Though Lelouch is frustrated that Gino and Anya have become part of the student council, he’s even more shocked to find out about the kiss with Shirley. Sayoko had also taken seriously his instructions to manage his personal relationships and has filled his schedule with dates and promises to go out with other girls. Lelouch has no choice but to follow this schedule, from dates with girls in the morning to attending a Black Knights trade agreement ceremony in Shanghai in the afternoon to more dates at night. When he arrives back at Ashford for what’s supposed to be a rendezvous with Shirley, Lelouch tries to sneak past her and gets confronted instead by Anya who wants to know if the picture she has of him when he was young is really him. Lelouch claims that it’s a case of mistaken identity, but before he can say any more, he’s found by both Gino and by a large group of girls. In trying to run away from them, he bumps into a furious Shirley, and he’s saved from her wrath only after Milly suddenly appears to announce that she’s decided to hold a Cupid’s Day for her graduation event. On that day, everyone will wear special hats, and when a girl takes a boy’s hat and puts it own, the two will be forced to become lovers by Milly’s decree.

Meanwhile, at the Britannia imperial capital of Pendragon, the Knight of One Bismark tells Schneizel, Odysseus, Guinevere, and Carine about the Emperor agreeing to the declaration of war on the Chinese Federation. Carine is all for this, and Guinevere suggests that it’s all because it’s unforgivable for Odysseus to be humiliated like that even though Odysseus himself doesn’t mind and is concerned more about the continued war with the EU and peace in Area 11. When Carine doesn’t care about what happens with Nunnally, Odysseus scolds her about getting along since the two girls are similar in age. Guinevere feels that if Cornelia were alive and well, then this would be easily settled, but they haven’t heard anything about her. In her place, Schneizel steps up and takes command, and he feels that hostilities are unneeded because of the bad situation the Chinese Federation is currently in. With just a show of force and negotiations, he thinks that they can obtain half of the territory. Bismark personally views war as no more than a means of diplomacy, except more inefficient, and when he later reports this to the Emperor, the Emperor agrees, saying that it’s something fools do.

Back in Area 11, Gino tries to convince Suzaku to come to Milly’s graduation event, and though Suzaku wants to, he’s aiding the Governor General and has to attend a meeting. To Suzaku’s surprise, Guilford advises him to call Milly later, and Lloyd then changes the subject to the topic at hand – the Guren. The pilot of the Guren is at that moment locked up in a prison, and she’s shocked when Nunnally suddenly shows up to see her. Lelouch meanwhile decides that Cupid’s Day is an event that’ll let him settle things with all the girls in one go. He wants Villetta to take his hat, but Villetta thinks that this is just inviting people to misunderstand, and she suggests Shirley instead. Lelouch, however, doesn’t want to get Shirley involved any further. Unfortunately for him, Milly chooses to make things interesting by announcing to the entire school that whoever brings her Lelouch’s hat will get their club budget increased ten-fold. Everyone thus makes a rush for Lelouch as soon as the even starts, and he luckily has Rolo watching his back – Rolo activates his Geass power briefly over the entire school in order to help hide Lelouch.

While all this has been going on, Cornelia has been single-handedly assaulting the secret desert location where Bartley is. She jumps him right as he and his men are discussing how they might become part of the worst crime in history if their hypothesis is correct. To Cornelia’s surprise, Bartley reveals that the Emperor sent him here, and he thinks that the world is on a path of destruction with the way things are going. Back at Ashford, Lelouch safely makes his way to the library, and based on his observations, he’s no longer worried about the intentions of Gino and Anya. After he’s forced to use his Geass power on one girl who manages to take his hat, Lelouch switches places with the disguised Sayoko, and she enters the fray against everyone chasing him. Sayoko proves adept at avoiding them, especially with Lelouch directing her versus Milly directs everyone else, but things quickly get out of hand. Anya even boards the Mordred to find Lelouch, and her doing so alerts Suzaku and the authorities at Britannian headquarters who have no idea what’s really going on. This also prompts Lelouch to accelerate his plans, and so he directs Sayoko to meet him back at the library. She can’t make it to the secret entrance though because Shirley is nearby, and to complicate things further, the Mordred crashes through the library wall right as Lelouch emerges from the secret elevator. Seeing that the Mordred is reaching for Shirley, Lelouch grabs her and falls with her down the nearby set of stairs. Villetta meanwhile manages to get Anya off their back by asserting that this is the Secret Intelligence Agency’s theater of operations.

Since she now has a moment alone with him, Shirley asks Lelouch why she kissed him and calls him a liar when he claims that it was because he likes her. Without thinking, Lelouch insists that he is serious, but he has a hard time coming up with a reason, so Shirley teases him with the idea of doing more than just a kiss with her. Lelouch saying that they can’t causes Shirley to realize that the old Lelouch is back, and that relieves her because she had felt that he hadn’t been himself recently. She agrees to forgive him, but in exchange, she wants him to close his eyes. Instead of kissing him though, she pulls on his cheeks and exchanges their hats, saying that she’ll make him fall in love with her someday. The two then emerge from the library wearing each others hats, and when Milly sees them, she thinks that Lelouch finally understands. She had gotten tired of the lack of progress in their relationship, so this was all for them. Shirley ends up thanking Milly, and this sets off a wave of appreciation from the entire student body. Even Suzaku – who had responded to what he thought was an emergency – lands the Lancelot and congratulates her on graduating. In the aftermath, Milly takes a job as a TV weather-woman and cancels her engagement with Lloyd. She wants Nina to see her in particular because she feels that she’s being more sincere to herself now.

Sometime later, Shirley is walking through the streets of the city when she is suddenly stopped in her tracks by a blue wave. It originated from the eye on the mask on Jeremiah’s face, and V.V. calls it the destroyer of all Geass – the Geass Canceller. Its effect causes Shirley to suddenly remember everything she had forgotten, including the fact that Lelouch is the Zero that killed her father.


For a show that’s normally fairly serious, this episode actually ended up being pretty funny with all the galloping horses and everyone overreacting to the Mordred. That alone wasn’t enough for me to say that having another Ashford-focused episode was worth it though, and given that we’re now about halfway through the series, I still think they would have been better off advancing the main story instead of the Shirley and Milly subplots. That statement of course hinges on the assumption that Lelouch and Shirley’s relationship won’t have a major impact on the main story, and it’s very possible that it could.

In any case, the main story did move forward a bit with the scenes of Bismark and the royals, Kallen being paid a visit by Nunnally, and Cornelia’s reappearance. Cornelia is especially interesting because it feels like she’s gone rogue, and given her new image (she looks a lot better with that hairstyle and without the purple lipstick), I think that there’s a possibility that she could ally with Zero or at least become a protagonist instead of an antagonist. What Bartley said about the path of destruction and being part of the worst crime in history is also notable in the ominous sort of way, though it remains to be seen what he actually meant.

The end-of-episode cliffhanger this week was another good one, this time involving with Jeremiah’s new ability and Shirley’s regained memories. The Geass Canceller raises a lot of questions about how it works and how it interacts with the rules of Lelouch’s Geass. Specifically, if it can get rid of the Geass effect in Shirley, then does that mean that Lelouch can re-Geass her now? And since V.V. says that it can destroy all Geass, then does that mean that it can take away Lelouch’s power permanently? I also get the distinct feeling that Jeremiah could end up being something like a Mao character. It was around this time that Mao showed up in the first series, and Mao was involved with the Shirley side-plot just like Jeremiah is now, so I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to compare the two, especially if Jeremiah remains an annoyance rather than a serious threat. The preview for next week seems to imply that Jeremiah will lose yet again, but who knows what else can happen, especially now that Shirley’s memories are back in play.


  1. First!

    I enjoy these “fun” episodes as a good cooldown. It’s kinda interesting that they’re following a very similar pattern to season 1. Hopefully Orange-kun plays a bigger role than Mao did.

  2. Wow, Cornelia looks beautiful in a dangerous way now. At the end of the episode…oh for…Orange-kun nd Shirley!! lol. Oh my gosh, that’s just hilarious, poor Shirley.

  3. I completely agree on Cornelia looking much better without the ridiculous wavy bang thing she had in s1. I really wonder how she fits into the story now – like Euphie she was one of the very few royals that seemed to genuinely care about Marianne/Lelouch.

    I find it rather *nice* (lol) that Rolo is started to get irritated whenever someone tries to hog Lelouch away from him. With a good push I can see him killing Shirley without any hesitation…

    Gino is apparently 17. o.O

  4. I wonder what role Cornelia will play in the story? Looks like things aren’t looking good for Lelouch though – everything seems to be stacking up against him @.@ I wouldn’t put it past Xingke’s disease to kick in at some crucial moment if he’s still part of the overall scheme of the story… And where’s my C.C.!? Blasphemy D:

  5. LOL Jeremiah aka Orange Kun , has Geass deactivate lol Lelouch has become a chick magnet, i cant believe sayako can do all those moves, i thought she was like just a normal maid, but she moves around like a supreme fighter or an assassin or something… Is it just me, or does Cornelia look alot younger now with her longer hair, In terms of the black knights this episode seems more of a filler ….

  6. It would be interesting to know if Orange-kun’s Geass Cancellor negated only Lulu’s geass effect, or Charles’ one too. If Shirley knew of the bond between Lulu and Nunnally… 🙂

  7. Wow……. Geass canceler… Even Orange-kun could save Euphemia with that power. so much for that, Sayoko could be an assassin if lelouch would tell her to be so.
    I think Shirley being able to remember everything is not a big issue since She already decided what what to do about that after the incident with MAO in season 1… ^^.

  8. In the end Shirley will kill Lelouch, bet?
    Interesting new factor this Geass canceller, wonder what Lelouch/Zero will do about it.

    I agree, that this episode is rather a filler. Next week seems to be pretty much action packed again though. Wonder when they’ll save Kallen.

  9. Cornelia was pretty hurt in that battle with Lelouch… wonder what she’s doing in unison with Lelouch or against… either way, she’s deep into the whole Geass thing.

  10. Im starting to get worried now about how brittania is reasearching the guren. Seems like the already overpowered mechs on their side will soon gain the power of the radiation wave. This aint good for the black knights!!!

  11. So let’s see.. Cornelia is back, as is Jeremiah and Shirley will become unstable again… I smell some impending carnage. Seriously- there’s only so long that main characters get to survive in Sunrise shows.

  12. the middle pic of the preview, is that Orange-kun? because i can actually see him doing that if he see lelouche, after all he was one of the guards the day of the incident, right?

  13. Best part of the show (and season so far) is the return of Cornelia!

    The rest is just silliness for a few laughs. Orange got super haxed now, going in-line with the series mantra of plot haxing everything they can in every new episode.

    Oh well, 13 episodes to go. Wonder what they’ll hax next.

  14. How could poeple have so many dates on one day… 108 of them?! Another thing we should wonder is why Sayoko seem like she knows Miria? And how come the next episode seem like Suzaku is following Shirley and Lelouch on the date?

  15. How can that be Cornelia? I thought Cornelia had purple eyes… *goes to look back at season one*

    Otherwise the raw of this episode was laughable I can’t wait to see it with subs <333

  16. Hehe wonder whatle happen now.. Cornelia’s Back, Alive wtf? though she died Lol but anyway, the thing is the new Geass Cancellor, that could be trouble.. Im kind of glah shirley remembers even if she may cause trouble (again ^_^). But im still a KallenxLulu fan ;D!!!

  17. I hate to say it, but Lelouch should just get rid of Shirley. I mean for a side character, she’s the only one who gets in the way ALL the time.
    1) It was because of Shirley that Villetta discovered Lelouch to be Zero in season one.
    2)Shirley wrote down on a piece of paper that Lelouch was Zero.(What if she kept it and someone finds it?)
    3)Shirley is too easy to manipulate.(Villetta and Mao both used her to get to Lelouch)
    4)Lelouch erased her memories then she found the paper she wrote his secret on and got them back then she lost her memory thanks to V.V. and the emperor and now Jeremiah gives it back?! Pretty soon somebody is gonna mess her mind up real bad.
    Sorry if I rambled too much, but I really don’t see a need for Shirley.

    Peachy Zutto
  18. Meh, this show just keeps adding more and more and more to it that leads me to believe, in the end, Lelouch will be the loser. I know he is kind of one of the bad guys in this series but I have been rooting for him from day one. I do not want Suzaku to wina nd of course nor do I want Brittania to still be in power at the end.

    I am just tired of new threats poping up every episode. Its the same formula all season long: New threat or Knightmare pops up that leads to Lelouch revealing a new weapon or strategy or Knightmare himself. Let’s just get on witht he story and either put Lelouch out of his misery or let him defeat some of Brittania.

