero mask and heads outside to address the Black Knights who have by now been re-outfitted with their uniforms. Though the others are impressed to see him, Chiba Nagisa is quick to point out that they wouldn’t have been captured in the first place if it weren’t for Zero’s betrayal. When Zero’s only response to the question of what happened back then is that it was for the sake of winning, his men clamor for something more such as an explanation or an apology. Toudou, however, quiets everyone and declares that there are times when strategic matters have to be kept hidden. He continues on to say that that Zero’s strength is needed right now and that he doesn’t know anyone more resourceful. Ougi also speaks up on Zero’s behalf by asserting that only Zero can fight against Britannia and lead them to win the war of independence. All this gets the crowd sufficiently worked up to support him.

Lelouch eventually returns to Ashford and is surprised the next day when Suzaku suddenly shows up in class. Suzaku has re-enrolled in the school, and Villetta assigns him the seat next to Lelouch. Both Lelouch and Suzaku know that the Emperor of Britannia changed three things in Lelouch’s memory: Nunnally, Zero, and the fact that Lelouch was a Britannian prince. For that reason, the two act like they’re old friends being reunited when they see each other, and Suzaku joins the student council group during lunch. Rivalz and the others want to hear from him what Zero looks like, but Suzaku can’t say, and everyone’s attention is then turned to how Arthur is back too – and still biting Suzaku’s fingers. He later meets with Villetta and Rolo in the underground base, and since Suzaku didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with Lelouch, Villetta concludes that Lelouch’s memories haven’t returned. Suzaku, however, insists that more investigation is needed. Through all of this, Rolo has been conflicted over what to do and if he should trust Lelouch. He accompanies his brother when Lelouch uses his Geass on one of the teachers, and Lelouch is quick to remind him that they’re siblings.

Meanwhile, the Knight of Three Zino Weinberg is attacking Area 11’s Britannian government offices with his Tristan Knightmare in order to test their defenses. Suzaku’s arrival there puts an end to it, and it turns out he had been expecting Zino to come with the Lancelot. Zino reports that the Lancelot will actually be coming with Lloyd on the following week, and he’s here now with Knight of Six Anya Earlstreim and her Mordred Knightmare. Three days later, Milly and the student council throw a huge welcome party for Suzaku, and Lelouch and Rolo are tasked with peeling potatoes. Rolo at one point thinks about using the knife on Lelouch, but Lelouch notices the way that he is holding the knife and tells him that it’s dangerous. Lelouch is aware that Suzaku had been watching them, and after Suzaku walks off, Rolo starts to tell Lelouch about the weakness to his Geass power. Lelouch later discovers that C.C. has come to the festival, so he covers her head up and hauls her off to a place where people won’t see her. While this is going on, Suzaku is catching up with Milly about their former classmates. He knows that Kallen is likely at the Chinese Consulate-General and that Nina has been writing papers for academic conferences.

On the topic of Nina, Suzaku starts to say that her specialty is different from Lloyd’s, but he stops himself because he realizes that Lloyd might be a touchy subject. Milly, however, is curious to know if Lloyd said anything and thinks that Lloyd might have been shocked that she got held back a year and had postponed the marriage. Suzaku tries to speak up for Lloyd’s sake, but he’s interrupted by Arthur suddenly taking the feather pen that he had been using and running away with it. Since this was Euphemia’s pen, he chases after the cat, in the process dropping the clipboard that had their giant pizza plans for today written on it. This clipboard is then picked up by Zino who had come to the festival with Anya. Lelouch and C.C. meanwhile are talking about how the person who gave the Emperor his Geass is the same person who informed Suzaku about the existence of Geass – V.V. Their conversation is cut short when Shirley comes looking for Lelouch, so he pushes C.C. into the nearby giant container of tomatoes. Since Shirley is under the impression that only she and Lelouch are here, she starts to ask Lelouch to do something with her, but she never gets to finish her sentence because he’s then attacked by a person in an animal costume.

This person turns out to be Kallen, and she apparently came to take C.C. back to the Chinese Consulate-General. Lelouch begins to tell Kallen that C.C. is in the tomato container, however Shirley then pulls him away from her, not realizing that it’s Kallen inside the costume. While Shirley and Kallen are fighting, Suzaku and Milly arrive on the scene looking for Arthur, and shortly thereafter, C.C. starts banging on the walls of the container from within. Before anyone can investigate the container, it gets picked up by Zino piloting the Knightmare that they were going to use for the giant pizza. Zino drives off with the container to participate in the event, and it just so happens that Arthur gets in the Knightmare’s way, so the cat tries to run away. Milly and the others chase after the Knightmare and the cat, but Lelouch is unable to keep up with them and has to come up with a different plan. Right as Zino is dumping the contents of the container onto the pizza dough in front of the student body, Lelouch uses his Geass power on one of the guys in charge of the event and gets him to release all the fire-extinguishing gas they had prepared for the stage. This blankets the area in pink gas and allows C.C. to get away unnoticed. During the commotion, Villetta accidentally runs into Kallen and knocks the top off her costume. Villetta doesn’t recognize Kallen, and Kallen is quick to cover herself back up again.

Afterwards, Lelouch meets with Kallen and C.C. on the school rooftop, and Kallen tells him about Villetta seeing her. Kallen only knows Villetta from having seen her with Ougi at the previous school festival, but even this is news to Lelouch. When he expresses surprise that Ougi kept a secret from him, C.C. says that he’s blind to these things. Nevertheless, Lelouch decides to use this to his advantage and has Rolo capture Villetta. Revealing himself to her, Lelouch notes that she gained the title of Baroness for her services in finding out Zero’s true identity. However, he also accuses her of being in secret contact with Ougi Kaname of the Black Knights because he knows that if word of this got out, she’d lose that title. With Villetta now stunned, Lelouch brings out the wine Shirley bought and wishes her a happy birthday. As for Kallen and C.C., they get picked up by Li Xingke, and Lelouch requests to be put in contact with the Chinese Federation’s head eunuch. Since these plans are now in motion, Lelouch’s only other concern is Suzaku, and the two meet on the school rooftop. It is there that Suzaku reveals that he intends to become the Knight of One because the Knight of One has the special privilege of getting any area he wants, and Suzaku wants Japan.

He goes on to explain that he lost an important friend and an irreplaceable woman, and so for the sake of not losing anyone else, he wants to gain power. For that reason, Suzaku feels that the Japanese don’t need Zero anymore, and he then calls up the person who he says is going to become the new Governor-General of Area 11 next week. Lelouch doesn’t realize what’s going on until Suzaku hands him the phone and he hears Nunnally’s voice on the other end , asking if it’s him.


For what was largely a school-fun episode, this sure had a big shock at the end there. It almost caused me to do a spit-take (fortunately I wasn’t drinking anything at the time). I think Nunnally being the new Governor-General could be both good and bath for Lelouch. On one hand, it makes it all that much harder to attack Area 11 Britannian targets if he knows that it might cause her any physical or mental harm. On the other hand, knowing Lelouch, he’ll find a way to use her new position to his advantage while Suzaku’s not looking. There’s also the question of what effect Nunnally’s appearance will have on Rolo, if any. He’s already somewhat unstable, and Lelouch probably needs to be extra careful around him since showing affection for Nunnally might drive Rolo off the edge.

Still, this is quite a clever trap by Suzaku. Never mind the future ramifications, Lelouch’s immediate reaction will be pretty key (notice that he’s turned away from Suzaku so that Suzaku can’t see his facial expression). He can’t respond to Nunnally as if he knows her because that would give away the fact that his memories are back. The problem is that Nunnally’s memories appear to have never been wiped, so if he pretends that he doesn’t know her, then he might risk her getting worried about him, and I suspect he doesn’t want to cause her any mental anguish. Unfortunately for him, that might be his only option. Either way, I can’t wait to see Lelouch unleash his fury on Suzaku for putting Nunnally into play (regardless of whether this is all Suzaku’s own plan or the Emperor’s or whatever).

The other interesting thing this week was Villetta (no, not the fanservice, though that was certainly there) and how Lelouch appears to be blackmailing her now. I’m not so sure it’s a such good idea for him to reveal his identity to her at this point though. I keep getting the feeling that this will come back to bite him, but I guess he likes to keep his enemies close. Now that I think about it, I could see him using Ougi to keep her in line, so maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. The focus for next week though will be on a Pacific Ocean Knightmare battle, and it looks like Lloyd’s finally going to show up.


  1. I was WTH when Lulu’s excuse for leaving all his army was because it’s his plan to win lol man how show off can he get now? Suzaku sure kickass now he’s becoming more evil and how come he get to use Nunnally damn him!!!

  2. Okay, so after recovering from my shock at the spoiler from earlier being dead-on….how the f*** did this happen? Nunally is the new Governor-General?! How in the world did this come about?!

  3. I just have to say it, Suzaku ftw! I really wanna see how the writers work all this out. I’m not going to start guessing what might happen cuz if anything, this show can drop a twist at any time.

  4. Oh, but yeah, I just have to make this one guess. Nunnally being gov-general means she’s royalty again right? So who’s up for Nunnally as the new Empress at the end of the show? I’d vote for her!

  5. Knowing Zero, he’d probably f things up like he did with what’s her name.

    The big problem in Zero’s plan is that he’s still not doing things for his own means. He says he’s willing to accept all the crap that’ll happen, but he uses the crutch that he’s doing to build Nunally a brighter future. That makes buffers him emotionally from all the death and chaos he’s caused, as well as disillusions Zero to believe he has the moral high ground. Zero obviously never took into consideration that his dear sweet sister could be a liability in his plans. Even when it was her who indirectly forced Zero to lose the first time around.

    As I said in the last season, Zero needs to stop lying to himself and hiding behind doing what’s right for his sisters, and start doing things for himself. Until Zero realize that one fact and takes control of it, all Zero is really doing is blowing smoke and talking big.

    This ep was exceptionally great to see, because it was the ultimate kick in the balls that Suzaku could give to Zero. This is a huge definite win to Suzaku, because he’s conquer Zero the same way Zero conquered Suzaku in the first season, forcing Zero to face his own ideals and question whether he should continue down that same path or alter it. It’s nice to see that Suzaku is no longer the naive hero of justice figure anymore and is willing to use psych. tactics against his enemies. The battles between these two should become FAR much more interesting at this point. ^_^

    Dear lord, I think that prospect has me slightly turned on!

