Note: I have to put off writing this summary for a while because I need to work on some other stuff first.

-Well I’m not sure what to make of this episode. Aside from showing that Weiser might be more shrewd than he looks, there wasn’t much to this other than Lina Inverse and the Case of the Missing Pets. My best guess is that the writers might be trying to build up the notion that there’s something up with the Duke of Ruvinagald and/or the Ruvinagald nobility in general. And that could lead to war or revolution or something.


  1. Actually in the novels. SPOILER ABOUT THE KING OF RUVINAGARDO. [spoiler]the King of Ruvinagardo had a project going on to create half-mazoku(demon) troops for military purposes. Lina helped foil this project with Wizer/Wiser they became good friends and Ruvinagardo became an republic.[/spoiler]

    Interesting piece of info about Pokota’s real name in this spoiler too from the third manga chapter. [spoiler]ポセル=コルバ=タフォーラシア王子 = Prince Posel Corba Taforashia[/spoiler]

    This all happened prior Lina meeting Gourry and the others

  2. @gurvab

    You just spoiled the non-manga readers! (like myself) xD Ah well…
    Anyhoot, it was going to be a matter of time before we’ll be treated to an episode that started with Lina and co. eating their heads off at a restaurant. The wealthy madame screaming “Come back to me!!!” when her pet was taken away was just utterly hilarious.

    I guess from the look of things this will be focusing on Pokota/Weiser/Ruvinagald and I’m supposing Zuuma will come into the picture as an assassin hired by Ruvinagald to get rid of Lina? Still not sure how Xellos will fit into this equation…

  3. …double post…but I think I answered my own question. x.X

    Xellos is there because of the Zenafa armor (look it up if you want to be spoiled!). Figures. xD That’ll explain the beast-man wearing it in the OP, and why they bothered to put Xellos’ true/astral form and looking like his dark self in the OP as well. And with this development the second cours can run straight into the 2nd arc of the novels since the Zenafa armor plays a part in it too.

  4. typical comedy episode for Slayers. Don’t stop watching it! Slayers starts out as random comedy for about 10 episodes, then the serious plot starts to kick in. I’m assuming that will be when Xellos shows up. I’m guessing episode 5 or 6 he will show up. I loved the eating contest with Gourry and Lina it brought back memories of old Slayers….

  5. Gourry and Lina really have an incredible ability to eat a ton of food. Have to keep moving so the towns can restock after they visit :).

    Do think they are hinting at a bad seed in the nobility that are somehow related to the magic tanks issue. But pretty standard of Slayers to start off like this and just a matter of time before it kicks up the seriousness.

  6. The Gourry cross-dressing episode should actually be quite some ways away. In the previous 3 Slayers series, that was always episode #17 of the season. This could get interesting, though. I’m seeing shades of Slayers Next, where it started off looking like there were small localized issues, but it was gradually revealed to be something significantly larger.


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