  19. For all of Geass, PLEASE let Shirley die! ARGH! She’s just like ORIHIME from Bleach. *pouts* Not cool!

    And Orange-kun, let’s make your life a living hell, tehehe. I’m glad Cornelia’s alive, though. She’s pretty cool 😀 But is she stripped of her Princess status? O.o

  20. AWESOME EPISODE THIS WEEK!!!! Here’s a quick summary of my thoughts:
    -“…BTW I kissed Shirley! :D” -Sayoko “WHAT?!” -Rolo “…..D:” -Lelouch
    -Apparently, Anya’s 15 and Gino’s 17. Hm, interesting. 8D
    -“Oh, and Lelouch…I fucked up your schedule too! :D” -Sayoko “WTF is your problem woman?!?!?! >:E” -Rolo “…I want to die. ;_;” -Lelouch
    -“I do not approve of Lelouch being a man!slut.” -Shirley “And I do not approve of you! :D” -Rolo
    – LOL. Rolo wants his Lelouch to return (to bed) home. 😀
    -But MY GOD Shirley. Shut up!!! >_>
    -Nunally’s sunshine and bubbles are at work! 😀
    -Millay likes to tease Lulu a little too much. I approve. >:3
    -And WTF, the dude from Lost Colors is still around?! XD;;;
    – Since when could Rolo geass THE WHOLE SCHOOL?!?!?! O____o
    -LOL sexy time in the closet y/y? 😀 “Sorry nii-san but I can’t hold back anymore!”
    -Is it just me or does Gino love to be chased by fangirls? XD;;;
    – For real Milly?! The damn FOOTBALL team?! O.o
    – Sayoko is a ninja. Too bad she rejected female sexy time and made Lelouch seem GHEY. XD;;;
    – Did I mention that the flip was FABULOUS? (Even Rolo approves! :D)
    -JESUS ANYA!!! It’s NOT THAT SERIOUS!!! O______________O
    -“Um, plz but that battletank away Anya. O_o” -Viletta-sensei “…Poo.” -Anya
    – LOL to pulling Lelouch’s cheeks! Me like! 😀 😀 😀
    -…yup. Sayoko is a ninja. XD;;;
    -Aw… Rolo wants (some) alone time with Lelouch too. XD;;;
    – “LOL now I work for Biglobe! Can you say monopoly? :D” -Millay
    – Wait…so doesn’t that make Lelouch the Student Council President? O.o
    – Orejii-kun is drinking orange juice. Being Orejii-kun. 😀
    -WOOT FOR ANTI-GEASS!!!! 😀 😀 😀 (Too bad it was wasted on Shirley first. >_>)

    Preview for Turn 13:
    -Suzaku and Lelouch’s fashion senses still suck. Suzaku get rid of those shades and Lelouch burn that girly jacket already!
    -But Lelouch and Suzaku are going on a date! ….but Shirely is the third wheel. GODDAMMIT. D:<

  21. @ Shanna and Cain:
    Read my post on page 2! It could be Jeremiah, but it’s definitely NOT Suzaku!

    -”…BTW I kissed Shirley! :D” -Sayoko “WHAT?!” -Rolo “…..D:” -Lelouch”
    Yeah, I also loled on that scene when I saw the raw, especialy Sayoko being so calm xD.
    She’s definitely my type 😛

  22. Lelouch won’t lose, but he won’t actually win either, not the way most of you seem to think he will.

    As for Britannia, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sure the emperor will be gone, and all the Geass order as well (maybe CC also), but the empire isn’t just going to go poof overnight people. And Lelouch doesn’t want to rule the world if you haven’t noticed. He wants to kill daddy and spend the rest of his time with his sister.

  23. I think that there’s too many things already in motion with this show. Unless there’s going to be a season 3, I hope this show considers 50 episodes to explain everything.

  24. Wonder the same, when they’ll save Kallen. Maybe Nunally help her.

    I don remember, Cornellia know about Zero identidy??? I think Shirley shoot Lelouch (Sayoko) in a moment of the series and everyone thinks he is dead, and Zero use this.

  25. Hmm Cornelia knows zeros identity because lelcouh revealed himself to her in ep 25 after darlton speared her (those old gloucesters could do anything lol) Because she mentioned euphies name i think shes getting revenge or researching into geass because she knows because of lelouches irregulr ability that some weird power exists and thas what shes been doing for her year our (besides getting a makeover!)
    Bartley doesnt look like he likes helping Jeremiah and V.V> and with cornelia with him now it might be enough for him to share her backbone aand start secretly ploting against either the cult or V.V

    WingZero zxt
  26. A) Cornelia’s hot in that new look (though I’d never say it to her face lest she ends up pwning me)
    B) Seeesh Orange-kun’s back with a major vengence (and to think such a thing won’t be used to cure Carve-tan. I wonder how much that will bite Lulu in his rear end. And would that affect Suzaku’s “Live!” Geass?
    C) On a non-serious note: is this the guest character of this season? ( ) well she can give Kallen and Milly a run for their mune.
    D) Ninja maids aren’t nothing too new, but she did TOO good of a job with acting like lulu.

  27. Ya know,

    Kallen has just been placed in a rather compromising position. She can, in theory, inform/warn Nunally of the deception around her, particularly from Suzaku and the Emperor, but has to be careful not to give away that Lelouch is Zero or that she knows where he is. Hopefully, Nunally will help Kallen out in some way; I mean, she is the governor of the juristiction that most of Kallen’s ‘crimes’ have been committed, so it’s reasonable to assume she has some say what happens to her.

  28. I’ll throw in a twist on the Geass canceler, since everyone is thinking it cancels all Geass. What if he can CHOOSE which one to cancel, getting rid of Leouch’s Geass, but not the Emperor’s.

  29. Oh, thank GOD that Milly ditched Lloyd. Of course, the image of Lloyd enjoying this kinda bothers me… since it means he either wants Cecile…. or really wants Suzaku, both of whom are conveniently in the background.

  30. ummm i have a question what did orange kun mean when he said *are there really SP people?*

    sayoko also said she was an SP when rolo told her *you call yourself a female ninja*

    what does SP mean ? @_@ been bothering me a lot

  31. What I don’t get is how everyone seemed to have forgotten about Kallen…except for her brief appearance no one mentioned her or the Gurren…which most likely will be reversed engineered.

    I’m also wondering about the regeass thing…because either Shirley dies or she gets Geassed again plus I wonder how the emperorGeassed everyone in the Student counsel…

  32. Oh shit, Great Ending to this Episode.

    GEASS CANCELER?! Oh heck, Lulu has more shit the deal with now. Orange is finally making his move and its a big one. Will she confront Lulu about it anytime soon? ( I like what you said about the canceler makes a lot of sense.)

    As for the episode, as a whole, It was very entertaining. Rollo def. has a brother complex. Its quite cute. Oh Heck, I almost forgot we got some Cornellia in this episode. ( About time!) What is she digging for? Well this was a nice episode to take the tension away but what about Kallen. Seems Lulu forgot all about her. lol And what is Nunnally up to?

    Grats to Milly for graduating. lol But a little shock she dump Lloyd. Well, Lloyd is always cheerful but i bet he is a bit sad. Anya was entertaining bringing her Knight to the event. pshh when will this girl get it?(lol) and what is her connection with CC?

  33. Well, the Emperor is like, well, the Emperor. So what would have happened is he would have said “hey guys, get all the people Lelouch was friends with, and bring them here”, and they would have been taken to him, been all like “holy shit it’s the mofoing Emperor” and then he would have Geassed them and sent them home.

    However, I too am interested to see whether the reverse Geass will allow Lelouch to use his on people again, and also what effect reverse Geass has on Geass users.

  34. I like the subtle feelings that Milly has for Lelouch. Must people can’t tell but
    she really does have feelings for him. It seems that she gives up on trying to get
    Lelouch because of Shirley. But in a Milly perfect world she is the one with Lelouch because
    she knows pretty much everything about his history. It pretty sad in a way that LuLu doesn’t
    even notice.

  35. @niriel it undid charles’s geass also. in shirley’s memory flashback she also saw the emperor (prolly geassing her to forgot lelouch was zero for the 2nd time).

    the cornilia lelouch relationship will be an interesting one. she on one hand is trying to clear euphie which was done by lelouch and the other i think she has a soft side for lelouch. its also clear she blames geass as a whole, and she’s prolly gonna go anti-emperor also.

    my conclusion she’s prolly gonna join up with the middle squad whose true alliance is with neither the emperor or lelouch like susaku and scheizel.

    on a side note this episode was pretty stupid except for the the couple seconds of actual story involved. so glad shen hu and toudou will be back nxt ep.

  36. wow, i luv this show so much! no matter how long i dwell on it, i just can never figure out what is gonna happen next! i luved that cliffhanger, and i think that one of the most important aspect of this ep that i really liked was that it illustrated that lelouch is still very much a teenage boy, who gets flustered like everyone at times when there is kissing (wink wink) involved and when he is frustrated…his character tends to suck the audience into thinking that he really is superhuman with no emotions and an allfocused goal — so its nice when the writers take a moment to remind us that lelouch is far from superhuman, in fact he makes tons of mistakes and gets flustered just like the rest of us..^~^ thats all for my summary this week! haha

  37. Nice to see Cornillia is back. now if we could only figure out who’s side she’s on.
    I’m also curious about why it is in the next episode Suzaku seems to be pleading with Lelouch about something. Falling to your knees and bowing is pretty extreme so it must mean something.

    I wish they hadn’t cut away from Nunnally meeting Kallen. Wish we could of seen that conversation. I thought the whole reason Lelouch came back was to save Kallen. Yet I haven’t seen him do much of that.

    It would kind of suck if Jeremiah’s new power could remove a person’s Geass power. I kind of doubt it does that though. I just think it tends to remove a persons Geass commands. Other wise you’d think they would first use it on Lelouch.
    This does raise a question though. How is it they knew that Shirley knew that Lelouch is Zero? Only people who knew that were C.C., Moa, Lelouch, and Shirley.
    Last time she partially got her memories back she didn’t try and kill Lelouch.
    Not to mention that they aren’t even sure that Lelouch and Zero are the same person, because Lelouch has been seen at Ashford all this time.

  38. I’m pretty sure the person falling to the ground in the preview is Orange. The hair colour is similar, and the lightning effect around him fits with Oranges new technology fuelled Geass Canceller.

  39. AMUSING ‘couple’ of points (one of them in relation to omnis summary)
    1. Anya distinctly notes that there were 2 lelouchs which may complicate things in the future ! (wasnt in summary i dont think! )
    2. Is it just me or i the new girls voice incredibly grating! Seriously when she spoke i thought ‘ ARGH someone just stabbed my ear with a twiglet! (man i miss thouse whatever happend to them?)
    3. Suzakus plan has even less chance now that weve seen who the knight of one is! Bismark is a MAN-TANK! and hes pretty close to the emperor from the looks of thingas aswell! Also Bismark’s eye doesnt look damaged it just looks sewn shut!!! he might have some SUPER MALEVOLENT GEASS POWER! somthing like looking him in the eye causes you to suffer as if poisoned them die after 10 mins (great for interrogation)
    Or the power to make any ammount of sakuradite explode within 500 meteres just by looking in its general direction (a good reason for it to be sewn shut and also why hes sucha good knight of one! looks at enemy frames and tey explode! :P) lol jokes am i overstepping a bit or is him having geass in that sewn up eye a distinct possibility!

    WingZero zxt
  40. This episode isn’t exactly a filler because Code Geass doesn’t run along a manga series so techinically filler is wrong to define the episode. But Anyways even if the plot doesn’t seem too developed to everyone I find it was pretty good at developing because you know Shirley had to get her memories back some time, and also the Shirley + Lelouch pairing also extends. Orange Kun is back- bad because Shirley remembers the bad memories and good because now everyone in Asford can remember Nunally- because it is a Geass canceler. So yay… Can’t wait until next ep and Cornelia has a new look and a new personality- that’s a shocker but it’s very good.

  41. I don’t think that Jeremiah was necessarily targeting Shirley in particular. V.V. asked him whether “this is the eighth location now,” so it sounds like he’s going around the city using his geass canceler on potentially large numbers of people. If the majority of the people in Tokyo who were effected by Lelouch’s geass end up with it being canceled, that could be a big problem.

    Of course, the geass canceler brings up two questions. One, can Lelouch regeass someone who’s been ungeassed by Jeremiah? And two, what kinds of effects does it undo?

    It wouldn’t make much sense for Rolo’s geass to be undone unless Jeremiah his when Rolo is actually using his geass because his geass has no lasting effects. The same would go for Mao’s geass if he were still around. Given that the emperor’s geass rewrites memories, it’s a prime target for being undone. As for Lelouch, it depends on what he did with it.

    Shirley is a special case because he made his geass do something similar to his fathers by blocking here memories. As such, it’s easily undone. Lelouch has used his geass to erase other people’s memories from time to time, but it’s a fairly rare that he uses his geass in that manner.

    Any commands that he gave that are still in effect (such as Suzaku being told to live) would almost certainly be undone. However, what most of the commands that Lelouch has given wouldn’t be undone. If he commanded someone to do something and they’ve already done it, then they’re no longer under the effect of his geass and it makes no sense for Jeremiah’s geass remover to be able to somehow undo what they did. The same goes for asking people questions. The only real question there is whether people will then remember what they did while under the influence of Lelouch’s geass. I’m guessing that the answer is no. The reason that they don’t remember appears to be because the geass damages their mind, not because the geass itself is blocking those memories, so it’s not like the geass canceler really has anything to undo.

    Honestly, I think that Jeremiah’s geass canceler is here primarily so that Shirley can remember about Zero and we can have at least one episode with her freaking out about that and trying to figure out what to do about it. There’s even a halfway decent chance that she’ll forget again because Lelouch reuses his geass on her. This really looks like they’re paralleling the Mao incident from season 1. Having Shirley remember though could have some positive effects on the plot later on though, so who knows how far they’ll go with the Mao parallel. They’re paralleling season 1 a lot, but rarely outright copying it.