  6. Hmm. Either he reveals that he got his memory back in front of suzaku by knowing Nana, or he shatters Nana’s hopes and dreams by not. The Emperor has really got things plotted out

  7. Ugh…now I hate Suzaku more and more, so he´s going to use not only Lelouch but also Nunally, but I wonder what is Lelouch reaction when he see Suzaku, if he´s still want to pretend that he is not Zero, then he must pretend that he doesn´t know both Suzaku and Nunally too, right?

  8. Wow, a lot of fanservice….Ah, my least fav character is back!! Danng,,,Anywho, O.O is dat more C.CxLixKallen screentime again!?! Lol, just joking. We all know both of them are Lelouch’s *.* Nunnaly as Governal-General?! How the– Its gonna be hard for Lelouch now to keep his anger in check… C.C and Kallen!! Omgoodness, how the heck did they both-?! LOL

  9. Fantastic! Code Geass R2 is certainly going in a great direction with plot and character development, what an unexpected surprise and nice to see how Suzaku -in large part o doubt due to the scarring he suffered by Euphie’s death and Lelouch’s betrayal- has in many ways become evil like Lelouch, willing to go through great lengths to achieve his goals.

    I’m really curious to see if he still cares for Nunally at all, because it is now obvious that Lelouch’s life no longer means anything to him, the look on Suzaku’s face provies that. I’m left to wonder if he does care for Nunally or if he’s just using her.

    Raises the question if ultimately to achieve his goal of creating a better world he will have to hurt or sacrifice Nunally?
    That would be quite soemthing, in the end Lelouch being ‘victorious’ and having created a ‘better’ world but the person he created it for no longer able to enjoy it.

  10. I don’t think nunnaly being is suzaku’s doing it’s the emperor suzaku is to stupid to come up with something like that. but after this i dont see lelouch and suzaku being friends at the end of the series. because after lelouch is done being shocked all fucking hell will break loose

    Eugene Vi Britannia
  11. jaw drop…

    Lulu owned. Though I consider the whole Viletta thing another strategy he’s planning out for the long term. Victory isn’t all about the fight. It’s a battle of ideals. It’s about convincing your enemy that you are right and they were wrong completely. I still think a Suzaku Lelouch combination would be unstoppable. R1 rehash strategy with fresh thinking… hmmmm

  12. yeah… i knew it… so it’s Brother vs sister huh (again SIBLINGS FIGHT)….
    villeta *nosebleed*
    I think Lelouch will concede and be Nunnaly’s aide..
    Congratulations for Lloyd!!! yay..
    I’m waiting for the raw to load….
    now to revise for tests….

  13. Does Kallen remember Nunally? Because if she does, wouldn’t she logically figure out Lelouch is a prince?

    …that’s a really good point.

    I would say she does, since apparently only the memories of those in school were erased, and Kallen probably ran off the island and went into hiding.

    …aww Lelouch, you’re screwed.

    But don’t worry, I have faith that you’ll screw yourself out of this. In a good way.

  14. OMG OMG OMG ………………………
    HOW COULD HE?!? How could Suzaku use even Nunnally against Lulu?!?!?

    *feels the same shock as Lulu* It’ll break his heart to fake not remembering her.

    I have to say Suzaku is good at revenge, from changing Lulu’s memories and now this. His face sure says that he now cares for his former best friend on the same level as dirt. Wow. I dunno. Lulu goes for his goals by using others but Suzaku goes by using his own father, best friend and best friend’s sister. *rolls eyes*

    Other thoughts:
    – Good episode, just not as awesome as the previous 4.
    – Gino’s piloting made me think of Jesus Kira. During the transformation from the jet, I seriously was thinking “masaka… GA.. GA.. GUNDAM!!!?!?!?!”
    – C.C. head first into tomatos = poor C.C. ^^;
    – Pity Lulu didn’t dance with anybody

  15. nahhh.. not a big deal. suzaku just a simple soldier don forget this.

    and lulu not naive as before. and i think this is good for him cause; he is the man turn disasters for own oppurtunity/benefit.

    im not exited at all, just wait and see. This is the show called: LELOUCH OF THE REBELLION not suzaku’s or another one.

    Lulu, sure can going through this time too. We all supporting the rebellion no matter what.

  16. Ok this is enough already. R2 in five episodes already has triple the fanservice of the whole of season one. I have a feeling R2 isn’t going to live up to season one quality and possibly get a very retarded end to please the lowest common denominator.

  17. So Nunnally’s evil now…..whatever.

    The writers had better be careful…..twist something too much and it breaks.

    I’m also one of those starting to think that R2 won’t live up to expectations…..look at Metallica, they sucked when they became famous.

  18. Pretty pointless episode until the end.

    How exactly did Suzaku convince the emperor to let a blind girl in a wheelchair become governor general? Aren’t the royal family constantly competing with each other for the crown?

  19. I’m not that doubtful of Britannia, or maybe the Emperor himself, choose wheelchair-bound Nunnally to become Governor-General of Area 11. Heck, if they can have a “Numbers” Knight of Rounds [Suzaku], nothing is impossible.

    Of course what I’m waiting for is the predicament with Kallen, who knows that Lelouch is Nunnally’s brother and should naturally deduce that since Nunnally = princess, Lelouch = prince. Unless she was memory wiped as well. Or they didn’t announce that the new Governor-General is/was a princess. Just Governor-General Nunnally.

  20. Also possible return of Diethart and Raksharta. Lulu was saying something over the phone about them.

    The weakness of Rolo’s geass was revealed!! Unfortunately only to Lulu.

    C.C. and Cheese-kun are reunited!!

  21. My favorite things here:

    -C.C. cosplaying as Chachamaru
    -C.C. getting shoved by Lulu into a container full of tomatoes to hide her from Shirley
    -Kallen dressed up in a giant walrus suit and getting Lulu’s head in its mouth, but not before the obligatory butt-shot, then the cat-fight with Shirley
    -Lulu clearly out-classed in a simple sprint by everyone
    -The swimsuit babes, and Villeta’s ultra-low-cut T-back

    Sailor Moon
  22. Wow..this show is getting so predictable.. I already knew half the things that were going to happen including nunally at the end ugh..
    I got to stop reading speculations and possible spoilers :/

  23. Sugoi! Wow! R2 is getting better than…would we be calling the 1st season R1 now? So suspenseful–not sure how Lulu will deal w/ Nunually being Gov. General…this might get Cornelia out of hiding though :)…it’s still sad Euphie died–Nunually is probably going to be very similiar as a gov. & the question is if her fate will be the same & how they’ll explain nunually’s gov. status? O_O What’s happening next?

  24. And everyone just shovked about Nunnally( although myself also big fan of her XD ), C.C. ( She too XP ), and Kallen( Another one!! XD ).

    Anya KAWAII!!! She is soooooooooooo cute!!!!

  25. Sorry for all the Lulu fanboys seeing their lover pwned by Suzaku yet again. =P

    Seriously though, how is this a shock to anyone? Lets be real, it’s classic sunrise, pitting friends on opposite sides to fight each other until they team up to beat down the big bad boss at the end. It’s been done in Gundam how many times now?

    Nunnaly’s part is simple, and I really don’t see her dying. Suzakus plan to change things from the inside works if Euphie is alive, she isn’t, so you go with plan B Nunnaly.

    With Nunnaly as gov-general of Area 11 she is now a royal again, with the timing and support you can get rid of the emperor (help from Cornelia anyone?) and then place Nunnaly as the new Empress. The plan would’ve had Euphine being Empress in the end originally, but yeah, thanks to lulu’s blunder that went to shit.

    Anyways, the political shit aside, we still have all this crap with CC and, zomg, JUPITER! So don’t expect any vast global political changes at the end of this show, I’m not anyways.

  26. I’m seriously confused about Suzaku, I hate him but I agree with him. I can’t keep second-guessing this series, I’m brain tired already. If every episode ends with a cliffhanger, I’m getting a ventilator.

  27. Surprised you didn’t take a screenshot of the wall with all the “+” on it, I thought that would be an important highlight since it could possibly show how many days Lelouch’s Geass can last on a person (I counted 18.5 days).

    Anyway, beside the rehash of several episodes from season 1 into one entity (I wonder how long they plan to keep doing this? though this one was better crafted then the previous episode that took concepts from season 1) this was a pretty entertaining episode especially the end… I must say, while Lelouch was living a fantasy life for a year Suzaku must have been training to be able to match wits with Lelouch/Zero because it seems he has become one crafty punk (though I find things to be moving a bit too fast…).


  28. I know that Lelouch’s Geass can only be used on the same person once, but that was only immediately after he had already given a command. So, I’m wondering if he can use Geass on that person again after the time limit is up (SoulCaster counted 18.5 days).
    From season 1, the same command can be reinforced by another person after it wears out. I don’t know if it was just a mistake by sunrise or perhaps Suzaku’s “live!” order still holds.

  29. The beauty of plot twists in this anime just make it so good. The only thing is I doubt Nunnally would actually be a bad governor, unless the King brainwashed her too. Then Lelouch is completely put into a bad Euphemia situation again. Now the only question is will he pull the trigger or find a way to save Nunnally, so she doesn’t meet the same end as Euphemia. Bastard Suzaku, pulling his revenge by forcing the same situation again on Lelouch again.

    Sora no Kaze
  30. @GP: i don’t think that suzaku killing the king would do any good. first, nunally is too weak to ever ascend to the throne. It would probably get Shneizel the position cause he seems to be the smartest sheming bastard in the royalty plus his as bad as his dad. There are also other unmentioned members of the royal family…..

    Suzaku won’t change anything, whatever he does period….. he is just too dumb….

    as for nunally being gov-gen… I think at best she is just a puppet and at the same time bait…..

    I do hope that they do a gundam 00 and kill major character namely suzaku…

    I so pray that they wouldn’t make lulu and suzaku friends again since there is too much bad blood between them i just hope they actually kill one at the end.

  31. So all the doubts headed towards Suzaku’s methods were false accusations, as I thought. I had heard rumors that the Knight of 1 could control an area, glad to hear it’s true.

    All these “Suzaku has no plans to change the world” excuses fan of Lelouch were making were just proven false, lol.

