With an enormous wave of monsters blocking any chance of escape from the Tower’s top floor, Neeba’s group and Jil’s group have no choice but to face the giant Druaga now lurking around. Before engaging the monster, Fatina tries to get Neeba to say that his intention with all this is only to get rich, and when he confirms that it is, the Succubus appears behind him – still unseen by everyone but him – and accuses him of lying. Regardless, Neeba’s plan to bring down Druaga involves having Fatina and Utu distract the monster while he uses a set of three legendary Void Arrows on it. The first arrow successfully brings down Druaga’s protective barrier, but before Neeba can fire the second arrow to finish Druaga off, Pazuz attacks him because Pazuz wants Druaga for himself. Neeba is still able to fire off the second arrow, however it only hits one of Druaga’s arms, and Neeba then gets blown out of position by Pazuz’s wind magic, losing the third and final arrow in the process. Seeing Druaga turn his attention to Utu and Fatina, Jil decides to go help, but Kaaya stops him. She admits to liking the part of him that can’t leave others to die like this, however she also reminds him of his promise to take her to the top of the Tower. Though Jil has a hard time with this decision, he still chooses to go help, and the others in his group – led by Ahmey – decide to join him.

Jil and company manage to save Fatina and Utu, but they can’t do any significant damage to Druaga. Just as Jil is about to give up, Ahmey tells him to face Druaga headfirst while she launches an attack on the monster’s head from behind. She gets all the way onto Druaga’s back and is about to activate her weapon when one of Druaga’s spikes suddenly pierces through her from behind. Everyone is shocked to see her fall lifelessly to the ground, and it takes Kelb and Ethana to grab Ahmey’s body and lead everyone away to safety. They get to a safe spot, but it’s too late for Ahmey – even Kaaya’s magic can’t save her. Knowing that she doesn’t have much time left, Ahmey thanks Coopa for helping them get this far, tells Melt to be nice to Coopa once in a while, advises that Kaaya not carry her burden by herself, and expresses her faith in Jil’s ability to come through in one way or another. She’s admits says that the journey was fun and that she was glad to have met everyone, and in her final breaths, she sees her dead lover and agrees to be his wife. After Ahmey passes away, Kelb, Ethana, Utu, and Fatina discuss what to do. Their situation is worse now because Druaga’s protective barrier has been restored, and they don’t have any Void Arrows to bring it down again – at least, they think that they don’t until Kaaya reveals that the stone slab she got from the old tower will work. Even with this though, they still don’t think they can defeat Druaga.

Meanwhile, Pazuz begins his attack on Druaga by opening up the four caskets his slaves had dragged up here for him. Before they can finish opening though, Neeba reappears and kills Pazuz with arrows to the chest and the forehead, and Druaga proceeds to destroy the caskets. Back at the safe spot, Jil blames himself for Ahmey’s death and realizes that he’s only a foolish hero wannabe. Ki appears beside him and directs him to look at his friends who are all hurt and all feeling that they might die. She makes Jil think again about what he wants to do, and after remembering how Ahmey had told him not to give up, Jil realizes that he wants to be the shield that protects everyone. This inspires him to rally everyone to fight once more, and he vows not to let anyone die this time.


I’ve got mixed feelings about this episode, most of them of the worrisome nature. For starters, I thought they did a pretty good job handling Ahmey’s death. It could have been better if we had gotten more character development for her (i.e. if they had switched out the Coopa episode for an Ahmey episode), but it was still a pretty touching scene. My main problem with this episode is that they spent so much time on her death and on the fight to defeat Druaga that all of the critical questions of the series still have yet to be answered. In fact, Pazuz’s death already eliminates one avenue of answers – I’m still not quite sure what he was after or what was in those caskets, and now it looks like we may never find out. And with the fight with Druaga not over yet, I’m worried that next week’s finale will either be incredibly rushed so that they can cover everything, or it’ll just avoid explaining some of the mysteries behind the Succubus and Ki and Kaaya’s and Neeba’s goals, and that’s arguably worse. Obviously we can’t pass judgment on this until after seeing the finale, but let’s just say that I’m not getting my hopes up for it.


  1. argh i can’t even think what about the last eipsode! i can’t do anything but agree with you… the ending will be sooooo rush! i though it would be longer than that !(only 12 episode) -.-
    Anyway I look forward to see the Last Episode.

  2. Ahmey going is a sad thing indeed. But you have to know that with only ONE person being able to use the rod etc that they others are either going to die before then, or die fighting each other to get it. EVERYONE (except Jil) wants the damn thing anyways.

    If the rumors of a 2nd season are true than this is great but we’ll have to wait and see how it ends I guess.

    Also, I really wanted to see Fatina BAAAWWWWW! All that arrogance she displayed throughout the show pissed me off. I’d love to Neeba to backstab her and co later on when he’s going for the rod. Sorry to any Fatina fans. 😛

  3. A random thought: I won’t happen, but I would like to see a Jil+Fatina pairing. Why?…simply because it would be damn funny if they interacted like they did in episode 1 😛

    nobody important
  4. There are twelve episodes. At the end of episode 11, the preview clearly says that the next episode will be the last one. I also thought that there were thirteen in total and I even stated here. But I was wrong and if I mislead some people to believe that there are thirteen instead of twelve, the correct number, I here by apologize.

  5. it’s 12 episode + the alternative episode 1 which in total makes 13.
    Hopefully a second season will be planed but that would mean episode 12 will end in a cliffhanger. Either way I’m looking forward to the last episode.

  6. I don’t know but i am guessing that our protagonist’s wish is going to be reviving everyone who died in the battle including the bad magician that died in this episode.

