In order to clear up what’s going on, Lina asks Amelia about Weiser, so Amelia explains that Luvinagard made an official request to Seyruun about Lina’s whereabouts. Neither she nor Zelgadis was told the reason why, but they didn’t question it after the Seyruun parliament decided that Lina was capable of causing an incident on a national scale. Hearing this pisses Lina off and, much to Amelia’s dismay, makes her to want to destroy both Seyruun and Luvinagard. Weiser happens to overhear this last part, and though he treats it as Lina’s intent to overthrow the government and wants to arrest her, Lina convinces him to first explain the charges against her. Weiser thus brings the group to the wreckage of the turtle-shaped tank and reveals that Luvinagard-developed tanks like this have been destroyed in one incident after another. These tanks are resistant to normal magic spells, but someone like a Dragon Slave spell could destroy it. Combined with the brutality of willingly using such a dangerous spell, the lack of consideration for the surroundings, and the irrationality of trying to finish things off with a smile, Weiser had concluded that all the evidence pointed to Lina. In her own defense, Lina points to how she wasn’t the one who destroyed the turtle-shaped tank, but Weiser hadn’t been conscious when that happened.

The group then follows Weiser to a heavily armed fortress where there is another tank because Lina plans to prove her innocence by catching the actual perpetrator in the act. Unfortunately, shortly after they arrive, the tank gets blown up by a magic spell from the same creature from before. Having seen the true culprit, Lina tasks Zelgadis and Amelia with helping the wounded while she and Gourry give chase. When she catches up, she and the creature fire spells at each other, and Lina is still very pissed off that she’s been wrongly accused thanks to him. The two are evenly matched in their spell selection until Lina gains the upper hand by summoning a flock of birds to peck at the creature. Fed up by how Lina has been referring to him as a tiny creature, the creature insults her back and gets her really angry by noting her flat chest. This prompts Lina to go all out, and she decides to amplify the power of a Dragon Slave spell before firing it at her opponent. The ensuing explosion creates another huge crater, but the creature survives. Lina and Gourry are surprised to see that the creature had pulled out a Sword of Light to protect himself, but that sword dies out shortly after he emerges from the explosion, and the creature calls it a replica he had created along with the tanks. Dumbfounded, Lina questions who the creature is and finally learns that his name is Pokota. Pokota’s goal is to stop the person who stole his tanks, but he doesn’t get to explain any further because Weiser suddenly appears and tries to arrest Lina again.


Well, the humor’s still a bit of a miss for me, but the show on a whole has been growing on me now that I’ve gotten used to the characters. Weiser’s going to be that hapless inspector character who never succeeds in catching his target, Lina will be Lina, and Pokota sounds like he could be someone powerful stuck in a tiny body. The fact that Pokota developed the tanks seems a bit odd because, although Weiser’s side wants the tanks to help in what appears to be an upcoming conflict with a neighboring country (at least that’s what Lina suspects), I can’t see someone as powerful as Pokota needing them, so I assume there’s something else afoot. It’s hard to say where the immediate story is going though since it looks like next week Lina’s going to get in further trouble for some kidnapping.


  1. No se, antes (cuando iba en la secundaria… más de 15 años) me gustaba Slayers a más no poder. Pasó el tiempo y me quedé con los buenos recuerdos de las temporadas y las ovas, pero ví esta serie y los buenos recuerdos se esfumaron. Es decir, Slayers en su tiempo fue buena serie, pero casi 20 años después de la serie original el mismo consepto ya se nota rancio. Tanto en dibujo, trama, música, etc…, el estilo ya no me cuadra y la serie se nota bastante pasada. Mejor debió quedarse la saga sepultada en los buenos recuerdos… lo msimo para Evangelion.

  2. i need to catch up to this anime never seen any gotta download them all then see this… i did see the first episode the only complain was there where too many close up scenes i kinda dont like just seeing faces need more, and kinda looks way big on my monitor, but besides that i like it.

  3. The second episode was definitely much better than the first. It felt much better paced, and the comedic parts were spot on this time for me, like the depiction of Gourry as a monkey when he chased Pokota xD And a Dragu Slave boosted by the Demon’s Blood Talismans is always nice to see animated, haha.

    The reference to the Sylphiel and how she acquired the Dragu Slave was great for fans of the old series, and the staff brought a couple more bgm’s from the original trilogy too (most notably the jingle from the eyecatch of Slayers Next).

    The sword we see in the OP turned out Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Yea I saw this series in Japanese when I was overseas, this really brings back memories, and it’s nice to see they made a new series so everyone else can see how awesome this anime is :]

  5. Another great episode… Slayers will always be my favorite series. Its really picked up where it left off. Random stuff happens a bad guy trys to take out Lina and Lina kills them lol. It really is a timeless anime. I consider it to be the best Ive ever seen and I’ve seen alot of animes.