    At any rate, Suzaku probably has been taking care of Nunnaly all this time, and it was probably the Emperor’s choice to put Nunnaly as the governor. I don’t think Suzaku has that much power yet. At any rate, calling up Nunnaly was the best thing he could have done to touch the small fraction of humanity left in Lelouch. After all, if Nunnaly prefers Suzaku’s way of helping Japan over Lelouch’s war, then that completely destroys Lelouch’s excuse to get his revenge, and could end the senseless war that Lelouch is forcing on an already beaten nation.

    Most likely there will be another plot device or two to help things go Lelouch’s way like the time he geassed Euphie, otherwise he will have to become worse than Light. I’m guessing a mixture of both. Suzaku really is something though, forgiving Lelouch for the chance to help his people. It’s no wonder he has those massive angel wings in the ED.

  32. Oh man, don’t underestimate sunrise and what they can pull with this. The two constant things in the CG plot are both CC and Nunnaly. If you haven’t noticed the plot/story events revolve around those two. I somehow doubt Nunnaly will just sit there and be a puppet gov-general until the end of the show.

    Sure right now Shniezel or however you spell his name would step up and take over if the emperor is knocked out, BUT, again you’re forgetting Cornelia, and I’m pretty sure she’s still got a big role to play (which is why I’m 99% sure she’s still alive).

    The fact is Suzaku does have a plan, like him or hate him, it’s obvious at this point. You can work the system from the inside, sure it takes time and sure you have to let others use you and step on you until you get enough power on your own, but it’s an option. And one that doesn’t bring massive levels of bloodshed into the equation.

    That being said, like my other post, this geo-political stuff is all going to be secondary. You need to remember CC’s part of the story, while Nunnaly is tied more into the political stuff, CC is all about her Jupiter stuff and so on. I bet halfway through this show will switch over from “lets free japan and change the world” to whatever CC is trying to do and lets save Jupiter, or w/e.

  33. I wonder what’ll happen to nunally does Lelouch have the audacity to kill his own sister?
    I mean if this is another Euphie I’m going to be like say wha?
    I also think that either Zino or Anya will betray the knights ultimately dying
    I also think that C.C. will die for well obvious reasons…
    Like the sword of Akashka? or w/e the weapon that kills god
    it’s obviously meant to be used on C.C. since I’m pretty sure Sunrise is going to just pull a god out of their ass…

    And then about the episode I wish Zero would just tell the truth I’m sure they’ll understand him
    I mean he can skip some facts such as Kallen leaving him since that wouldn’t be good for our dear bunny girl but like telling them about his sister, being a prince, Suzaku capturing him, memory being altered, but I don’t know about the geass… that’s like a land mine they’ll probably think that they’re geassed into working for Zero…

  34. hmm suzakus plan is made clear ohwell still the pawn f a rasist so makes no difference to me though i hate his being a little less then kazukis from dragonaught now

    WingZero zxt
  35. oh great…nunnally is gonna be the gov general? i pray that this is some kind of trick suzaku is playing, and that its not really gonna happen. how messed up will that be. a blind 10 year old girl in a wheelchair is gonna rule area 11? even if it is just to cause problems for zero, that is too stupid for even sunrise to do. i hope this show doesnt take the death note route and travel too far down the road of absurdity.

  36. @urtistly
    I believe that Nunally would’ve been a freshman in high school if she were still in school.
    Which would make her like 14-15
    but I guess that still is a little ridiculous on Sunrise part.

  37. Referring back to Soulcaster count of the Geass duration, one has to remember than many old classmates are removed back to Britainia. So, that character would not be able to come back and make a mark on the wall.
    Suzaku’s aim is to become the first knight of the round table. He would probably hope Zero could finish off other knights for him in the future.

  38. now that Suzaku as taken the Britannian approach to things by using Nunally. Lelouch has no reason in him why he should not kill him by what ever means possible. Though Suzaku death may cause great harm to Nunally

  39. @sesvenfarm oh yeah! but since Lelouch’s geass is absolute would that make her want to come back to Britannia or would she just keep marking at her knew school or would she stop completely?

    I’m sure Suzaku isn’t as evil as to hope that Zero could finish off some of the knights…

  40. I loved that sound C.C. made when she hit the tomatoes. Played it over so many times…

    I don’t think Suzaku’s plan for Nunally goes beyond forcing Lelouch’s hand in reacting to this news. Once Nunally is installed as Governor-General, she will likely out-rank Suzaku and be able to do whatever she wishes. She’ll probably reverse a lot of the discriminatory rules currently in place, although I doubt Suzaku will mind that (Lelouch probably will since it is a major motivator for the Japanese to fight).

    I am also disturbed by how the Black Knights so easily forgive Zero for abandoning them last season. The one Black Knight had it right that they are nothing but pawns and I would think they would keep closer tabs on Zero’s actions. Zero’s excuse that it was to defeat Britannia was another lie (just like how in ep2 he explained his absence that he was observing for a year). Think they would have taken it well if he told the truth and abandoned the Japanese (who he was responsible for leading into war) for his sister? It just goes to show how well he has the Japanese eating out of his hand.

    But it still remains to be seen how successful Lelouch is with Rolo. It’s very probable that Rolo is explaining a fake weakness to see if Lelouch will use it and expose himself. Rolo still has too much doubt to give up something like his Geass’ true weakness.

  41. I thought this was a great episode. Funny, but with revelations and great characters.
    and Interesting that Lelouche took the phone and turned around, otherwise Suzaku would have seen his reaction to the call and took action. Now, he doesn’t see Lelouche’s face, and Lelouche has some time to compose himself, and possibly have a non reaction to Nunally’s voice as far as Suzaku is concerned. That turn around thing lead me believe that Lulu has consider this possibility from Suzaku, can’t wait how he’s going to respond in next episode

  42. Take in mind Suzaku’s screwed up plan, for him to become a knight of one to get the area 11, isn’t still the same thing? Him being in charge of the area, still means that it is still under rule by Britannia. The japanese people will still be called elevens. There will still be a hierarchy, between Britannians and the elevens. Also the world will succumb to Britannia if Suzaku’s plan comes true.

    Also man, Suzaku is such an asshole! Not only is he blackmailing Lelouch, but he is using Nunnally so that Lelouch would stop and that once Suzaku knows that Lelouch has awakened; then, he will kill him. I still dont think that Suzaku’s plan to become a knight of one, is for the japanese people, but so that he could torment and crush Zero/Lulu (he already did some intense mental damage to lulu there) and kill him in the end. Suzaku’s speech in the first episode doesn’t look like it was a facade, but more like it was his true goal.

  43. Am I the only who got the Negima reference? XD I’m pretty sure C.C. was dressed up as Chisame. The ‘boja’ part would confirm that. And Shirley has her hair just like Asuna, except the bells are missing. Also, the negima girls are VERY fond of doing naughty cafés and well, generally naughty things so…it fits. Very much so. (The waitresses with the buns looks like one of the characters too, though I can’t remember her name.)

    I’m really starting to think season 2 might actually beat season 1.
    I’ve never been as much shock as at the end of this episode XDD

  44. haven’t you people realised of the inconsistency that if Suzaku really wanted(as im sure he did) see Lelouch’s reaction to Nunnaly’s voice he could have just moved so as to see Lulu’s face. This type of situation(we’ve seen a lot of that in Gundam too) makes me hate Sunrise sometimes.

  45. dude any tv show is like that. its not meant to mimic real life. yes he could have moved to see his face, yes theres no such thing as a geass, yes none of the logic concerning lelouch’s plans have any real basis. its just for entertainment

  46. i’m guessing that there are a lot of people who wants to beat suzaku up right now…
    although someone already made a spoiler somewhere, [at another website .. i think…], that the call would be coming from nunally, actually hearing it is too shocking that anyone would want to kick suzakus ass right here and there…
    can’t wait for the next episode….

  47. I liked the comic relief in this episode and enjoyed the fan service. My jaw pretty much dropped to the floor when I heard nunnalys voice. The thing is I wanted suzaku get killed since the beginning of the episode, when they were talking about how everyones memories were changed. When the credits rolled my blood literally boiled, I almost punched the wall.

    All I can say is the shit has hit the fan. Bring on the pain. I would probably strangle suzaku myself if I were lulu, screw the consequences. But knowing lulu I bet he will regain his composure and have rollo do it… Better yet plan out his revenge and smite his enemies down. I will live for that day.

    Seriously this anime is so good and the twists keep you on the edge of your seat. I even started watching the first season again and noticed a few interesting things I missed before. Its like Count Monte Cristo meets Death Note, shakes gundams hands, slaps naruto and wipes the floor with every other anime. Its f###ing Brilliant, I get a rush and adrenaline flow every time I see Zero and hear that music.

  48. Funny there’re so many Suzaku haters here and everywhere else. From what I recall, Lelouch is the one that’s been killing people and using them for his own selfish agenda. He killed/injured innocent people that weren’t even part of the group that supposedly assasinated his mother. He accidentally geassed Euphemia and decided the best alternative was to use the opportunity to blind the Elevens into thinking Euphie was all bull. And finally to be their savior he killed Euphie himself.

    I don’t know about you guys but Suzaku followed Britannia from the start, but later became more involved with them ever since meeting Euphie. He fell in love w/ the girl and I bet if Lelouch (Zero), Nunnally, Euphie, and Suzaku all knew about their situation back in season 1, they’d probably come to a compromise. But you know, obviously that didn’t happen because Lelouch kept Zero a secret from everyone outside of his group. And in the end, you can’t really consider Suzaku a huge asshole because think about it…
    if your asshole of a best friend killed the woman you loved because he accidentally messed things up and couldn’t think of a better way to fix it, you’d be a bigger ass to make sure you he gets a whooping and realizes all the wrong he’s done.

  49. omg…i am really just speachless…this show continues to amaze me with its plot twists and progress of characters…i can’t wait to see how lelouch gets out of that phone call…wow…i really wasn’t expecting that…
    oh and the chase seen…wow i was laughing so gave me flashbacks to the ep last season where lelouch is chasing that dumb cat after taking his helmet. and then when lelouch sees everyone passing him by..and hes like..”this really isn’t my genre” priceless i was laughing so hard…lol

  50. No, just no. There is just nothing likable about Suzaku! He is a unbelievably naive, double crossing hypocrite. There are just so many questionable things he has done! And for what??? Just to pay back Zero for accidentally killing Euphie??? Actually if that was the case then he would be more likable, because right now he is just going against every elevan and basically stabbing them in the back, by working for Britannia the enemy that invaded and commited mass genocide for no particular reason. Sorry but here is where I draw the line!

