• According to MOON PHASE and a listing on studio ingresA’s website, a Tales of the Abyss anime is in the works by Sunrise with Kodama Kenji as the director and Hishinuma Yoshihito as character designer.
  • Also according to MOON PHASE, Nagai Gou‘s Z Mazinger (a retelling of the classic Mazinger Z) is getting a 26-episode anime produced by Palm Studio and directed by Imagawa Yasuhiro.
  • Next week’s finale of The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk~ will be accompanied by a simultaneous broadcast of a live chat with the main staff members. The special one-hour GyaO program starts at 1AM JST Friday night/Saturday morning, 15 minutes before the episode begins airing on tvk.
  • This technically isn’t news, but worth seeing if you haven’t already: NEC Direct is selling customizable CODE GEASS-themed laptops.
  • For ARIA fans, the ARIA The ORIGINATION PS2 game’s website has uploaded a two-minute video of the game’s fully animated OP (YouTube link here). The game goes on sale June 26th.
  • The Japanese blog MUSIC ROOM has put together a list of the top selling anime song singles for the first half of 2008 (stretching from mid-December of last year to last week). Number one on the list is the Shion no Ou ED, My dear friend by Aoyama Thelma, in part because Soba ni Iru ne, a song featuring popular artist SoulJa is also on the CD. Number two is CODE GEASS‘s OP, O2 by ORANGE RANGE, and number three is Macross Frontier‘s ED, Diamond Crevasse by Nakabayashi May. You can find the entire top 20 list here.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
  • Image at left courtesy of maca on pixiv (account needed to access).


    1. First off… Mazinger-Z! A remake? Holy crud, I can’t imagine how it’ll turn out, given the fact that, as the first ‘SR’ anime, it doesn’t have that much plot to begin with.

      Second, ARIA’s game. Judging by the video, this is set somewhere *before* the start of Origination, as the Undines are all still wearing the Winter uniforms of their companies, AND they still have their gloves. I’m also guessing this is going to be told from the point of view of a pair of tourists to Neo Venezia (the game-only characters).

      Myssa Rei
    2. Tales of the Abyss~!! One of my favorite games is becoming an anime~ I’m so hyped! I hope it’s okay that I update a site with this news if I link back to here. XD

      I hope it’ll match my expectations, I was really amazed by Production I.G.’s handling of the in-game anime cutscenes…I hope Sunrise can at least match that.

    3. @Zukushi-kun: Luke the Jerk indeed, though we can overlook him for Jade the Sarcastic. XD

      I really hope this turns out to be at least 20 episodes, though its unlikely with Phantasia and Symphonia both being 4-episode OVAs and Eternia being a 13 episode anime that didn’t really connect with the main plot. Though the story of Abyss itself is too hard to compress well without getting complaints.

      Plus, Abyss itself was a hit in Japan, more so than Symphonia. Though I’d still favor a Tales of Destiny anime over Abyss, ^-^””

    4. WOAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Tales of the Abyss anime! i hope they’ll follow the game’s events more, possibly expand certain events (eg. more Luke/Tear). hopefully, they won’t put any fillers. is it going to be like tales of symphonia-like or normal 23-minute x-number of episode anime? any news on when it’s going to air?

    5. Wow, I never thought Aoyama Thelma’s song was that popular after singing the ending song of Shion no Ou. I do love the song but i didn’t think it would get that much credentials much less achieving the top as well. Absolutely wonderful.

    6. The laptop would look cooler if it just had the logo, without the drawings. But if comes with Windows, so it still sucks.

      NEC make great laptops (I use one myself), but if they were serious about Geass, then they should follow it’s example and go against the evil empire (Microsoft) and offer Linux instead.

    7. I think this might sound stupid… but i hope they won’t make just OVA’s of Tales of the Abyss, i mean, a TV series based on the story of the game, could be nice, well maybe i’m wishing too much, but anyway, great news!! 😀 (maybe they’ll put something about the final scene in the game, right?)

    8. omg Abyss anime I am soooo excited! That is probably my favorite game ever. (FF6 only wins due to nostalgia factor)

      @ Bismark- I agree completely- if it happens like that (atleast 20 follows story and adds to some parts) it could be really good.

    9. Speaking of code geass themed if theres anyone who knows of a place or sight i can get Code Geass themed T Shirts with the option of being shipped to britain(nia) then i would be most greatful!!!!!!

      WingZero zxt

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