    As for the geass cancelers effects other than Shirley. the only other major people in Tokyo right now who would be affected by the geass remover in a significant way are those in the student council who had their memories altered by the emperor, and if they’re memories were regained – much as we might like that – it would mean that they would all stand a good chance of finding out about Lelouch – which colud be a big problem, so I question that anyone else major is going to be affected by the geass canceler. Of course, unless Milly comes within range of Jeremiah – which is less likely now that she’s left school – Rivalz is the only member of the student council around to be un-geassed, so the impact of Jeremiah using his geass canceler on those at school might not be all that big.

    So, really, I think that the main reason that Jeremiah has shown up with a geass canceler is entirely so that Shirley can get here memories back and we can have a parallel for season 1’s Mao mess. His effect in Tokyo is likely to be somewhat low otherwise. Still, if he’s really trying to undo the geass effects on pretty much everyone in the city who Lelouch geassed, then he at least thinks that he’s around to do more than mess with Shirley.

  42. Cornelia’s back!!!! I wonder if she will join the Black Knights? Hmmmm….maybe or maybe not..

    Emperor’s plan is the end of the world? sounds like Evangelion to me….

    Orange-kun’s Geass canceller? Hmmm, now he’s Mao in this season….I wonder if he will go nuts like him? Oh, wait…he’s already nuts….

    ….and if he cancels the geass on Suzaku, then Suzaku can kill himself!!!! BwaaaHAAAA!!!!!!

    Lelouch getting all the chicks….this is going to be legen—–wait for it——————-dary!!!!

  43. Let me get this straight: The “Britannian Empire”, according to the map they used in this episode, is a monarchy with a sublet aristocracy that comprises the entire Western Hemisphere, but not the British Isles?

    I’d say these Japanese fantasies have gone beyond “reaching”.

  44. If you look at the scene where Orange-dude undos Shirly’s geass effect, you can see that the mind nerve thing resets to what it was before she was geassed. Thus, it is safe to assume that the canceller cancels all effects, including the one time use limit.

    Oh shit, if Lelouch gets this…

  45. GEASS Canceler!
    @Kal im not saying your wrong but what you said at the end relys on a couple of things
    1. that the student council was actually geassed and not brainwashed by some other means!
    2. that Jeremih cant control the cancelors effects i.e. target 1 person even if its just targeing one person in the same way rolo does by not making the field of efect very big!
    3.Suzaku is a potential major effect of the geass cancelor! lets see how long that traitorus scum lives without lelouchs geass protecting him from his own sub-conscious death wish! (” Hi Bismark i want your job”, “Oh Really well you have to fight me for it”, “ok thats fine but i warn you im quite good with martial arts”, “Well thats not a problem for yo see im a MAN-TANK who has a secret power sealed in my left eye” “Gulp”…. Seconds later … Suzaku lying dead and broken on the ground Bismark redoing up his stitching)
    Also unless they cant be bothered (for want of a better phrase) Jeremiahs ability gives him potential to be a major threat and theefore last longer than Mao! the difference between them was that Mao was there to make us definately beleive that A) there were other Geass users besides lelouch and B) geass can and probably will eventually grow uncontrollable! basically Mao was there as a plot device whereas Jeremiahs Iregular and incredibly dangerous ability makes lelouch incredibly vulnerable! imagine episode 23 if Jeremiah had G-C’d everyone in the sttlement in key areas! the clock counts down 0:00:05…0:00:04…0:00:03…0:00:02…0:00:01…0:00:00….. nothing happens! How much MORE screwed would he have been if that had happened! Also my final theory regarding kallens teas in the starup is that lelouch upon realising shirley has her memories back becomes Zeros lover after some tears and some Jeremiah blahblah kallen eventually fred by nunally after telling nunnal very little except her brothers looking for her returns (with the guren yes thats right nunally has no military sense)to find shirley in a BK uniform her excuse being if Lelouch fails er father would have died for nothing Kallen gets upset that lelouch chose some random ginger girl over her nad more importantly that he didnt save her! then the battle for defense of the chinese federation border starts and she sorties crying!
    4. (sort of ) im not sure if this was wat you were trying to say but Rolos geass would be rendered inefeective if Jeremiah was using the G-C at the same time that rolo used his geass. Also its possible that the G-C wold restore memory of the time you spent frozen when Rolo was activated (in other words an entire classroom of girls would realise that lelocuh was picked up by rolo and moved out of the room! how amusing would that be!!! 🙂 im not sure that this is very likely however

    WingZero zxt
  46. I have never been that crazy about the Ashford fillertastic epi’s, but this one amused me. I suppose that Milly had to be sorted out, what she really wanted, if she would go with Lloyd (wish I thought she would), if she would chase Lelouch, etc. I guess that now her story her is resolved, that is one person out of the way. Maybe she will proof to be useful to Lelouch and Zero later on the story.

    Jeremiah’s geass should only do limited damage. As Kalessin wrote, the only thing that could bring trouble, is if the geass affected people would remember what they did. And I doubt that. It could still do some damage to those who are still affected by the geass in some manner. I wonder if the emperor agrees with this. If he does, I can’t really see the point of brainwashing a whole lot of people, if the effects will be undone. Especially if they still believe Lelouch has not regained his memories. What would they try to achieve with that? Unless they know Lelouch has his memories restored, of course.

    I hope Cornelia will support Zero/Lelouch at some point and that she will understand why Zero did what he did to Euphemia (the accident, pulling the trigger, etc.). Not that it makes him killing his sister any less criminal, but at least there were reasons for it.

    I’m not really a fan of Lelouch x Shirley, to be honest.
    And C.C. should start communicating with Lelouch about talking to dead people and such. The emperor knows what V.V. wants, but Lelouch doesn’t know what C.C. wants. C.C. didn’t mention the evnt with Anya either. Then again, Lelouch isn’t questioning C.C. either, about what she wants from him after the contract between the two is completed, as example.

  47. I can see now. That is Jeremiah. His outfit looks a lot like Suzaku’s Rounds outfit. I doubt they would show Jeremiah’s defeat in the preview. I’m thinking that will be more of a malfunction.

    I doubt Cornillia will join Lelouch. We aren’t even sure if she even remembers if Zero is Lelouch. People do tend to forget things even just before the Geass.
    Seems like she’s trying to get information about Geass. It is interesting how she now knows of Geass. Someone must of told her. Seeing how she’s attacking that base I doubt it was another V.V. thing.
    Zero was the one who used the Geass on his sister. Not sure what would happen if he got the chance to explain to Cornillia.

    I’m getting a bad feeling about Shirley. Ever notice that right before one of the girls gets dragged out they have these touching moment’s with Lelouch. Much like with Kallen. They were getting close and then she was captured. Yet again Shirley is back in the story. Here’s hoping she doesn’t die this time.
    This raises a question. How would Jeremiah and V.V. even know that Shirley knows Lelouch is Zero? Only a few people knew about that. Is it that they knew or was he just systematically going through town removing Geass effects of people around town?

  48. I honestly fear for this show. With every new character or major power introduction, they create a whole slew of plot holes. Now, normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, if they dealt with all of them, but everything’s just becoming a chaotic mess now.

  49. @Cyrlix If your plot holing was regarding how jeremiah knew about shirley it was sheer *coincidence* that he got her in in amongst the few hundred thousand other people he caught wth it. If shirley then freaks out about it right under the building shes in then obviously hes gonna think ‘amusing… but also interesting this warrants a further look!’ if uve noticed a different plot hole however please enlighten me because aside from the chess game the uncertainties with the way rolos power actually finctions and the specifics regarding C.C and her ability to undo a geass effect im not sure there have been many mor thsn that (and the ones ive mentioned arent all plot holes either!)

    WingZero zxt
  50. You know, I find it somewhat interesting – if not disturbing – that Sayoko has basically turned out to actually be a ninja after all that joking a couple episodes back of how she must using some crazy ninja skills or something to impersonate Lelouch.

  51. C.C Said that Zero’s Geass Has gotten stronger. I suppose it must be impossible to de-geass a person since he got his permanent geass. its about time they show what aspects of his geass has gotten stronger.

  52. i had a thought/query does GEASS CANCELER mean that Jeremiah could cancel someones contract and therefore make the loose thier ability!? after all the name is a bit all encompassing

    WingZero zxt
  53. Once again, I will voice my HUGE distaste for Orange-kun. And now he’s an even bigger asshole. An asshole with a strong power though…. Though I do like thta Shirley has her memories back, and the idea of an ability that cancels Geass. But it’s really ironic, a Geass that cancels Geass.

  54. also dos anyone find it isconcerting that the emperor said war was pointless and that only fools go to war? hopefully im mistaken but im really frightened of them turning this anime intosomthing where u find out tat the emperor and hi crew were in the right the whole time especially since even though lelouch had a point The emperor was well within his rights as a faher to discipline his chld when lelouch storms in to have his meeting!
    Also i dont think it fair for Milly to be taking advise from a CRAZY LADY!

    WingZero zxt
  55. About Orange’s geass canceller: Yes it cancels all geass effects, not just Lelouch but also the Emperor’s. The answer lies on Shirley being able to remember that Lelouch is Zero. If you guys look back in Season 1, Shirley already found out that Lelouch was Zero after she was Geassed by Lelouch, it was all because of the scrap piece of paper she threw out from her diary. Remember that she was even hesitant towards Lelouch near the end of S1, also she was wondering why she had forgotten about him and the fact that he was Zero. However, because of the Emperor’s geass ability that everyone in school had their memories warped, including Shirley who forgot about Lelouch being Zero TWICE!

    Therefore, the fact that she remembered Lelouch is Zero wasn’t just because Lelouch’s geass was cancelled, but it was also because the Emperor’s geass was cancelled. It wouldnt make sense why Shirley would remember if only Lelouch’s geass was cancelled, since that would mean that Shirley would still not remember Lelouch as Zero because of the Emperor’s geass.

    So right now all we can say is that Orange’s geass canceller does cancel all geass’ effects. This would prove quite interesting, since I was under the impression that Rollo also had a geass canceller/shield since he wasn’t affected by Lelouch’s geass on episode 4 when Lelouch directly looked at Rollo.

    A Rollo+Lelouch vs. Orange battle should be very interesting.

  56. @kencute321: Even with the ability to cancel the geass that Lelouch had accidentally placed on Euphemia, there would be no point, why?

    I understood why Lelouch had no choice but to kill Euphie, it was because even though Euphie will sooner or later break the geass effect, then what will happen after she does that? What would happen if she found out that she directly and indirectly killed off the japanese that she swore she was going to give freedom to? Knowing Euphemia’s character, she wouldn’t be able to live on carrying such a sin or burden, even if she found out that it wasn’t her fault or it wasn’t intentional.

    Not only that, but Euphemia’s image to everyone would be stained, thus people calling her the Massacre Princess. If Euphemia was still alive, there was no way she can live on with all of those factors.

  57. @X

    Lelouch never attempted to geass Rolo. He said that he was going to, but then Rolo used his to get behind him before Lelouch actually commanded him to do anything. Rolo should be as susceptible to geasses as anyone else.

  58. Also regarding the preview i think its obvious lelouch beats Orange by activating soeme kind of electromagnet in the car they are in! remember his body is atleast half covered in metal now!

    WingZero zxt
  59. The title for the next episode is really appropriate. When you think Assassin from past, who could it be? It could be a number of people.

    1. Shirley who came close to shooting Lelouch in season 1 with a gun.
    2. Jerimiah who has a special grudge against zero and who just doesn’t stay dead.
    3. Rolo who is an assassin who has a long track record of being assassin in the past.

    Lelouch. He’s really smart. Jerimiah’s body is part cybernetic. Taking advantage of the train’s magnetic rail system was brilliant.

    Jerimiah was rebuilt with ends to recreate CC’s powers. So it must be fair to assume that CC also has a geass cancelor. Jerimiah’s motivation in confronting Lelouch could likely be an attempt to take away Lelouch’s geass – The power of the king.

    At the same time if Jerimiah uses his geass cancelor at Ashford, it will cause problems for Lelouch’s cover. The girl who wrote + signs on the wall every day. The two girls who back in season 1 saw Arthur with Zero’s mask on its head. The real problem already surfacing with Shirley who now remembers everything about Lelouch and Zero and her father and her memories and Suzaku and the emperor.

    While I’m thinking about it, where did the idea come from that VV is able to teleport? Was that every confirmed? Or is that merely speculation in an attempt to explain what might have happened?

    I don’t believe VV teleported anyone anywhere. Bartley and his team likely salvaged Sigfried and Jerimiah after the Black Rebellion. They were the ones who rebuilt him after all – as was confirmed by VV in episode 11. Furthermore I believe that it was Suzaku who took the student council members in front of the emperor where their minds were altered in accordance with Charles’ plans. Also look at the scene at the end of episode 12 where Shirley begins to remember. The first image we see and the last image that Shirley sees is that of Charles, the emperor.

    In the episode 13 preview it appears that Shirley is keeping to herself. She is caught between Lelouch being Zero and Suzaku’s betrayal. The spoiler for this episode had said that she would call Suzaku out. Now that her memories have returned Shirley is suspicious of everyone, this includes Lelouch. The scene at the end of the preview look like Shirley and Lelouch will have thier confrontation in a church. She will likely want to hold on to her memories. Lelouch will probably talk about how his memories were also played with after the black rebellion. I’ll predict that Lelouch will not use his geass on Shirley a 2nd time to make her forget. After all, isn’t it our memories that make us who we are? Shirley might say something about Rolo and Suzaku and possibly her father. Lelouch will talk about Nunally and his past as a prince of Britania. The idea that their memories were manipulated may bring a consensus between them. And being sold off to the emperor by one of their close friends – Suzaku. Thus Shirley will keep Lelouch’s secret safe. Still though, provided Shirley calls out Suzaku – how can she do so without calling attention to Lelouch. Huh…

    Based on Jerimiah casualness how do we think Villeta will respond to him? Jerimiah will be going to Ashford next episode to use his geass cancelor. It is very likely that he’ll be picked up on the surveillance system and Villeta will see him.