    Killing a few innocent bystanders to get your independence back during what can easily be called a war, compared to siding with the government who routinely commits mass genocide just because its an order??? What would you choose? I can never ever tolerate people who sell themselves out like that much less respect them. Those are probably the main reasons why I cant stand Suzaku. Plus using Lulus sister against him just shows how big of a hypocrite he actually is.

  51. I just realized that if Lulu had not taken responsibility for his actions and shot Euphie, she would have probably have killed Suzaku because he is just so goddamn naive. I almost think it would have been worth it…almost.

  52. Holy shit, I want to OWN Suzaku’s face this moment. My god, I so did not see that last part coming. The Bastard has some nerve I will give him that. I wonder how Lelouch will get himself out of that one.

    @King: Thats just not an option man. lol

    @Gar: Well I can’t disagree with what you said but as far as I am concerned Suzakus mentally on the whole situation is not helping either. Trying to liberate Britannia from the inside is foolish and most likely will not happen. Hes one against many. If he is such a good guy, Why is he using Nunnally?
    Yes I do understand his pain for Euphie but lulu loved her as well. It is not like he went with the intention of killing Euphie, instead, as we all know, Lulu had to do what he had to.
    I personally can’t stand Suzu. because of his pacifist personality. From my point of View, Lulu is justice and Brittania is not. Though I can not condone some of the ways Lulu gets his things done, none-the-less I support him rather than the Emperor.

    All in all this episode was great, Gino hugging all of Suzaku was cute. 😛 fangirls def. loved that moment! I am looking forward to the next episode though, what will Lulu do to talk himself out of this…He has to reply to Nunnally or he can act dumb.

  53. @sevenfarn

    You got a point there, but now I wonder what happened to that girl mentally now that she is unable to preform the tasks given to her. Also, if that was the case then the way they just sort of snuck that wall in that scene makes it seem that it is something bigger and more important than just the girl probably leaving the school.


  54. Man, Suzaku is one of the most naive characters ever. Wth, does he think is going to happen to him if he managed to become Knight of One and Brittania saw what he was doing in Area 11. He’s a tool of the emperor, who’d probably dispose of him before he ever gets to be Knight of One.

  55. Oh yeah, I guess the people whining about the “triple” fan service have forgotten about the nipples, full-frontal nudity of kallen & villetta, and fondling of Shirley’s breasts in the first season.

    Lelouch going up to Villetta was VERY uncharacteristic though. He didn’t even put his mask on when he certainly could’ve. Was he that willing to bet that VIlletta would bend over with blackmail of her relationship w/ Ogi? She could’ve easily reported him near immediately, gotten him shot, and no one would’ve found out about them. She probably would’ve gotten promoted to Captain too. The whole scene seemed rushed and very disconnected from the rest of the episode.

  56. @ Lex: Well remember now, Lulu is still a guy Who hasnt recovered his memories yet so him showing his face to her is not a problem. Though when he did, Ims ure she knew he regained his memories. Also, at the moment Rollo was there. Even though he can not use his geass on her and neither can Lulu he still had a gun pointed at her. So she really did nto have a choice in the matter. Villetta is still human and knowing Rollo…he would do it.

  57. Urtistly:

    I don’t see anything wrong with a 14ish yr old blind girl becoming governor general. She’s obviously appointed there by higher powers and Euphemia was also appointed a high position with 0 experience. Titles don’t necessarily come with the responsibilities.

  58. Unfortunately, I don’t know if Lulu has enough nerve to kill Suzaku yet. It still seems like he keeps trying to get him to come to his side. Hopefully, this little action of Suzaku will finally push Lulu over the edge to dispose of him. I feel that Zero’s invasion would have gone smoothly if he had killed suzaku back when he had the chance, or better yet. Held him prisoner against his will for a while so he couldn’t return destroying his creditability further destroying any chance of him returning to a britannian life and increasing the chances he might join him.

    I also wonder how long Rolo will last. I see him either dieing trying to save his “brother” or Lulu finding him to indispensible to dispose of. Who knows where the plot twist will go though with that.

  59. I don’t see Viletta lasting that long if Zero has any sense. Just keep her alive until he no longer needs to keep up his front. Atleast being in a public eye Lunnaly is going tobe pretty safe so he doesn’t really need to worry about her anymore and can continue on with his plans.

  60. Hopefully we will see the flying Guren mk II next episode. It will be interesting to see if Rollo in his Vincent will be able to help the black knights or will he have to keep up appearances.

    @Stei I agree that hopefully Nunnaly being safe will untie Zeros hands and he can actually play hardball now.

    Lulu was actually able to get Rollo on his side last episode. And now he has got Villetta more or less where he wants her. Just take care of Suzaku and we are all set…

  61. @sevenfarn

    Argh… I forgot to add that if you look a little deeper into this wall scene, my suggestion would make a bit more sense. If we look at what you said, it would have made more sense if the last mark she made was actually finished. If it was a completed “+” it would have indicated that she was able to complete Lelouch’s order one last time before leaving the school.

    In my case, the last mark was a “-” and indicates that while she was in the process of marking the wall Lelouch’s Geass probably wore off because if his Geass is absolute obedience then I doubt she was easily pulled from that wall. Also, the way they snuck that scene in seems similar to how they kept throwing in that scene in season 1 (okay it was about 2 or 3 other times) as if they are trying to give us constant reminders of Leloch’s Geass possible limit.


  62. @SoulCaster
    even if there’s a time limit on his Geass it shouldn’t be a problem since it lasts what close to a year?
    and I’m guessing he’ll be able to regeass the person

    but if you compare Lelouch’s geass to the others that showed up so far his isn’t really that useful :/

    Mao could read peoples mind which is practically the same as absolute obedience since there’s always background and no one could lie to him although it’d be a pain once it turns perma

    King can rewrite memories which can be used to be like absolute obedience if not more and I don’t think there’s a limit to the usage… but it’s possible that it’s 3 since Lelouch had 3 things rewritten but then again it was overridden by C.C. kiss I don’t know how since they didn’t really explain that yet

    and then there’s Rollo who is amazing I mean if he wasn’t emotionally unstable he’d be amazing then again he just mentioned that he had a weakness but I’m sure it’s still better than Lelouch’s

  63. @Stei
    I actually see Viletta for a long time unless Zero wants to lose Ougi which wouldn’t be good since a large number of the Black Knights look up to Ougi meaning that they would desert then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they were pit against each other in the end

  64. @Hei
    I think it would be easy for zero to manipulate the situation to put killing Viletta seem fine.
    I agree that Zero’s Geass is kinda useless compared to the others as well. I’m thinking maybe it will get more powerful with time as C.C. suggested. Maybe that’s what happened to the Emperor and Mao. Maybe Mao had a limited time he could use it before it went full time and he lost control of his geass.
    But coupled with his lack of fighting skills and he lost his good Knightmare Frame. The only advantage Zero has against Suzaku at the moment is his witts. Hopefully he”l get another cool Knightmare soon when Lakshata comes back.

  65. I really doubt Zero/Lulu would kill Nunally. I mean, really, HIM? Lulu? Killing his sister….then he’d have no excuse to wreak havoc on Britannia. Kidding, but yeah, I really doubt he would really kill her. I’m not sure if he would even kill Suzaku…maybe have someone else kill him, but no way is he going to be directly influenced in killing him. Or…..that’s what I think.

  66. this is one good episode i didn’t expect nunnally to come into play so fast.
    setting nunnally as the new government for area 11 is one very big wall for lelouch now.
    how will he make his next move is very interesting.
    haha dind’t know suzaku have brains.
    c.c. with her world of pizza! getting mixed in the tomato is really funny!

  67. But… It’s a little weird! Nunnally can’t be the governor. She is the way too young, besides that, she never faces the cruel world. I’m starting to feel sorry for her, she now becomes one of the Emperor’s tool. There must be somebody who actually control the Area 11, and Nunnally is just the camouflage.
    Man, I was expecting a little Lelouch x CC this ep. Never mind, this is a fun ep!
    The only thing I hate is, Arthur should eat that Euphie’s pen! Wanna see Suaku’s face, it must be nice for revenge!

  68. @Kanna
    I think Lelouch has a fair chance of killing Suzaku.. the way Lelouch talked about Suzaku in the preview seemed quite different from his attitude in season 1, if I remember correctly.. it’s like Suzaku’s just stepped over Lelouch’s line of tolerance

  69. There were hints in this episode of Lelouch x CC though the words that came out of their mouth was amusing, at the very least, they have screentime! >.>
    – Lelouch privately asking CC but gets cut off. CC (smiling!?) when everyone cheers “ZERO! ZERO!”
    – Lelouch putting his arm around CC to navigate her away (CC teasingly commenting ???)
    – (Is it me or is CC a bit flirting in these episode?) CC and Lelouch’s talk about matters (did u see her pose?) Erhmm…Lelouch pushing CC XD
    – Lelouch trying to stop them from opening the tomato can that he had to use Geass so that she won’t be revealed (or they’ll find out he got his memories back…)
    -CC walking to his place, placing a hand to his shoulder, leaning up to just say that ‘it is/was’ something~~ concerning Villeta and Ougi.

    Not much of romantic moments, but hey, at least they have screentime! At least CC got her stuff toy in the end XD!! Kallen and CC was totally pwnd in the end when Li Xingke picked them up! Now as for Suzaku….

  70. “Suzaku is stupid.”

    You seem to hear this a lot among the Lelouch fans.

    Yet, how is it that Suzaku has managed to trap Lelouch is what Lelouch considered certain victory? And how is it that Suzaku and Lelouch are often on the same wavelength and think alike somewhat(as seen in this episode as well as episode 5 in the first season)? “Great minds think alike.” If you consider Lelouch is brilliant, or a “great mind,” then by default what does that make Suzaku?

    In the end, Suzaku isn’t a tactical genius, but he has is a genius in other ways, and one main aspect Suzaku shows which Lelouch lacks is EXPERIENCE. Suzaku has experienced Lelouch’s route when he killed his father; he knows the outcome, he knows the repercussion. Lelouch on the other hand is blind to the future past his goals because he is too naive to know the repercussions of his actions.

