While Alto and Sheryl are away at Gallia 4, the day of Ranka’s first concert rapidly approaches, and Nanase is feeling lonely since hardly anyone is around. She’s overjoyed when Ranka shows up at school, but is also shocked at the small green creature that Ranka has adopted because it’s a violation of the ecosystem protect law. Still, once she sees how close Ranka has become to it, she agrees not to tell anyone. Alto and Sheryl meanwhile arrive at Gallia 4 and are greeted by the Zentradi commander Ogotai and his men. Unfortunately, Sheryl faints from her sickness as she’s getting off her ship, and this angers the Zentradi faction that had been waiting for her song as part of their negotiations with Ogotai’s faction. Fighting quickly breaks out between the two sides, even as Sheryl is still lying on the runway while being attended to by her people, and though Alto tries to respond in his Valkyrie, he gets captured along with all the other humans. Word of what happened quickly reaches the Macross Frontier, but they can’t get to Gallia 4 in any less than seven days because of all the fold dislocations. Ranka wants Mikhail and the others to go save Alto, and seeing her sadness prompts Luca to propose a method that’ll allow them to reach Gallia 4 quickly: a new fold engine that is unaffected by the dislocations. Luca has access to it because of his family ties to the LAI corporation.

Back on Gallia 4, the humans have been herded into a guarded building, and Alto stays by Sheryl’s bedside. Though sick, Sheryl struggles to get up because she still wants to give him his present, but Alto puts her back in bed and decides to do something about all this. He sneaks out of their prison and makes his way to his Valkyrie, however he quickly gets caught again. Luckily, Ogotai sees what Alto is doing and has his men provide some covering fire, but when this fails to produce any results, Ogotai is faced with the decision of using his main ship’s guns. Before he can finish giving the order, however, he suddenly starts to hear music. Arriving aboard Mikhail’s specially-fitted Valkyrie is none other than Ranka, and she begins to sing Seikan Hikou. The song causes all the fighting to cease, and everyone gathers around to hear Ranka, dropping their guns in the process. The only person who remains antagonistic is the rebelling faction’s leader, but Alto prevents him from shooting Ranka and engages him in a Valkyrie vs. Queadluun battle. As the two fight, the rebel leader asserts that fighting is the Zentradi life and blood, and this reminds Alto of what Yasaburo had said about the curse-like blood of an actor. Alto takes his frustrations out on his opponent and succeeds in disabling and dumping the Queadluun into the nearby ocean.

Alto returns to Ranka right as she’s finishing singing Aimo, and when he questions why she came out here into so much danger, Ranka wishes him a happy birthday. Afterwards, Mikhail gives Alto the duty of taking Ranka back to the Frontier with the special fold engine in time for her concert tomorrow. Mikhail promises to bring Sheryl back himself, and he advises his friend to think properly about Ranka’s feelings. Alto thus brings Ranka with him when he takes a flight in his Valkyrie above the clouds of Gallia 4, and he thanks her for saving him, calling it the best present. Mid-flight though, something strange suddenly causes all of the Valkyrie’s systems to fail, and Alto is forced to make a crash landing in the canyon below. Ranka experiences a quick vision of something shortly after they land, and when she investigates, she finds a huge Macross class ship just over the nearby ridge.

ED Sequence

ED: 「愛・おぼえていますか」 (Ai – Oboeteimasuka) by 中島愛 (Nakajima Megumi)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
There was a ton of Ranka music this episode (Seikan Hikou, Aimo, and Neko Nikki), and so having Ai – Oboeteimasuka finish out the episode rounded it out pretty well.


Wow, the Ranka concert this episode was a bit unexpected, never mind the fact that they went through almost her entire repertoire of songs. I had suspected that Sheryl’s sickness would show up again, but I still thought that she’d be the one singing this episode, so this turned out to be a pleasant surprise. To me, this was for Ranka was episode seven was for Sheryl, though part of the difference is that Ranka had a much bigger effect on the battle than Sheryl did. Still, no matter how many times I see it, I can’t help but laugh when the bad guys literally dropped their weapons because of the music, and so in true Macross fashion, she stopped the battle with her song.

What’s perhaps even more interesting is how Ranka stole both Sheryl’s spotlight and Sheryl’s time with Alto. I mentioned last week that it wouldn’t surprise me if Sheryl intentionally offered Alto something he couldn’t resist so that she could have him to herself on his birthday, and so when Ranka got that opportunity instead, it felt like karma was at play. Now, I’ve been writing Ranka off as a love interest because it looked like the writers were going to let Sheryl have that role, but this episode does close to a 180 on that. Considering how much of a contrast the ending of this episode was compared to last episode (i.e. lonely Ranka scene vs. lonely Sheryl scene), I think the two girls are back on equal footing, if not advantage Ranka. I’m sure Sheryl will have something to say about that once she’s feeling better again, but she’ll probably have to fight Ranka for screentime because there’s theoretically going to be another big Ranka focused episode coming up with her first concert. That might not happen next week though if Ranka and Alto continue to be stranded wherever they are, and Alto has to fight Brera again like the preview shows. I’m also curious to see what’s with the Macross (SDF-1) at the end and how it got there.


  1. … why do Alto and Ranka have those “I’m high on happy gas” faces towards the end? I mean, seriously… that just looks freaking weird. It’s nice to see Alto hasn’t completely forgotten that Ranka existed, though.

    That, and Ranka gets some half-naked Alto time next episode. This’ll be interesting, methinks. Finally, those two get some equal-opportunity time with the hime-sama.

  2. Noooo I forbid an Alto and Ranka ending unless they fast forward the timeline and show us a more grown up Ranka or else I will label Alto a pedophile forever.
    Even thou I like them both I still favor Alto and Sheryl more than Ranka.

  3. @Tom

    No need to actually panic you know. Letting her have her “Alto time” now, at the middle of the series could also be seen as a sign for a more Sheryl ending. And I say “more” because I think the ending will be a good one for all 3, relationship stuff aside.

  4. Its pretty clear they think its SDF-1 Macross, if it actually is … well that is another story.

    And Tom … Alto and Ranka are the same age, Sheryl is just one year (that explains why they are all in the same class).

  5. Eiras: Well, there’s a difference between wonder and ‘I’m high on drugs’. And they’re ‘high on sky’ there. But at least Ranka gets her equal-opportunity time with Alto, after Sheryl’s getting more Alto-time the past few episodes. Plus, Ranka does look good in that flight suit. She doesn’t look like a child there, ofr a change.

    And actually, Ranka’s a year younger than Alto, so he’s not cradle-robbing, any more than Sheryl’s raiding the shota class because Alto’s a year younger than she is. Now, if it was Ozma…

  6. I’m personally a Ranka fan, but I wouldn’t really mind if Alto ends up with Sheryl. I just want a good story and an awesome ending. Of course it’d be a plus if Ranka became a singing legend or she stays with Alto, but damn it, I just want my awesome Macross anime w/ the songs that it’s so well-known for.

  7. According to the Macross Compendium, initial background materials listed Alto’s starting age as 16, but that was later changed so that he started the series at age 17. So he’s actually the eldest out of the three, given that he just turned 18. Sheryl started the series at age 17, but her birthday hasn’t rolled around yet.

    Ranka starts out at age 15, on the verge of turning 16. That’s also the reason why she needs to get Ozma’s consent to sign under her new manager in episode six (as is mentioned later that episode, she comes of age in a year’s time).

  8. the episode was good but the Zentradi got owned pretty fast, I mean one song and they cant fight. I thought after Zentradi heard songs it wouldnt affect them since Space War I happend more than 50 years already?? and the Zentradi boss got owned also by Alto in less than 5 min??? wtf

  9. ::blink::

    Are they on Earth? Because unless they are on Earth, that can’t be the SDF-1. The SDF-2? Its beem missing for what, almost 50 years.

    I don’t recall my Macross Plus, but if that is the SDF-1, shouldn’t there be a city and lake around it or something?

  10. now now… Alto was kind of mean to see Sheryl’s gift to him with another girl! XD I mean, it was supposed to be Sheryl’s concert, Sheryl’s time with Alto AND Sheryl riding at the back of Alto’s VF-25, looking at her ‘gift’ to Alto.

    Just because of a nasty sickness, she got none of that and only spent her time on bed and leaning on the wall all alone.

    Don’t mistake me, I’m actually a Ranka fan but I feel a bit sad for Sheryl but really happy for Ranka. Also, ALTO ACTUALLY said Ranka coming to him (and saving him) was the best birthday gift ever. Now that’s so sweet~

    Ranka – 1, Sheryl – 100. Jk.

  11. So it turns out Fastest Delivery is Ranka delivering her birthday present to Alto. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Zentradis too when Ranka started singing. I think that was the funniest scene in all of MF scenes for me. I was expecting an all-out action to resolve the conflict, but Ranka’s arrival just made everything look like a joke. Now if war can be solved through a cutesy song, the world will be a better place. Also, it feels like Ranka has some memory of Galia 4 seeing as how she found the Macross from her intuition.

