With Druaga rampaging about, Jil proposes a plan where he lures it to the spot above them in order to restrict the monster’s movements. He’s counting on Kaaya to use the stone slab to take down Druaga’s protective barrier, and everyone else could help at that point. Neeba meanwhile is hiding from Druaga, and the Succubus finds him and gives him the final Void Arrow that he had lost during the fight with Pazuz. He thinks that she’d be happy with Druaga being so strong since Druaga used to be her man, but she feels that that person already died in the fight with Gilgamesh. This causes Neeba to recall how he had discovered her sealed away in the depths of the tower, and she explains that it’s her job to help him get to the top of the Tower. Her suggestion for him is to watch the others try their best against Druaga, and that will allow him to get to the mythical tower where the real journey begins. The others are at this moment preparing to face Druaga, and Kelb takes the chance to apologize to all the Climbers for looking down on them until now. Melt, on the other hand, uses this time to tell Jil to be careful, and Coopa in turn tells Melt that she’d serve him even in the next life because he can’t do anything without her.

Over in a different corner, Kaaya gives Fatina a magical buff, and Fatina asks Kaaya if she’s going out with Jil. Kaaya’s denial prompts Fatina to suggest that Kaaya stop acting like a tease, and Fatina claims to hate women with a lot of secrets. Kaaya then moves on to casting a protective spell on Jil, and he thanks her for everything up to now. He knows that he could die but tells her not to worry because he’s happy about having gotten this far and about fighting alongside everyone. Knowing that this could be the end, Kaaya feels that she has a lot to apologize to him for and can’t hold herself back from kissing him. In tears now, she gets him to promise not to die before leaving his side. Moments later, Druaga crashes through the wall beside Jil, leaving him no choice but to urge the others to run while he enacts their plan. He thus taunts Druaga into attacking him and leads Druaga to the upper floor where everyone is waiting. After Kaaya successfully takes down Druaga’s barrier with the magic of the stone slab, they all begin to attack and manage to whittle away at Druaga’s various appendages. Unfortunately, Jil gets caught in the process. Things look bad as Druaga starts to squeeze Jil to death, however a Void Arrow courtesy of Neeba suddenly gets shot at Druaga’s chest, separating the top and bottom halves of its body.

This allows Jil to get free of Druaga’s grasp and jump on its back, and although he had dropped his weapon, he notices that Ahmey’s is still lodged into the back of Druaga’s head. He thus finishes what Ahmey started by activating her weapon’s drill ability and using it to cut through Druaga’s neck, severing its head. This completely defeats Druaga, and its body subsequently vanishes into dust. This also causes every other monster in the Tower to disintegrate, and all the particles gather to form what appears to be the Blue Crystal Rod. Jil staggers towards it with the desire to bring Ahmey back, but before he can reach it, he gets shot in the back with an arrow, and Neeba picks it up instead. Neeba declares that this isn’t the real Blue Crystal Rod, and by holding it up, he causes a giant structure to float down from the sky above the Tower. A stairwell then appears from what Neeba identifies as the mythical tower which holds the true ending point, and he reveals that the current Rod is only the key to that tower. Feeling betrayed, Fatina confronts Neeba, and so he openly admits that what he told her about treasure and the end of their journey was just to get her to do her job.

Jil meanwhile is angry at Neeba for deceiving his friends, so Neeba notes that he’s not the only one to do so and singles out Kaaya. To Jil’s surprise, she willingly decides to continue on to the mythical tower with Neeba, leaving Jil behind. Shortly after those two get on the stairwell, a blast of water comes crashing down and washes the others away. When Jil finally is able to regain his footing and stand back up – with an unconscious Fatina in his arms – he finds that he’s back at the waterfalls by the settlement of Meskia. After yelling out Kaaya’s name in frustration, he resolves to try once again.


Bah. I was literally cursing at the episode like a drunken sailor when it ended and the Sword of Uruk in 2009 message came up. The fact that there’s going to be a second half in itself isn’t so bad, but it’s incredibly frustrating to see virtually nothing important get explained and have them put off everything until next year by introducing a secret part of the tower. Technically we now know a little more about the Succubus and about what Neeba meant when he kept talking about what came after Druaga, however his and Kaaya’s motivations are still unclear. It doesn’t help either that they tease with the mysterious girl (who appears to be emerging from one of the casket that Pazuz had brought up) and then with Gilgamesh at the end.

