Just a few meta items to mention before I go to bed:

  • Thanks to everyone who offered a temporary place to put images. I think we’re now set until we move to the new server.
  • Divine just returned home from Japan yesterday, so he’s still in catch-up mode for several of his shows, plus whatever new ones he’s thinking of picking up.
  • For this summer season in particular, I think it’s worth saying that just because a first episode isn’t blogged right away doesn’t mean that it’s not being considered. I’ll use World Destruction as an example. I thought the first episode was okay, did well with its strong voice cast, and had some decent story potential, but I’m not exactly leaping to blog it, especially since I’m already following SOUL EATER on Mondays and two shows on Sundays. I’d reconsider though if none of the other series airing this week that I’m interested in (Koihime Musou, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, or even the new j-drama Yasuko to Kenji) turn out to be any more compelling than World Destruction, and in that case, I’d tweak my schedule a bit so that I can fit World Destruction in. One of the problems this season (and it’s more of an issue for Divine than it is for me) is that most of the shows we’re interested in watching are stacked on a few days of the week – Wednesdays and Thursdays for example – whereas days like Tuesdays and Saturdays are unusually light. That’s why it’ll probably take a little longer than usual for us to settle into a normal blogging schedule.
  • Also, I haven’t forgotten about Daily Doses. They will return as soon as things settle down and I figure out what I want to follow. And a quick thanks to all the people who emailed me about the new ef series.
  • Image at left courtesy of ,on pixiv (account needed to access).


    1. According to Japanator.com, the rumors of sequels for FMA and DTB are false. So there you go. An OVA or movie probably won’t be out of the question (especially for FMA, doubtful for DTB), but series sequel, not too likely.

      Why not blog Birdy the Mighty Decode? Its got a quirky premise with neat character designs, great animation (the fight scenes r0xx0r), and the music is pretty catchy (the ED looks and sounds like something out of Gurren Lagann).

    2. @Tristan: Doubt FMA will have a second season, but for DTB it most likely can & will. In that season, two shows people wanted sequels for were DTB and Gurren Lagann. Whereas Gurren Lagann finished strongly, DTB didn’t. Bones is just playing tricks on us though I say in the end. 😛

    3. Bah want bigger version of that picture but registering on a Japanese picture gallery site when I don’t know Japanese is a bit… harder then I had expected… 😐

    4. @Tristan, seconding what KaminaLives told you, the document that was used to support the claims has been proven to have been falsified. There’s been murmurs and rumors of a FMA continuation in some form for ages.

      @Deadlyrain, Google is your amigo for those sorts of things:
      http://miezaru.donmai.us/forum/show/4517 should get you past all the tricks and troubles, and believe me, Pixiv is worth the registration.

    5. I really miss the ‘Snapshots’ sections. Is it possible for Omni to do something similar even though you not planning to follow through? So that we can have a rough gauge of how the title is going to turn out? I miss what Patrik did! =p

    6. @konaha:
      As an addition to what Omni just said, I was considering covering the first episode of as many new shows as possible this season (in lieu of Snapshots), but the last week of my vacation coincided with the first week of premieres, so I’ve been busy catching up on my shows instead.

      A bit of a shame I agree, but spare time is lacking.

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