    Biiig kudos to Ranka though. I loved the scene where Alto scolded her for traveling outerspace without a suit. That really wasn’t healthy,but since she’s living in 2059, maybe VF is actually that safe lol

  12. my guess if anything is that its the megaroad-02 or sdf-2 that left with hikaru and that group *shrugs* its the only logical thing i can think of beside it being the SDF-1 thats supposed to be on earth.

  13. @grrrrr

    The SDF-2 turned into the Megaroad-1 that Misa and Hikaru left with, but Megaroads don’t transform. They’re just big colony ships, later on the UN Spacey developed the Macross class Battle ships, like in Macross 7 (battle 7) etc.

    The macross class ships transform, but the Megaroad ones do not.

    That isn’t the SDF-1, it’s on earth and is UN Spacy HQ, look at Macross PLus for more info. It’d be very very very very hard to even think about stealing it, so that theory is blown.

  14. That is the Macross, mainly given it has the ARMD’s and there are no other ships like her in the UN SPACY (also another hint is the fact that Ai Oboete Imasu Ka? was playing when you see her) It has also been 19 years since Plus when Frontier comes along so we don’t know what happened to Macross after the Sharon Apple Incident, but it sucks to see her like that

    Yajima Takashi
  15. When I was watching Ranka and Alto flying through the sky I thought I just heard a ‘Ding Ding Ding’ sound in my head declaring the intended girl for Alto. Now I’m convinced no matter what happens from here it’s going to be Ranka and Alto, hee >D

  16. It’s probably Macross Galaxy; the Macross colony ships have a detachable section that is a Macross class battleship, and it was mentioned earlier by Sheryl that she was interested in coming to this planet because there was a rumor that some survivors from the Galaxy fleet might have ended up there…

  17. True, also whatever that is it looks to been there for a while.

    Also I goofed, Ranka is one year younger that Alto and Sheryl or two years younger considering Alto just turned a year older in this episode.

  18. I guess there is that… though it really doesn’t make any sense for the SDF-1 to be there, unless it’s not the real SDF-1. If the ‘Memories of Global’ title from the next episode is a hint… maybe its a replica of some sort?

  19. @sla

    Because that’s maybe what they’ll do? You don’t know, no one besides the writers know. Hell, we don’t know if any Alto x Ranka gets anywhere in episode 13 for that matter. Yeah they talk, but, shrug.

    We’ll have a better idea around episode 20 imo.

  20. That Island looks like …where Macross Zero took place.
    And I am so satisfied with this Ranka x Alto episode I kept laughing whenever Ranka did that funny/cute pose with stars lol
    I love Rankas ver of Do you remember love? too so that was a bonus!

  21. Ok from a hour of digging the macross picture I found many thing that show that that macross could be a mix between SDF-1 and SDF-2 here are my reasons why I think this. One because the right arm in the picture clearly looks to be a aircraft carrier and the only one that had the aircraft carrier was the SDF-1 reason two the leg section that are showing in the new macross picture have small rectangular bumps on the sides like the SDF-1 not the SDF-2 which has the same thing but in the center. Reason three this macross is in a lake like swamp so it maybe SDF-1. Right now I’m leaning more towards it being SDF-1 but it could be like I said a mix maybe even SDF-3 if there ever was one

    Link to a pic of SDF-1
    Link to a pic of SDF-2
    Link to a pic of the new macross

    THE freak
  22. it’s funny how some of the zentradi got nosebleed geysers when ranka was doing her concert. LOL!

    and i am interested as heck as to what something that looks like the SDF-1 is there. that definitely can’t be the SDF-2 since it’s a huge non-transforming colony ship. an unknown (and undiscussed) SDF which came after the SDF-2 and before the new macross types (like the one in macross 7) perhaps?

  23. If you watch original macross and macross plus, it should not be so funny if people stop fighting when listen to a song. Music has some magical power here, in Macross universe.

  24. I was under the impress from Macross 2012 that the SDF-1 had been destroyed to a point which it was salvageable and from there on they made two classes of ships the Macross and Megaroads classes which there was no Megaroad-01 but only Megaroad-02 which had Hikaru, Misa and Minmay. Maybe frontier might explain what happened to some of the original cast. I remember back in the December (decultured) episode there was a flash back explaining the history of macross with Hikaru and Misa appearing. Maybe there is a chance we may learn what could have happened to the Megaroad – 02.

    *THE freak* Robotech and Macross are different because Harmony Gold pretty much bastardized the original with cutting scenes and changing lines all together and bits of the story so the Robotech series is not really canon in the macross universe or anything that Harmony gold released under robotech like the shadow chronicles which is based of *Genisis Climber Mospherda* or the dodgy robotech movie they made because they could not leech off *Macross: do you remember the love*.

    As far as I am concerned the Alto, Ranka, Sheryl triangle is still undecided, there is still room for lot of things to happen and I believe the writers of the series don’t want to make any one of them seem too obvious otherwise why would there be so much speculation on how much about matchings.

    I am a little concerned with the lack dogfights like that of the original macross, I know of the budget and all but what are the Vajra doing…. Wouldn’t be suprising if it ends up being a anti-un vs S.M.S vs UN vs Vajra. That would be interesting to see and I can imagine hard and costly to animate….

    I really am hoping Klan Klein gets more screen time or actually see Micheal doing something besides camping on his Valkyrie. But I somewhat imagine Sheryl and alto as a better match because at the moment Ranka and Alto is kinda childish in a way unless they some how make her a little more mature and yet keep her innocent side. I am hoping to see the Macross Zero theme where one of them is singing the song of destruction and life and maybe conclusion of maybe everyone ending up with nothing (that would be very un-macross like :D).

  25. @wahaha
    I noticed that too. Maybe they’re related. lol

    @Violett (last paragraph)
    I also think that the RankaxAlto relationship is a bit childish. It seems more like a child’s [Ranka] crush, rather than an actual relationship. I don’t know, but though Alto does care for Ranka, I think that he doesn’t deeply care for her in “that way.” I still get the feeling that he cares more for her like a loving little sibling rather than in an intimate way, despite the fact they kissed, but that was staged.

  26. By the way, I think that ship is probably the SDF-1. Besides, considering the title of the next episode, I think that it is very likely that it is. After all, many years have passed, so it could have been moved or something.

  27. Forget SDF Minmay route we only have 25 episodes. This is already halfway through the series, Alto should be with the misa now but see what these dang writers pulled?

    sheryl gets her karma for all the stealing of attention she did to Ranka, and what a karma hahah Poor gal. Guess this turn of events just means ranka and Alto are meant to be. The lack of camera time on sheryl’s frustrations tells me her comeback wouldn’t make much difference in the future. I should’ve seen this coming. Oh well, Ranka ain’t that bad anyway after this episode.

  28. I definitely prefer the Alto x Ranka pair and hopefully they end up together. Sheryl is beautiful and all, but I don’t like her double-sided character. First she seems genuinly nice to Ranka (which I presume she is) and clearly understands how Ranka feels about Alto. Then she goes off, kisses the man, and pushes her feelings on him.


  29. Ranka deserves what time she can have with Alto. I find it strange that Sheryl fans are all moaning about it, begrudging her for that little precious time she has with Alto. In case you all forgot, Sheryl has had time with Alto in the last few episodes. It doesn’t mean Alto will end up with Ranka.

    I find the screencap of Ranka and Alto being high-as-a-kite in the VF-25 cockpit amusing. I wonder what they’re both talking about to be laughing like that.

  30. I fail to see how one or two immature Sheryl fans equate to ALL Sheryl fans. Ranka’s screentime starts *now*, with Sheryl taking the backseat for a good number of episodes. (If you ask me, this doesn’t bode well for an AltoxRanka ending, look how Sheryl got shafted now with Alto blushing and all over Ranka this early. o.o)

  31. @Tom on first page.

    I fail to see how Alto x Ranka would make Alto a ped. She’s 16, he’s 17.

    and @Haesslich

    Sheryl’s also 17.

    Not really important, but I’ve said my peace. >.>

  32. @koyuki-Bleh, give it up reasoning with all these Sheryl fans begrudging Ranka and sensing Sheryl will overturn her in the future. Whatevs. I actually liked what happened in this episode and things seem to be falling in its rightful place like it should. If you think about it. I never expected Ranka to get to Galia, steal Sheryl’s time with Alto like this, and steal Alto’s heart. Kawamori did it again.

    I felt so bad for Ranka last episode. I thought it was over for her because sheryl will be with Alto more now. Thank goodness we were spared. Alto acting tsundere and blushing here and there is super adorable. Ranka’s so lucky. Can’t wait for next episode.

    Those Zentradis are hilarious and Luca scored another point from Nanase, but he has a long way to go with Ranka as his rival. XO Does anyone know where I can get the lyrics/translation to Neko Nikki and Interstellar Flight? I’ll appreciate the help.:D

  33. @CassiusOS

    Since Alto just turn 18 and Ranka still 16, so Alto is consider an adult and Ranka still a child, so that does kind of make him a pedo.
    But anyway I am not talking about actually age but the way they look, Ranka just look so damn freaking young and childlike.
    Sure I am a Sheryl fan but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Ranka, I like them both. I wouldn’t have that much of a problem if only they drawn Ranka more adult like.

