「なつこみ…です」 (Natsu Komi… Desu)
“It’s… the Summer Comic Market”

Episode at a Glance:
In preparation for the summer comike, Nobunaga gives Yuuto a counter-measure manual that he made and explains how anime and game fans gather, create circles, buy/sell doujinshi and CDs, sing and dance, and cosplay at the biggest summer festival for Akibakei. Forced to turn down Shiina’s invitation to the pool, Yuuto recalls how Haruka mentioned wanting to buy the Neko Basutei doujinshi and refers to her guide instead of Nobunaga’s, despite being warned about underestimating the event. On the actual day of the event, Yuuto is shocked to see how crowded the train is and gets swept away in a sea of otakus when everyone exits at the same stop. After meeting up with Haruka there, both of them are taken back by the sheer sight of the number of attendees, which reminds Yuuto of how Nobunaga’s guide mentioned sleeping earlier to catch the first train.

Positioned at the far back of the line, Yuuto suggests making a run for the Neko Basutei booth when they get into the hall, but Haruka advises that him running isn’t allowed, amongst various other things enforced by rules that allow the event to continue being held. A long while later, the two of them finally get inside and make their way towards the Neko Basutei booth, during which Haruka gets bumped around a bit by the crowd. Yuuto manages to catch her in his arms and suggests that they hold hands so that they don’t get separated. In the main hall, Yuuto sees the sheer scale of the comike and feels that it’s really like a festival, while Haruka warps around at lightning speed at the sight of Dojikko-chan. When they make it to the Neko Basutei booth, they’re forced to line up in a ridiculously long line again, which Yuuto is semi-alright with after hearing that Haruka is a big fan of this circle’s work. Another long while later, they make it to the front of the line, but another attendee cuts in front and buys the last copy, which causes Haruka to almost faint. Yuuto protests to the circle, but Haruka stops him to prevent him from making a scene and says that his sentiments are enough, despite being on the verge of crying.

Outside, they run into a man who gives them his copy of the book after supposedly witnessing what happened earlier, unbeknownst to them that it’s actually Nanami in disguise, who along with Mika and Hazuka, forcibly bought the book back from the person earlier. Browsing around the event, Haruka notices some cute Shana doujinshi, making her feel like making her own doujinshi, but Yuuto can’t find it in his heart to tell her what he thinks about her drawings. During this time, a man appears to be inconspiculously spying on them. Yuuto then runs into Nobunaga, who’s deeply moved about him coming out of the closet as an Akibakei, but soon takes off to buy more books, telling Yuuto to give his regards to Haruka before leaving. Surprised that he knows Haruka’s with him, Yuuto heads over to her, where she passes out aftering seeing some adult Inukami! doujinshi. She forgets what happens after waking up though, so the two of them walk around looking at various booths and an ecchi poster, before finally making it outside to where all the cosplayers are.

While unaware of exactly what’s going on, Haruka recognizes a lot of characters and decides to go in for a closer look; however, one of the photographers takes notice to her, thinking that she’s a cosplayer as well. With everyone photographing her, Yuuto realizes how troubled Haruka is and steps in to take her away. The rabid fans don’t appreciate this and encircle them, but Hazuki appears cosplayed as Dokuro-chan and cuts everyone’s cameras up with her chainsaw. Likewise, Nanami appears cosplayed as Wilhelmina and binds others with her ribbons while Mika laughs sadistically as Hecate, before the three of them run off for breaking the rules. Afterward, Haruka comments on how Yuuto is like a hero and the two of them head home in a crowded train which Yuuto isn’t happy about, but Haruka mentions how much fun the comike was and how she’s glad he came along. When Haruka stumbles from a sudden shift in the train, Yuuto catches her and apologizes, but she hugs him back saying it’s alright.

After seeing her off at her house, Yuuto runs into Mika, Nanami, and Hazuki, who ask where he went with Haruka for their love-love date. Realizing they were there, Yuuto wonders why they’re here now, so Mika asks if he saw anyone suspicious there. Yuuto initially points at Mika in response, but later adds that he didn’t notice anyone. Talking to herself, Mika thinks that even he wouldn’t go that far, but worries about it. Back at home that night, Yuuto gets a call from Mika asking if he knows where Haruka is, when she suddenly shows up at his door in tears.