Now, despite labeling this as the end of this series, I’m not going to be writing my usual final thoughts section about it since the story isn’t over yet. I’ll say this instead: Druaga has had moments of brilliance – mainly when it doesn’t take itself seriously – but has been overall just an average series with pretty good production quality (especially when you consider this produced by Gonzo). The story is interesting enough and I’m invested in it enough to know I’m almost certainly going to watch the next one (which I wouldn’t do, for example, if Dragonaut were to get a sequel), but that doesn’t keep me from feeling very frustrated with it right now. Hopefully, the Sword of Uruk will get a proper ending that wraps everything up nicely.


  1. but hey guys it’s gonzo right?
    for them to not screw up the anime partway through and made the stretch to the end it’s pretty good.

    Besides jil now gets the fatina-upgrade from kaaya now. Nothing to complain about xD

  2. XD lolz and rofl

    Well to tell the truth this was the best episode in the entire series for me. I knew that our protagonist had a silly wish like reviving his comrade but was not certain. Now i am. The new question is how are they make it in time to the tower next season. There are still tons of questions ahead unanswered and this is also the first cliffhanger they throw at us. (but the worst cliff hanger ever because we have to wait until next year)

  3. lolz. So their poster in the opening was correct in date. It said “2009!” and i was like what it is 2008. So there was an occult reason for it XD. If in the next opening says 2010 it means that there will be another season with another year of cliff hanger. XD

  4. “I was literally cursing at the episode like a drunken sailor when it ended and the “Sword of Uruk” in 2009 message came up.”

    – i did the exact same thing…. with a 3 min pause before hand…. 1 year is SOOOO far away lol

    mode unlocked = gameover… sequel coming soon!!

  5. Was that Kugimiya Rie I heard at the end, when one of the four knights that Pazuz revived spoke? If so, that can only be a good sign for the second season.

    King Gilgamesh looked so evil and ominous there at the end. What’s the bet he’s going to be the 3rd betrayal? (if we count Neeba and Kaaya as the first 2)

    This started off slow, but it has really built up to be a fabulous journey by the end of the first series. Machinations and hidden motives abound, plus a bunch of quite attractive characters to add to some fabulous action at times. And it looks like Fatina will be the replacement for Kaaya in the second series, yay!

  6. Haha i though this episode was pretty amazing betrayal was pretty much expected but to see evil king gilamesh and the secret level was a pretty big shock. if they would have end this series it would have been rushed and turn shitty. im very look forward to season 2!

  7. So, as a frame of reference, would the wait be longer or shorter than the one people had to wait for the 2nd season of Code Geass?

    Oh Gonzo and Sunrise, how thankful I am that you’re such awful studios that you make me appreciate the good anime studios even more.

  8. —kanako: Haha i though this episode was pretty amazing betrayal was pretty much expected but to see evil king gilamesh and the secret level was a pretty big shock. if they would have end this series it would have been rushed and turn shitty. im very look forward to season 2!

    I wholeheartedly agree with this, a 2nd season is much better than some half-assed ending. But the wait.. OH GOD THE WAIT 🙁 .
    Also, the hinting that Fatina is jealous of Kaaya was certainly well done. I think we probably will get a good triangle in the 2nd season.

  9. Actually that we think about it a bunch of questions are answered.
    Except that at the same time more questions surfaces.
    That monster was not Druaga but a guardian.
    Druaga is dead and there is probability that he was not evil.
    The king said he has the crystal but why does he have to return to the tower.
    In other words the crystal have more requirements for functioning.

    The girl who looks like Kayaa probably is his mother?
    I remember the King visioning the past so it has something to do with it.

    Well i believe there should be no more than 2 seasons.
    Aegis means shield and the season is Sword.
    Lance, Bow, Axe, Hammer or other weapons don’t fit in much.

  10. The black haired advisor to Gil did bear a striking resemblance to Kaaya. It did not make alot of sense that Kaaya loves Gil (but she betrayed him)and yet went with Neeba unless she has some desire to use the rod to free her “Mother”? And why did Neeba betray his little brother? A few questions were answered but alot more came up.