  34. “When I was watching Ranka and Alto flying through the sky I thought I just heard a ‘Ding Ding Ding’ sound in my head declaring the intended girl for Alto. Now I’m convinced no matter what happens from here it’s going to be Ranka and Alto, hee >D”

    Diva that’s exactly what they want you to think, 12 is actually more convincing in regards to a SherylxAlto pairing than 11 was. If you’re watched/read enough romance anime/manga it should be obvious.

    The trend for romance shows is that the eventually winner looks screwed around the 50-75% point of the show and maybe for extra dramalulz the 2nd last episode as well. They followed this trend with True Tears, KGNE, ef, Kimikiss, Ichigo 100% manga and I have utter confidence that Macross Frontier in addition to Vampire Knight follows this trend as well.

    Ranka fans jumping up and down this episode and the next remind me of wrestling marks who thought Jeff Hardy had a chance of beating HHH in a PPV because he pinned him in the raw before. Be a smark not a mark.

  35. I still find it kinda cold how Ranka pretty much jacked Sheryl’s present of flying in the sky. I mean sure she steals spotlight, saves the day and all that good stuff (many props to her btw) but seriously she just had to take it ALL away from Sheryl.

  36. @sagitariuslilmissy – I suppose you’re right. For me, this is a sweet episode of Alto interacting with Ranka. There’s been so far and few of moments like this between them. I don’t think it’s too much or that Ranka is cold for getting the spotlight this episode. I got the lyrics for Neko Nikki here. ^^

    Sheryl, if I recall correctly, refused to take medication for her cold, stating that she’ll conquer it by will alone. If anything, it is partially her own fault for not taking the medicine and making her cold/flu even worse.

    And not all Ranka fans are immature brats either.

  37. @westlo-that’s true, but if I apply what you just said to what’s happening, your scenario matches Ranka’s situation more than sheryl’s if you watch all 11 episodes. Episode 12 looks more like the start of Ranka’s path to a solid bond with Alto that keeps getting foiled by Sheryl in the previous episodes. This miraculous chance is only a fresh start for Ranka and Alto. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Sheryl snaps in the next episode because Ranka’s overshadowing her. I don’t think she’ll be able to keep it in if her insecurity worsens. Either she’ll appear plastic or be true to her feelings.

  38. Anyone notice that the end credits was almost like in the original series when the song ‘Runner’ played? I found that quite nostalgic, so far the whole Macross F series has been that way. Mr.Kawamori & comp. have added these little things that make you harken back to series from the past.

    As for the relationships my guess is Alto will be with Sheryl. I find her to be the ‘Misa’ of the series while Ranka feels like ‘Minnmay’. Sheryl will move over from her position as galactic fairy so that Ranka will take over the reigns. Or Kawamori-san may shock us by ‘killing’ one of them…lets hope that won’t happen.

    The presence of ‘Macross’ i see has raised some eyebrows. By the looks of it the thing looks ancient, it could be the Megaroad? Has anyone ever seen if the Megaroad can transform? I won’t be suprised if it is, again Kawamori-san may finally answer the question of what happened to it cause he’s been reluctant to do so.

  39. So just watched the sub and there’s nothing bout a virus or anything, Sheryl just pushed herself to hard (don’t ask me why this was made up). Also in the preview they talk about the FIRST Macross, so that discussion should be done for it as well.
    Thanks @ Chihiro Subs for the fast work!

  40. Ahh I forgot to add, I first thought it could be the Megaroad, but unless the screw with canon it didn’t have the ability to transform, so it can’t be that ship.

    Oh and I laughed myself stupid at that Zentradi getting a nosebleed ^-^

  41. In the end, everything comes down to whether Alto has a Lolita complex or not.


    If they don’t get on with the main plot soon and if it doesn’t turn out good, I’m gonna curse this series for wasting my time on stupid loli vs idol romance. I won’t mind if Ranka gets Alto, but it has to be conpensated with a good story!

    Seriously, Ranka is so loli.. it’s starting to be unbearable. I’d really like her more if her character design wasn’t based on lolitas. Dang her starry poses.. EEW!
    Oh, please make her grow up so I don’t have to tolerate her. Just to avoid misunderstanding, I don’t dislike Ranka – she’s a good-hearted innocent little girl despite her loliness/damsel-in-distress/somewhat annoying childishness.

  42. I can’t believe you guys are still arguing about the triangle, it’s so immature. It’s definitely okay to analyze characters, you do that all the time with movies, and novels, and even politics, but to start slinging ugly comments on the people who leave their own comments?

    – Ranka fan: “Don’t you see, Sheryl as an early competition to develop Ranka’s character, because in the end, it’s Alto and Ranka!”

    – Sheryl fan: “Oooh, they’re developing Ranka and Alto too early, it’s going to be Sheryl in the end!”

    – VF fan: “Oooh, they’re developing both girls to Alto this early, in the end, he’s going to marry the Valkyrie!”

    The lesson – try rooting for the Valkyrie for once. It’s cooler 😛 Peace.

  43. hrm. another note to add bout the macross ship that appeared at the end of the eps— from the trans of the teaser it seems it IS the 1st macross ship (i still have no idea HOW) but considering how they screwed with continuity with each macross movie anyway, and only god knows which story they’ve followed for the ones prior at this point it should be amusing as to how they explain it.

  44. I simply agree with you Mai. I’m ok if it’s a fangirl who are arguing about the triangle …but when a fanboy arguing??(Ok…reminds me of someone here)Damn freaking weird…

    Just my 2 cents ^^

    my cat laughs
  45. OMG.. the Zentradi totally LOVE Ranka to the point of heart-eyes and nosebleeds..
    THEY’RE ALL LOLICONS. Since Ranka’s hair is green like their skin, it’s not surprising they love her so much.

    Oh.. I hate lolis so much…
    I hate shotas..
    I hate megane-girls with giant breasts..
    Oh my……the character design is so getting to my nerves!

  46. Yukiru-chan, frankly spaking, the world really don’t care if you hate lolis so much…
    Go watch another *romance* anime cuz you really starting to annoyed me with ur immature statements…

  47. The funny thing out of all of this is that for those who’ve been keeping up with events online, everyone KNEW these would be Ranka eps (12 and 13). But again, so what?

    There is more to it that still has to happen. 13 episodes to go, and everyone is jumping the gun on both sides. Did this episode somehow show us proof that Alto “likes/loves” either? That’s hardly the case at all.

    If anything it proves that a) Sheryl is starting to feel serious about Alto, (it all started back with the movie filming episode on the island, hence the kiss). And b) Ranka has a mad crush of epic proportions it borders on obsession. Who in their right mind would fly into the middle of a hostage/riot situation just to deliver a birthday present? Don’t forget the fact she’s “still” unsure of herself. If it wasn’t for everyone around her pushing her to do anything she’s still be working part time serving chinese food to people.

    For now all everyone is doing is guessing here. We still don’t know what Alto thinks at all. So far he just likes to fly and get away from the pressure his father has placed on him since he was able to walk and talk, pretty much a way to escape. It’s not like he’s fighting to protect anyone or anything either.

    All the shippers need to wait until we have some solid proof about what the guy wants/feels. So far we have NONE. He’s kind to both, though he treats them a bit different, that much is clear. It’s still the same case it’s always been, with Sheryl he treats her as a normal cocky yet strong women who isn’t weak. With Ranka it’s the little kid who doesn’t think much and needs help still, more like a little sister than anything. The only one who’s made a fuss about the whole movie kiss has been Ranka, while for Alto it’s already water under the bridge.

  48. Macross love triangles go back and forth and back and forth and you shouldn’t know who is going to win until the last episode. That is the point. I told people that Ranka would come back. I’m not sure it’s karma considering I don’t think Sheryl asked Alto out for any reason other then for him. As someone who likes Sheryl x Alto I’m more then happy it switched back to Ranka, because it’s going to have to move back to Sheryl before the end eventually. 🙂 I feel worse for Sheryl though, then Ranka last episode. Ranka was depressed, but Sheryl has lost everything she has. You also have Grace being at least part-time evil. Ranka has her friends pushing Alto to realize Ranka’s feelings and Sheryl has nobody in her corner. It’s funny how things can change so quickly, but I wouldn’t count Sheryl out just yet.

  49. A very excellent episode. To borrow a phrase this was “Quintessence of Macross,” That ending was certainly a surprise. Also I noticed you have the link to ED5 there. I found ED4, ED2 and ED1 but I can’t seem to find the link to ED3. Was there not one?

  50. Okay translated by Shun from Macross Worlds forums.

    ep 15
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Episode titles for 14-17
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I guess they are subject to change though since 13 was called Twilight Planet in about 2-3 different magazines but is now Memories of Global.

  51. Someone explain me, i am completely confused. I hated this episode the most because it did not make sense that a war could be stopped by a song? Sheryl went to that planet to sing too but since she was sick they warriors took opportunity of that and continued the brawl. Also, even though Ranka’s music was able to stop this war, she is able to create one of monsters –since there was a time were her song woke up this insect monster. So what does the song have to do with wars?

  52. @Westlo

    I don’t know, but I’d have to guess that 13 or 14 should probably have a new OP or ED? That’s just my guess.

    Anyways, this hasn’t even been talked about with all the shipping wars going on in here like this was /a/ or something. But did anyone stop and think that Sheryl getting sick and Ranka being used to sing on that planet was all planned by Grace and co to get the Vajra who are there, or close to there to wakeup/mature etc?