Next Episode:
「…大好きなんです!」 (…Daisuki Nan Desu!)
“…I Love You!”

It was pretty damn funny to see Yuuto not heed Nobunaga’s warning about underestimating the summer comic market and literally get swept away by a sea of Akibakei/otaku, as this was exactly what I was hoping to see this episode. Also, it’s not often you get to see an anime promote itself, or more correctly, one of its music singles. I don’t even recall Genshiken or Comic Party Revolution trying to pull such obvious self advertising, despite all their opportunities to, so I commend this series for being simplistically clever.

I might’ve been slightly delusional from all the blogging lately, but watching Haruka walk into something and then start apologizing to it was a lot funnier than I would’ve imagined. Noto Mamiko’s outburst probably attributed to most of the humour, but Haruka is looking more and more like a school idol dojikko (ドジっ子 i.e clumsy child) lately. However, she manages to remains remarkably amiable in spite of it. I have to say I’m surprised that Yuuto was reasonably calm after getting shafted out of the last copy of the Neko Basutei doujinshi Haruka wanted, because if someone cut in front of me and bought the last thing I lined up hours for, I would probably bust some heads. Other than that, I was eagerly waiting for the moment when the ever-so-innocent Haruka would be traumatized by some adult doujinshi, so it was quite amusing to see Inukami! rise to the occasion, even though it would have had enough perverted implications without Keita explicitly fondling Karina.

As for anime/manga references, there were quite a lot in this episode and I have to admit that I couldn’t identify all of them off the top of my head. However, some of the more obvious ones include Mika as Hecate from Shakugan no Shana, Nanami as Wilhelmina from the same series, Hazuki as Dokuro-chan from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (with a chainsaw instead of a spiked club), Zack from Final Fantasy 7, and Keita and Karina from Inukami! as mentioned above. I think Haruka would’ve been able to do a better cosplay as Hecate though, seeing as Noto Mamiko played her in that series, but having more Shana references was nice nonetheless. They featured a short clip of Kawada Mami‘s “Hishoku no Sora” again as well. In any case, I’ve included a lot more screenshots than usual, so feel free to point out any cameos/parodies you notice.

As for the episode itself, Yuuto managed to save Haruka on many occasions, making it seem like he’s already won her heart several times over. Because of this, I’m starting to find that Yuuto is almost too ideal of a male lead, thus making everything overly mushy at times. I’m almost hoping for some drama at this point rather than watching the two of them fall in love with one another over and over again, so luckily for me, it looks like something has started to develop this episode and appears to continue onto the next, seeing as Haruka came over at night in tears. Finally, it turns out that Nobunaga knew about Yuuto being with Haruka all those times, despite his attempts to hide her from him. With Nobunaga being an Akibakei himself, I don’t see why Yuuto thinks he would mind if Haruka is one too, because if anything, he would probably only end up idolizing her more.


– Nogizaka Haruka (乃木坂 春香) / Noto Mamiko (能登 麻美子)
– Ayase Yuuto (綾瀬 裕人) / Hatano Wataru (羽多野 渉)
– Nogizaka Mika (乃木坂 美夏) / Gotou Mai (後藤 麻衣)
– Amamiya Shiina (天宮 椎菜) / Satou Rina (佐藤 利奈)
– Sakurazaka Hadzuki (桜坂 葉月) / Shimizu Kaori (清水 香里)
– Nanashiro Nanami (七城 那波) / Ueda Kana (植田 佳奈)
– Asakura Nobunaga (朝倉 信長) / Takagi Reiko (高木 礼子)
– Man in suit (スーツの男) / Kamijou Tetsuya (上城 龍也)
– Amateur photographer A (カメコA) / Inoue Gou (井上 剛)
– Amateur photographer B (カメコB) / Nakano Shintarou (中野 慎太郎)
– Amateur photographer C (カメコC) / Densaka Tsutomu (伝坂 勉)
– Amateur photographer D (カメコD) / Takumi Yasuaki (内匠 靖明)
– Amateur photographer E (カメコE) / Desaki Takuya (出先 拓也)


