• Both Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLiC are getting Original Animation DVD (OAD) releases with upcoming volumes of their respective manga in a new CLAMP and Production I.G project. The first one, an xxxHOLiC episode, will come out with volume 14 of the xxxHOLiC manga in January of 2009, and the subsequent Tsubasa Chronicle episode will come out in February 2009 with volume 26 of the Tsubasa Chronicle manga. After Tokyo Revelations turned out so good, I’m glad to hear that there’ll be more by Production I.G. Thanks Julie for the heads up.
  • The School Rumble manga has ended. I hear a lot of people aren’t too happy about the way it ended, and there is a follow-up called School Rumble Z coming.
  • It’s now official that Xam’d Lost Memories will premiere in Japan via the Playstation Store in September. It will get a weekly release for 26 total episodes. The first episode is already available in the US Playstation Store, and I wrote about it here.
  • Popular fujoshi manga Tonari no 801-chan is getting an anime to be aired next year.
  • The official website for the upcoming Umineko no Naku Koro ni anime is now open.
  • The Gurren Lagann movie website is now hosting a trailer, though it requires Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player to watch. If for whatever reason you can’t watch it, don’t feel too bad because there’s nothing new in it other than some music.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
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    1. @Drakron

      Couldn’t agree more. The story was doing good and just abruptly changed and now looks like it will end.
      It’s like either the mangaka just decided to quit or the publishers decided to pull the plug.

    2. HAHAHA to all who still followed SCHOOL RUMBLE. i got sick of that “HOOK-UP-TEASE” thing a while ago…lotta people mad huh?? nigga please!! like u didnt see a disappointing ending coming?? but i guess u cant please everybody

      BROOKLYN otaku
    3. c283 is the final, but I don’t think you’ll get much.

      It feels like the editors pulled the plug on this one guys. And lets face it, the whole thing was BS if it ends like this. It was reset after reset after reset. Talk about a POS.

    4. Thanks for sharing.

      Does.. this mean that Xam’d Lost Memories can only be watched with purchase from the playstation store? It won’t be available online anywhere?

      Crystalique Fairy
    5. Well that School Rumble finish really did suck. Almost makes you feel bad for wasting your time getting interested in the whole affair. Oh well best to pack up the feelings on that and move on.

    6. Yo Crystalique Fairy– U can still find it online, episode 1 subbed has come out like 3-4 days ago… quality is a little bad, but its still watchable…u can torrent it, veoh it, or even Crunch it./.

    7. kudos on another Daily Dose!!!


      holy… OH NO! school rumble’s finished? *cries…* awww… it leaves a lacking feeling!

      *reads on…*

      tsubasa! yeah! Production I.G. rocks… but why wait ’til next year? XD

    8. this is one of the few things that i really like about this site.

      Giving us some info on other stuff that people like.

      School rumble Z didn’t think it would be really called by that name. btw thank you so much for the school rumble info cus i’m following up the school rumble manga series and it was totally nice.


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