  71. The reason why some fans say that is because they don’t like Suzaku’s character. Though I can agree that Suzaku is also a genius, just not the stragetist/manipulating (well, maybe at the last episode after the gun scene) Lelouch is, but he has some aspects. But I have to disagree that Suzaku has experience that Lelouch hasn’t. Yes, Suzaku has experience by killing his father and the outcome, but Lelouch also has that. He kills people, he has seen the outcome of what it will be, how it will feel, (his mother was murdered in front of him with his disabled sister…) and he carries the burden. In this season, R2, Lelouch still has the experience, look how it turned out. I’m not sure if he’s still a bit naive, but about now, its about Lelouch is equal to Suzaku when it comes to experiences.

    That aside, the next episode looks pretty mega-fighting with mechs and all. Hmm,,,oh yeah! I forgot to add about this episode…MY EYES! OMG, MY EYES! CC?! KALLEN VILLETA?!…. hahaha, Shirely accidently pushes Lelouch down the metal stairs to battle with Kallen in the suit. I like the noise when he falls down, at least CC landed in a heap of tomatoes XD!!

  72. If we know Lelouch, he will definitely commence operation of kidnapping… Ahem rescuing the Governor Nunnally from Britannia. The Emperor is a cruel man, he kicked them out of his family now he re-instated Nunnally to Governor position? Yeah right! Poor Nunnally become a pawn, sacrificial lamb. Lelouch, Rescue your sister from those bastards and put an end to your friendship with Suzaku. Use Rolo to kill him or whatever. What will happen to Kallen when she sees Nunnally becomes Governor. What about the Student Council members since their memories of her were erased or is it? They remembered Suzaku so what about Nunnally? Next Episode please!

  73. Suzaku ALREADY knows Lelouche’s memories are back, so he doesn’t need to see Lelouche’s face, so, though I hate Suzaku, he’s being compassive, and just repeating the Euphie situation, but this time 17 eps earlier.
    I don’t think either Lelouche will kill Nunnally, it’d mean the end of the story as we know it, plus this show is more consistent than Death Note, -which I felt kind of forced in many parts, ergo its failure-.
    BTW, I NOTICED, -and I’m big for that-, Anya. Yes, I’m the first! -No, I’m not into lolis, my favorite’s C.C. jeje-.
    And yes, Suzaku’s a hypocrite. He WAS a japanese, and then he sold himself first for idealistic dumb, by serving an unfair Brittania. And then for his OWN revenge, by fighting Lelouche/Zero and the Black Knights…

    B. Prince
  74. Suzaku said that he lost a friend and his woman at Area 11 meaning that he no longer considered Lelouch his friend, so when he connected to Nunnally for Lelouch it is as if he was saying: “Asshole, I got your sister now. What you gonna do huh? No matter what you’re as good as dead!”

    Suzaku's archnemesis
  75. Suzaku is not smart. If he were, he would have gotten rid of Lulu a long time ago. No, Suzaku has people behind and above him. Suzaku has the Emperor to set all these things up. Suzaku is nothing without these things.

    Suzaku is the brawn to Lulu’s brain. Sadly, lacking a brain himself, he has turned into the charactor everyone wants dead. He no longer makes any sense. His ideals are all but out the window. There is no way to redeam such a charactor. I eagerly await his demise.

  76. @ Tarage

    The Emperor didn’t want to kill Lelouch, hence Suzaku even if he was smart still couldn’t whip out a gun and kill him either way.

    Suzaku probably the only other pereson other then Euphemia and Corenelia that Nunally and Lelouch are very close, hence he had to put some input into the plan.

    Anyways, despite the dilema I proposed on page 6, I pretty sure lelouch will find some way to save Nunally. After all, his entire plan revolves around making a better for Nunally. No Nunally means a complete failure to his plan. Suzaku should also be on to him now, as he took a good 4-5 seconds to recompose himself. Lelouch should have went with the straight reply of, who are you? or what are you talking about? The intensity is going up!

    Sora no Kaze
  77. Lol I forsee Nunnally going rambo because of Lelouche’s Geass becoming too strong. This causes Lelouche to go insane.

    ” Hmph what would talking to some high and mighty nobl-hggngnnnnnnn (falls down with a heart attack + emo facial distortion upon hearing the voice of Nunnally). man, too many of those can’t be good for you.

    also hilarious how low Lelouche’s stamina is.

    Oh god GP, the emperor marrying Nunally…. that is incest isn’t it?

  78. Seems to me like Suzaku is happy that he can exert an unpleasant shock to Lelouch, and would enjoy seeing Lelouch trapped between his sister and Britannia. If this is how Suzaku wants to exact his revenge for Euphemia’s death, then he is almost worse than cruel, and ultimately hopeless.
    Like Tarage said, Suzaku is nothing without anybody’s backing. Without his seat of so-called “power”, he’d just be like any ordinary eleven, or an outcast amongst his own people because of his past. He’s such a whimp for giving in to Britannia just because it is one of the centres of power. But then again, kudos to Sunrise for creating such a wonderful antagonist; I’m not being sarcastic.

  79. Tiff, that question can be turned right back at Lelouche. It is interesting that both characters dp not use their own “abilities” but borrow them from others (Lelouche from CC, Suzaku from Britania.)

  80. “Yet, how is it that Suzaku has managed to trap Lelouch is what Lelouch considered certain victory?”

    Are you retarded ? Suzaku didn’t trap anything, the Emperor did. Suzaku wasn’t the one in the first place who kidnapped Nunally, it was V.V and V.V gave the Emperor a Geass and Nunally.
    Suzaku is mere pawn in a chessboard.

    “Suzaku has experienced Lelouch’s route when he killed his father; he knows the outcome, he knows the repercussion. ”

    No, he’s still just an emotional brat. When Mao has seen Suzaku thoughts and reminded him of what he did to his father he got into suicidal mode and wished he could die on the battlefield.

    Suzaku only reacts based on primal emotions. He killed his father just on a small “impulse”. He does things on impulses. When he finally captured Lelouch at the end of season one it was after going emotionally berserk because of Euphie’s death. The only thing he can do is let his emotions take control over his body because his mind is too weak to calculate anything. He never wins when he’s calm and doesn’t let out his emotions, in season one he never managed to beat Zero while in a normal state of mind.

    Lelouch is the polar opposite. Lelouch does his best when he can make a plan without involving too much his emotions and feelings. When something makes his emotions take over it’s like he’s totally disabled and unable to do anything at all.

  81. Such a funny episode lol! So much perverted thoughts from Lulu’s harem:

    Perverted Kallen: thinking that lulu’s secret about their relationship is something deeper

    Perverted Shirley: wanting to have a chance… to be bad she never gets them

    Perverted C.C. : sharing her thoughts upon the matter to her thick-headed lulu

  82. @Smithy:

    No, Suzaku clearly doesnt give a dam about others. He wants to kill Lelouch thats for sure, but before that, he wants to emotionally/mentally damage lelouch, by tormenting him before killing him. Also, we all know that he plans to become a knight of one, so heres the question: how can he do that? just simply following orders and produce results?

    That’s unlikely or just plain impossible. First thing, he is still at seven, and he needs to 6 more positions to overcome. Also looking at Gino’s skill, Suzaku is gonna have a hard time to compete, and he’s only no.3 So how can Suzaku become no.1? Simple, he will simply kill/betray the rest of the 6. That way, the emperor will be impressed and he will surely get promoted. Remember that the emperor is a bastard who likes assholes like Suzaku, refer to ep.1 where he found Suzaku’s betraying and selling out his friend as “admirable”. So Suzaku killing off all the knights of rounds to gain position will surely gain favor to that twisted emperor.

    To everyone who wonders if Lulu will admit the truth or feign ignorance, the answer is quite obvious from Nunnally’s reaction in the preview: Lulu will feign ignorance.

    Also it is quite interesting and ironic even that, Lulu and Suzaku’s path became completely opposite. Since Suzaku who wanted to win the Japanese people’s support by “protecting” them as a soldier, turned him into someone who would do anything to gain what he wanted, even abandoning his country. While Lulu who said that he will sacrifice anything and will walk down the path of carnage, turned out to be unable to do so and care for others (Nunnally and C.C. so far, a bit towards Urabe and Kallen – Lulu didnt want Kallen to sacrifice herself for his sake at ep.2 judging from his reaction).

    To sum it up, Suzaku is becoming more and more like the emperor, and that he deserves to suffer a life of eternal hell, “a living hell” which really will happen to him, sooner or later….

  83. @x
    what you said made a lot of sense, Suzaku is becoming more heartless and Lelouch has becoming more caring for others beside just his friends at school. I just hope he will eventually care for Rolo seeing now that Nunnally is on his enemy’s side. Having a brother who would do everything you said is better than having a sister in enemy’s hand. Lelouch has great leadership skill. I was half expecting he will consult others to share his unhappiness, but I am glad that he did not do it. Telling about his past and his personal matters will only make him look weak in front of his men even though it will make him lonely. It is his fate to live in loneliness as stated by C.C., the only person who can truly understand him thoroughly is C.C. Not Kallen, not Shirley, not Nunnally, nor even Suzaku can ever understand the desire of a miserable young man who went through so much pain. C.C. stated he just wanted a little happiness. I wished he will obtain his happiness by the end of R2 together with the person who can understand him the most.
    Next episode will be more action-packed. How will Guren Nishiki fight against three Knightmares of Knights of the Round, one of which got 4 Hadron Cannnons.

    Suzaku hater
  84. @GP:

    Are you serious? Nunnally becoming the Empress? Do you really think that will happen just by her teaming up with Suzaku and Cornelia? Do u think that Nunnally can do anything as she is? You havent thought that Nunnally is just being used by the emperor once again as a tool? Not only the emperor but Suzaku as well as a way to torment Zero. Even if Cornelia or all the princess and prince combined can do nothing against the emperor. He is the friking twisted emperor for crying out loud! You think he will simply hand over his throne to some blind and handicapped girl? Of course not! He simply uses everyone as tools. Also there is no way that Euphie could ever become an empress, the exchange for her establishing her plan was her own title as a princess and governor-general.

    Also as your thought about it being the usual about putting two friends at opposite sides and then team up in the end to beat the boss. Well I hate to disappoint you, but that’s not gonna happen here. Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyways it is far too late for them to team up, Suzaku is already emotionally unstable and wants to kill Lulu no matter what, and this time Lulu isn’t gonna forgive suzaku anymore.

