「初めてなんです…」 (Hajimete Nan Desu…)
“My First Time…”

Episode at a Glance:
While cautious about calling Haruka by her first name in public, Yuuto still manages to draw the unwanted attention of others when he’s with her. After showing Haruka a picture of a Dojikko Aki-chan character on his phone, Yuuto explains that he looked up a bit of information on the anime she likes so much. Haruka later adds that her Akibakei secret is something between just the two of them, so she invites him to go to out with her on Sunday. This invitation causes Yuuto to imagine all sorts of things with Haruka, so he agrees to go, realizing that this is a date, but Haruka can’t quite admit it is. However, Yuuto soon finds out that she wants to go to shopping at Akihabara, a place he swore never to go to again thanks to Nobunaga.

On Sunday though, Yuuto does meet up with Haruka, who shows him her shopping plan for the day, which ends with the purchase of the new Portable Dream Station (PDS) game system. Seeing her strange drawing of a cat, Yuuto feels that there are things that even she’s not good at, but can’t say that to her face. The two of them then browse through many stores, including some doujinshi at Toranoana, and Yuuto is surprised to find out that Haruka’s content with just looking at things and not buying them. Yuuto later asks how she got into anime things, so Haruku explains that when she was younger, she was scolded by her father and crying in a park, when a boy she didn’t know came by and gave her the first issue of Innocent Smile. Before she knew it, she became totally engrossed in it.

The two of them bump into Nobunaga as well, who’s aware that Yuuto’s with a girl, despite his efforts to hide Haruka. In his attempt to hide Haruka though, Yuuto loses sight of her, and runs into Amamiya Shiina while searching for her. Despite not knowing Yuuto, Shiina is already able to make bug him about his “relationship”, but does mention seeing Haruka earlier. Following the info, Yuuto finds Haruka surrounded by a group of large Russian sailors, who he mistakens for bad people. Haruka clears things up in Russian though, then takes Yuuto to look at Gachapon, something she’s actually never bought before. Claiming that while she’s “seen and touched them” before, she’s never “done” such a thing, meaning this is her “first experience” (hatsutaiken, 初体験, also refers to one’s first sexual experience). While realizing the connotations, Yuuto convinces her that it’s easy and there’s nothing to be afraid of, so Haruka goes on a spree in bed buying Gachapon.

Despite her zealous efforts, Haruka is unable to get the one she wants, so the two of them head to @home cafe, where the staff manages to convince Haruka to wear a maid outfit. While equally embarrassed, they get their picture taken before going to buy a PDS, only to realize they’re sold out. In shock, Haruka faints, so Yuuto carries her away to a nearby park for some fresh air. There, Haruka feels like she just burdened Yuuto for the day, but he tells her that he had a lot fun. Showing her the picture from earlier, he adds that they’ve created another secret between just the two of them. With Haruka relieved and in tears, Yuuto recalls that something like this happened in the past too. His reminiscing is cut short though due to a phone call from Ruko, so they decide to head home as part of her threats (for food). As they leave, Haruka walks into a tree, and Yuuto can’t help but laugh at her. On their way to the station, they run into a Gachapon machine with more Dojikko Aki-chan figurines, so Yuuto offers to buy her one, saying it’s one last try. Able to get the one she wanted this time, Haruka says she’ll cherish it as an important treasure from him, and the two of them agree to come to Akihabara again.


Next Episode:
「おしまいです…」 (Oshimai Desu…)
“It’s Over…”

As this episode predictably depicted, if you ever want to draw unnecessary attention and make others misunderstand your relationship in Japan an anime, all you have to do is call a girl by her first name without any yobi (honorifics). If you want to make it even more obvious, you just need to hang out with her and do so on a date at Akihabara. It doesn’t hurt if she’s the school idol either.

Amamiya Shiina, who’s played by Satou Rina (Negi Springfield in Negima!), was introduced briefly this episode. Seeing how she’s supposed to be a sociable and outgoing character, hopefully she’ll provide that sarcastic, poking-fun, comedic flair to this series, that’s missing from Yuuto.

