Despite feeling uneasy because she’s never gone very far from home, Tiffania leaves with Saito and Louise for Tristain. Along the way, she reveals that she’s been alone all this time because her mother is dead, but since she had wanted to see the world, she thinks that this is destiny. That reminds Louise of what Sheffield had said about another Void user, however she rejects the idea after seeing how big Tiffania’s breasts are. The three, along with Siesta and Agnès, eventually return to Henrietta’s castle, and when Tiffania introduces herself to the queen, she reveals that she’s a half-elf. This comes from how her mother had been an elf and was a concubine to her father, the archduke of Albion, but despite this revelation, Henrietta still welcomes her. As for the issues of Sheffield and the other Void user, Henrietta promises to try to ask around about it. Tiffania herself claims not to know anything about it, and she instead shows everyone the magic ring she had gotten as a memento from her mother. It’s missing a jewel because she had used it to save Saito, though it turns out that it was Derflinger who had teleported Saito away from the battlefield and into the forest in the first place.

Everyone is thankful for Tiffania saving Saito, but she feels that she had only been following what her mother had told her about helping people in trouble. Henrietta thinks that Tiffania can use magic since she has elf blood, however Tiffania remembers the violence in her past and denies it. Later that night, Saito hears Tiffania singing, so he joins her out on the balcony. Saito feels bad for getting her involved in this mess, but Tiffania doesn’t blame him and reveals that she had wanted to see the outside world. She admits to being afraid because she doesn’t understand anything out here, and she further surprises Saito by revealing that she can indeed use magic. It brings back painful memories of losing her mother though, and she doesn’t know whether magic is good or bad. Saito suggests that there has to be some meaning for her being a half-elf born with this power, just like him being from another world, and he offers to lend an ear when she’s troubled.

The following day, Saito accepts the title of Chevalier from Henrietta, and he finds out that Siesta has gotten permission to be his personal maid. Henrietta also decides to let Tiffania stay with her for a while because they’re cousins – Tiffania’s father is Henrietta’s uncle. Tiffania isn’t ready to join Saito and the others at the academy because she doesn’t want to trouble them, and Louise gets angry when Saito promises to protect Tiffania. Though she yells at Tiffania as well because she doesn’t want Tiffania coming to the academy, Louise tells her that destiny is something that she has to face on her own and thanks her for saving Saito. Louise, Saito, and Siesta then fly back to Tristain Academy, and to their surprise, a huge crowd consisting of all the students is waiting for them. They are all cheering for Saito because of his new Chevalier title, and Guiche also reveals that Saito is now the vice-captain of the Ondine Knights.


So unlike last week, this week’s episode actually focused on Tiffania. That in itself is probably a positive since she’s a new character who’s had relatively little introduction, but they didn’t really delve deep into her past or anything (for example, what was happening in those flashbacks she had). It sounded like her mother was pretty important as well, so hopefully there’s more behind that than what they showed here. Of course, it didn’t help that this episode felt pretty slowly paced to boot, though I should say that that is compared to how much happened last week. I wouldn’t call this boring, but without Sheffield around to mess things up, it wasn’t exciting either. Fortunately, it looks like she and Joseph are plotting something, and there’s still the lingering issue of if Tiffania is the other Void user or not. Given all the hints that she is and the fact that Zero no Tsukaima has never been the kind of series to use huge plot twists, the question is how that’ll manifest itself in the story (i.e. does Tiffania suddenly discover how to use her powers during a battle or…). Based on the preview, she appears to be rejoining the group next week, so there should be plenty of opportunities for that to happen.


  1. I don’t find Saito being cheered on by the Tristan guys to be wierd. He’s proved himself time and again over the series. By the time of the love potion “crisis” back in season 1, it seemed like he was already being treated rather well for being a commoner. And even before that, few people at the school were on his case about being a commoner. (Guiche and Louise were really the only ones making a big deal about it)

  2. “Regardless, this and the fact that he’s now a leader of the Undine Knights means he’ll get some respect and might have some more leverage whenever Louise (or anyone else) tries to boss him around.”

    LOL! I wouldn’t bet my mortgage on it, I prophesize that Saito will be abused in some way the very next episode. 😀

    nobody important
  3. siesta is now saito’s personal maid. i can’t wait for the next episode on how saito uses his “personal maid” and how louise try to make saito only look for him.

    Getting tired of watching saito getting beat up how bout seeing something different for a change.

    Omni thank you so much for blogging all 3 ZnT series.

    hope you finish it friend!.

  4. This series can go any where in the middle, as long as at the very very end they ave a decent ending i just cant hate this series… any episode is a good one for me…

  5. Next episode middle picture : Louise the dog !!!
    And Siesta… Ugg, scroll in “Flanssois”.
    Apparently Siesta was Louise’s property… transfered to Saito by Henrietta.
    Ugg horrible Flanssois… can’t even begin to translate in engrish.

    Happy Fungus
  6. Wasn’t Saito always against the whole class system/nobility thing because he things everyone should be treated equal? It seems kind of hypocritical of him now to so willingly accept the chevalier title and also getting his own slave maid in Siesta.

  7. Now that i compared Tiffania’s and Henrietta’s
    Holy shit..
    Tiffania’s breasts are just humongous.
    And, please saito, stop calling her TEFA, Tiffania is a cute name.

  8. I wonder if Tiffania’s half elf… what does a full elf look like here?

    Still I figured that out… Tiffania easily outsizes both the princess and the maid (both seem to be in the same bust tier) Loli Tiffania is also cute. This seems to be the summer of curvy moes (first Kaguya of Mugen no frontier game, then Tiffania)

  9. WOoooo i have relaized something… i think it not might be imposible for saito to be also tiffania familiar, and saito then will be the left and the right hand god, that means SAITO will be the GANDALFR and WINDALFR!!! that would be awesome!!!!, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IF ITS IM JUST HOPING THINGS… BUT IF ITS TRUE.. I BET LOUISE WILL EXPLODE!!!

  10. you sure about pettry boy?? because if that true i will kill (dont remember the name) the creator of this anime =P… i want a tiffa X saito !!! that would be an awensome triangle…
    saito x tiffa
    saito x siesta
    saito x louise (she might kill him this time) XD

  11. I would love to come on here anbd complain about the hole saito being treated like crap all the time but i find it to funny but you woul think after like mounths of those two loveing each other that she would take it easy on him but thats besides the point. I pesinatly like tiffa’s nice attitude witch makes me sad to realize she two will be throne aside like the rest of them, but unlike the rest of them shes is made to sand out amung the crowed were normally this is a good thing in her case its not because unlike the others she doesnt just feel like a taked on pice of eye candy. they should of made her a backround charater so its less disapointing to watch be sad or become a hore (like the maid girl) but hell whatever maybe this well be the first real rival for lusie (sorry if i spelled it wrong) in the ways of saito’s hormal dissfunction.

    Sith to the max

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