• If you’ve noticed a lot of downtime recently, it’s because the Random Curiosity server is getting hammered with all the traffic the new season is generating. Unfortunately, our only option is to upgrade the server, and that’ll take at least a week, if not two. For the time being, I’ve taken some measures (like getting rid of the polls) that will hopefully relieve at least some of the strain until we can make the move. If you have a fast server I can offload some images onto temporarily, please email me ASAP. Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed…
  • On that note, I should mention that the AnimeBlogger Donation Drive is still going, and they’re still about $400 short of their original goal of $1600. Money for that doesn’t help Random Curiosity’s server costs directly (this site is barely supported by ads), but it does benefit the rest of the AnimeBlogger community and helps our network admin Maestro pay for those servers.

    1. Same here. =/ I rely on this site so much for anime reviews and such. I hope that people who can donate, will do so. This site needs to continue greatly, esp. after such an epic episode of Code Geass that brought me to tears…T_T

      Lulu FTW
    2. I was just wondering.
      I’m using Mozilla Firefox and if you use the mouse button 3 (scroll)
      and click something, it will open in a new tab.
      Will it still contribute to the site?

    3. Oh man last night for me was really frustrating because I really wanted to comment on your blog.

      And code geass needs to be blog after are latest twist (Rollo is going to have an apple stuffed in his mouth rosting on an open fire).

    4. @Ken
      no kidding ahaha I wake up at like 6 pacific time (u.s. & canada) btw
      just to see what’s going on in code geass
      and the traffic just kills i have to refresh the page like 10 times to see it but then i’m a happy camper
      and i’ve also been wondering on how these ads works
      like do just click he ads like lulu ftw said?

    5. @lulu ftw: “Also, if clicking the ads would help, I’ve clicked each one on this page once or twice. I’ll keep my contribution. :V

      Please don’t do that, Google will detect it as click fraud and not pay for the clicks. Also, if it happens a lot they very well may cancel our account, then Random Curiosity (and indeed all of AB) would go under.

      @Kabitzin: “Are you running anything like WP-Super-Cache perhaps to alleviate the strain?

      We use WP-Super-Cache with aggressive cache timeout settings.

      @Hei: “and i’ve also been wondering on how these ads works, like do just click he ads like lulu ftw said?

      The ads work in different ways, most of Google’s are Cost Per Click, but they detect fraudulent clicks and don’t pay for those. If they see a lot of activity they consider fraudulent they cancel accounts, so please, PLEASE, don’t click on any ads unless you’re legitimately interested in them.

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