The opening song of the Ichigo Mashimaro OVA, “Akkan berry berry”, was playing in the background during the scene outside the maid cafe, which must be Watanabe Tsuyoshi‘s doing, seeing as he composed the music for that series as well.

Watching this episode begs the question as to whether or not you’d be happy about having made a future school idol into an Akibakei, especially if you’re not one yourself.

Aso Bit City: I’ve been to that particular store in Akihabara, except it was promoting Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the time.


– Nogizaka Haruka (乃木坂 春香) / Noto Mamiko (能登 麻美子)
– Ayase Yuuto (綾瀬 裕人) / Hatano Wataru (羽多野 渉)
– Asakura Nobunaga (朝倉 信長) / Takagi Reiko (高木 礼子)
– Amamiya Shiina (天宮 椎菜) / Satou Rina (佐藤 利奈)
– Ayase Ruko (綾瀬 ルコ) / Nabatame Hitomi (生天目 仁美)
– Sailor 1 (船員1) / Yasumoto Hiroki (安元 洋貴)
– Sailor 2 (船員2) / Mamiya Yasuhiro (間宮 康弘)
– Young man A (男子A) / Satou Yuudai (佐藤 雄大)
– Young man B (男子B) / ()
– Young man C (男子C) / ()
– Dojikko Aki-chan (ドジッ娘アキちゃん) / Matsuki Miyu (松来 未祐)


  1. i think the description of Haruka as a hardcore otaku is kinda wrong. she’s definitely not konata level otaku and she can resist spending money on figures she likes (gashapon not withstanding). i think shes just a normal (rich) girl that happens to like anime.

  2. Those stores bring back memories, they did a good job in the anime to make the stores look like the real thing, during my last trip there their big hit was Nanoha Striker with poster, DVD everywhere.

  3. I hear Apron Dake wa Tora nai de! from Koharu Biyori when they were in that maid cafe. Somehow it’s like making fun of foreigner when the way they communicate are like some ridiculous language.

  4. Great episode, it doesn’t matter how many clichés we had on it, I still love it.

    I was expecting more development in their school life, but they did it outside instead. I guess a date on Akihabara for an Akiba-kei has to be nice (just like Konata’s dad did it with Kanata). We got to see different sides of Haruka, from the one who made that crappy drawing as her “day’s plan” to the one crying for being an annoyance to Yuuto all the time. The priceless moment has to be their visit to @home café and her “they made me wear it” line to Yuuto. Maid outfits FTW!

    Next episode seems promising…

  5. amo el op 2 es kawaiiii y la musica rockera me encanta esa guitarra k tiene esa kawaii ii milan-chan [Hitomi Nabatame] canta genial! es un seiyuu muy kawaiii asdasd amo esta serie aun que no me gusta mucho el ecchi pero igual me gusta asdasdasd Harukasan es kawaii! y la voz de Noto MaMiko le qeda genial! la amoooooooo asdasd no me gusta mucho yuuto el protagonista hubiera sido otro por que este no m gusta para nada, hubiera sido mas lindo por que las chicas son hermosas, entonces se merecen un hombre guapo a Yuuto no le encuentro nada atractivo -.- asdasd aveer…Shiina tambn me gusta es un personaje muy kawaii el q tene yo pienso q es mi personaje favoritto xq es el q mas me gustaa la amuu *0* ademas este es el cap q salio ella pero nu me gusta como aparecio por que le muestran su ropa interior ewe la q menos me gusta es Mika la hermana de Haruka por qe la pendeja se cree grande ademas se pone relleno en los pechos xDDD jajaj qe mala no era broma pero odio a esa ninia e_____e aah! y las sirvientas tampoco no me gustan :/ pero no se por que son muy viejaas xDD las q mas me gustan son Haruka, Shina y Mila jejej bueno Haruka me gusta x su personlidad q tene la amo x eso *o* y a Shiina xq se parece ami de personalidad xDD jeje y a Milan xq canta Sugoii! ademas me cae muy bn n.n bueno era eso qeria hacer un cortito analisis de la serie que es muy buena n.n bueno Byee

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