    Anya and Gino could serve to be unlikely allies for Lelouch given enough time.

    Rolo could possibly follow behind Lelouch, Shirley, with Suzaku on their ‘date’. Maybe they’ll all go on the cable car or the subway. I wouldn’t know how they have gotten separated. But I could see Rolo activating the control system that causes Jerimiah to fall to his knees.

    Xingke and Toudo. It’ll probably show them clearing up the remaining opposition forces that were loyal to the eunichs. With CC, they might also discover the location of the order and she’ll contact Lelouch. The spoiler for episode 14 said about an annihilation operation againt the order – corning VV before Sigfried appears. I can see making his return in Vincent to more even the odds in Lelouch’s favor.

    So Kallen is in Area 11 in prison – and is visited by Nunally. Nunally would want to know the truth about Zero and about where Lelouch is and doing. This is a real opportunity for these two to get closer. From Nunally to Kallen to Lelouch and from Kallen to Nunally to Lelouch. I would suspect that Kallen could be let off easy and be by order of the govenor, Kallen would become her guest as Lady Kallen. So essentially Kallen isn’t alone being a prisoner anymore. She would be with Nunally. With Suzaku watching them like the knight/traitor he is.

    I don’t know how the Kallen/Nunally relationship will play out, but I can see Nunally siding with Zero through Kallen’s influence. Another indication they will be rescued is with Lelouch’s words in the episode 13 preview. Lelouch says, “I must liberate Japan.” This suggests future plans of an invasion of Japan(Looks like I might have been correct). Lelouch could retrieve Kallen and Nunally in one fell swoop. What I want to know is who Lelouch asks for advice and what his first selection mistake was? — “like I have been all this time?” Lelouch was a selection mistake? I don’t understand… Can someone clear that up for me, if possible? As for the advice bit, I’m betting he asks Villeta because she, Shirley, and Lelouch all had a past together back in season 1. It would be interesting to see how Shirley reacts to Villeta now that she remembers shooting her. Villeta would also work because she has something very important in common with Shirley – in that her memories were also played with. Worth noting is how Viletta’s pov might reflect upon looking back – is her whole experience with Ogi and her feelings for him. Shirley might come to a similar conclusion with her own reflection.

  60. I like the new cornelia. she’s pretty 😀

    several people made it up and i guessed we all went along with it without thinking it thoroughly.

    Sayoko has some major ninja skills. I mean did you see her flying skills through tghe fireworks? I don’t think “Suzaku Death-Cheat” can beat that. O.O and the way she disappeared after giving Milly her final words?! I like to have that skill. It seems to me that Milly wanted Lelouch’s hat all for herself since she is secretly in love with Lelouch but she used Shirley excuse to shield her dispair….:( I would rather let Milly have his hat instead of shirley though. I hope she die along with Suzaku. Let’s hope his “I must live since Zero/Lelouch told me to” gets canceled and right after that he gets shot by nunnally 😀 or Lelouch either are fine since he did lied to Nunnally and solde Lelouch off to the emperor.

  61. I wouldn’t say that Lelouch really forgot about Kallen. Just Sayako scheduled him to hell and back. Now we are probably going to have to wait till this whole mess with Shirley and Jeremiah is cleared up till they rescue Kallen.

  62. @Andy
    I don’t think she’s angry at Zero in particular. Right when she appeared she said she would destroy Geass or something close to that since it destroyed Euphemia image. She didn’t say she hated Zero.

  63. ok honestly i dont think orange-kun is much more than a nuissance. sure he’s gonna cause problems for a little while, but hardly a threat with his geass canceler. lelouch is a military genius, once he figures out his geasses are getting canceled, he;ll just take that into account in his planning. even if he perminently gets it removed, wont matter at this point, he has 1mil japs and prolly about half the chinese federation behind him, if not 80%. he already proved in china he can win a battle on strategy alone and not rely on the geass.

  64. @dragon
    about the “@dragon
    several people made it up and i guessed we all went along with it without thinking it thoroughly.” I meant the question about V.V teleportation

    Doesn’t the girls find it wierd that they’re all going on a date with Lelouch? If i were one of them I’d be on a Lelouch Fangirl killing spree. for some odd reason I keep thinking Bismark as a pistol installed in his left eye lol. thinking about it know I think right when Milly announced everyone that Lelouch was the target she’s pronounced her love to him. she might not say “I love you Lelouch” but she wanted the hat which symbolizes or not his heart. That goes along with what i said earlier she probably used Shirley to cover herself up.

    You gotta love this pic

  65. With Jerry’s power coming into play here it looks like pwnage will be happing very soon. If it goes all good, then this time Shirley will get her face blown off as well as mister “No, I don’t think this eye-mask looks gay at all.” Maybe crazy Dyke Warrior Nina will get axed as well, after all, she IS a walking liability…

  66. Can someone clear something about this episode… Around minute 15, just after Sayoko gets rid of the Rugby club and Lelouch tells her to “stop saying weird things”, there are 4 other guys with him on the secret HQ, all of them students of the Academy cuz they got the blue weird hats. Did i miss something on the episode? because i thought only Lelouch, Rollo,Sayoko and Viletta were the ones who knew of that place. Or maybe Lelouch just geassed all 4 of them to help him and then forget about it? such a risky play considering Jeremiah is free with a Geass Canceller on his left robotic eye xD

  67. @Kalessin: Look at ep.4 when Lelouch faced Rollo and even said that “Don’t worry, I won’t lie, not to you.” which was the same as he said this to Nunnally, look back in that episode, Lelouch faced Rollo directly, believe me. So I wondered why he wasnt affected, and I do not think that Lelouch can have any control of his geass anymore, since he even made Euphemia a victim even though it wasn’t his intention.

  68. Loved this episode, I like how R2 is squeezing in a few more of these light-hearted eps to remind us that most of the main characters really are all high-school students; that and I loved the Lelouch x Shirley moments.

    The reappearance of Cornelia really didn’t surprise me, though had originally thought it was someone else or even another sister / step-sister (just how many damn siblings does this Royal Family have?).

    And of course, Code Geass excels where it truly shines; giving us a superb cliff-hanger ending that just leaves us drooling for more. Of course I’m still waiting for the day Lelouch finally reveals himself to the world (though I will not deny that I wanted to see Shirley’s expression at that time, but this should work well too).

  69. Looking at how Orange-kun is using his new found power AND his one-on-one conversation with V.V., his Geass-Cancellor cancels VICTIMS of Geass. Most likely, it also makes him invulnerable to Geass… If he goes to the city and tries to use it on everybody, he can also lead the Secret Intelligence Team obsolete; They don’t know if Lelouch got his memory back, and if he tries to use it on him, he may bring Lelouch’s cover-up either way… Orange-kun doesn’t care, he wants to kill and get revenge on Lelouch and C.C. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no choice for Lelouch but to leave Ashford soon with Sukaku knowing he’s back…

  70. @X
    When Lelouch was looking directly at Rolo in episode 4, he didn’t saw anything that resembled a command. He was simply giving him information. Since his geass makes people follow commands, he’d need to give an actual command for the geass to actually do anyithing.

  71. @dragon
    With regards to teleportation and V.V., from what I understood, the director said something and/or there was a DVD extra of some kind that explained that V.V. was the one the teleported Zero, Kallen, Suzaku, and Euphemia at the end of episode 18 of season 1. Wikipedia says that “it is hinted that he is responsible for transporting Lelouch, Suzaku, Kallen, and Euphemia to Kaminejima during the first season, as well as collapsing the floor beneath them later on.” So, I am unaware of any actual, solid source for the information that V.V. was responsible. However, both the Black Knights and the Britannias had no clue what happened. It wasn’t even clear if C.C. knew. From one of her sessions of talking to air, it sounded like she was berating someone for having done it and caused her problems, but there is no direct evidence of anything within the anime itself except that

    1. Someone obviously did it and V.V. is the only likely candidate. It would pretty much have to be someone that we don’t know otherwise.
    2. V.V. was shown smiling before the floor/ceiling collapsed in episode 19 implying that he was at least watching it – if not actually causing it – which implies that he may have been involved with the teleporting bit.

    So, I am unaware of a solid source for the information that V.V. was responsible, but I recall at least hearing that there was one (for whatever that’s worth) and he’s by far the most likely candidate.

    Now, if you’re talking about V.V. possibly having saved Jeremiah at the end of season 1 by teleporting him out, there is no evidence for it, but I believe that it has been put forth as a theory for how he escaped. However, as far as we know, we know nothing about how he was saved.

  72. According to the scene where Lelouch said “Sayoko, stop saying those wierd things !”, we can see 4 people with blue hats. I think they are from the Intelligence Agence, they must be geassed. This explains why the hidden room can be desert.

  73. @dragon
    With regards to C.C. being able to cancel geasses, there’s no evidence that she can do quite what Jeremiah can. He obviously has a geass-like eye (the bird symbol is blue and upside-down though) and he created a field similar to Rolo’s that appears to effect anyone within that field, canceling the effects of any geass that affects them. C.C. has shown no sign of being able to do anything of the sort. She canceled the effects of the emperor’s geass on Lelouch in a manner similar to when she gave Lelouch his geass in the first place. It’s totally unclear whether she could do that to anyone else. It’s not even clear that she could do it to Lelouch normally. Maybe the only reason that she could do it to Lelouch at that point was because his geass was locked away and she was effectively giving it to him again. We don’t really know much about how she was able to fix Lelouch.

    In fact, we really don’t know much about C.C.’s powers in general. She’s basically immortal, can grant geasses, and can make people see images from their past which aren’t pleasant. I think that that’s about all that we actually know about her powers.

    Of course, the fact that the scientists were trying to duplicate C.C.’s powers implies that Jeremiah can do at least something similar to what she’s capable of. It’s quite possible that his geass canceler is an effect of that. However, remember that he didn’t get it until season 2 which was after the scientists had been messing with him. It seems to be at least implied that his new abilities come from V.V. (but it’s not like they’ve been very clear on that).

    Personally, if I had to guess what ability Jeremiah got from C.C., I’d guess that it was something similar to her immortality. He’s probably a lot harder to kill now – which also may be why he managed to survive the end of season 1. Certainly, from what I understand, C.C. was crushed by the ocean pressure along with the Gawain and if it wasn’t for having those healing powers of hers, she’d be dead. How Jeremiah survived is a mystery.

    So, we really don’t know what abilities Jeremiah got that are similar to C.C.’s, but I find it a little hard to believe that C.C. is capable of canceling the effects of a geass whenever she wants. If nothing else, I would have expected her to say so when Euphemia was geassed since Lelouch didn’t mean to do it.

    By the way, there aren’t very many people at the school now who Lelouch has geassed. Most of the students left after season 1. As I recall, they made it sound like pretty much everyone but the student council left. In either case, the majority of the students are new, so there won’t be much of anyone around who he geassed in season 1. And since he hasn’t exactly geassed very many students in season 2, that means that very few students stand to be affected by Jeremiah’s geass canceler.

  74. I think that the four guys with hats in the control room are students who Lelouch geassed to help him out. From what we’ve see thus far this season, it looks like all of the intelligence agency folks other than Viletta and Rolo disappeared after episode 4. And even if they were still around, unless Lelouch geassed them to be loyal to him and not give him away, then Lelouch would have to be finding a way to trick them so that they didn’t report him. Considering that the only person that Lelouch has ever geassed to be loyal to him was the Eunuch at the beginning of R2, I don’t find it very likely for him to do that anyway. Besides, the guys in the control room are wearing those silly cupid hats and who would be wearing them other than a student or a teacher?

  75. @ Kalessin

    Yes, but Orange-kun said “But are all the people who have had a Geass cast upon them really SP’s ?”

    I don’t really understand the meaning of SP but if it really means “Secret Police”, so it could be the Intelligence Agence.

  76. I’m rather interested why a big deal was made about this new girl, Meeya Hillmick, being brought in. She’s even mentioned by name on the Code Geass’ official website.
    Does this mean she will be adding something to the story. You’d think she’d have to join the student counsel to do that. I like her. She’s sweet. Love how she called him, “My Honey”. I felt sorry for her that she couldn’t win.

    With Milly gone they are now in need of a new student body president.

    May cause problems that Anya noticed two Lelouch’s.

  77. @Ask
    Earlier in the episode when Rolo asks Sayoko whether she’s really a kunoichi (femail ninja), she said that it was more accurate to say that she was an SP. Sayoko has nothing to do with the any “Secret Police” and I don’t see why all people who have been affected by a geass would join an organization of any kind, let alone “Secret Police.”

    Whatever SP’s are, V.V. at least thinks that it’s possible that all people who have been affected by a geass are SP’s. Whether all SP’s have been affected by a geass is another matter, but regardless, V.V. suspects a connection and he’s using Jeremiah to find out since apparently canceling the effects of a geass will somehow help them find out whether those affected by a geass become SP’s (perhaps they’d stop being SP’s at that point?). So, whatever an SP is, it’s something that – at least conceivably – anyone who can become by being geassed.