    I hated the ending cause it was so $%^#$ing fustrating to not know whats going on and have to wait for next year. Yet I liked it too because we didn’t see that cliffhanger coming like it did. Can’t wait for next year!

  11. @splash

    i think kaaya is the daugher of gill and that ghost or something?
    and neeba never realy liked jill so no problemo with betraying him

    @ everyone

    his name is jill not gill. gill is the name of the king

  12. it let me a bad taste, and the wait will be long, but thinking like Kaaya, i would prefer to use someone that i don’t care like neeba as a shield rather that Jil XDXDXD, he almost died like 7 times, and it was fun see Kaaya yell every time as well

  13. lol It’s funny people still don’t realize Kaaya is the daughter of Gil (gilgamesh) and Ki. They were the main characters in The tower of Druaga for the PS2 and the flash backs you see about Gil and Druaga are from the plot of the PS2 game. I am pretty sure going off how the PS2 games plot was that Kaaya did not go with Neeba for any purpose other than achieve what she came to acomplish in the tower in the first place. She does have feelings for for Jil but in order to do what she needs to do she has to put all feelings aside until her mission so to say is completed.

    This is much like her mother Ki since she was a powerful priestess but by marrying gil she would lose all her spiritual powers, this made her uneasy and she had to make some decisions when she was kidnaped by Druagas dark sorceress (the succubus) ultimately she realized she loves gil more than her powers but then gil slayed Druaga to rescue her and fell victem to the curse.

    Kinda Romeo and Julietish in a way with the tragic love story.

  14. Well I knew Jil would use Ahmey’s spear to defeat Duruaga, but everything else was not expected. Geez its getting popular wuth these 2nd seasons after half year….Gundam 00, Code geass -wise

  15. I watched it, and at the end they haven’t explain why Kaaya or Neeba need to get to the top tower or why in the world that Jil didn’t go with them. “Everything just start” the king said and kill one of his followers? why? what is the relationship between Kaaya and the King. could he be the “brother” that she has been talking about? his ‘curse’ can be his sickness??? so many questions need to be answer. hurry up and air the season 2.

  16. I’d be ticked if I were Jil but, I don’t understand why everyone thinks Fatina is such an upgrade over Kaaya. I think Fatina has proven to be relatively useless. She isn’t particularly powerful and she doesn’t seem to have any sort of support abilities like Kaaya did. IMO Fatina is a downgrade. Jil really couldn’t have done any of his amazing feats without the aid of Kaaya and Fatina really won’t be much of a substitute.

  17. @ Stei,
    Fatina is: 1)blonde; 2)wears a neko headband (presumably to appeal to the otakus); 3) is a tsundere; and 4)isn’t a deceitful manipulative bitch. So she’s got Kaaya beat where it REALLY counts. Kaaya ftl.

  18. Ok… I will never understand people who watch anime >_>

    When in USA season ends with cliffhanger, people are happy….When anime season ends with cliffhanger people bitch and curse studio, even though pulling off such things are superb :3

    Anyway, I am already pumped up for second season. Superb ep :3

  19. Well, I mean come on guys, what do you expect for poor Jil. This is what happens when you’re naive and clueless/dense like that. I really hope he’s more realistic after getting a hard smack of reality now. But on can only hope.

    My only real question is why Neeba decided to let Kaaya go with him. That is the only question I have, well that and what Neeba actually wants to do. Is it because she’s the only one who knows the truth he does? I figure that’s about it, but still their goals are different from the looks of it. She probably wants to free her dad (Gil, the king) from his curse, and her mother (Ki) if that’s even possible though. As for Neeba, I dunno.

  20. I like Fatina, but I think all the Kaaya hate is undeserved. She really didn’t want to betray Jil, and she clearly likes him (the kiss seemed genuine). So her character was fleshed out quite a bit in this episode, and she must be betraying Jil out of a sense of duty, otherwise she would never do it. Who knows? Maybe she has good motivations.

  21. I agree that it was annoying that the cliffhanger was annoying, but now that you think about it, there is a part in the opening that gave a hint at a second season. I am referring to the poster behind Jil and Kaaya when they are asleep at the end of the opening. The 2009 date coupled with the amount of episodes this show had = a second season. Well in my opinion at least. Well anyways, can’t wait for the 2nd season.