  85. -_-, I assume that the Emperor had geass one hell of along time ago. Based on a logical theory of, 1 eye is first level, then permenant is the next and so and and so on until 2 eyes of Geass is the final level of geass that can be achieved. So V.V just gave Nunally at that point of time.

    @ z

    You’re taking your arguement way to far off course and forgot a lot of key points. To know that you killed your father out of some stupid impulse is pretty mentally damaging. Not only that, Mao made everyone go crazy with his words of trickey. Everyone. Shirley went nuts, Lelouch almost went nuts in that chess game which he lost and probably would have gone insane if he didn’t plan ahead to use Suzaku to save Nunally. So, the arguement that he went psycho when Mao messed with him is null, because Mao made Shirley and Lelouche go psycho as well.

    Also, Suzaku has won at least 2 times against Lelouche when calm. The one time when he got Lelouche cornered in his suit on the island was a victory for him and only lost, because Lelouche pulled the amazing Geass to save his own ass. The second time was the battle on the mountain I think. Dont’ quite remember, but Lelouche won in sheer combat and when he went to try to find out who Zero was, C.C pulled off the weird crap on him to allow Lelouche to escape. Also if I remember carefully, this weird crap was to much for him and Lelouche.

    Oh and the fact that Suzaku killed his Dad at an age of 5-10 only shows how he was a child that acted soley on emotion. Impulsive, like how the rest of us were when we were kids. You could say death to our understanding at that age is nonexistant. Why else are there little kids who play soldiers without realizing people really do die in war.

    And Lelouche puts all his feeling and emotions towards Nunally sake. To run off in the last battle of Code Geass Season 1 just to get Nunally back pretty much shows how Lelouche shows a similar naivette as Suzaku. They have the same set of emotions of protecting the one person that most important and making the world a better place. Just Suzaku lost the girl -_- so he’s bent to use anything to making a world a better place now.

    So z, before you call someone retarded, ask yourself, “am I just as retarded for not thinking it more throughly?” Really are you? I don’t mind putting your own thought, but I do mind people calling others stupid/idiot/retarded when they didn’t put much thought into it themselves.

    Anyways, yeah I agree with x. Suzaku is becoming more of a selfish vegance seeking guy while Lelouche is starting to open up a bit more to his Black Knight company.

    Sora no Kaze
  86. -_-, I assume that the Emperor had geass one hell of along time ago. Based on a logical theory of, 1 eye is first level, then permenant is the next and so and and so on until 2 eyes of Geass is the final level of geass that can be achieved. So V.V just gave Nunally at that point of time.

    @ z

    You’re taking your arguement way to far off course and forgot a lot of key points. To know that you killed your father out of some stupid impulse is pretty mentally damaging. Not only that, Mao made everyone go crazy with his words of trickey. Everyone. Shirley went nuts, Lelouch almost went nuts in that chess game which he lost and probably would have gone insane if he didn’t plan ahead to use Suzaku to save Nunally. So, the arguement that he went psycho when Mao messed with him is null, because Mao made Shirley and Lelouche go psycho as well.

    Also, Suzaku has won at least 2 times against Lelouche when calm. The one time when he got Lelouche cornered in his suit on the island was a victory for him and only lost, because Lelouche pulled the amazing Geass to save his own ass. The second time was the battle on the mountain I think. Dont’ quite remember, but Lelouche won in sheer combat and when he went to try to find out who Zero was, C.C pulled off the weird crap on him to allow Lelouche to escape. Also if I remember carefully, this weird crap was to much for him and Lelouche.

    Oh and the fact that Suzaku killed his Dad at an age of 5-10 only shows how he was a child that acted soley on emotion. Impulsive, like how the rest of us were when we were kids. You could say death to our understanding at that age is nonexistant. Why else are there little kids who play soldiers without realizing people really do die in war.

    And Lelouche puts all his feeling and emotions towards Nunally sake. To run off in the last battle of Code Geass Season 1 just to get Nunally back pretty much shows how Lelouche shows a similar naivette as Suzaku. They have the same set of emotions of protecting the one person that most important and making the world a better place. Just Suzaku lost the girl -_- so he’s bent to use anything to making a world a better place now.

    Anyways, I’m not sure what the exact orders the Emperor gave to Suzaku as none of us are sure if the Emperor gave detailed instructions or let Suzaku take command and provide him with what he needs to implement his plan. So everyone, stop saying that the Emperor was the one that planned out the whole thing, cause really, we don’t know. There no key scene that portrays this other then Suzaku planning to bring Zero down.

    So z, before you call someone retarded, ask yourself, “am I just as retarded for not thinking it more throughly?” Really are you? I don’t mind putting your own thought, but I do mind people calling others stupid/idiot/retarded when they didn’t put much thought into it themselves.

    Anyways, yeah I agree with x. Suzaku is becoming more of a selfish vegance seeking guy while Lelouche is starting to open up a bit more to his Black Knight company.

    Sora no Kaze
  87. Shit, double post -_- some how the system messed up so I didn’t see the msg I put when I went back to page 9, so I decided to post again and after I posted, it’s now posted -_-. My bad Omni and all @@ excuse my angry rant and not checking twice before i decide to repost.

    Sora no Kaze
  88. About the Geass’s duration: someone asked or noted that the marks on the wall had stopped. Well you can’t be sure that the girl who made it is still in the school. Remember that most of the students had moved back into the mainland. Also someone commented that if that was the case, wouldn’t the girl go back so she could mark the wall again. Well according to the rules of the geass, she can only do so if it is within her power. If not then it’s not gonna work. So Lulu’s geass duration is still unknown. This might contribute well into turning Suzaku’s life into a living hell, since Suzaku’s geass effect might still be effective.

    @jounin: Nah, even if Rollo tested Lelouch by telling him a fake weakness of his geass, Lelouch is no fool. Couldn’t you tell that Lelouch has already figured it out since he caught Rollo in his trap? Remember Lulu’s explanation about Rollo’s geass not actually stopping time, but the person’s “sense of time”. Also Lulu already knows the weakness in Rollo’s geass, he cannot stop physical phenomenon, thus Lulu’s successful plan of using the sniper at ep.4

    The amazing thing is not Lulu’s discovery of the weakness of Rollo’s geass, but the fact that Lulu somehow knew or suspected that Rollo has the geass and is the pilot of the Vincent. Didnt anyone find it strange that Lulu already organized the tape and had an internal count when he confronted Rollo?

    That clearly shows Lulu’s superior intellect, which he figured out he was under surveillance, where the location of the spies, to tap into their surveillance system, to discover and figure out most details of Rollo’s geass, to find Rollo’s weakness, to help his comrades escape, and to even use the Chinese Federation.

    Also Lelouch, not only knows of the weakness of Rollo’s geass, but also its strengths. Lelouch knows that other geass cannot affect him. Seeing as Lelouch purposely took out his Geass and try to look directly at Rollo. I am sure that Lulu realizes that Rollo’s geass has a certain range and a time limit.

  89. @Suzaku hater: Same here, I always thought that C.C. is quite fitting for Lelouch, not only can she support Lelouch so much, but she is the only person that Lelouch trusts to that extent. Even more so than his own sister, Nunnally, whom he cant reveal his dark nature of being Zero. Unlike C.C. where Lelouch reveals it all, I keep remembering how Lulu talks about what happened to him in the island, and C.C.’s sad expression as Lulu reminisced about the past. Also now look at this episode, more proof that C.C. and Lulu are pretty compatible with each other, since C.C. actually cares about him:

    I just keep wondering, who Lelouch really is to C.C., since C.C. seems to refer to Lelouch as the “one”, refer back to first episode in season 1, which was what attracted Lelouch towards the truck. Also in this episode where C.C. conversation was cut off when she said that as long as she stays by his side…

    Since C.C. actually does all she can to help Lulu despite endangering her life or risk being captured, this was evident by her returning Lulu’s memories and helping him once again, where if she didnt care, she wouldve just escaped and not bother looking for Lulu once again. She also expresses a great concern of being separated to Lulu again when she theoretically thinks of what happen if the Chinese embassy falls in the hands of Britannia in ep.4.

    Also she not only knows about Lulu’s secrets, his life, and personality, but also his nature to the extent that she knows Lulu despite his intellect is quite blind or thick-headed in terms of relationships or love lol XD

    Though I do like Kallen and Shirley, I dont think they even come close at understanding Lelouch. Shirley did discover who Lelouch was about being Zero and his geass, but now she’s back to square one. While Kallen now knows about Lelouch being Zero and his geass power, but still doesn’t know much about him, like him being a prince, what happened to him after in the island, his reasons for fighting the war, etc. Basically, he is far better off with C.C., and also their contract about him staying by her side still holds and his goal as to not just create a better world for Nunnally, but to show it to C.C. as well. To sum it all, Lulu and C.C. FTW!

    LuluXC.C. FTW!
  90. @ typed

    xD True true. I’d like to point out that even though Lelouch borrowed power from C.C., many of his successes were due to his extreme use of intellect. Of course, without C.C., there would be no Zero today. But still, almost 90% of the time it was his brains that brought him victory. The ability granted to him just played a small, but crucial part. Suzaku’s rank has only given him a few resources at his disposal to accomplish whatever he wants to.
    It remains to be seen what Suzaku can do with being a part of the Table of Rounds – and I doubt its anything much. Afterall, he’s only a disaposable pawn. The emperor has so many other knights working for him to do his work. However, Lelouch and C.C. are partners, they need each other.

  91. Truthfully, the only person in this show who is more dangerously naive than Suzaku is Nunnally. I don’t think she can do anything of help for her brother much less not be constantly getting in his way.

  92. Lol at the person who commented that Suzaku is good or justice because he had a white wings in the ending song, lmao if you notice the wings in each and every character shown, the ones in the side of Britannia, the enemies side all have white wings, even the frikin emperor! lol now by ur logic then that twisted racist emperor is a good guy with justice in his side cuz he had white wings in the ending song.

    Try to see carefully that they differentiate the important characters by black and white wings, those of the black knights obviously have black wings (Lelouch, Kallen, C.C.) and those of the Britannia have white wings that shows their “holy” and superior empire (Cornelia, Euphie, Anya, Zino, Emperor, V.V., and Suzaku). Also interesting thing too is that Rollo has both a black and a white wing, which clearly shows that he was first from Britannia turning to the Black Knights. Another is Nunnally who is shown to be neutral, having no wings.