    I don’t think that we really have any clues to what an SP is at this point. But whatever it is, Sayoko is one and it’s possible that all people affected by a geass become SP’s. Of course, from Rolo and Sayoko’s conversation, it makes it sound like SP’s are kind of like ninjas, but it would be pretty ridiculous to claim that everyone affected by a geass becomes a ninja! If that happened, Lelouch would be risking making his enemies stronger every time he geasses someone without killing them. For that matter, since he geassed himself at one point, then he‘d be a ninja, and I don’t think that ninjas tend to be poor at running as he is….

  78. You know, the fact that Anya appears to get along well with Nunnally and the fact that she saw two Lelouchs could mean that she’ll bring it up with Nunnally. If she knew Lelouch when he was young, then she’s bound to have known Nunally as well. And that to the fact that Nunnally is talking to Kallen and I wonder if it’s going to factor into how Kallen finally gets free.

    It is, of course, a shame that Kallen isn’t free yet, but on the bright side, the fact that she hasn’t yet been geassed by the emperor probably means that she won’t be. The main long-term problem at this point is that Lloyd is obviously studying the guren and that‘s bound to cause problems later on. Much of the Black Knights’ unique tech for Rakshata is in that knightmare.

    And as for when Kallen will actually be free, it looks like episode 13 is going to be full of Shirley and Jeremiah, so we’ll probably have to wait until episode 14 at the least, and if episode 14 focuses on the geass folks in China like it appears that it’s going to, then it’s unlikely that Lelouch will be in Japan to save her. So, we’ll probably have to wait until at least episode 15 unless Nunnally does something that gets her out, but as nice as Nunnally is, I doubt that she has the power to free someone that was effectively captured by Schneizel.

  79. Just watched the episode an it ROCKS!!!!

    I gotta love how Lelouch tries to handle things, when Shirley caught him and he tried explaining, it was only in this situation that Lulu couldn’t think of anything but wanted C.C.’s help lmao! Also man is Lulu a chick magnet lol! He has all kinds and types of girls falling for him, if you guys look carefully at the picture, all the girls in the swimming club are part of those 108 girls in his schedule. Also the girls aren’t bad looking at all lol, there are some girls that looks a lot better than the main/major female characters even. Man, he’s a chick magnet that attracts more than 100+ girls, creating a 6 month waiting list lmao, and that’s just his normal or commoner identity.

    So what if everyone finds out that he is a prince? I bet that number of girls will increase ten fold + increase in the waiting period lol.

    Oh I also forgot his other identity as “Zero”, if the japanese knew of his identity as well, man more girl trouble for him.

    So in conclusion, He has got to keep his other identities secret lol.

  80. @Remmell
    I bet that the whole reason that a big deal was made about Mia was because she was being voiced by a pop idol. Since she was a one-shot character, the only other reason that I kind think of was simply to keep us guessing. In either case, Lelouch obviously wasn’t paying enough attention and if it wasn’t for his geass, she’d have a new boyfriend. Though how Milly can actually force anyone to become a couple is beyond me. Making them go on a date is one thing, but she made it sound like they’d officially be girlfriend/boyfriend after that.

  81. Wow I loved this episode! For the first time, Lulu actually blushed!!! He never blushes lol! Even if it was Shirley, well I actually find their moments together quite cute, well so long as Shirley doesn’t turn into a psychotic mess like last season with mao (though it’s understandable but that was the moment on that Shirley became a major character and also why I started disliking her because of that. Oh well, this episode is very funny!

    I wanted Kallen and C.C.’s reaction on the event, too bad…

  82. The user, Kang Seung Jae said the korean boards were explosive about something. Apparently Sunrise forced a blogger to shut down because they were infringing on their privacy – for speculation… The forums hes talking about might be 2ch, I don’t know.

    ” Originally Posted by Kang Seung Jae View Post
    Wow, the Korean forums exploded when Sunrise supposingly forced a blogger to shut down his speculation posts because they were infringing on company privacy……..”

    Now Kang took the original post and edited it down to this:

    SCROLL all the way DOWN you’ll see Kang’s last post on 79, OPEN the spoiler tag and look at at….

  83. @dragon if this is accurate the implications are huge!!!!!! and now quite frankly im not sure whether to beleive in this or not! I hope its wrong though cos if not there might not be a season three! some of its obvious and some of it is hopefully garbage! but OMGoodness

    WingZero zxt
  84. @dragon
    I really don’t know what to think about those potential spoilers. They’re a bit extreme, but then again, if someone had posted something about Euphemia’s demise in the middle of season 1, then I’d probably have thought the same.

    If much of any of that is true at all, then I think that we’re pretty much guaranteed a season three. If they were going to do anything like that, it would just about have to be at the end of the season. It sounds totally like a major season cliffhanger.

    I can’t say that I’d be excited to have any of those things happen, but if it turns out well in season 3, then I guess that it’s okay.

  85. Word of warning it hasn’t been confirmed or anything. Its probably speculation and nothing else. This apparently is the blog that got so much attention at animesuki.

    The person who wrote all this speculation could have been lying. I don’t know. I thought it was all worth bringing up so… yeah. ^^ If anything it gives us a new way to think about things even if the speculation is false. Lol… I think some people might be terrified at the prospects though. :d

  86. i hope they were lying. i like my spoilers like i enjoy good icecream! whether i should or not ill keep eating until i get stomach ache and that last bit of info just gave me stomach ache (if accurate :P)

    WingZero zxt
  87. @dragon
    I, at least, understood that they were not actual spoilers, but if Sunrise was trying to get them removed, then that tends to lend some credence to them. They do seem a bit extreme, but not so extreme that I can’t see any of them happening. In some respects though, it would parallel season 1 painfully well. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess, but as long as it actually turns out being good and things turn out well in the end, then I guess that some things can go to hell in a handbasket for a little while. It’s not like it hasn’t been a bumpy ride thus far.

  88. Does anyone besides me wonder just how much Nunally already knows about her brother? She already heard his voice in episode 6, telling her that he had to pretend not to know her, leading her to question how honest Suzaku has been with her. Furthermore, she seems to hear him calling her name at the end of episode 6. Now she’s confronting Kallen, who is left in the position of knowing that Lelouch wants his sister to remain safe and in the dark about the Black Knights, but also probably wants to warn her about Suzaku and the Emperor (preferably w/o revealing the existance of Geass). But if Nunally, just tells Kallen that she already believes Zero is her brother, Kallen’s going to be in a rather tricky position.

    Also, I can’t help but wonder how Nunally found out that Kallen was even there, because if would seem unlikely that Suzaku would have been the one to tell her. At the very least, Suzaku showed no sign of telling any of Kallen’s other friends about her. Anyway, just wondering where the whole Nunally/Kallen confrontation is going to lead.

  89. I have yet to see this episode. XP
    Ugh,why do they have to bring back Shirley and Orange back into the plot though?
    They’re both stupid and annoying. It’s also pointless since I don’t see them contributing oh-so-much to the series. Code Geass R2 is almost halfway done as stated…
    I wish they would start making things more serious especially PLOT-WISE.
    Also to quit with the ‘possible’ couplings with Lelouch and the girls.
    He should either be with Kallen,since that’s the most sensible pairing,or go solo.

  90. @Qukstryke

    That’s true. I forgot about that one. Well, that is I forgot about the fact that she talks to someone. I’m not 100% convinced that she can talk to dead people – primarily because I find the idea to be so ludicrous. It looked like she was probably talking to V.V. in episode 19 of season 1 and he‘s obviously not dead. The main reason to think that she may be talking to dead people at least some of the time is that it appears that she’s been talking to someone named Marianne and the only Marianne that we know of is Lelouch’s mother – and she’s supposed to be dead. There are those that think that she may actually be alive given the suspicious circumstances of her death. If she were, then that would make it a lot less likely that C.C. is talking to dead people. Of course, the likelihood of her being alive isn’t exactly high, which means that she probably is talking to dead people as ludicrous as that idea may be.

    So, C.C. can definitely talk to people who aren’t there, and that may or may not include dead people. In either case, I did indeed forget to list that particular ability.

  91. @Lulu yes its true logically we as the audience can see the ideal situation but part of the genius of code geass is that A) its NOT 2 dimensional and therefore whilst there is a bigger picture its made up of smaller pictures likea mosaic! and B)the remarkably irratating (due to lack of resolution ) romance situation adds to Lelouchs percieved humanity therby allowing us to freely hate suzaku knowing full well that the main char isnt just some megalomaniac 18 year old with a 200+ I.Q!

    WingZero zxt
  92. I for one, don’t believe in such speculation at all, first of all, did everyone forget that C.C. is impervious to any Geass effects at all? Also, I find it hard to believe that Lelouch would so easily admit his geass ability and allow himself to be trapped sooo easily by a fool like Suzaku, I highly doubt that. Another thing, is him admitting geass at all, he would rather admit that he is zero than admit his geass. Remember in season 1 ending, he never admitted it to Suzaku, he was surprised that Suzaku figured out his geass, but he never told the truth about it. He only told the truth that he is Zero, well in that situation, lying would just be plain stupid.

    I highly doubt this speculation:
    “Believing Suzaku had tricked him, Lelouch decides to go the path of the warlock.”

    Why? Suzaku tricking Lelouch, and Lelouch believing it? WTH! Suzaku already tricked Lelouch at the end of season 1, and even in the nunnally phone call scene this season, so is this even news to Lelouch??? Obviously, Lelouch would be very cautious towards Suzaku. Also him deciding to go the path of the warlock, umm he already did in the end of the first season, saying he would be a warlock since C.C. is a witch, they are accomplices after all.

    I could speculate right now that Kallen would betray the Black Knights, and Anya would betray Britannia. Shirley would help Lelouch and Nunnally would ally with Zero. Charles and V.V.’s Ragnarok would be weapons of mass destruction to the world and all mankind. The cult would be experimented people by aliens from Jupiter, and so scientists are isolating them from the world; But lol it would all be a mere speculation.

    No hard evidence = speculation. So speculation = simply theory, nothing else.

    Although it might be interesting, but one shouldn’t expect it to be the truth and watch the future episodes hoping for such. I for one, dont really care no matter what the spoilers or speculations about the future episodes, even though I find it interesting, I never tend to believe it and expect it to happen in the up coming episodes.

  93. The only 2 reasons I think that there’s any reason to consider the “spoilers” linked to by dragon are

    1. They’re quite specific. Most speculation isn’t quite that specific.
    2. Supposedly, Sunrise tried to get the information taken down off of the bloggers site that it originated from which makes it sound like it was leaked information.

    Now, other than that, there’s no reason whatsoever to believe that there’s any truth to them. Additionally, the post said that they were “edited version of the speculations” which makes them even more suspect since who knows what editing was done (maybe it was all of the “what if this happened…” which would definitely make it sound like speculation and not spoilers at all). I do find it quite odd that Sunrise supposedly attempting to censor the information, but that’s really the only major reason that I can see to give it much credence at all. I can believe that at least some of what’s there could happen, but it could just as easily not happen at all.

    As speculation, it’s way out there. If it’s a spoiler, then it’s not supposed to have been leaked and thus there’s no way to know if it’s at all valid (unlike something that Sunrise lets out like what gets posted in Newtype). So, it’s potentially interesting, and it will certainly be interesting to see if any of it happens, but it’s information that should be taken with more than just a grain of salt.

  94. Those dragon spoilers that were mentioned are ‘highly’ suspect. For one. Even if Cornillia was captured by the Geass cult she’s hunting. How is it her captivity would be by the cult and Lelouch at the same time. That makes no sense what so ever.
    Even if the Black Knights found out about the Geass I don’t see why that would make them feel betrayed enough to abandon Zero. That weapon is what has gotten them there to that point. They are a lot stronger now then they were before him.

    I find it possible that Nina would put her bomb on Suzaku’s Lancelot, but for that to go off like that Suzaku would die, possibly everyone who is in Ashford. That I don’t see possible.
    The fact if you got the the Japanese Code Geass website there is going to be a movie. I don’t see how you make a movie without two of the main characters like Suzaku and Lelouch. I wouldn’t bet on Suzaku dying at the end of the TV series.
    I’m thinking that we aren’t going to see Kallen back to the Black Knights until after this Jeremiah/Shirley business is handled. Not unless Nunnally sets her free.

    Meeya is very cute. I hope she’s not a single shot character.

  95. @Remmell
    I agree that the spoilers are highly suspect, though the Cornelia one makes perfect sense. “Cornelia is captured at the Geass Cult by lelouch, but escapes to Schneizel” (emphasis added). Saying something along the lines of “at the hideout of the Geass Cult” would have been clearer.

    The bit about the BK finding out about geass and freaking out is a bit odd, but finding out about who Lelouch is or perhaps being really worried that he’s geassed them might do it. However, having the BK abandon him and having C.C. lose her memory would be an interesting parallel/reversal of the end of season 1.

    The Nina bit is really odd. It makes her sound like she has no clue of how big an explosion a nuke makes: “Nina had put her nuke on Lancelot, thinking it as a “stronger” bomb.” Knightmares don’t carry any kind of bombs to begin with and I don’t think that any of the shields introduced in the series thus far stand the slightest chance of blocking a nuke.

    As for Kallen, I think that they’re ramping up for something big with her – probably the next little story arc after they’ve dealt with Jeremiah and the cult. If they were just going to step in and save her without much fuss, I think that they would have done it by now. It would be nice to see her free, but I think that we’re going to have to wait a bit.