  1. The trouble that’s brewing is from haruka’s parents. Her dad doesn’t like the fact that the two are always together (but he does like yuuto). I don’t understand why you dislike yuuto being a strong male lead, I’m sick and tired of the typical average loser with no clue whatsoever about a female’s feelings towards him whatsoever getting a harem of his own and not know what to do with it. These insecure types don’t get the girl in real life they usually end up being lonely with their dogs. Yuuto is a nice change of pace, he’s the only male lead that I don’t find myself anting to reach into my TV screen and choke. Ok I understand that you personally might relate to the insecure type so I apologize to you in advance.

  2. I like how this episode is at the same time as the actual Comiket.

    I think this episode had a really good portrayal of Comiket. I really enjoyed the episode, watching all the good stuff about conventions, and HOORAY COSPLAYERS.

    Damn cliffhanger, why must you do that to meeeee. ;_;

  3. Kame, I think the main problem is that everything is working out too nicely. I personally don’t like weak male leads very much either, but I at least like the main character to have a bit of depth, or at least make things interesting. There hasn’t really been any sort of conflict at all, and for a romance/comedy, I expected this series to be (much) more humorous than it turned out to be. There really hasn’t been much driving it forward (aside from some fan service), and it looks like it’s going to (slowly) work itself to a predictable happy ending, since they’ve already hinted to Yuuto and Haruka having met in the past. IMO, this series is a bit too generic/bland…

  4. Kame:
    Nandeyanen pretty much sums up what I was trying to get at. I just feel that Yuuto needs a few flaws or at least make some mistakes to spice things up. Overall though, I do find that he’s much less agonizing to watch than those insecure types you’re referring to.

    Also, thanks Nandeyanen!

  5. sneezl:
    Yeah, Nobunaga still doesn’t know that Haruka is an Akibakei. He simply knows that Yuuto is hanging around her a lot lately, which evidently isn’t a big deal to him. Because of this, I’m wondering why Yuuto even has to hide her secret from him then, unless of course he’s worried that Nobunaga will tell other people.

  6. How did /NOBODY/ catch the /TOTAL/ nod-off to original Mobile Suit Gundam in the /FIRST/ scene of the episode? -_-; Nobunaga so /totally/ stylized his guide like the Gundam’s manual that Amuro fround in MSG episode 1. It even has a guy wearing a Gundam helmet on the cover.

  7. IMO, it’s not that Yuuto that too ideal but almost every char seems too ideal so they did not pose much problems to him.

    – Sheena showed interest in him but not that forward toward him and stay in good term with Haruka but we may see that later.
    – In usual anime, we often see one or two of closet friends of main protagonist did not approve of protagonist’s relationship but, as we see, Nobunaga, his sister, Mika, Hadzuki and Nanami are quite supportive of their relationship. Only left is Haruka’s father.

    There are only 12 episodes so I guess they cut it a lot for anime reference’s sake.

  8. i like this main character like the only one i liked in a Long time Kanokon pissed me off the lil dude ahh weak character this game yay im likeing the Loveydovey stuff i dont like his sisters tho or harukas sister but i like it to keep to haruka and the dude

  9. I wonder what Haruka’s reaction will be if Yuuto ever does go out with Shiina, even if it is casual. Will she think he is cheating on her or is she so dense that she won’t even notice?

  10. Hmm, my guess is the guy with sunnies is/works for Haruka’s dad. Hope it will follow the light novel because the story develops more, though have to admit the anime is very different from the manga after episode 2 I think? Not sure ~_~; cause in the light novel Yuuto first meets Sheena/Shina/Shiina, however you call her at one of Haruka’s piano competitions/recitals/whatever. Regardless, does someone know where to buy the light novels (7 volumes so far) and manga (Volume 2 is coming out next week, whee!)?

  11. I agree with you^^
    It’s a good anime because to hide a secret
    is difficult in spite of friends
    It’s that Haruka doesn’t want to have is Nobunaga telling
    other people of the secret.


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