    The more I see it the more it just looks to me like (for whatever reason) Ranka is being pushed to idol status to sing more and through that get whatever effect they want out of it. Sure music makes Zentradi stop fighting, but it sure as hell doesn’t stop the others.

  53. I doubt it is planned. It is very unbelievable if the mastermind can predict that Ranka will go there and sing. This is not Code Geass with a super genius tactician that somehow plan for everything.:)

  54. About the Macross at the end. I am not familiar with how they do thing with Macross series, but is it possible that they somehow retcon it so that the colony ship that Minmay and others are one become a Macross class ship? If so then finally we’ll know what happen to the missing ship.

  55. Well Grace’s “she’s amazing” in reference to Ranka was a bit harsh, not exactly the words of a manager who knew that moment was hurting her charge. Sounds like she found a replacement for Sheryl in whatever her real agenda is.

    As for Ranka’s music only working on Zentradi.. I agree.. which is why I find the title of episode 16 to be a bit weird..

    Show Spoiler ▼

  56. bazemanga: Macross has always been characterized by three things – music, love triangles, and mecha dogfights. Music has, and still does, have an important place in the Macross universe, as it’s a medium that has LITERALLY stopped wars.

    For the uncultured Zentraedi, it was their first taste of Culture, and an introduction to the fact that there was something else out there for them aside from endless war with the Supervisor Army.

    Myssa Rei
  57. @VR

    You’re right, this isn’t Code Geass, and that’s a pretty damn good thing. We don’t need large levels of plot hax in macross. As to if it was planned or not, only time will tell, Grace and co are looking into Ranka a lot as we’ve seen.


    I think it’s more to do with what you said in the spoiler tag, in regards to ep16.

  58. While DYRL has been turned into an in universe movie of the events of Space War 1 all DYRL mechanical designs are canon, same with stuff like the pointy Zentradi ears and some (all?) character designs.

  59. The ending song is the same as the very first Robotech, but sang by Ranka, so nostalgic! ^^

    Anyway, big shock in the end, I don’t know about you guys, but while I find it fair for Ranka to fight for the one she loves + the song was really AMAZING (thumbs up!), but for the producers to actually have Alto says ‘it’s the best present’ to Ranka while enjoying with ther the sky Sheryl ‘offered’ to him as a bday present, it was plain gah! I could feel my heart squeeze for Sheryl…because Ranka has a family, dear friends,’a life’ apart from her singing career, but what would be left to Sheryl if she looses singing and the guy she likes? Everything for Ranka and to Hell with Sheryl? Because at this point I hardly imagine Ranka dropping off singing and Sheryl ‘taking back’ her place after the big show in this episode –> the whole galaxy must already know that she stopped a war with her song…

  60. Love triangles, bah, sure it’s entertaining to see how it all seesaws between the three of them, and how they’re all changing as characters as the series progresses, but I’m really more interested in seeing how Ranka fits in in with Protoculture and the mystery of the Vajira. The ending was really such a tease, and now I’m wondering whether the movie episode was a huge plot device as a foreshadowing things to come. I’m anxious to see what part Brera will play in all this as well and I’m hoping the next few episodes are going to spin some of that out.

    I’d actually be happy if Alto ended up with no one so long as Macross Frontier unfolds with a good solid storyline on the above. *ducks in case of angry Sheryl and Ranka fans*

    Anyway, was very happy with this episode, it was really so Macross, complete with Zentradi facegear, battleship, Quedlaun Rau, and the song that saves the day.

  61. When Alto crash-landed on Galia4 I shouted “dammit Alto, not another one!” lol

    That guy has such a horrible track record with Valkyries!

    Also that is definetely the SDF-1 because the first lines of the preview state “The first Macross ship suddenly appeared.”

  62. this ep rocks!!!soooo totallly macross!!!i couldnt stop cheering when ranka starts singing!!she was so amazing, everything was amazing!!^^ at this moment, i dont care what will happen anymore;im so satsified wth the battle scenes too^^ yeahhhh!!~~~ oho,if the macross ship is the one from the end of SDF;it’ll be really great to learn what happen to hikaru,misa and minmay!!

  63. Oh my god, I literally fell over when Ranka popped out of that Valkyrie and started singing, and all the Zentradi just went all fanboy. XD I’m a total Ranka fan, and that was just awesome.

    Though, I’d think it would be hard to fully appreciate what happened there if someone hasn’t seen the original Macross series.

  64. I thinks that wrecked ship is another Protoculture’s ship.
    Earthling found one of them and refitted it, they should have plenty of SDF-1-like scattered through the galaxy.

  65. 13 episodes is enough time to flush out the plot etc. They do a good job of moving the plot along in every episode even if they’re more about one or the other girl at first glance.

    No need to worry, it should end well without any questions left, unless they leave some for a future series/ova/movie.

  66. Macross Frontier is scheduled to have 25 episodes from what I remember?.

    I am a SherlyXAlto fan but a little bit of RankaXAlto as well haha. I just hope this turns out to be an EPIC series!

  67. “I thinks that wrecked ship is another Protoculture’s ship.
    Earthling found one of them and refitted it, they should have plenty of SDF-1-like scattered through the galaxy.”

    I think you sould brush up on your Macross, SDF-1 was NOT a Protoculture ship but a Gun Destroyer of the Supervision Army (that is NOT something from the Protoculture).

    Also SDF-1 is unique, the “arms” were two seagoing ships that were caught on the fold and transported and so were grafted into the SDF-1.

    There is only ONE SDF-1 Macross, the SMS ship is named Macross Quarter because is similar to the SDF-1.

  68. Just wait for the next episode guys, they’ll explain it away I’m sure. No real reason to beat our heads over it until then. And besides, this is only ONE question out of a lot still left.

  69. Drakron: those arms were the space-based ARMD platforms if we’re following DYRL as canon. if tv series is canon, then those would be the 2 sea-based ships.

    i can’t wait to see next ep, with an episode title like “memories of global”, it’s definitely gonna be interesting. 😀

  70. I’d rather look at the cool pictures of Valkyries than actually discuss them lol

    I think if the show really wants to do a Sheryl turn-around hint in the future episodes, they would’ve just made her sing acapella of Diamond Crevasse (or a new song) all the while Ranka and Alto are having their skygazing moment and discovering the Macross. This way, it would put more emphasis on Sheryl’s feelings because her little moments here have too little impact/focus (to be honest) compare to Ranka’s in episode 8. This episode is actually both Alto-centric and Ranka-centric once again. Based on future spoilers, it doesn’t look like the show is about to revolve around Sheryl too.

    I wouldn’t really go ahead and call episode 15 the Sheryl episode because episode 6 had the same spoiler title even if it didn’t solely revolve around her too. If anything, the RankaxAlto development isn’t the start of their breakup (esp. when the writers took them half of the series to get these two together) just because “Kawamori history” says so. I don’t even think Macross history works this way seeing Kawamori has always been true to first impressions just like any other writers out there. This is coming from someone who HAS seen SDF Macross and DYRL.

    If I were to take a guess based on Sheryl’s attitude, I’ll also say she will more likely show her nasty side more freely than Ranka thus equating to a good drama and some character development. ^_^ Ranka already did the underdog act, and I can’t see Sheryl sitting around and taking everything like a champ the way Ranka handled it now that it’s her turn to get jinxed. Sheryl has to have some originality here without abandoning her personality lol Seeing her get angry, get frustrated because her career is being stolen by the underdog (maybe even the guy she has her eyes on) will be more interesting.

  71. hey
    the synopsis for episode16 RANKA attacks, says she confesses her LOVE.

    hmm what do you guys think? it seems more like a sheryl pairing.Isorta liked having ranka or both 🙂

  72. Kyuusei: the DYRL version i meant had the ARMD arms (hahaha pun intended?) as the carriers were already blown up by the initial zentradi barrage (see macross DYRL intro for the playstation).

    what i’m not sure is if M+ goes by the DYRL or tv series continuity.

  73. “Memory of Gloval”

    Considering that “Gloval” was the name of the original captain of the SDF-1, I think that, with the next episode being named “Memory of Gloval”, that the ship Ranka and Alto find IS the SDF-1 Macross. Also, from what we have seen in the in the early episodes of Frontier where they show the CG graphic of the various colonization fleet paths, we see that there were only Megaroad class and New Macross class colony ships that were sent out. No indication about there being any other “original” Macross class vessels ever being built.

    The last time we saw the SDF-1 was in “Macross Plus”. It had been repaired since the time of the original Macross TV series. As I recall, it had the ARMD carriers for the arms by that point in time. And we did see the SDF-1 lift off during the final Sharon Apple concert, so we know it was flight capable.

    Now, some years have passed between “Plus” and “Frontier”. It is conceivable that some event happened in the intervening years that required the SDF-1 to be redeployed, eventually landing/crashing onto Gallia 4.

    Just my take on things.

  74. Like someone said, they timed this episode with the release of the Ranka single CD, so they played all her songs in this episode. It’s marketing at it’s best.