  96. @Remmell
    As for a movie, that definitely surprises me. Generally anime movies fall into one of three categories.

    1. Filler: They take place during the series but don’t affect the actual plot.
    2. Prequel: They give backstory of some kind prior to the series, generally filling in gaps in our knowledge of past events.
    3. Sequel/Capstone: They take place after the series is completed, showing the characters at some later point in time – potentially years after the actual series (though it can be just as easily right after). They either are the capstone to the series, finishing the plot that the series didn’t (the FMA movie is a prime example), or they continue the story in a manner which is likely at most loosely related to the actual plot of the series.

    Give the nature of Code Geass, I find filler to be highly unlikely. Code Geass just isn’t episodic enough for it. This isn’t Cowboy Bepop or Inuyasha. Just adding in extra material in the middle of things doesn’t make much sense.

    The only possibility I see of a prequel relates to Marianne’s assassination and/or the fall of Japan. Such situations would have Lelouch and Suzaku, but no Zero. It would be hard to have any major story around the main characters that is at all similar to how Code Geass runs. There won’t be any miracles coming out of nowhere and given how the fall of Japan went, it’s not like you’re going to have much in the way of resistance fighting. In either case, Lelouch wouldn’t be leading any of it. So, it’s a definite possibility, but I don’t know quite what they’d do with it.

    A capstone to the series is possible, but that would mean that they didn’t actually finish the storyline within the main series. That’s certainly possible, but I don’t know how desirable it would be. I certainly have no clue where they’d end the series prior to such a movie.

    A true sequel to the series doesn’t make much sense to me really. I would think that the story would end with the Black Knights winning, and after that, what else are you going to do? – especially in the length of one movie. It’s certainly not impossible, but I don’t find it terribly likely given what we see now.

    So, I’d have to say that the most likely story for a movie would be the case where they didn’t actually end the story within the series, but I don’t know. In either case, more Code Geass will be good.

  97. Regarding the geass cancelling

    I just thought of something that I for some reason, didn’t thought about before. If Jeremiah would cancel out even the geass effect of the emperor, that means that Shirley should know that Rolo isn’t Lelouch’s brother. I wonder if we will see some reaction to that.

    Also, if Orange-kun would remove all geass effect of the school, everyone who knew Nunally, except perhaps Milly if she isn’t visiting or in a area he used his geass on already, would come aware to Rolo suddenly appeared as little brother. And that Nunally, the little sister of their friend, became a ambassador, that while they, including Lelouch, treated it as if she wasn’t someone they knew. And if they know the ambassador is a princess, then Lelouch would have to geass them or talk about it with them, either to dispel the believe he is (connected to) royalty or to keep them silent.

  98. IF Jeremiah has a ownage gundam I mean knightmare ex.first season
    Then Lelouch shouldn’t be able to defeat him with his current man power saving Kallen should be his freaking priority instead he’s just effing around with Shirley.
    I mean first Kallen gets captured then C.C. loses screen time I mean they can’t hold back the fan boys forever

  99. Well it seems the general consensus is that the spoilers are grade a Sparbage (spoof/garbage) at best! I for one am hoping so! And no sadamitsu Miya really is annoying even lelouch thought so! He could have left her with the hat and ended the stupid game but he was like ,’Her… me… i think not! Miya GIVE!!! BYE!’ Also i Really think that theres no chnce of lelouch ending up with C.C (particularly because she doesnt age and has a scarred boob! 😛 ) So why is she even worth mentioning in relation to him in that way!? also i hope shirley ends up out of the picture because she REALLY annoys me! whiilst it adds substance to the overall series dont you find the whole shirley thing the equivilent of what happens to Jack Bauers daughter Kim (Played by SUPER HOTTIE ELISHA CUTHBERT) in the first 2 seasons of 24. jacks out saving the world from terrorists and ever now and them he gets a call, ‘Daddy im lost and scare come get me’ or , ‘AGENT Bauer w have your daughter come alone! ‘ and he has to drop watever hes doing and go save her eventually! Whils by no means an exact parrallel it gives me the same feeling of ‘FORGOODNESS SAKE will some one please either saver her or kill her just get on with it!’

    WingZero zxt
  100. “Cornelia is captured at the Geass Cult by lelouch, but escapes to Schneizel” It’s that ‘by Lelouch’ part that doesn’t make much sense. That would imply he had control over the cult.

    I find it highly possible that Nina doesn’t completely grasp the power of the bomb she’s creating. When they first developed the atomic bomb the scientists that worked on it didn’t completely grasp what they had done. After the first tests many of the scientists went into a deep depression. One thing to plan on a computer and in tests. Seeing the real life effects is a whole different beast.

    I do agree that movies do tend to fall into those categories. There are the movies like the Dragon Ball series that seem to take place during certain events, but where is unclear since events in the TV show doesn’t often have gaps in events. I can’t see Code Geass doing something like that. Dragon Ball, while I enjoyed it, was more about mindless, kick ass fighting. Hardly a deep plot going for it.
    Prequel,which as practice I’m almost always against, seems unlikely. Prequel questions should be answered in the series. A movie that doesn’t involve the major characters would seem rather dull. Lelouch didn’t even meet Suzaku until after his mother’s death.
    The FMA series did have an end. It just wasn’t a very satisfactory one. The movie more served to round out the rough edges. More explained what happened to everyone after the events of the TV series. Also tied in an interesting bit of pre-WWII history withing the story.
    I find it much more likely this movie will end of being more of a cap to the final of the series.

  101. the FMA movie was incredibly unsatisfying as oppsed to deeply unsatisfying at the end of the series worst ending EVER (*sed in best comic book guy voice i can muster*) Also we already know as spolier from koshimizus blog that he finds/attacks the cult in ep 14 (Why this blog isnt sensored and yet random guess that were supposedly right on the mark were i dont know. Sorta makes u question this entire new set of ehem *spoilers*)

    WingZero zxt
  102. @Remmell
    If Lelouch is attacking the cult like it seems he’s going to be doing in episode 14, then he’d be at the cult where Cornelia currently is and would, therefore, potentially have the opportunity to capture her.

    I can certainly understand Nina not understanding quite how big an explosion her new bomb would cause – and that bomb is bound to come into play eventually (otherwise why make such a big deal about Nina developing it?) – but I find it quite bizarre that Suzaku would have it on Lancelot. Knightmares don’t use bombs and even he were stupid enough to do so, there’s no way that he’d get away. Generally the smart thing to do with bombs – especially big ones – is to drop them from planes that are quite a ways up.

    As for the FMA movie, it was definitely a continuation of the series in that the series basically had a cliffhanger ending. Of course, the ending of the movie was so stupid that it probably would have been better not to make it, but that’s a different issue.

  103. @WingZero zxt
    While I agree that C.C. definitely has a scar in an unfortunate place, it seems pretty harsh to not want her to be with Lelouch over something like that. The non-aging could be a problem for them to be together, but given how painful that appears to have been for C.C. to have lived so long and the fact that V.V. is probably going to die at some point likely (and he’s presumably the same as C.C.) means that either C.C. will become mortal or that she’ll die. I think that she’s definitely in the running to be Lelouch’s girl in the end if he has one.

    I’m not about to try and say for sure who he’s going to end up with – if anyone – given how quickly things can change in Code Geass, but I’d expect that it’ll be either C.C. or Kallen. Shirley would really be the only other possibility, but given that she’d have to totally accept him as Zero and the fact that he’s definitely closer to C.C. and probably closer to Kallen (though that’s debatable), I doubt that she’ll be it.

    In either case, it seems harsh to write C.C. off because of a scar….

  104. LOL you say that Kal but in real life many of us would! (when did we find out she had a scar again i definately know that i only realised she was in the ending credits scene with it after i found out she had it mid series (meaning it didnt register that the picture of her with scar was more than obscene syombolism till after we were alerted in the series that she has it!) Irrelavent of that C.C and lelouchs relationship is like a business man and his sassy but rude secretary! Whilst everyone else thinks somthings going on the reality is they just like to flirt and are best friends! (due to the scar LOL 😛 )

    WingZero zxt
  105. I just don’t see what Lelouch would gain out of the capture of Cornillia. He already got out of her what he needed. If she was ever going to go to Schneizel I would think she would of done so by now.
    I did think it was interesting that the Knight of One seems to know that Cornillia was alive, and that she hadn’t contacted any of her knights. They know she’s around, but can’t find her.
    That in itself is interesting. Why didn’t she contact Guilford? I’m sure if she would of asked him to join her in clearing Euphy’s name he would of agreed in a second. It’s either that she doesn’t trust him, or can’t risk contacting him.

    I’m just tired of animes building romances or other kind of relationships for 50+ episodes and never really conclude things. Like with the FMA movie’s Ed and Winry. It’s been many series that does this. I was happy with the movie up until Ed and Al were stuck on our side.

    I never thought that Suzaku would knowingly have the bomb on the Lancelot. I was more thinking about her sneaking it on the Lancelot. She’s hardly one to value Japanese lives. Deep down, not so deep, Nina sees Suzaku as not being worthy of Euphemia.
    Though I don’t see how she could manage something of that level without Lloyd knowing.

    The fact the next episode after the coming one is called “Geass Hunt” almost implies the whole Lelouch/Shirley/Jeremiah mess will be summed up within a single episode. That’s kind of dull. Not that I’ll complain much as long as Kallen comes back in.

  106. Hmmm. Great episode with orange-kun popping up at the end with that Geass Canceller. But one thing bugs me and I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it…I wonder what will happen later on when Anya saw that there were two Lelouch? Will they just dismiss that event or will they use that at a later episode? Argh. Code Geass is killing me. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  107. The only word that comes to mind is the same one that came to mind when we found out it was a contact magically able to ‘contain’ (or control) Lelouch’s perma-Geass (which CC gave to Lelouch but she couldn’t give Mao anything to help him control his Geass – credited with driving poor Mao crazy. No no, CC just ‘dumped’ Mao / cancelled his contract, but Lelouch, well, there’s a magical contact for Lelouch).

    Anyway. The word that comes to mind is: Lame.

    Thanks for watching it and summarizing so I don’t have to be subjected to the awfulness directly.

    Take care.

  108. @Remmell
    Well, I never claimed that it would make a lot of sense for Lelouch to capture Cornelia, only that the statement as given in those crazy “spoilers” made sense from the standpoint that it was perfectly possible. Of course, how does anyone know that Cornelia is alive? I got the impression that Guilford at least thought that she was. It was clear that he didn’t know where she was, I don’t recall it being clear whether he knew if she was alive or not. In either case, no one that I can recall who has spoken about her has thought that she was dead. They all seem to think that she’s alive but don’t no where. Maybe they are just all assuming that because they never found a body, she’s still alive.

    Also, I totally agree about anime romances and FMA in particular. The movie had promise, but trapping Ed and Al in a world separate from Winry’s ruined it for me – especially since it would have been so simple to fix had the writers wanted to. I definitely hope that Lelouch actually ends up with someone in the end (I can never decide whether it should be C.C. or Kallen, but I feel sorry for the girls that really like him and don’t get him). It’s far too early to tell whether or not Lelouch is really going to form a lasting relationship with any one girl (particularly since there are 3 that are close to him and who seem to stand at least some chance of getting together with him), but it will certainly be disappointing if he doesn’t.

    As for episode 14, as I understand it, Zero and the Black Knights will be going after the cult. That would pretty much guarantee that the mess with Shirley and Jeremiah will be resolved in episode 13 since the cult is in China. It also probably means that the earliest that poor Kallen will be free is episode 15. At least she isn’t being tortured and she actually has a friend to talk with now.

  109. @orangey-orangey
    From the gist of your comment, I’m not sure that you’ll be back to read this, but I’ll respond anyway.

    All geasses show up in the eyes, however the only two thus far that appear to actually require eye contact are Lelouch’s and the emperor’s. Rolo’s geass and Jeremiah’s geass canceler both create fields of effect. Their eyes probably have to be open to use their powers, but they don’t have to be looking in the eyes of those affected. As for Mao, he didn’t even have to create a field. He was constantly hearing people within some large range (400 meters? I’d have to check). Given that Lelouch’s geass requires eye contact but Mao’s didn’t, it’s questionable as to whether wearing contacts would have helped him any. And in any case, C.C. told Lelouch that if his geass got any more powerful, the contact wouldn’t be enough anymore and since Mao’s geass was quite strong, I would expect that even if contacts could have helped him, they would have stopped long since.

    As to C.C. leaving him, he was obviously not the kind of guy that a girl would want to hang around. He might not have been so bad when he was younger, but he was definitely a stalker by the time that we met him and considering that he shot her and was going to cut her into pieces to take him with her, I think that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that he was abusive as well. No girl in her right mind is going to want to stick around with a guy like that. So, yes, Mao is a tragic character, but it’s not as if C.C. was treating him like trash and he was obviously not the kind of guy that it was safe to be around, so I think that it was perfectly reasonable of her to leave him.

  110. @WingZero zxt: I agree with you, I definitely think that the speculations are just garbage or at least very highly suspect.

    First of all, can anyone confirm that Sunrise did actually shut down the blog??? Is there any evidence even about that??? Can you actually think that it is credible just because of the blogger saying that Sunrise told him to shut down or close off his blog because he was revealing private info? Don’t you think that there is a possibility that it could just be a hoax to make people visit his blog more???