  93. @Riddick: O.O nice observation, didnt even notice that!

    ya lol I dont think that the color of their wings represent good or evil but more like which side they are on, just as Riddick has mentioned. How about the show D.N. Angel where the protagonist Dark has dark wings (he reminds me of Zero in the ending credits) and that the bad guy is Krad with white wings.

  94. When I saw the end of the episode, I silently mouthed, “Sh*t f*ck!” nonstop for a full 20 seconds.

    Maybe Nunnally having no wings signals an end to her character in the series. All I know is that Suzaku dropped the A-bomb on Lelouch and Lulu is going to have a hell of a time fixing the situations to come. Whatever’s coming next, things ain’t looking good, especially with hving loose ends like a mentally unstable Rolo, a blackmailed Viletta, a loose Orange-kun, a f’ed up Nina with her bombs, Cornelia’s questionable appearance, and now Lelouch’s sister is the gov general of Japan… After that, he’s got bigger fishes to fry: Suzaku the scumbag, the Knights of the Round Table, and the big Kahuna Emperor lording them all, being the ass that he is.

    Still, I don’t want to see the anime ending with the defeat of Lelouch… no Deathnote ending for me please or I will seriously hate the Sunrise franchise.

  95. nice one tmoo!
    lelouch is bound to do something that he can promise u
    some says there might be a kidnapping but i don’t think lelouch will kidnap nunnally because if he did it will totally expose to suzaku and the emperor that lelouch have regain his memories.
    Lelouch is still planning his tactics and moves step by step
    so lets look forward to how lelouch will counter this.
    we all know lelouch is hell gonna deny that he is nunnally’s brother in the next episode, if he didn’t then enxt episode will be the end… unless the director wanna twist the story in a new way where lelouch will admit he is the lelouch that nunnally know and then escape.
    as for those who compare experience between lelouch and suzaku… there is no use comparing, lelouch is still way better than suzaku in anyway no offence to suzaku supporters. why i say so is because suzaku is a pure fighter rather than a thinker, true a thinker has no muscle to defend himself against the attacks but tactics and strategy will still prevail against pure figthers.
    so it surprise me a little on suzaku using some mind games on lelouch.
    the next episode there will be a war happening and i predict lelouch would lose that battle.

  96. Suzaku-the-asshole isn’t that intelligent. Someone must have taught him this trick XD
    Viletta-chan may be sexy but she’s nothing compare with my cutest *C.C*

  97. Lelouch vs. Suzaku:

    1. In the popularity contest Lelouch is a definite winner – he is charismatic and intelligent, has cool power, gets way more screen time then Suzaku and leads an underdog revolution vs. more powerful enemy. My vote for him as well.

    2. In the fight to change the world – The winner would be the one to be alive and on top in the end. If Lelouch never regained his memories, then all he achieved would have been piles of corpses and Area 11 demoted and prosecuted even further. Suzaku on other hand moved much close to his goal, with the Knight of One stuff. Now the die is cast again, victor would be the hero, looser the villian.

    3. Lastly from the moral perspective, the winner is up to each person’s opinion. I was on Lelouch’s side in the begininng, but started to have my doubts at episodes 24/25. I think the scene with Cornelia finding out Zero’s identity and a calculation of how many people would still be alive if it wasn’t for him was mainly to blame.

    In the first seasons there were indications that Emperor and C.C. could talk to the dead. I wonder if at some time in the second season, Euphie would be able to talk with Suzaku. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a big scene where Lelouch talks with his mother and Suzaku with Euphie.

  98. @jeffng9: Don’t be too quick to decide that Lelouch would lose the battle. He already knows that some of the knight of rounds have come to japan, seeing as Suzaku mentioned Zino’s name when he carried the tomato container. So Lelouch might already be planning all this from the start, he did make preparations after all. Like calling Lakshata, something about the F cells, and telling Li Xingke to contact the chinese Eunech general.

  99. regarding the episode has anyone noticed the obvious parrarlels not just once or twice but THroughout the series so far (i guess if u have a near perfect framework theres no point in changing it!)
    Regarding lelouch. Because of the way lelouch generally behaves does anyone else get the feeling that leouch will at best meaningfully kiss both Kallen and Shirley at some stage at worst sleep with both of them then go crawling bck into the arms of C.C with her saying, ‘There there ill be the one left with you right til the end’

    WingZero zxt
  100. Lelouch’s big mistake that led to defeat in the first season is that he always think of Suzaku as his best friend. Lelouch is too soft when he deal with the people who know him so he paid for that by being humiliated in front of the Emperor, captured by the one he called “friend.” With the slap to the face by Suzaku in Turn 5, I hope Lelouch will abandon his friendship and kill Suzaku this time. No mercy!!! Suzaku said something about making it clear to Lelouch so that means he know Lelouch is already back as Zero so that is why he want to attack Lelouch’s mentality with that call. Lelouch did not want to involve his sister in his war against Britannia, as long as she is safe, Suzaku is still his friend, but now there is no reason not to kill Suzaku. Suzaku had violated Lelouch’s most precious person and so he will eventually pay for it. I understand that there are some Suzaku supporters seeing how pitiful he was in the first season, but let see how many will be left after seeing what an asshole he was in this episode. Nunnally needed nothing more than to be together with her brother, but they used her as a tool to eliminate Lelouch. Lelouch, time for revenge against all the pain they caused you and get tham back tenfold.

    Zero's fan
  101. @WingZero zxt
    I understand that you said it because you remember he kissed Shirley, but that was because he wanted to comfort her knowing he killed her father. Now, he still regrets it and he will try to stay away from her as to cause any trouble involving her, WATCH TURN 3 AGAIN, Kallen, yeah right! He loved to tease her, but that is it! He saw her as a classmate, a friend, and a subordinate, but no romance is involved though I am not so sure about Kallen’s feeling. Before spouting nonsense and try to kill off Lelouch’s reputation, watch every episode again. This series is about war, not much romance. And SLEEPING with Shirley and Kallen, you had gone too far. If you loved seeing those stuff so much then go watch KIMI GA NOZOMU EIEN first season. This shows does have fanservice, and kissings, but no adult stuffs. GET OUTTA HERE!!!

    Zero's fan
  102. I enjoy watching those 3 fighting over Lulus affection, too bad he doesnt notice or care about it at all. Maybe he will mature and by the end we will see some kind of a resolution to the whole mess. Watching Shirley accuse Kallen of being together with Lulu during the first season was pretty entertaining to say the least. Put all 3 of them in the same scene and you get more of what we got this episode. Which i am all for.

    And we don not actually have to see how they sleep together, just to get the message across is enough. But I think Zero has bigger problems right now than romance. Its actually kind of nice to mix the action up with these episodes.

  103. @Taka well true lelouch know the knights r in town but because nunnally is in suzaku’s hand so he might have a hard time figuring out what to do next or maybe hesitate. *note no one is more important than nunnally to him, he could even abandon the black knights in the middle of battlefield to search for nunnally.

    i find the things below is possible to install in the next episode:
    – the battle might also be about transporting something important from the pacific?
    – or –
    – the black knights r trying to capture some technology from britania?

    i find it possible because lelouch wouldn’t go at full war scale at such a rapid rate in my opinion. he would make his judgement on check mating britania with each move he takes. just my opnion on maybe wats installed i the next episode so do’t go flaming me about my opinion.

  104. It’s pretty obvious he couldn’t go to full sacle wat if he wanted to at the moment anyway. Heck, I doubt with the defenses he has now he could hold off the three knights in Japan right now for long.

  105. Hmm, there are a lot of debates with Lelouch vs Suzaku and the CCxLelouchxKallen/Shirley debates. To be honest, I think the best chances are KallenxLelouch and CCxLelouch. I’m a fan of CCxLelouch, but Kallen is now a possibility given that she switches his guise with Lelouch/Zero (Turn 3 and 5) and he sometimes teases her XD but he has great trust in her as his subordinate. While with CC, it’s a bit closer because CC understands him more with all of his sides and their fights/antics are just to funny XD but sometimes they get close (yes, coz of partners, they need each other, blah blah) Shirely on the other hand…I cant pinpoint her somehow. Maybe she has a possibilty but Lelouch seems to be faraway from normal school life/stuff so…

    But I agree with K.V. He’s gonna be busy XD Next turn with all the mecha fighting, hardly any ‘romance’ or hints since he’s main focus in Nunally. At least this episode shoved us some fluff, fanservice and funny stuff.

  106. hey, while i’m checking the code geass r2 characters in wikipedia, i found some interesting info here..(though, i don’t know if it’s true or not since “everybody” can edit in wikipedia)

    anyway, they are showing the other new characters ahead of time, probably they’ll show up in the next episode or the incoming episodes:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  107. Thanks george, now we are really sure that Lelouch does not kidnap Nunnally yet and Nunnally actually will help the Japanese people to some extent(Anyone can deduce that due to her nature), however, she will be like the second Euphemia, only a figurehead without any real power. I support Nunnally’s ideal, but unfortunately, the one who called the shot here is not her but the crazy Emperor. If she did have power to change Japan, then Zero is not needed, but Lelouch did not want his sister to take part in the struggle that caused her blindness so I can clearly understand why he might want to kill Suzaku for doing such a thing.

  108. “It’s meaningless to achieve results using the wrong methods.”
    Does that sound familiar? It should, because Suzaku was saying something like that in the first season. Obviously he no longer believes that: he sold his former best friend to get a promotion, and now he’s using Nunnally as a tool/pawn. In other words he’s doing the same thing as Zero – using people to achieve his own goals.
    Also, Suzaku kept on talking what he’s going to do and how the Japanese no longer need Zero. He conveniently “forgot” to mention something very important: What do the Japanese want? They want their own country; they don’t want to be ruled by Britannia any more. That is why they continue to follow Zero even after he betrayed them. Suzaku kept talking about an AREA. In other words Japan will remain a part of Britannia if he succeeds. But he somehow “overlooked” that little detail. How nice of him to want to make their slavery a bit more bearable!

    So Viletta keeps thinking of Ougi. This time she thought of him when thinking of being a teacher. And once she remembered him she was no longer angry at Shirley. I really look forward to when the two meet again…

    Speaking of Viletta reminded me of all the fanservice in this ep, especially Viletta’s “swim suit” (if it can be called that). Such a pity Ougi couldn’t see her in it. There was also Karen when she was in that animal thingy (she was cute when she was blushing after Lelouch mentioned their “relationship”, by the way).