  7. Man, that was a good episode. They really hit the hammer with Ahmey’s death, that “I can’t see anything” line really got the symphathy from me. I’ll give points to Neeba from taking out Pazuz(though I still dislike him). Seems like Neeba wants some kind of revenge. Wonder what that’s all about?

    So how the heck is Jil gonna get betrayed 3 times in the spansion of 1 episode AND tie up all the loose ends? I agree with Omni in that this shiz is gonna be super rushed 🙁 .

    @banzmanga: That’d be gay and cliche`, which can be right up GONZO’s alley sometimes 🙁 .

  8. According some one on Animesuki the caskets contained the old guards of Druaga from the games. Pazus mentioned the Red Knight, Blue Knight etc as that was their names.

  9. I am glad they finally show that that Jill is only a foolish hero wannabe, I been saying it ever since I saw the second episode, idiots should just larn to know its place and go daydream somewhere, because of his stupid ideal of wanna be a hero but not having any real power to back it up, he not only put everyone around him in danger but now he even got his friends kill. Jill is the type of character that I despise most, if you wanna be a hero you better have the strength to back it up, if not then you are nothing more than an idiots and need to learn your place and get out of everybodys way.

  10. dang Tom went off on Jil. but its cool to see someone hate the main character. I liked this episode alot since alot unfolded throughout the episode. But it left me with alot of questions with how they are going to end it and what those caskets were. All in all the story progressed alot with in this one episode compared to those random ones they had and that little thing Kayaa got from that arcade game is going to play a role. I think GONZO did rush this series, who knows why but they did. Good anime just hope it doesnt end with a shit ending due to the rushing. But wont know till we see the last epi

  11. Jils friends dying like this is the best way to get rid of his naive hero BS actually. It’s the ultimate slap in the face by reality. You just can’t save everyone and all that silly stuff.

    If they do a 2nd season, which they probably aren’t (damn you GONZO!) then it’d be nice to see a older and more realistic Jil. But oh well.

  12. I like the ep but once again I don’t feel much for char death because their lack of development, also why is Kelb didn’t say anything to Ahmey, I thought they had a pretty good relationship. Neeba, Huntard at its best, shot from behind while you casting, interrupt the spell and deal major dmg, killed the whole Pazuzs and his caskets mysteries altogether.

    Sign.. It coming to last ep and we still don’t know about 3 betrayers, Succubus, Ki, Gil’s curse, girl in the ed and.. neeba & Kayaa real objective. gg Gonzo.

    P.S. Who enjoy Succubus in bubble bath, I know I do.

  13. The caskets held the 4 of the original game’s evil knights. Red, blue, mirror and dark knights who were druaga’s original guardians. Which is why pazuz told them to kill their former master.

  14. I explained a couple times here who the succubus is and a big explanation on a lot of things that happened prior to the Anime series takes place. You can find my post with the info in replies on episode 3 or 4 (I believe).

    But if you want to know a quick bit of info the succubus is Druaga’s Dark Sorceress (forgot her name it’s in my first post though). She kidnapped Ki the day of hers and Gilgamesh’s wedding, which was also the day Gil (Gilgamesh) was to be made King. This event starts off the story for the Tower of Druaga PS2 game (which has been released in the U.S.) which is basically the prequel to the Anime series.

    Now I’m not sure since I have yet to complete the game, but I believe when Gil defeated Druaga he was cursed to never sustain damage by physical or unnatural means (basically he will only die by old age)and Ki’s spirit was basically imprisoned in the tower in order to sustain some sort of balance.

    This obviously separated the lovers in a way that they will never see each other again until the day Gil dies of old age, because as a living being Gil can’t communicate/interact on the astral plane (spirit world). Also if you noticed Ki’s spirit awakened around when Gil’s days are extremely numbered.

    Now we have Jil and Kaaya, kind of the next generation Gil and Ki except their relationship isn’t nearly as developed (pretty much due to Gonzo half assing a project and giving half the episodes this series should have), attempting to defeat Druaga like Kaaya’s parents did before her.

    Could the fate of those that defeat Druaga the thing that Neeba spoke of be that those who defeat Druaga will be cursed by losing that of which you desire most? Basically making the journey to obtain the blue crystal rod (which is actually more like a big giant light bulb that illuminates the world (simple explanation of info in ps2 game which again can be found in my post on the ep. 3 or 4 page)) completely pointless since you will be denied that of which you desire most.

  15. @Author
    I think Ahmey and Owen weren’t lovers as such… Ahmey professed her love, but Owen turned her down. So her deathbed fantasies weren’t very well grounded in the past.

    I can’t tell if you were watching a raw but in the sub version episode 9 Owen proposed with a ring to Ahmey which she couldn’t give an answer. I believe that is more than enough evidence to suggest they were lovers. You don’t go around proposing to random people would you now.
    Go to 13.28 episode 9 of YouTube…

  16. hey, the things in the caskets were apparently the knights from the original tower of druaga game – notice he said mirror, red, and black. those were some of the evil knights druaga had under his control. he must’ve somehow gotten them out of the original tower or something. guess he was going to use them against druaga, although i don’t really see how they would’ve been very powerful, they were just grunts in the original game.

  17. Well during episode 01 where Jil is dreaming the four crappy knights were introduced as defenders of Druaga to give idea to the viewers in the later episode what are inside of the four caskets (To think Kally died of seeing what inside…).

    Pazuz while casting is mentioning the names of the four knights before killed by Neeba.

    I got an idea that Jil won’t use the crystal blue rod and Kaaya will use it instead. (Looks nobody will die at this point except for Neeba in the final episode.)

    The three betrayals that Ki had mentioned back in episode 08.
    a) Kaaya.
    b) After defeating Druaga.
    c) Blue Crystal Rod.


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