    As for that little green thing, that’d be some kinda twist if it’s some sorta baby vajra or something. But I actually think that like the piece of Sheryls earring seems to have a connection to them that from the old attack that Ranka was the only survivor of that she might have some of whatever that stuff is inside her (we see it glowing back in ep7 around her belly). Her singing reacts with that and draws them to her, that’s my guess at this point, but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

    As for ep16, if she does confess I suppose it’s a good thing, I won’t go into if it’s too early or any of that, but I’ll just be happy if she does and we get Alto’s reply (unless it’s at the end and something else gets in the way), then we can get this shipper war out of the way.

  75. I hope that happens in 16 gp, I’ll be over the moon.

    “they would’ve just made her sing acapella of Diamond Crevasse (or a new song) all the while Ranka and Alto are having their skygazing moment and discovering the Macross.”

    They are saving Sheryl’s Northern Cross (or whatever the song will be for her) for when it actually matters, i.e Alto can actually hear it. This episode was full of enough Sheryl undertones as it is, no need to interrupt Ranka’s cd single marketing to have Sheryl sing…. and don’t forget she’s too sick to sing in the first place..

  76. Btw to guy who went wtf at ED 5

    #1: “Aimo” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 1, 7)
    #2: “Diamond Crevasse” by May’n (Episodes 2-6, 8-9)
    #3: “Aimo~Tori no Hito” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 10)
    #4: “Neko Nikki” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 11)
    #5: “Ai Oboete Imasu Ka (Deculture Edition)” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 12)

    Northern Cross by May’n will be the Diamond Crevasse of the second half, still expecting quite a few episodes with other ED themes. (May’n do Information High!)

  77. Nice episode. Noticed the ranka landing song sounded very destiny-ish like the macross quarter transformation song did, I wonder if they are sharing a composer/producer.

  78. Here’s an interesting fact.

    Leon stated that first contact with the Vajra happened 19 years ago, that was before 117th fleet incident 11 years ago.

    Macross Frontier is set at the year 2059.

    Macross where we last saw the Macross was in 2040.

    Exactly 19 years ago. So either the Macross got deployed again due to the threat of Vajra got into a fold accident again (That ship has the worst luck gravity generator, fold engines, main gun) or the Vajra for unknown reasons stole it from Earth.
    Shortly after Sharon Apple hacked Macross and hypnotized the human population.

    We still don’t know why UN Spacy is now called NUNS but the SDF-1 Macross was the main administrative center of the human-Zentradi hedgemony.

    During Macross 7, 14 years before Frontier, I find the UN Spacy brass incompetent as they could not relive Macross 7 during the war with the Protodevlin. Also being inconsiderate during the Chlore Meltradi fleet incident.

  79. how dare you,? now Ranka is some kind of Cinderella and they called Sheryl is the fairy (don’t tell me she is the fairy god mother) so they are trying to make Alto is the prince charming or something? no way. I support Sheryl and Alto if Sheryl is the fairy god mother then Alto is the fairy god father. ha ha

  80. I’m sure the cute little green creature will eventually show up as a link to the Vajira as a few of you have mentioned. Don’t you love how Anime loves to give the cute and fluffy the lion’s share of cosmic powers?

    I really appreciate how good the music is for this series, from the instrumentals to Sheryl and Ranka’s songs. Even the remakes like ‘Kare wa Piloto’ and ‘Oboiteimasu’ from previous series turned out nicely. And from info gleaned from the net, Macross F music is up there sales-wise, more than many other previous Anime music soundtracks in Japan.

    Ranka’s song at the end of the episode was a nice fit,and the background art for the cloud-level flight was just gorgeous. Actually, this entire episode’s background art was fantastic, period. LOL.

  81. sheryl <3

    i think alto finds Ranka cute in a way but still unclear whether he likes her :/
    putting that aside sheryl sickness and with the fight with the Zentradi all too planned out.I wonder who is the mastermind of all this and whats his/her purpose. One thing for sure is that ranka is part of it but im not too sure about sheryl.

    Did Sheryl gave her present to alto in the end? Or he already seen it with Ranka at the end of the episode?

  82. Now this is a ridiculously silly episode compared to the brooding tension in the beginning. Ranka’s moeness takes the cake. No more will she be labeled a wimp for not doing anything for Alto once in a while. I’m laughing at myself for enjoying such thing.

    @smilealways: Kawamori is all to blame for making Sheryl sick and making Ranka run the show. While everyone thinks Ranka’s career is going to completely skyrocket than Sheryl, I think differently. Little ranka’s more likely the one to give up Stardom for love as things stand now. This episode showed how Ranka’s spotlight hit Sheryl’s nerve moreso than Alto being stolen from her. If she even cares, or remotely thinks, that he was stolen that is.


    Are you happy now that you have raised some gullible fans’ hopes up? Your synopsis for 16 is utterly false.

  83. @sabil8

    My synopsis? well thats the syopsis from the wiki website which is from the “macross frontier” website.

    I like Ranka personally but I think you’re right its going to be like what you said after putting some thought with the previous series. MAYBE he wants to pull a 180. So i think ranka will rise to fame and sheryl will get jealous and want her fame “back” giving up alto to ranka and ranka will not want the fame (in short). Everybody says sheryl has no one its not true she has her fans and thats what she likes having the followers. Ranka on the other hand lost HER WHOLE FAMILY, which she doesn’t even remember.

    So i think its pretty even between the two.

    alright thats my 2 cents.

  84. it really depends on whether the writers want to continue their tradition of the type of woman that wins or change it up a bit.

    either ranka develops/matures a little more -> she has changed a little at this point. she’s more honest and confident in her singing. just a little-> and alto sees her development or they’ll let sheryl’s flippant character win over the innocent/developing one for a change.

    i have to say, with all the arguments i see on forums, the writers are def. doing a pretty good job keeping everyone interested.

    as much as i like the rankaxalto pairing, i have a feeling he’s going to end up with sheryl (not that i don’t mind. i really don’t care who he ends up with anymore. im just curious to see who it is). in a lot of promotional and picture stuff for macross frontier, sheryl’s always larger. she seems to be pretty important. but then again, it could just be because she’s the galactic fairy. plus, like GP says, the whole ranka-gets-alto-time-now could be giving sheryl a wake up and realize your feeling kind of time, allowing her to end up with alto in the end. otherwise, if ranka gets him for the rest of the series.. it’s a little.. too much ranka. unless there’s a shift back and forth or some other kind of drama. but who knows… lets just see 🙂

  85. oh another thing, i really agree with sabil8. i mean yea, i’d like ranka to end up with sheryl, but her characters less aggressive (unless she has a complete 180 turn and completely matures/changes) and so she’ll tend to give alto up to make alto and sheryl happy. at least i view her a litte more sweet than sheryl (both are sweet, im not hating on sheryl) sheryl just seems more… i guess possessive. i mean she’s the galactic fairy, she’s used to seeing something she wants and getting it. she’s definitly not going to back down without a fight. but maybe things will change. macross zero (at least i think this is how it went) with mao giving up instead of her sister..

  86. That’s why Sheryl is destined to be the singer. If you notice, Ranka and Alto are always closer and Sheryl’s image is always larger than the two. I mean to say that in every poster, the diva is always Sheryl even if Ranka has more camera time than her in the actual episodes.

    I think Sheryl will get her fame back. This is just a trial for the galactic fairy.

  87. The triangle at this point is one-sided on the girls parts. Alto is still in his own world thinking of his own self. Maybe the next ep will make him think about Rankas feelings and start treating her a bit different and not just blowing her off like he has been. But again it all comes down to how he looks at her, and there is NO indication that he has feelings for her like she has for him. Another thing, everyone else sure likes to stick their nose into other peoples business (Nanase and Mickel). With pushing Ranka and Alto. I just see that as backfiring. As a guy, and I’m sure this is probably the case for girls also, I really really hate to be “pushed” or “forced” into anything. There is a difference between silent support and outright meddling.


    Sheryl doesn’t have a family either, she lost it all as well! We just don’t know the exact details. It’s what made her so tough though, she had to go through it alone and get her fame. Ranka, while she doesn’t have her real family, has a)Oxma, b)Nanase… c)Alto at the start of the series. Sheryl has who? The fans? Are you serious? The fans are damn vaulters ready to eat you alive. You have to give them everything they want 24/7/365 or they’ll drop you so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. The fans aren’t your “friends” in any way. Sheryl doesn’t work hard for the fans, it’s for herself at this point. That’s just the type of character she is. Since she can do something about the Galaxy fleet and so on, she did her concert. That’s like some charity event to feed the poor, or stop global warming they do in the real world every now and then. Same with the whole pilot thing she’s doing, though she’s used that as a way to also get close to Alto more.

  88. Why people think Ranka will give up being an idol astounds me, she still has Ozma, Nanase, Michael, Luca and being an idol will not change that.

    “plus, like GP says, the whole ranka-gets-alto-time-now could be giving sheryl a wake up and realize your feeling kind of time, allowing her to end up with alto in the end.”

    I think it’s pretty obvious this is what they are aiming at.

    “I think Sheryl will get her fame back.”