    @Stei: Before the last episode I would have agreed that Fatina isn’t an upgrade over Kaaya. But after this episode, I am more inclined to agree with Amyable’s point #4.Kaaya betraying Jil in the way she did changed things completely.

  22. Maby kaaya wants to free the other ghost thats looks like here in the last episode they said sutmhing bout that neeba had free’d the ghost and there was a strange spell around her maby they want to remove those spells

  23. lol, people read. strider87 said that Kayaa is daughter of King Gilgamesh and the ghost priest from the ps2 game.

    Now, my turn in Kayaa vs Fatina preferences.
    -Kayaa is too sneaky, deceiving and has a bad personality –specially when Jil was rescuing Neeba’s team.
    -Fatina is too disrespectful, blunt and prideful –so much pride she has that she looks down on everyone who doesn’t fits her likes.
    But at least Fatina is honest so i pick her out of the two.

    If i could choose i would pick Ahmey but too bad that she already have someone she loves –besides Jil’s wish was to revive her too.

  24. “It’s evil Coopa!”

    Yeah, I was disappointed about that. It was unexplained how they got out of the caskets, and they all look like copies of characters we already have. There’s evil Jil in the background, then the robotic evil Utu, and that other guy, and evil Coopa. :/

  25. @akuma
    I can understand what you are saying, although i was really just referring to usefulness and abilities not really as a love interest or anything.

    On another note, if I were Jil the one I’d really be upset with is his brother Neeba, afterall both of them betrayed the others, yet he was completely militant about it and even attacked his own friends while Kaaya did atleast seem genuinely upset about it, or atleast put on a very well acted front.

    Either way I can’t wait for the sequal movie or series. I think that there is definitely enough story left to be told to bring this out into another full season without being too drawn out.

  26. The ghost is Ki who was Gil’s (Gilgamesh’s) Fiance and on the day they were to be wedd she was kiddnapped by the succubus and taken to Druaga. Kaaya is the daughter of Gil and Ki, also remember after talking to Gil he gave Kaaya his sword to give to Jil (this sword was given to gil by the god (I totaly for got the gods name lol)since he saw Gil as a hero worthy of his strength) making Jil the man Kaaya has chosen to be her hero.

    Kaaya is Not in love with Keeba she only really talked to him in one episode and thats just because they ended up in the same place when everyone got seperated and if you remember she was oposed to Jil saving him on the mountain. Why people think Kaaya is in love with Keeba is beyond me.

  27. @strider87

    I don’t think people think that? If they do it’s weird because I agree with you, there is no love there.

    The question is though that “why did Neeba let Kaaya go with him?” Her going is one thing, but her goal and his aren’t the same from what I’ve gathered. So then why does he take her with him? Kaaya betraying Jil was a set thing, you could see it coming a mile away, that’s what happens when you’re naive like that. I just hope he’s learned his lesson from this and is more realistic in season 2. Sure his goal is fine, he wants to protect people and thus wants to end the whole cycle of monster attacks and so on. But you have to wake up and realize you “can’t” save everyone and that there are no “true” heroes.

  28. Daaaaaaamnnn it. I didn’t expect Neeba to be such a bastard. I was actually expecting to see a FatinaxNeeba moment, but…I’m dying to see what happens in Season 2. Hope that Jil and Fatina don’t become romantically involved…that would suck. Utu should get more cool moments(if he doesn’t die in the first episode of the 2nd season…because he looks like the type of character that dies. As simple as that. I’m actually amazed he survived…). Kally shouldn’t have died just like that.
    Anyways, waiting an entire year for the new season…damn…

  29. Just finished this series lol. Just my thoughts, probably know that Ahmey is dead and Kaaya betrayed, means that that armor guy Utu and Fatina will most likely join Jil’s party. This makes their party into 5 people again, although I hope there are new members joining into Jil’s party, since it kinda suks to recycle some characters to join the party without anything new add to add in the next season.

    Also it kinda fits why the two will join Jil’s party: they lost a vanguard (Ahmey) and a mage (Kaaya), so to compensate for that Utu and Fatina will join in. Though I prefer they add new characters to the party nonetheless.

  30. Surpringly good anime from Gonzo. And lol, from reading comments and posts on this anime, it seems like most people bash it because of things that most other anime’s also suffer from, but that since it’s made by Gonzo, you can’t overlook it. >_>


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