While I was kind of looking forward to another FLOW OP song for CODE GEASS this season, what we got instead was ORANGE RANGE. At first, this song seemed a bit out of place to me, especially after hearing FLOW’s “WORD OF THE VOICE”, which is used as the second OP of PERSONA -trinity soul-. When I compared these two songs at the time, I couldn’t help but think how FLOW’s song seemed to fit CODE GEASS better (subjectively speaking), but that was undoubtedly because it was more reminiscent of “COLORS” used in season one’s OP.

Regardless, this song has grown on me after listening to it for a while, although I’m sure having it affiliated with CODE GEASS adds to its appeal. My first exposure to ORANGE RANGE’s music was probably the first OP of Bleach, titled “*~Asterisk”. Back then, their founding member, Kitao Kitahito (北尾 一人) a.k.a. “KATCHAN”, was still a part of the group. Kitahito was the drummer, but has since left due to supposed “creative differences”. History aside, the interesting thing about ORANGE RANGE is that the group features three vocalists, who provide the low, mid, and high range of vocals we hear in their various songs. “O2” in particular focuses on high range vocals, which are so high at times that I sometimes mistake Ganeko Yamato (我如古 大和) for a girl. o_O

The current ORANGE RANGE members are:
– Hiroyama Naoto (広山 直人) – “NAOTO” – Leader, Guitar, Chorus, Composer, Programming, Other Instruments (born May 8, 1983)
– Miyamori Yoh (宮森 洋) – “YOH” – Bass (born December 11, 1983)
– Miyamori Ryou (宮森 涼) – “RYO” – Low Vocals (born October 1, 1985)
– Hokama Hiroki (外間 弘樹) – “HIROKI” – Mid-range Vocals (born June 29, 1983)
– Ganeko Yamato (我如古 大和) – “YAMATO” – High Vocals (born January 14, 1984)

Unsurprisingly, Naoto took over the leader role since he’s one of the original co-founders of the group. Yoh and Ryou are brothers, Hiroki was the original vocalist and was an outsider of the core group, and Yamato was scouted. Age-wise, they’re all still fairly young (…at least to me they are).

The “O2” PV itself was pretty entertaining, as it told a mini-story in what I would imagine to be the Edo period. This was also the first time I had a chance to hear the full version of the song, which is probably going to stay on my playlist for a while now. Script-wise, the band members portray a group of elite commoners (?) who come along and save the day in an all out showdown (対決). At one point during the clash, Hiroki moved lightning fast, snatching the katanas out of all the enemies’ hands, which I found pretty funny since it was reminiscent of Rolo’s Geass. Other than that, the samurai guard and the princess screaming out, “I CONTINUE TO FIGHT!, I CONTINUE TO FIGHT!” was a nice touch.


  1. The “I continue to fight” screams made me lol. HARD. XD;;;

    While Yamato does have a pretty high voice, I never mistook him for a girl. XD;;;

    The PV was interesting tho. Can’t wait for the CG ending theme’s PV. *___* DO WANT.

  2. I like O2 but yeah when i first heard FLOW’s “WORD OF THE VOICE” on PERSONA, it really reminded me of Code Geass and how it would have fit well as the OP. well there might be another second OP for Code Geass right?

  3. That dog is full of win. I got a chance to see Orange Range live in concert at Okinawa Ocean Expo Park in the summer of 06 (I think) and they did Asterik among other songs from their album(s). Was a fun time. Seeing this video makes me LOL. I can appreciate them wanting to tell a story and having fun playing chambara samurai dress-up but at the same time it’s a pretty hokey vid. Fun fun stuff. 😀 But the song itself is pretty darn catchy. FLOW’s stuff is too.

  4. To be honest I didn’t really like any of the code geass openings beside the special one for the last two episode which aired separately ahaha although I do like the I CONTINUE TO FIGHT~~! part

  5. I don’t get why many people want the scene to match the lyrics. The video is funny, is that not enough? By the way, if you want matching lyrics and scene, then look at code geass r2 opening. you noticed that there were some slight difference in the singing that makes the song sound especially funny. I loved the video, who care if they don’t match. Do you expect them to arrange all 5 of them protect 1 princess and then disappear to become a shooting star? This is the only way to make the song both sound and look funny. I guessed it was just there sense of humor. Do you really expect them to act out the lyrics like with the PV “Asterisk” drawing asterisks on the street. Whatever you said I still think O2 suits to Code Geass R2 opening best. Words of voice does not sound appealing to me at all. Oh, one more thing, if you said they suck, can you do better, furinyue or whatever your name is?

  6. >> I liked the fighting part, especially the ‘weapon’ in the form of a bell from the guy with the dog.

    haha yeah! that kinda remind me of nadleeh and gurren kashoushiki’s radiation wave 😀

  7. i nearly came around but now its gone for me this song will always be the song that was tacked onto Code Geass rather than a song which made code geass cool like COLORS which incidentally seems in hindsight to be almost a sped up version of Days from Eureka 7 Both good though. Eureka 7 my best soundtrack ever still!!! will anyone ever topple you [sigh] .

    (I rate it by animes which have the most songs i Really like and whilst Geass did have COLORS and Yuukyou Seishunka by ALI Project which i ABSOLUTELY LOVED. Kaidoku funou let it down and Mosaic whilst good wasnt Amazing and perhaps wasnt really listened to due to obvious Euphie related reasons)

    WingZero zxt
  8. The more I listen to this song, the more I can’t stand it.

    The PV fits a lot better than the song does to the Geass OP (one of the larger mismatches in a while).

  9. Sorry, but subjectively I think FLOW’s OP song for Persona : Trinity soul is much better and fit the image more. Well, I never like Code Geass songs anyway…always pain in the ear but the new ED is alright. Asterisk is much better than this one.

  10. what? but this song is so GOOD. I was starting so sing along every time I re-watch Code Geass R2, watch episode 1 10x, 2 8x, 3 7x, 4 5x, 5 6x, 6 6x plus the time when I listen to the song on my computer and the time when I watch the PV, if you add it I would say I listen to this song close to 100 times. I would vote for this song the best opening song of 2008 currently because the year is not over yet, there are still chances for some later series like Sekirei, Rosario Vampire Kapu2, Shina Dark, Zero no Tsukaima 3. But right now this song is on my mind most of the time. I memorized most of the lyrics. Cool song, 100 points. This song is way better than Aterisk though I must admit that I like Asterisk a lot when I first watch Bleach, too.

  11. Haha…at first it seemed kinda random, but it’s pretty entertaining! I love the part with the super elite team fighting, everyone’s showing off their moves, whilst Yamato’s just ringing the bell with a grin on his face. XDD

  12. i honestly dont get the ending….if some one can plz tell me i’d be thankful. I mean did she ignore him caz her mom was there or had she forgot the whole thing?! and the dog guy was my fav. and the theif/drunk lol XD

    i personally love this song! I love it for Code Geass too….I love Code Geass “I CONTINUE TO FIGHT, I CONTINUE TO FIGHT!!!!!!” i mean thats like awesome! lol XD


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