  6. If only Rie Kugimiya can succeed Megumi Hayashibara as VA of Lina Inverse, what could possibly happen?
    Despite being 40+, Megumi still the VA for Lina Inverse and she’s still doing it very well.

  7. back in 1st:
    *I arrest you for being Lina Inverse!
    *What reason is THAT?!

    i loled…

    Anyway i watched all the previous Slayers seasons in my native language! it was one of those epic animes that got aired here in Poland lol…So I am more than hyped about this one 🙂

  8. Everything is continuing just fine and this was a good episode. Nice to see Lina fire off a Dragon Slave especially after its been amplified. That little guy is lucky to still be alive. Good for Gourry that his sword held up better this time and got to show some of his ability.

    Going to be a fun series that’s for sure.

  9. i never checked out the ORIGINAL, but me thinks i’ll PEEP this. it looks wacky enough
    AND is it just me or are the Colors super bright!! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!
    THE COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Hister@
    pues te dire, considerando que la primera temporada comenzo en japon en el 95, osea hace 13 años (para traducirlo al español en esa epoca tardaban años)por lo que por estos rumbos pasaron la seria en el 98 o 99 (que es mas o menos el tiempo que yo recuerdo haberla visto por la television). Entonces, cronologicamente hablando se puede llegar a 2 conclusiones: o estas muy jodido en matematicas o ya te esta pegando el alzhaimer

  11. Not that it’s particularly bothersome, but there is way too many comments recently by people who just state the obvious by typing in what they see in the screenshots without any intention of watching the series in question (which Divine also mentioned)…like all the loli claims for Strike Witches, the “disgustingly huge breasts” in Sekirei, and now for even this, with the Pokota = Terriermon comment. I mean, there has to be more worth mentioning about, besides those things.

    @arigatou – I’m not too keen with the idea of Kugimiya Rie voicing Lina at all. Not to mention a great deal of Hayashibara Megumi’s appeal, at least for me, is her singing…which is far from being Kugimiya Rie’s forte…xD

  12. Argh, I’m really not a fan of posting multiple times, but I might as well, since this is causing a LOT of confusion, and there are so many fake rumors concerning Slayers running rampant (e.g., Luna is in the OP! No, the maid is not Luna).

    True, there are some inconsistencies showing up already, the most obvious being Pokota using Freeze Rain which is Naga’s original spell and highly unlikely to be used by anyone except her.

    Although TRY is technically not treated as canon and with many people generally regarding Darkstar as destroyed (because for mazoku, being “dead” only means they are unable to materialize in the physical plane and can always regenerate), I will stand by the train of thought that the Darkstar/Volfield/Valgaav entity in the end of TRY was never destroyed – rather, they were all simply separated again with Volfield and Darkstar being forced back into their own plane as brought up by the authors of the Saillune Library database concerning Slayers (

    Now, even if Darkstar was indeed destroyed, it is stated explicitly in the light novels that part of the Demon Blood Talisman’s powers are independent from the Mazoku overlords they are connected to, and in the novels Lina are still able to use spells (the ones drawing from Gaav for example) as a result of this independent source of power despite the fact that Gaav has already been destroyed.

  13. but see, remember in try last ep, lina tried to cast the giga slave with the talismans and darkstar sealed her spell right when one of the talisman stopped glowing. but who cares, 4 glowing looks better than just 3

  14. It’s not that it’s disappointing me yet, but I don’t quite like Pokata all that much yet. Maybe that will change. Apart from that, this season is awesome. I love watching Lina and company cause mayhem again.

  15. @sgsh

    But what you are pointing out has nothing to do with whether Dark Star was destroyed or not. And there is a time in the canon (light novels) like in the beginning of the final battle between Show Spoiler ▼

    and Lina where the talismans was also sealed, so your argument is meaningless.

    Oh well. This is supposed to be a 26 episode series separated into two seasons (with the latter half apparently covering the 2nd arc of the novels) so you’ll get what I was talking about soon enough.

  16. So in Lina’s homeland learning to use Dragu Slave is a part of bridal training? Now THAT’s a scary place to find yourself a girlfriend. I laughed heavily while watching this episode- much more than during the first one, which is by all means a good sign. Can’t wait for more.

  17. **** True, there are some inconsistencies showing up already, the most obvious being Pokota using Freeze Rain which is Naga’s original spell and highly unlikely to be used by anyone except her.*****

    To tau tau – Maybe the creature DOES have some connection to Naga? Its too bad it appears not to be Naga (too smart, lol) that would be a hilarious twist.

  18. I wonder which is correct for Lina’s ultimate spell:
    -Drag Slave
    -Drug Slave
    -Dragon Slave

    Since Slayers also licensed in my country and they dub it with different name for the spell.


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