    Prediction for next ep:
    The Black Knights attack the convoy transporting the new Governor-General, but get repelled by all the new KnightMares they will have to face: in addition the Lancelot they have Tristan, Mordred, and Guilford’s new KnightMare. Judging by the preview Karen is in for an unpleasant experience (you can see the Guren Nishiki falling down, and I think its right arm is damaged again, but I could be wrong). So this time the Black Knight will lose, and someone might even die (most likely the old guy that belongs to Toudou’s group).

    For the next few eps things will be pretty bad for Zero and co. But because it is rather obvious how things will go I have lost a bit of my interest in the next ep.

  109. People seem to forget that Lelouche was the cause of Euphie’s death,which greatly affected Suzaku.Suzaku wants revenge against his old friend,he is one of the top pilots and aiming to become a governor.He is becoming to be a worthy rival for Lelouche despite being a pain to watch in the first season.Yes,Lelouche is my favorite too but I like seeing Suzaku in action.He has a cause now to back his actions.

  110. @Aboutmonkey
    So what? Lelouch did not mean to kill Euphemia and that bastard of an emperor seems to know that too, but Suzaku still had the blame on Lelouch, if Lelouch did not kill Euphemia, then Suzaku would most likely die because he is “Nippon jin.” If I can change the event, just let Euphemia massacre more Japanese people including Suzaku then kill her. Haha then Suzaku won’t have a life to cause internal damage to Lelouch in this episode. Anyway, Lelouch did not want to involve Nunnally, but Suzaku now involve her in the struggle for Japan, even if he lost Euphie, he should not justify it as a cause for revenge, it will be just like Lelouch, that is nothing more than an excuse to torment your best friend. Haven’t Lelouch receive enough pain? Suzaku did not know a damn thing about Lelouch so don’t tell me that Suzaku’s action is justified.

    Damn Suzaku to Hell
  111. Hey, i found the titles of the next episodes:

    turn 6: The Pacific Ocean Surprise Attack Operation
    – judging by the preview and the title…i’m thinking that Black Knights and Britannian Army will fight on the pacific ocean….anyway, what the heck…we’ll find out anyway…

    turn 7: The Discarded Mask
    -hmm…do you think Lelouch will reveal his identity to the rest of Black Knights and explain his situation to them? Or judging by the title, he might call it a quits or something?

    turn 8: A Million Miracles
    -i don’t what this means but….another strategic plan of Zero will be put into place?

  112. Weird, but the more I watch R2, the more I’m starting to LIKE Suzaku as a character, and I hated his guts for pretty much the entire first season.

    Suzaku is not only becoming sly, but also more “evil”. I must say, Euphie’s death brought about a nice change in his character.

    That said, I still REALLY, REALLY hope he loses at the end… and in the best case scenario dies. He and Euphie were so annoying in the first season he doesn’t deserve to live.

  113. Turn 8 is probably the end of the Rebellion in Japan. Since we’re apparently going to see more of the Chinese Federation (judging from the OP) and the EU, we’re going to have to leave Japan sometime. Hopefully, the Black Knights will win.

    As to Suzaku, I dislike him even more now. He was a bit annoying in the first season, but at least he was an idealist. Now, he’s just plain evil.

    The Two
  114. @Aboumonkey
    “People seem to forget that Lelouche was the cause of Euphie’s death”
    You really should watch that ep again and remind yourself what REALLY happened. Because you make it seem like Lelouch WANTED that to happen to Euphie, or like he had any choice
    whether to kill her or not…

    Besides, we STILL don’t know if it was just an accident, or if someone (V.V.?) “helped” Lelouch’s Geass go out of control at that precise moment… I still think it is a bit too much of a coincidence for his Geass to go permanent at the worst possible moment and AT THE SAME TIME there was no one to stop Euphemia because Suzaku and her guards just happened to be unconscious.

    “turn 7: The Discarded Mask
    -hmm…do you think Lelouch will reveal his identity to the rest of Black Knights and explain his situation to them? Or judging by the title, he might call it a quits or something?”
    More likely he’ll stop pretending he has not regained his memories and leave Ashford Academy

    “turn 8: A Million Miracles
    -i don’t what this means but….another strategic plan of Zero will be put into place?”
    No idea, but I hope you’re right. Especially since the title speaks of miracles and that’s Zero’s specialty…

  115. Well, sure you can’t stop them from liking Suzaku, but you can persuade them to not like Suzaku by presenting all the well-known facts about what an asshole Suzaku is, then there will be more Suzaku fans defect and support Lelouch’s cause. However, seeing as how small the number of Suzaku fans, it is not even worth mentioning.

    Damn Suzaku to Hell
  116. @shadowblack and george
    The title Discarded Mask can have several meanings as you two said:
    1. Literally throw away his mask and reveal his identity to the Black Knights and from then on appear as Lelouch, not Zero anymore. (Seeing how he still hides many secrets even from Kallen, the probability is quite low, but not “zero”)
    2. Quit being Zero.(Though I doubt this No Zero = No Code Geass)
    3. “Discard the mask/facade/lie” that he is showing and putting off, leave the school, and go to war with Britannia as Zero again, just like shadowblack said. However, he does not necessarily have to reveal his face to the Black Knights. (This is most likely)
    It is too early to guess from a title, there are still 10 more days until Turn 7 is aired. Until then be patient and enjoy Turn 6 first.

    Damn Suzaku to Hell
  117. All this hate for Suzaku fans is just stupid now. I mean, I don’t like Suzaku, but I don’t hate him either. What I do hate is stuff like this:

    @Elbow “Is a known fact that all Suzaku fans are trolls or dumb people, Who can like a character as gay as Suzaku?. But i guess even trash like Suzaku have fans.”

    Don’t let all your hate for a FICTIONAL CHARACTER boil over into feelings about REAL PEOPLE. It’s just your opinion on a character and, no, everyone does not agree with you. If you call anyone who likes/doesn’t hate Suzaku an idiot (when I’ve at least noticed mostly intelligent arguments for him, whether they’re correct or not) then you’re taking anime WAY to seriously. Recite the MST3K mantra, breathe deeply, and cool your ass down. It’s not that important!

    I love how everyone wants Suzaku dead when he’s one of the reasons the show works. I mean, this episode’s cliffhanger would have been only half as good from any other character! Lelouch is pretty much a bad guy we can all like and Suzaku is a good guy we can all hate for one reason or another. Their conflict makes the series more interesting since, when you really look at it, Suzaku is the only one who really has Lelouch’s number and wishing Suzaku dead is wishing for the show’s greatest conflict to end.

    I think Suzaku’s methods make sense after seeing this episode. He’ll do whatever he can for what he thinks is right, same as Lelouch. Most people’s problems aren’t what he does though, but what he says along with it. The only difference is that he refuses to “become evil to defeat evil” as Lelouch has and wants to work inside the established government (which he sees as not becoming evil, though this is where he fatally deludes himself).

    But let’s be honest: If the series’ focus was shifted – like maybe if Suzaku was the main character and Lelouch wasn’t there or as developed as he is – you’d probably not hate him, maybe even root for him. The only reason most people hate his guts is because he acts so high and mighty with Lelouch. If Suzaku acted the same way he does now, but didn’t have so much conflict with Lelouch, then less people would have a problem with him.

    I’m a Lelouch fan, and have been from day one. He’s one of the most compelling character’s I’ve ever seen and I wish there were more characters with the same drawing power as him. But I’m fine with someone liking Suzaku because it’s an ANIME. It’s a SHOW. It’s FICTION. If these were actual people, who were actually having an affect on the world we live in, then this hostility would be more appropriate, but it’s not!

    If you hate the character fine, but stop hating anyone who’s a fan. Where are your priorities, people?

  118. Wedge McCloud:
    Well said :). Most of us may dislike/hate Suzaku, but even as one who dislikes him, I admit that without him, this show wouldn’t quite be what it is. The whole Lelouch/Suzaku matter comes down to that we have a Neutral/Chaotic Good character and a Lawful Good (or perhaps even Lawful Neutral) character who strives towards the same goal – one wants to defeat the greater evil by becoming evil himself, one wants to defeat said evil by changing it. And because of so many factors – Their similar, yet very different beliefs, their friendship, the way they do things – and other factors as well, as this fascinates us about them, stirring our feelings in one way or another. So all in all, without Suzaku around CG would not be what it is – at best, it would be all about Lelouch having a fairly easy time climbing up the wall to reach his goal, so to speak…

  119. (Sorry for the second post)
    But about the speculation of “turn 7: The Discarded Mask”. I think he’ll reveal his identity to Suzaku and Britania. The mask would refer to the “not awakened” lelouch every one thinks.

  120. I can’t for te life of me understand ow killing your own father was not an evil deed.
    On one hand, he says he won’t become evil to kill evil, but he did the most horrendous crime.
    So, I guess people can’t understand why other people actually support a hypocrite like that.
    Even if Lelouch wasn’t in the show, I’m sure I’d never like Suzaku.
    True, we need ass***** like him to make the show intense.
    But I hope to God they kill him off soon cause his very presence irritates me to no end.
    I’m sure we’ll have as much enjoyment with Cornelia or someone like that.
    Even V.V is starting to piss me off now. And the rivalry between V.V. and C.C. will be more entertaining than Lelouch and Suzaku which was used up in first season.
    We need something new in the second season.

  121. and who knows sumwhere at the end of the last episode,the real murderer could be…nunally! bcoz only she,can’t be command under lulu’s geass,since that she’s blind after all,there’s no doubt that she’ll be lucky enough for a while for lulu to keep on searching for the answer he’s dying to know of whom had killed his mum.that’s just my prediction only.

  122. Yes, I noticed the marks stopped and that girl didn’t just die because the last mark was only half made, 1 line. That means she stopped right in the middle of doing it.

    Since this is the festival thingy to try and make the pizza again and it’s the next school year. It’s reasonable to guess Lulu’s command wears off after a year.

    Which brings two things to mind:

    1/The pink haired Princess didn’t have to die, she could have been just locked up for a year and her urge to kill the Japanese would have been gone.

    2/Shirley will remember everything soon. That cannot be good.


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