    Like if i say, a topic in my blog is getting closed because “Area 51” told me that I am revealing confidential information or it was a matter of national security. So would you believe that alone was hard evidence about my posts being the truth? Won’t you at least consider that the writer himself may be just using it as a ruse or pretext to make people believe in it?

  111. @ X: my thoughts exactly! For example:

    World Revelations:
    1. There are aliens living amongst us
    2. Aliens have an anti-cognizant ability to blend in with society
    3. The true origins of the development or fast progression of computers are due to the discovery of alien technology.
    4. Ancient civilization such as the mayans, aztecs, etc. have encountered aliens which they call gods, and had their civilization dramatically developed and inevitably destroyed. Most structures were built for the aliens and aliens helped build them.
    5. Stonehenge is a magical multi-universe transport portal used by aliens before.

    These were “edited information” of the site and was closed by Area 51 because it was a matter of national security.

    Type 0
  112. It would bite if Kallen doesn’t get rescued by the time the Black Knights move out. lelouch partly came back to rescue Kallen. It would seem such a waste to leave without doing so. Though he’s hardly at much fault. Sayako did schedule him to death when he got back. Especially with how strongly he was determined to get her back with his own hands.
    Speaking of Sayako. I had no idea she had such skill and speed in combat. I say send her to rescue Kallen. She’ll be gone before they know. lol.

    I doubt something like what Jeremiah has will be conquered in just one episode. More likely Jeremiah will suffer some kind of malfunction. In the preview it shows him collapsing before Lelouch and there is some release of energy as he falls to his hands and knees.

  113. Hey.. Incase anyone misunderstood me. I never said anything about spoilers….
    its SPECULATION. It isn’t my spoilers and its not my speculation. I could never come up with that. They are interesting, but they’re pretty much fan speculation. The part with Sunrise shutting anything down is probably FALSE meaning that information speculation was a HOAX. So its just fan speculation, NOT spoilers. ^_^

    Either way, the speculation itself. Things may or may not happen. It gives us something new to talk about.

  114. Koshimizu posted the translation for the extended preview for Turn 13. I will post it here. This is TRUE.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  115. is it just me or anyone else think the emperor is as smart as scheizel and lelouch. I mean the man did run a successful empire, all before he had kids who can direct battles, and gain control of the the secret order. I think we have yet to see a tactical beast of zero’s potential if not initially greater. especially since i think scheizel will rebel at some point in the series (though he may not necessarily join lelouch). of course the difference between him and his 2 sons are he doesnt backout and goes for the win (which maybe a foreshadow in itself on how lelouch or scheizel beat him in a battle).

  116. Eh who knows. Lelouch might be heading for hell with the black knights in some way and he may decide to take advantage of Schneizel’s plot against his father by taking control from Schneizel himself. Imagine THAT one.

  117. @dragon
    I don’t know what to say either, but I’ll put any speculation in spoiler tags since that’s a huge spoiler and if it was in a magazine (and there is a photo of the article) then it’s almost certainly true. In either case, it’s the kind of spoiler that many people won’t want to know about and probably won’t want to happen.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  118. @Kal This is tragic. Wow.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    It would really suck if one of us screwed up on putting the spoiler tags up here because you can’t edit or delete your comments.

  119. I can’t wait for the NEW OPENNING AND ENDING!!!
    Hope it will give us new footage and hints on the rest if the series ^.^
    I want Code Geass the series to end but I also want a season 3 as well!!!
    Since they still have to explain about where Geass came from, who’s C.C. and so much I could think of for another series >_<
    Love to watch ALL the knights of rounds in action! (hope Suzaku Anya and …other guy joins Lulu)
    Oh hey! Geass Canceller !! anyone wonder if it stops ALL Geass effects?
    Because if it does, then assume that everybody in Ashford is under the empire’s memory replace power, Then Shirley would remember Nunnally!!!!!
    Could that be why Rolo and Shirley is alone in the next episode preview !!!!!???
    I won’t be surprised to see Shirley getting killed or probably joins Black Knights then.

    Akira Kun
  120. Random question from when I was rewatching the end of season 1 last night. Tamaki orders the other Black Knights to shoot Milly, Rival and Shirley after being told distinctly by Zero not to harm them. Also, did the fact that they knew Kallen by name not clue him in that these were her friends?

    I guess what I’m wondering is, did Zero and Kallen never find out about this little incident? Otherwise, you would think that they would have been seriously honked off at Tamaki.

    Just one of my random thoughts

  121. Well, how could Kallen or Lelouch have found out about that incident? Kallen never went back to school and the student counsel had their minds altered. Though they should remember that moment. They were only instructed to forget about Lelouch’s relationships.
    I doubt Tamaki volunteered that information. He’s always bothered me a bit. While he was rather against Zero. He quickly became rather fanatical about him. That’s always dangerous. Like when he talk Shirley that he knew what Zero wanted, and still ordered the others to shoot them.

    One thing I’ve always respected about the Black Knights is that they don’t target civilians. It’s guys like Tamaki who would. That’s why I’m glad he’s the joke of the Black Knights.

    I read that spoiler link. There is a part of that that seems VERY dubious. I thought that Rolo didn’t know where the Cult is. How could Lelouch go and find them on Rolo’s suggestion. Isn’t that why he’s waiting for C.C.?
    Would Jeremiah even know where it is? Are we even sure that the location we saw Jeremiah at was location of the cult rather then just some shrine. Like on the Island the season finale took place.

  122. @WingZero zxt

    I tried watching it a long time ago, then gave it up when I found out that it was basically the Japanese inventing their own version of “Amerika” so they could beat their straw man. All-in-all, I’d say I’ve watched 3 episodes (not all the way through).

    For the most part, I’ve simply listened to these commentators for amusement as they quip over their fetishes.


    Like I said, they’re over-reaching, and it’s embarressing to see htem do it so shamelessly.

    Not to mention that after seeing this episode, I can’t imagine how BRAIN-DEAD somebody would have to be in order to ENJOY this dribble (and talk so ENTHUSIASTICALLY about it)…

  123. I think Rolo do know where the cult is….he was there right? 🙂 I am tempted to read the huge spoiler but I kinda fear that its so huge that it will spoil me whole R2 instead of 1-2 episodes 😛 so I am not clicking on those links! 🙁

  124. The people who enjoy this show? Probably a lot less pathetic then the moron who drops in on a blog of a show he admits he doesn’t watch or enjoy just to drop in snide remarks. How could you possibly know why we enjoy this show enough to comment on it if you already admitted you never saw a single episode all the way through? Then you contradict yourself about seeing this current episode. Just from that statement you already admit that you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

    How idiotic does a person have to be to actually watch a show he admits he doesn’t like? Even if you are just dropping in to watch a few episodes here or there, how could you have even the slightest idea of what’s going on? You aren’t going to understand what’s going on if you have only seen part of three episodes out of a current total of thirty-seven episodes.
    That’s like seeing thirty minutes out of the entire Star Wars or Indiana Jones sagas and then going on a blog for those shows and saying how much they suck.
    If I don’t enjoy a show. I just stop watching it(though I at least watch a whole episode). I also don’t waste my time by going on blogs of those shows in order to insult their audience, but I have a maturity level over that of a ten year old.

  125. @Remmell
    During Lelouch’s discussion with C.C. in his quarters in episode 11, it shows the hill and shrine in the desert where V.V. and Jeremiah have been hanging out and then pans down to under the sand to show a hidden city. While they show this C.C. is talking about the fact that the cult moves every time they have a new master and that she thinks that it’s in China. So, I think that it’s pretty certain that where Jeremiah was is where the cult is.

    Also in that conversation, when C.C. confirmed that she did not no exactly where the cult was, she confirmed with Lelouch that Rolo didn’t know the exact location either (which implies that he might at least know that it’s in China). In either case, between what C.C. knows and what Rolo knows, he knows that the cult is in China, but not where. He’ll need further information in order to pinpoint them. Either his inquiries in China about electricity and radio transmissions and the like which he talks about in that same conversation will locate them for him or he’ll get some information out of Jeremiah somehow.

    From what I’ve read elsewhere, it’s pretty sure that Lelouch is going to be attacking the cult in some manner in episode 14. The poster gave a real source for the information – including a photo of the article from the magazine – so I think that it’s legit in the sense that what’s being reported is what was printed in the magazine. It is, of course, quite plausible that the magazine got it wrong, but other than that I’d expect it to be correct.

    The name of the poster matches the name of this site: where there are summaries for episodes from various magazines along with other information from magazines. The site typically includes photos of the articles in question along with the information. I think that it’s posting reliable information insofar as the magazines are posting reliable information. This new summary hasn’t been put on that site yet, but I’m guessing that that poster is the fellow who does that site. As such, I think that the spoiler is legit.

    Oh, and as for Tamaki. I totally agree with you. He’s not evil, but he’s too interested in having power and authority and is at times a bit of a loose cannon. It’s definitely a good thing that he’s the joke of the Black Knights.

  126. @Terry
    I don’t want to be rude, but just because you don’t like a show doesn’t mean that it’s horrible and no one else will like it. It likely means a difference in taste. Not to mention, how you can reall judge it having seen only 3 episodes, I don’t know. And why on earth are you posting in a fan discussion on it then? Do you just like bashing people?

    As for the alternate version of America or Britain or whatever, having alternate versions of history that result in different nations and a very different world situation while still bearing some similarities to our own is nothing new. I don’t think that it happens in anime quite like this very often, but I’ve definitely run into it elsewhere. I don’t see what’s so stupid or “over-reaching” about that. So, the Americans lost the revolutionary war; Napoleon actually won against Britain in the end; China managed to take over the better part of Asia; etc. They took real history and made it so that certain events in the world of Code Geass went the opposite direction of how they did in reality resulting in a new world that’s based on ours and yet is new and unique. Personally, I think that it’s pretty cool.

    You can dislike the show all you want; you can tell your friends that you think that it’s horrible and that they shouldn’t watch it; but it’s rude to tell the fans of the show that they’re a bunch of idiots – even in cases where such a thing might be true. I sincerely hope that you find something better to do with your time than troll around and put down others.

  127. I think tamaki will end up betraying the black knights cuz he’s too power hungry and he’s not getting any attention from zero in regards to his position. or he’ll get depressed because of it and start refrain using that which causes him to messup a mission and cause new trouble for the black knights. either way they give way too much attention the last couple episodes that tamaki wants a formal position.

  128. I completely agree with Kalessin, your points with the alternate world history is driven pretty well. I wonder if there is any information on an actual timeline? I heard some time back that CC was friends with George Washington and the reason the revolution was defeated was because of Benjamin Franklin’s betrayal.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. This is a public blog, so the same rules apply in a real crowd. To be courteous and respectful of others. You don’t have to agree, but when you down others, that is unacceptable.

  129. @Blue_Mercy we kow dragon told us already (refer to my random gigling above)
    @Terry corrct me if im wrong but are you saying that you dont like it because its politically incorrect? REALLY? Just because it draws parrallels from real life doesnt mean tht someone somewhere has an axe to grind. the fact that it can be thought that they do have issues amuses me but in reality you cant stereotype an entire country on the basis of one (IMNCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE) piece of entertainment media! i mean using your parameters u could say that all americans hate muslims ! Dont get me wrong you obviously have every right to critise somthing (although the response here is mainly favourable) ive not read anywhere somthing that says this blog is for fans of the programs listed only and proof that that isnt the case is the entire series of dragonaught (WE ALL KNOW IT SUCKED and if i remember correctly even omni said so) but im not sure that your reasons for disliking it a fair

    WingZero zxt
  130. @Blue_Mercy: You’re right

    if you look at the future titles of turn 13 and turn 14, you can easily tell what episode Show Spoiler ▼

  131. I picked up S1 when the review for S2 eps 11 was on here, and got up to date by the time 12 was reviewed, think they skipped a week of airing or something.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The way things look since midway through S1, it’s all about C.C. x Lelouch but I hope they don’t do something stupid like dying together >.> even though there was that one episode (last one of S1 probably) where she said she didn’t want a lovers suicide and she went off to fight alone… *shrug*

    But if Shirley regained her memories, she knows all of what happened that Lelouch erased and all the fake memories that his father put in, but even as things are now everyone besides the obvious think Zero is someone else so maybe it won’t happen.

  132. It would really be interesting if it turns out that all of the key changes in history that made the world of Code Geass divergent from our own were actually caused by geasses.

  133. I never really went too deep into the alternate history of the world. I just figured either the American colonies either never fought for independence or they fought and lost, for whatever reason. In a way Japan is almost like the America on this world. Fighting the larger empire for freedoms. Zero is even calling it the United States of Japan.

    It’s nice to see Kallen getting good treatment from Nunnally, but the whole meeting worries me a little. I’m concerned we may see Kallen supporting Nunnally’s plan. It’s mainly that image of Kallen in a Britannian style gown that gives me that feeling. It’s some kind of design sketch. Though along with those I also saw sketches of young Marianne, at 17 and 21 years of age. While she looks cute in that dress I would rather see it as just some kind of thing she wears wears to a party. maybe as Lelouch’s date.
    If the story was to take some kind of twist with Kallen like that it would just feel completely off Kallen’s character. It would make as much sense as Suzaku’s change from within ideal. Kallen knows what the other Black Knights and Lelouch are fighting for, real independence. That would be counter productive.
    I’ve heard others suggest to this idea that she may just play along to escape, but I don’t see her using Nunnally and lying to her like that. Only thing I could think of would be some kind of blackmail against Kallen. Like Mrs Romeria holding Kallen’s mother as some kind of collateral. Though I couldn’t see Nunnally having a hand in that.
    It would also feel like such a waste of Lelouch’s passionate declaration to get Kallen back with his own hands. It’s so rare he gets passionate about things. It would be such if nothing came out of it. That and I want to see what clever plan he would use to pull that off. Part of the reason he came back to Japan was to save her.
    Even if the next episode Lelouch goes after the cult. It seems odd that he wouldn’t want his ace pilot in a major battle that means so much to his plan.
    What my hope is that something depressing and tragic happens next episode. Lelouch is so angry and determined episode 13 opens with him springing Kallen out and telling her they are moving out. All the time not saying too much.

