On the run from Henrietta’s forces, Saito and company decide to take refuge at Scarron’s place. Once there, Colbert proposes that they head towards Gallia via a land route, and his plan involves using the Ostland as a decoy to draw Henrietta’s attention towards Germania while the main group goes directly to Gallia. Scarron helps out by outfitting them in disguises that make them look like a troupe of traveling entertainers, but Siesta decides not to take part and joins Colbert, Gimli, and Reynald in securing the Ostland instead. Meanwhile, in Gallia, Sheffield brings Joseph underground to a place with a large door. Behind the door is a giant creature stuck in the rock that Joseph calls a Jörmungant. Back in Tristain, Siesta uses her body to distract the guards around the Ostland while Gimli and Reynald knock them out. More guards come, but the group manages to get on the ship, and by pushing the engines, they are eventually able to break the chains restraining the ship and take off.

Unfortunately, Agnès sends a squad of dragon riders after them, and after the ship takes a lot of damage, Colbert decides to land and surrender because he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. When Agnès sees Colbert, she flies into a rage and nearly kills him, but she stops herself at the last moment. Saito’s group meanwhile has a close call when they run into a military checkpoint on the road to Gallia, but they manage to pass through with their identities undiscovered. Louise spends the trip worrying about how she’s now a commoner with no more relation to her family, and she feels that Saito is the only person she has left. Not paying attention to where she’s going, she ends up hurting herself on a fall and tries to act strong in front of Saito. He, however, says that she can depend on him in these kinds of times and offers to carry her. Louise lets him, but she claims that it’s only because he wants to. Nevertheless, she realizes that he’s always been alone and wonders how he has so much courage. Later that night, the group finally arrives at Gallia, and they are determined to save Tabitha.


A decent amount of stuff happened this episode – Saito’s group got to Gallia, Colbert got captured by Agnès, Tabitha beat herself up over betraying her friends, and Joseph has something big and ugly called a Jörmungant – but it actually seemed to go by really quickly. I think a big part of it may be that the characters are now finally doing something instead of getting pretty much nowhere like last week. Having said that though, I want to note that I could have done without the Agnès stuff towards the end. As priceless as her expression is from seeing Colbert alive, I don’t think I want to see a redux of her angst – it brings back bad memories of last season. Unfortunately, it might be too late since the preview shows shots of her looking into Colbert’s jail cell.

On a different note, this and this they have no problem showing, but boob-grabbing through clothing is a no-no? If it feels like I keep beating a dead horse every time something like this comes up, it’s because I’m pretty sure all this selective censoring of non-nude things is just J.C.Staff trying to get fans to go buy the DVDs, and that just rubs me the wrong way.


  1. Whats with Siesta showing off to 2 nobodies, well she is a nobody to kinda…

    Well i think there maybe a season 4, cause although they are covering some stuff form some of the latest novels, few of the important characters that make the plot move have not been shown yet, unless they plant to do stuff without them… so i still hope for another season, cause any episode of this is just fabulous. but i cant wait for the end to lol… i wonder if they will do something like send Saito back to his world temporary in episode 12, or maybe last minute in episode 13 for a cliffhanger??

  2. I don’t know what to make of this episode or this season. It seems that the story takes a back seat for most of it, only poping in from time to time to keep things moving. Hopfully they have another season or a few hour specials planed, since i don’t think they can wrap up the rest of this in the next three episodes.

  3. Shezeee… I wonder if it will be done another season if it contnuous like this… a shit. ¬¬

    What about Saito and Louise? What about all the characters? Will they have enough time to do a good ending? I don’t think so…

  4. The show is funny and fun to watch.. I always bust a gut because of laughing at the awkward situations. But.. I’d prefer the 1st season.. Why did it ever turn out to be this….

    I hope they can fix the whole thing with the predictable new season(IS IT BAD TO DREAM?). Do an overhaul on how the season 2 and 3 is done without getting too much noticeable change. I’d say give the story more and cut on the big chunks of comedy or better yet, find a way to make them less like season 2 or 3, and be more like season 1.

    I noticed that Saito was so much respectable in Season 1.. Season 2 just plummet while Season 3 well… I suppose there is a little bit of improvement.


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