    She hasn’t lost her fame…

  89. @GP

    You know, you can whine all you want at how alone Sheryl will be but if the story is against her you can do nothing about it. You shouldn’t blame Ranka’s support crew because that’s not Ranka’s wishes, the WRITERS wished for Ranka to have a support crew. Even Bobby is on Ranka’s side and it’s all the writers doing. It all makes sense anyway because it has always been Ranka and Alto from day 1 and she’s “the other girl”.

    You can also whine at how the fans doesn’t understand her. Even if I have no idea where in the story you got that implication. But the truth is Sheryl loves her fans, even if that’s questionable, she surely loves her Galaxy fleet. If she only cares about herself, she wouldn’t promote Galaxy over and over again. Sheryl may like Alto in the future and may compete to win him, but that’s if the fact that her fading career isn’t bothering her more just like what someone said up there. Episode 15 seems to be saying the same thing. I’ll expect nothing more from her seeing as to how arrogant she is when it comes to her hard work.

  90. @diva

    Get a grip, your Ranka <3 is hitting insane levels. I’m doing anything but whining, I’m pointing out that Sheryl is alone more than Ranka, a fact you seem to not bother to care about, but I understand. Fans see what Fans want to see right?

    And since when do fans understand how idols feel? Seriously are you thinking about this at all? A stars/idols fans aren’t his/her friends in the same sense of the word. Are you a friend for whatever popidol or band you like? No, not unless you’re some crazy stalker. In which case, you need help. That though is a different matter.

    As for blaming the writers, nice, that’s a good excuse, hey, if Ranka doesn’t end up with Alto are you going to blame the writers also? I mean, that’d be the right thing to do eh? I really hope you do if that’s how it goes down.

  91. @GP

    Yup, I sure will blame the writers even if I can’t do anything about it, unlike you who think up stuffs and concludes that A is C. Even if you turn the world upside down, it’s STILL all the writers’ doing. Give it up. I mean, where in the story did it hint that Sheryl is being misunderstood by her fans thus she needs Alto? Atleast Ranka’s feelings for Alto are getting more attention from the show than your nonexistent Sherylxfan problems hahaha What’s going to have attention is Sheryl losing her fame to Ranka. That’s what you should look at.

    Oh and I can’t agree with you more. You see what you want to see. If the writers want to give more attention to Ranka than Shery even if she’s all “alone”, I’ll gladly comply and vice versa though I liked that the writers are doing the former.

  92. @Diva

    Think up? What? Really now, you haven’t put any effort into thinking about what I said at all. My point is that an idols fans don’t equal her friends. Do you actually believe that fans are your friends if you stop giving them what they want out of you? Are you being realistic at all?

    And where in the story does it hint that Sheryl is losing her fame? Or is this highlander and there can be only one idol in the galaxy? hahahha. You’re just showing how bias you are to the whole thing.

    And where in the show does it hint that Ranka x Alto is a set piece?

    The writers giving Ranka more attention is a given, she has a direct tie to the Vajra. But hey, they also gave Minmei lots of attention, hey, look how that turned out. You’re trying to somehow think that more Ranka attention = RankaxAlto end. That’s just not the case though. If anything this episode also gave a fair amount of attention to Sheryls feelings for Alto, just like the episode before it and the episode before that.

  93. @GP
    Sheryl’s feelings is getting a fair amount of attention in this episode? I even forgot she existed if it’s not for that couple of <1 minute screentimes of hers near the end. I couldn’t even read her expression on one of them scenes. For me, that doesn’t even compare to the kind of attention they gave to Ranka’s feelings here.

    “And where in the story does it hint that Sheryl is losing her fame?”

    Oh I’m sorry, you don’t know what’s about to come.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Ok, now YOU tell me where in the story does it hint that Sheryl’s fans are making her feel more and more alone and she needs Alto to quell the loneliness? If you can’t point a scene to me then just drop it with your delusional scenarios.

    Haha SDF. Don’t even drag Minmei here since Minmei looked like a pawn to the plot compared to how much attention Ranka’s been getting for the first 11 episodes. Yep, I say more Ranka attention = AltoxRanka end because atleast that’s being OBJECTIVE. How about you? Less Sheryl attention= AltoxSheryl end according to what? SDF Macross? Are we about to get an SDF copycat story now LOL! If this is the sole root of your confidence then I’ll laugh at it.

  94. It’s called Kawamori history, diva. ^__^ Don’t break their pillar of strength. They’ll flame you forever lol


    I’m a little iffy about the credibility of this ep 16 synopsis because as far as I know, the ones that have an official synopsis are only from episodes 13-15. Soo…I ‘say’ it’s fake.

  95. @diva

    You’re just showing how your bias for Ranka is getting in the way of your thinking. As for the upcoming episode, that doesn’t mean she’s losing fame at all, she’s sick, what do you expect her to do? Singers cancel events often for many reasons, but do they lose fame? No. Fans are happy as long as they keep getting more songs/movies or w/e they want out of the idol in question. Seriously, episode 15 doesn’t mean anything to the extent you think it does.

    And yet again you’re twisting my words in some odd way to make it seem like I’m making things up, are you reading one thing and thinking another? I never said her fans are making her feel more and more alone. Stop and actually try to follow my point, because I’ve said it over and over enough already. “FANS DON’T EQUAL FRIENDS”. Ranka has “friends” they’ve been there since BEFORE she was anything. Sheryl doesn’t have any FRIENDS, she has fans, and yet again so you can maybe get it this time, FANS DON’T EQUAL FRIENDS! Do you maybe get my point now?

    So ok, lets leave Minmei out of it, lets go to another show then, hell lets go to true tears if you like. Hey, maybe I’m remembering it wrong but weren’t you hell bent on Noe? Didn’t Noe get way more attention than Hiromi? Oh but look, that didn’t make it a NoexShin end either did it? Stop trying to equate attention levels to who ends up with who in frontier. We have no proof that Alto loves either, only that Sheryl likes him and Ranka has an obsessed crush like most girls her age get.

    I’m not the one trying to use Rankas plot involvement as proof to a RankaxAlto end which is what your whole “objective” opinion is working off of. I’m waiting for proof, we have none. I’ve said it time and time again that it’s too early to tell at this point, but I guess you’ve missed those posts I’ve made in older episodes or even for this one.

  96. Okay, let’s all shut up for a second and realize that a) Sheryl is one of the main characters who WILL get her story in the end of the series because the middle of the series looks like they will focus on Ranka and her backstory so just be patient and 2)just as every Alto x Sheryl scene has Ranka undertones, the happy Alto x Ranka scene has serious Sheryl undertones, and we will expect that throughout the next episodes. From there, the conclusion will be drawn so Ranka and Sheryl fans, STOP WANKING BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING ANNOYING.

  97. @sia

    Wow, no need to get mad. I was just trying to get my point across to diva about the difference between fans and friends, it’s hard to just stop when you’re being accused of making stuff up which isn’t the case.

    We’ve basically said the same thing, I’ve said it’s going to be going back and forth between the two, and that we can’t say anything for sure yet in almost all of my posts since the show started.

  98. It’s called Kawamori history, diva. ^__^ Don’t break their pillar of strength. They’ll flame you forever lol

    I don’t give a shit about Kawamori history. What I do give a shit about is that the series has been given serious parallels to the original because it’s annoying.

    GP: Yes, there’s a difference between fans and friends, but if one side doesn’t GET a fucking simple thing like that, then just let it go. As a AltoxSheryl fan just be happy that AltoxRanka gets their time NOW than later, so save all the wank when Alto changes his fucking indecisive mind later in the series.

  99. @GP

    Ahaha do you even know what ‘OBJECTIVE’ means? It’s pure facts! Ranka having more attention is not an opinion. You’re waiting for proof of Alto liking either one of the girls when clearly this episode just showed him blushing everywhere over Ranka.

    Aren’t you whining about how Sheryl fans don’t care about her at all? From what I see, the people LOVE her. If you’re saying Sheryl SHOULD think nothing of it because what she needs is Alto then, my my, what a delusional scenario especially cooked up by a discriminator. There are no evidence in the show that Sheryl has this problem and I see no reason why Sheryl shouldn’t see her true fans as her pillar of support. Again, point to me a scene supporting this fact and be OBJECTIVE for once.

    Hahaha did you even watch True Tears? Noe Moe has more attention than Hiromi? Forget it. Your comparisons have no logic. Reality check: It’s not Ranka’s plot involvement that’s getting more attention here, it’s Ranka’s luuuurve for Alto if you haven’t noticed.

  100. Well, what Frontier has given to the original are more like an homage than anything. It’s done the same with Zero,Plus and 7. But none of that does effect frontiers story at all.

    Most people bring them up because they’ve seen the other shows. As for me using Minmei about, it was a close example at the time. But Ranka isn’t Minmei, which we all agree on.

  101. @diva

    Like Sia said, you just don’t get my point about fans. Forget it, there is no way I can get through to you.

    The same applies for attention levels, they don’t equal what you think they do.

    As for blushing, the guys blushed all over both girls a lot already, guys blush, so do girls, so what?

    As for TT, Noe did have more attention than Hiromi, right up till the end. I suppose we watched two different shows though.

  102. Who says I’m having a row over it?

    Stop wanking. It’s that simple. Or if not…

    It’s not Ranka’s plot involvement that’s getting more attention here, it’s Ranka’s luuuurve for Alto if you haven’t noticed.