  134. @Terry: seriously, you reminded me of a certain Australian who hates this show and i got his e-mail (though i like his Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHolic blog) :

    but honestly I think Sunrise read his letter of complaint which is why if you guys remember the map shown in the start of R2 Epi 2, Australia is not playing any political role in the series…..i hope that guy is happy that his country is not in the series

  135. Wow. I just have to say wow. Looking at that blog…. Wow.


    Its interesting Kal, infact all this week i’ve had that very thought in mind. It would be something to see episode length snippets of different points in code geass world history. 1 could be the battle between the romans and the celts, 1 could be with the discovery of the new world and the founding of the britanian capitol pendragon, 1 could be napoleons battle to take the british isles, 1 could be the american revolution, 1 could be how the eu and cf were formed, 1 could be with cc with the cult when she was leader and before vv took over, 1 could be cc’s adventure with mao, 1 could be cc wandering becoming cold and being persecuted, 1 could be cc meeting marianne, 1 could be cc going off to japan to find lelouch and then she gets captured in the britanian invasion of japan.

    We know CC was friends with george washington and benjamin franklin and ben betrayed the revolution, so I HIGHLY SUSPECT that geass and the cult led by VV have had a SIGNIFIGANT – DRAMATIC EFFECT on the changes we see in code geass world history. CC probably had the same wish ever since she lost leadership of the cult to VV… So she might finally get her wish through Lelouch.

  136. I think I heard somewhere Austrailia was populated by aborigines. Meaning throughout world history in code geass, Austrailia was never touched by England because Napoleon had already defeated them and wiped out Britania’s presence in Europe.

  137. Well, C.C. was in the very first episode. You can see her watching over young Lelouch and Suzaku. Lelouch didn’t even meet Suzaku until after his mother’s death, and he and Nunnally were sent to Japan.
    Also in the first episode when Lelouch climbs on the truck. C.C. says something after she notices Lelouch outside. It was like, “I’ve found you. My-my…”, then she’s cut off by the truck starting up again.

    Let’s not forget that C.C. keeps having conversations with Lelouch’s dead mother. It’s not surprising she didn’t say anything to him about Anya. She’s not talking about these conversations with his mother.

  138. wow so i just resaw 09 with hind site and seems v.v. is all over lelouches plan. (This scene was rite after lelouch takes tianzi hostage, practically gains control of china theoretically, sure scheizel n ennuchs had a episode to counter but im sure the emperor/v.v. knew better about the outcome of the situation)

    Check out this conversation with what we know now.

    V.V. – “Yeah, Zero’s true intention. It’ll become really crazy from now on”
    Orange-kun – “Ah, thats why you prepared me?”
    V.V. – “Yes”
    Orange-kun – “Thank you very much….” etc.

    we know lelouch plans to use the order whether for research to stabilize his or more likely to even the playing field with teh knights of rounds, empire, and their geass users (its ovious the intelligence agency has more than rollo, hes so scared of them)
    V.V.’s and Orange-kun’s first lines shows they anticipated lelouchs movements well in advance.

  139. @Quikstryke

    I don;t know which subs you’ve watched, but in Eclipse. subs the conversation was like this:
    V.V.: Yeah, Zero’s true objective.
    If this place is it, then that’s a problem.
    Orange: Ahh, so that’s why you prepared things for me?
    V.V.: Yes.
    Orange: I thank you.
    With adjustments not even C.C. or Lelouch shall be a match for me.
    Please look forward to me, Jeremiah Gottwald, with everything you’ve got!

    V.V.’s words give the impression that he suspects that Zero’s true objective for wanting China is because he is looking for the cult/Order. So what is going to happen now is probably V.V.’s attempt to foil Lelouch’s plans. But if the spoilers are true, that plan is going to backfire…

  140. I don’t know how its going to back fire. First impression most people go oh yeah Lelouch won’t get his way episode 14. — However, look at the title of episode 15. The World of C. I think its likely that Lelouch wins/draws and takes the cult’s home base. Lelouch will probably meet Cornelia too. Though if VV does loose and Lelouch takes the cult – that leaves VV and Charles with a problem. So I think maybe the cult will be evacuated, but Lelouch takes the cult base along with Bartley, the research team, and possibly Cornelia.

  141. @dragon
    1) Where did you get the title for ep 15?
    2) Which plan are you talking about? I was referring to V.V.’s attempt/plan to stop Zero, as it seems that because of his encounter with Jeremiah Lelouch will find out the location of the cult – so instead of hindering him V.V.’s plan will actually help Zero. That’s what I meant by “that plan is going to backfire…”

  142. Great Eps. But I also fink Orange kun will end up like Mao. An about the Geass Orangekun doesnt know who been geassed and is only able work without knowing. I also feel he might turn against them and fight for the orange LOL.

  143. I was the first one to post the stuff about Shirley Monday.. -_- I guess people didn’t see it. -_-

    lol… okay. We’re almost at episode 13…. cannot wait until sunday.

  144. I dont liked much these episode, I´m not a Shirley fan… to me its like the typicall high school anime girl… Im a fan of CC and Kallen, and they didnt have a large appereance here too bad….
    I liked the new look given to Cornelia, and I think that she will become and ally, in fact I think Schneizel will be an ally too… in the end at least
    I cant wait to see what happens to Kallen, I dont think theyd kill her… but I thinking the possibility of rewriting her memories and send her to Ashford or that Nunally would try to convince her…
    I liked your summaries…

  145. What I really want to see is what’s happening with Kallen. They get you all excited to see something happen with that, and it’s gone no where yet. I want to see the rescue.
    I did notice that when she was on top of Lelouch she sure seemed to be in no hurry to get up off of him. I think if that had happened a few episodes prior she would of scrambled off of him.
    I just hope I’m wrong and Kallen wont stay in Japan.

    I REALLY, really want to avoid the possible pairing of Suzaku and Kallen. I have felt this way ever since episode nineteen, Island of the Gods. The entire episode reminded me so much of an episode of Gundam SEED that happened in much the similar way.
    In the episode prior there was a big fight and a giant explosion. The next episode, number twenty-four War of Two, has Athrun Zala washed up on an island where he finds Calagali. She attacks, he over powers her, ties her up, and he takes care of her while they wait. They even talk about why they fight over the camp fire.
    The show had built that Cagali and the hero, Kira, would be the big couple of the series, but the writer pulled a George Lucas made it so at the end of the first season they were twins. Thus making all us fans who were pushing for that feel very awkward. This opened the door and Cagali and Athrun paired up. Cagali even HATED Athrun when for a time she thought he had killed Kira in battle. Came very close to shooting him.
    I know Code Geass stands on it’s own and it’s a story to itself. It’s often compared to other animes like Death Note. It’s just you see more in common with Code Geass and Gundam SEED. Both are basically stories about childhood friends on different sides of an ethnically themed war and fighting in giant mechs. Big difference is no super powers and Athrun and Kira were the same race of advanced humans. Though Kira was fighting against his own kind. Much how Lelouch is fighting against Britannia.
    Even Cagali was in some ways like Kallen. She plays almost two different roles. She fought as a fighter when you meet her only to find out later she’s a member of a royal family. Similar to how Kallen would act sickly from a prestigious Britannian family, and she would change to a fighter.

    I just want to avoid anything that would imply a Kallen and Suzaku pair up. Also I want to avoid any more comparisons to Gundam SEED. Even the girl that Athrun was promised to originally was a pink haired, peace loving girl, Lacus. Sound a little like Euphy much?
    I’m probably going to keep having this bad feeling until Kallen is rescued and back with the Black Knights.

  146. @Remmell
    The similarities between Code Geass and Gundam Seed are really all superficial. As I’m sure you’d agree, anyone who’s actually really seen both wouldn’t think that they’re all that similar. However, I do definitely agree that it’s preferable not give anyone any more excuses to compare the two. I don’t want Kallen to end up with Suzaku. The only reason that that would be even vaguely palatable would be because then C.C. could pair off with Lelouch and neither girl would be left alone. However, even so, that doesn’t see like a particularly desirable situation.

    Just the same, however, I don’t think that they’re building up to that. While they have had episodes – particularly in season 1 – that could be considered to be building up a pairing between C.C. and Lelouch, they seem to have been leaning more towards Kallen X Lelouch recently. Also, there really hasn’t been any buildup to a Suzaku X Kallen pairing. While Suzaku and Kallen were indeed stuck together on an island in a situation somewhat similar to that in Gundam SEED, unlike in SEED, there wasn’t really any romantic buildup. It was more of an opportunity for Suzaku to find out that Kallen was in the OtBK and for the two of them to tell the other that the other was wrong and that they were going to win. It definitely made it so that they got to know each other better, but it wasn’t really building up any romantic relationship between them.

    On top of all that, considering that Kallen is head over heels for Lelouch at this point and considering the fact that Suzaku hasn’t exactly been treating her nice lately (having tied her up big time and given her a rather nasty glare when she was captured, etc), I don’t think that Kallen would ever go for Suzaku, so I’m not too worried about it. The only way I see that happening any time soon is if the Emperor messed with her head and since he hasn’t done it already, I don’t expect him to ever do it. Much as I want Kallen free, given that she seems to be okay overall, what really worries me is the fact that Lloyd is stuying the Guren….

  147. I agree that Gundam SEED and Code Geass story wise are quite different. I was just pointing out the rather odd similarities between the character relationships and a few of the key episodes.
    I just could never see Kallen turning the Guren against the Black Knights. That would really bite.
    I’m just going to continue with this worry until Kallen is freed and back with everyone.

  148. Show Spoiler ▼

    Hey, maybe this is good news and that Meeya girl will be brought in as a regular character now for the student counsel.

  149. @Remmell
    Sunrise did both Gundam SEED and Code Geass. I don’t know how many – if any – of the writers worked on both, but I don’t think that it’s uncommon for a writer to use an idea similar to one they used in a previous story in a new story if it worked well to do so and doesn’t seem too much like a rip-off of the previous story. It’s quite possible, for instance, that one of the major reasons that Suzaku and Lelouch are friends the way they are and yet on different sides because the folks at Sunrise wanted to play around with that idea again in a different arena. The basic idea is pretty much the same in both, but the results are quite different.

    While I still definitely worry about Kallen, I worry less than I did initially. If they were going to do anything particularly nasty to her, I’d have expected them to do it already. However, as long as she’s captured, the possibility does still exist, so we’ll just have to keep hoping that all goes well for her in the end and that the effects of Lloyd’s Guren research aren’t too negative for the OotBk.

    As for Miya, from what I understood, she was a one shot character that some pop idol played and wasn’t meant to be around for more than one episode. I certainly wouldn’t mind her sticking around and being on the student council, but I’d be surprised.

  150. Well, we have yet to really see if the results will be different. We can’t say for sure until we have an end.
    I would think that the research of the Guren is going to end up biting them in the @$$. It’s the way they keep building up the reports on the Guren. I don’t think story wise they would be doing that if it wasn’t to lead to something.

    I’m VERY interested in seeing Kallen’s rescue, but the tactician in me is also interested in seeing what kind of tactics Lelouch has planned against the Tristan and Mordrid.
    Mordrid is a heavy-armor and attack model. This makes it rather slow, but heavily defended with both shielding and body armor. I did notice that is seems to be weak against an attack from above. Even with the shield deployed Asahina was able to get a disabling blow from the top. Through this attack I also noticed something. When Toudo sliced the wing off the float system of the Lancelot it was able to remain airborne, but dramatically slowed down. When the Mordrid lost the wing it fell like a ten ton stone.
    The Tristan is another matter. It’s very fast. I believe far more fast in it’s jet form. Normally, to accommodate such speed you have to sacrifice defense. Though I think that transformation is part of it’s greatest weakness. While transforming i don’t see how it can attack. That’s an opening that could be exploited. Also while in jet form I don’t think it can hover. It seems like it must always move forward like that. Much how a shark must always swim. It also appears to only preform close combat attacks. Using his double lance. It has guns, but I wouldn’t call those it’s strongest weapons.
    Those are just how I analyse the two from what I’ve seen.

  151. I found something interesting while watching Code Geass R2 Stage 12 on For some reason, the original broadcast of this episode in Japan had one the the girls in the “Fantasy Seduction Team” wear a hot pink sports bra, but in the North American Broadcast she wasn’t wearing anything! (Note the blond girl wearing white Japanese Kimono)

    Japanese Original Broadcast Release Screenshot (subbed by Eclipse):

    North America English Dub Broadcast (Adult Swim):

  152. SP, meaning Suppressed Person, is referring to all those who have been effected by Lelouch’s Geass. When he uses it, it suppresses memories of whatever time they are under effect of the Geass, but they still remain locked away in the brain. Hence, Jeremiah’s power undoes the suppression of the memories of the people effected by it.

    Icz Sama

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