    Fine whatever, but if you wanna go on wanking with the circular arguments with another fan, try not to make the AltoxRanka side look bad with that childish dumbass comment.

  103. @sia
    Hey I’m not the one cussing his head off here hahah

    “The same applies for attention levels, they don’t equal what you think they do.”

    So says the great “Kawamori history.” Sure, whatever, I agree to disagree.

  104. thats weird SDF-1 is on that planet. It cannot be SDF-2 Megaroad 1 because the ship is totaly different and bigger. Dammn you Frontier, now I am goin crazy waiting for the next episode. I am freaking pissed at Ranka. Poor Sherly

  105. @Luke

    I still think that’s not the original SDF-1, Like someone said last we see of it it’s still on earth in 2050, And it plays a key part of controlling earths defense systems and so on, as we see in plus.

    The next episode should shine some light into that though, I’d hope.

  106. I was hoping for more fight scenes in this ep, since they’ve been rather light on recently.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Diva and Ani_D must be closet AltoxSheryl fans, as they’re doing a remarkable job of making the AltoxRanka crowd look like raving lunatics.

  107. @James

    I think we’ll get more and more fight scenes in the 2nd part of the show. I think come episode 18 and up each episode should up the fighting a bit. By then I hope all the questions are answered as well.

  108. @ Westlo

    #1: “Aimo” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 1, 7)
    #2: “Diamond Crevasse” by May’n (Episodes 2-6, 8-9)
    #3: “Aimo~Tori no Hito” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 10)
    #4: “Neko Nikki” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 11)
    #5: “Ai Oboete Imasu Ka (Deculture Edition)” by Megumi Nakajima (Episode 12)

    Northern Cross by May’n will be the Diamond Crevasse of the second half, still expecting quite a few episodes with other ED themes. (May’n do Information High!)

    Yes I’m looking for the ED 3 download. I saw a download link for all of them except 3. I didn’t know if I was blind or if it simply doesn’t exist on this blog.

    I am also looking forward to future ED surprises. The music is fantastic and is being showcased superbly.

  109. @alrick13

    I just don’t believe that to be the original. Putting the fact that it’s UN Spacy HQ aside, it’s such a key symbol for humanity and should be on earth. I think they’d be mad to have let it either been taken away (which I really doubt) or somehow moved it/replaced it with something else.

    It’s like a national monument but bigger since it’s something everyone on earth can relate to and not just one nation/group.

    I think it might just be a newer macross battle class ship made later on that looks like the SDF1.

  110. Whoa SDF-1 Macross. Surprised me to see it there. But isn’t it suppose to be UNS HQ, and severely ravaged so it’s a permanent planetary defensor as well?

    There’s no other [official] ship of the first generation Macross class, right? As in, military-class battleship? Megaroad couldn’t even transform and it was a colony ship.

    How is on Gallia IV? If it’s not, again what when where how and why?
    And please don’t tell me Gallia IV is actually the devastated present-day Earth. Going to need to sic some Wall-Es or something.

  111. @plan303e
    Thats what i was thinking gallia is really the earth, although they changed the name so no one would go back.
    The zentradi were staying there to protect it.

    Hmm hey what were those glowing things in the water? and Grace definitely is a working for the other side, she ratted alto out to the zentradi.

    hey anyone else thought Klan and mikhail pairing? i mean how are they going to make that work, she changes into a immature miclone form 🙂 oh well i don’t think it matters.

  112. I was also thinking 25 episodes seems pretty short, the original was 36 and that was pretty good length.
    Mac 7 was too long. I mean from a marketing perspective they’ll want to milk as many CDs as possible. MAc 7 had so many music releases it was a cash cow 🙂

    anyways was the Mac 7 love triangle ever get resolved?

  113. That can’t be earth. It’s been shown over and over in a few of the eps that all the fleets are very far away from earth right now. I dunno who first came up with this idea but it just doesn’t really fit.

  114. @GP
    I agree … and if ever during the period of 2050-2069 they need a battleship for a new mission chances are a new ship is going to be built, considering the further imporovement of technology in the macross universe era.

  115. They would need to have changed a lot more than the name. Given that it is orbiting a different type of sun and apparently has the issue of one half being constantly in sunlight and the other in darkness (per ep.11) – of course, that didn’t really get shown up in the episode 12, but hey.

    I have a funny feeling that this ep was a setup episode in more ways than one. The preview and the foreshadowing at the end of ep.11 setup for a (hopefully) macross plus-like aerial battle between Alto and Brere. The storyline has been pushing Ranka to express her feelings to Alto, which if she does or not will indicate a lot about the nature of the romantic subplot (hint: if she tells him how she feels, she most likely ‘loses’ – whether or not this is commendable, I am not sure); also, as many have alluded to, it significantly laid the foundations for further personal development by Sheryl. And, the SDF-1 thing, is veeeerrry interesting.

  116. Guys, please don’t take Wikipedia as a good source on the episode previews. The good sources are the official publications like, and magazines where the cast and staff are regularly interviewed.

    That being said, there really are no episode previews farther than episode 15 as of the moment. Sheryl does not lose her job, she just cancels the performances while she’s sick. There’s also no information about when Ranka confesses her feelings. If anything, the Macross F staff will have that event in wraps if will happen, since posting it as a preview is too big a spoiler. Perhaps you’re thinking that since Alto and Ranka are marooned on an island, Ranka will confess? No, that’s not what is said in the episode preview for 13 – it says they had a good talk. Let’s wait for episode 13 to find out if the “good talk” does mean that there was a confession somewhere.

  117. All the magazine stuff is just a 3-4 lines and there’s no way they will reveal any major twist in them. Look at episode 11.. everyone was expecting a Ranka and Alto kiss scene to be shown but no one saw the Sheryl and Alto kiss coming.

    The preview for 12 pretty much said “12. Sheryl arrives at Garia 4 for a concert but it’s canceled because she isn’t feeling well. Garia 4 goes into an anarchy.” No one expected Ranka to rock up Macross 7 style.

    “Sheryl’s feelings is getting a fair amount of attention in this episode? I even forgot she existed if it’s not for that couple of <1 minute screen times of hers near the end.”

    How can you forget Sheryl existed in this episode when the entire situation in this episode was caused by her being sick? You even had Alto try and do something stupid and grab his vf-25 because he was moved by her “you haven’t got your present” scene. Than you have several undertone scenes with Sheryl in the last 5 minutes. It’s hilarious how Ranka fans were cheering Ranka under tones but than act like the same hasn’t happened with Sheryl.

    “Oh I’m sorry, you don’t know what’s about to come.”

    lol @ that equating to her losing her fame, artists go on breaks all the time buddy. Her latest single in Don’t Be Late is according to the linear notes included with OST 1 which were translated by Gubaba from Macross World’s forums.

    “04. Sagittarius 9:00 PM Don’t Be Late
    E) From the 2059 Frontier concert at Tenkumon Hall. When this, Sheryl’s fifth single, was released in November of 2058, [b]it stayed at the top of the Universal Board for 17 straight weeks, shattering the records for the biggest of big hit songs.[/b]”

    You also say that she was more pissed about her career being threated than Alto but if she has any pride (which she probably has too much of) she should feel annoyed. And don’t forget Ranka said out “loud here’s your birthday present Alto” and Sheryl made a scene over not being able to give Alto his birthday present earlier.

    “GP: Yes, there’s a difference between fans and friends, but if one side doesn’t GET a fucking simple thing like that, then just let it go. As a AltoxSheryl fan just be happy that AltoxRanka gets their time NOW than later,”

    Exactly I’m quite happy that Ranka and Alto time is now and it’s hilarious that Ranka fans think this is the “switch” when that’s bound to happen around 20-23. Alto and Sheryl were never a real couple, who ever enters a relationship will Alto first will more than likely be the loser as he realizes his feelings for the other is stronger.

  118. ^ Why is it that Sheryl fans accuse Ranka fans as raving lunatics when they themselves are also as lunatic as them? All cussing and being too defensive. I also think Kawamori isn’t gonna give us the same thing mean to say all this Macross homages are nothing more but homages.

    I like the voice of the Zentradi Alto plunged into the sea. I’m so impressed with Luca’s family here, and Nanase’s character gets more dimensional when it comes to her concern for Ranka. It’s nice to have true friends like them. This episode has everything in it–action, comedy, drama, musical, and romance–all in one package. This is got to be the best one yet.

  119. “I also think Kawamori isn’t gonna give us the same thing mean to say all this Macross homages are nothing more but homages.”

    Even if Sheryl wins it’s not because it’s a homage to the first series since while she has a lot of Misa elements to her (which is obvious since she’s attracted most of the Misa fanbase to her) she also really resembles the DYRL (a.k.a likable) version of Minmei. Sheryl is Sheryl, Ranka is Ranka.

  120. Awwie I’m so happy for Lanka and Alto I don’t know about people labeling her as a bad guy for stealing Sheryl’s limelight, but Lanka deserves everything that happened to her in this episode. Eck it’s justice. She always loses a chance to connect with Alto because of circumstances and Sheryl’s interventions, but that just made her and Alto’s little moment flying in the clouds that much sweeter.:'( The Neko Nikki background plus the sunset view is just perfect lolz Now, I’m going to savor what happens here and next episode since I know I wouldn’t see another picture-perfect LankaxAlto episodes till like the end of the series. I’m sure this golden treat will come at a price just looking at Sheryl but that’s what makes LankaxAlto all the better.

    I think the Macross in planet Galia has something to do with the incident involving the research fleet. Please does anyone have translation for interstellar flight? Thx.

  121. I am a sheryl fan, but no matter how I look at this, Ranka is def the main gal for alto..
    the only time alto blushes with no ero fan service is when he is with with ranka, and that special smile for Ranka 2.

    Not to mention the animation quality for the ranka singing scene…….. so pretty
    except for when the singing scene is cut from ep 00, sheryl’s singing scenes have been rather low in quality………

    I’ll say he sees sheryl as a friend and inspiration, but I dun see anything romatic at the moment…

    but I am def rooting for sheryl, hopefully a comeback chance for her, if she gets this vajra virus n alto realises how mush he cares for her.

  122. “the only time alto blushes with no ero fan service is when he is with with ranka”

    Not true unless Alto handing back an earring is considered ero fan service.

    “Not to mention the animation quality for the ranka singing scene…….. so pretty
    except for when the singing scene is cut from ep 00, sheryl’s singing scenes have been rather low in quality………”

    Ranka’s singing scene in episode 5 was poorly animated, so they have one well animated and one poor animated scene each, episode 7 didn’t really focus on the concert part as much as the battle.

  123. About the blushing, I thought that Alto is just one of those people who just blush for a lot of reasons. He just keeps blushing all the time (for a lead male anime character in a mecha series!), I actually didn’t notice that he was doing it again this time until people started to talk about it *^__^*

    As for the good quality in Ranka’s performance, I just say it’s about time she had that treatment from the Macross staff! Most of her other performances were awkwardly animated, except for the Miss Macross one.

  124. “I think the Macross in planet Galia has something to do with the incident involving the research fleet.”

    More likely the first contact with the Vajra 19 years ago. The 117th Research fleet was destroyed 11 years ago.

    But I do suspect that Ranka has been on Galia 4 before as the moment she noticed the Macross appears to be flashback. Remember Ranka has amnesia of her childhood.

    Also the glowing thing in the water reminds me of the Birdman of Macross Zero. Particularly the spiral symbol of the Protoculture.

    Ozma said there is connection between Ranka and Dr. Mao Nome.

  125. @mai

    The blushing doesn’t mean anything, he’s blushed at Klain sp? alot, does that mean he loves her as well? Guys and girls blush in different situations, nothing deep behind it.

    Also, this Ranka performance animation quality was a given. It’s the best PR for her single CD that released on the same day the episode aired. They’d be silly to animate it poorly.

    This ep just pushed more plot development even if some people only think it pushed the triangle subplot (which it does, but all Ranka eps push the main plot also. Only a few Sheryl eps have). Note the macross at the end as the big plot pusher, also when she’s singing we have that vajra/birdman type thing waking up.

    I agree with most who said this probably has something to do with the 117th Research fleet that was attacked. Macross class ships all more or less looks like the SDF1 now, look at battle 7 and battle 13 etc. Those are the only ones that can transform as well, and though the sizes aren’t the same as the original, they should have similar weapons systems. It just wouldn’t make any sense at all if it was the original SDF1.

  126. Hmm we need someone on the inside working with the writers, just Tell us what the heck is going on 🙂
    Its not like i’m going to stop watching it.

    Well does anyone know about the Macross 7 love triangle?

  127. I thought it was hilarious when Alto told Ranka that she gave him a great present. Getting your butt saved from a horde of gun toting giants is definitely a great gift, to say the least. I mean, if she just came to the planet to give him some cookies he would have been screwed. All in all, Ranka has taught us how to properly give someone a belated birthday present: perform an impromptu life saving concert.

  128. Somewhere in Japan Shoji Kawamori is sitting back AND enjoying a warm bottle of Sake with a devilish grin on his face. Well played sir, you’ve got the Macross community BUZZING with that ending.

  129. @GP – I didn’t interpret his blushing as anything specific either, as I said, I thought that he’s just a “blushy” guy XD

    Aaaand… I was reserving this opinion because it’s just my opinion (WTF I’m rambling) – They had to animate the Ranka song like that because it needed the push, unlike Triangler with Maaya Sakamoto and her anime fanbase, and unlike Diamond Crevasse which is a very beautifully written and delivered song. They had to package the Ranka song with a beautifully animated dance (among other gigs by Megumi Nakajima) to make it sell. Okay, that’s an opinion of course, I can’t back it up. All I know is that the dance made the song tons catchier in my ears.

    The more logical opinion I have is that Ranka is a new star in the context of the Macross story. She had to be shown as a good performer to the viewers of the animation, or else it will appear as if she doesn’t deserve the rise to fame that she recently had. Hence, they had to animate her dance really well.

  130. @mai

    I agree with you, it’s a mix of both those things (in regards to Ranka). They had to do it both to help push her more since her VA is new, so the songs need to be catchy, and also in the context of the story it’s also the same, Ranka is new so they’re showing she can sing and dance and all that.

    It’s also a key episode plot wise, for the ending AND for that vajra/birdman thing we see etc. These important episodes will get top notch animation done regardless.

  131. Dammit where is Isamu Alva Dyson when you need him. Isamu Stupid Zentardi for you to kil!! Got for it!
    Serously, I don’t understand this at all. What the hell is SDF-1 doing in Galia 4. It’s definitly not SDF-2 unless they retconned it made it transformable. They better give a clear explanation next ep.

    As for Sheryl vs. Ranka stop bickering when you already know you can’t convince the other side your wises. It just makes you childish.

  132. Has it occurred to anyone that there could be more than one “macross”?

    what if the ship is a mass-produced design or something? so there could be one on earth and one stranded here…

  133. You damn dirty apes! It was Earth all along!

    Considering the introduction of Fold faults and their effect on space-time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gallia IV turned out to be Earth after all. They introduced song energy in Macross 7 and Birdman in Macross Zero; nothing is too farfetched for this series.

    It definitely looks like the Macross. The arms are ARMD carriers, and if you compare it to other images of Macross, it looks alike. If it weren’t for the fact that Macross 2 became Megaroad 1 and lost its transformation ability, I’d say this was Megaroad 1. Though, look at the shoulder prongs; they’re thinner than the ones on the Macross back on Earth, which are more Zentran like. And its head is larger than that of the original Macross.

    Maybe it’s something dragged in from an alternate universe where the war didn’t end as well for humans? (Like Robotech? :))

    The Two
  134. Macross is a unique rebuild of a Supervision Army Gun Destroyer and the only one of its class. There are other New Macross- and Megaroad-class capital ships, but the design for the SDF-1 is unique. Also, all the others are much larger than the original Macross, and the New Macross-class ships have their own unique designs. Megaroads also can’t transform.

    The Two
  135. Bleah, I can’t wait for how this is going to spin out. The plot definitely is thickening, what with more hints of how Grace is pulling certain strings behind everyone’s back in conjunction with Leon. I’m interested in whether she predicted Ranka’s arrival or not. My guess is that she didn’t, but she engineered Sheryl’s illness as a trigger for who knows what scenario. Check how the Zentradi rebel leader knew Alto had escaped and was headed for his Valkyrie. Who else aside from Sheryl knew he had slipped out?

    It feels like she’s been laying ground work for something big (and possibly profitable IF profit is all she’s after). That girl’s got her hands in a whole bucket of secrets – why else would she be blocking Frontier from gathering data on the Vajira, if she didn’t have vested interests in it?

    In a way, her job as Sheryl’s manager is a convenient excuse to get to many of the places she wants to be in. Who’s going to be suspicious of an entertainer and her entourage?

    So many unanswered questions, like the whereabouts of Galaxy, what is it with Ranka and aliens, and what does Brera have to atone for that he’s allowed himself to be reconstituted as a cyborg under Grace’s thumb? That’s more interesting to me at the moment than who’s going to win the RankaxAltoxSheryl tug of war.

    As for the love triangle, I agree that it hasn’t really dawned on Alto to be aware of how either of the girls feel about him, or be interested in either of the girls romantically. He’s brutally equal with them in that sense, and sure, it’s better for him to sort out his own problems before he chooses to get involved with anyone (plus it keeps us all hanging in suspense).

    My own idle speculation is maybe Alto will eventually realize that he’s in more love with one of them in the middle of the series, but a few episodes later will lose her anyway to some inevitable choice that she has to make, or role she has to play (the fate of humanity > loverboy), and he’ll eventually end up with the other girl as a consolation prize. Heehee.

    On to the next episode! Yeah!

  136. Damn! It looks like they finally discovered it! the missing ‘Megaroid 01’ that carried Lynn Minmay, Hikaru, etc from The original Macross that is. ^^

    Hope they can tie up the loose ends now. LOL… Just great or Awesome. 😀

  137. Sometimes ranka pisses me off and sheryel for that matter I dont like alto at all -_- both girls can do better and whats with ending a battle when she comes out of no where to end a battle 0_0 really i still think episode 1,6,and 7 were the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


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