To coincide with the release of the single last week, I decided to post the PV for this song. Titled “Aru ga Mama” 「あるがまま」 (As It Is), this song sounds pretty mellow and laid back like I mentioned before. Out of the two Nabari no Ou ending themes, I probably like ELISA’s HIKARI a little bit more, but the guitar acoustics in this song have a really slow, kind of rough, yet pleasant melody to it. I have to admit that I haven’t heard of Anam & Maki prior to this song though. As for the PV itself, it has that home video kind of feel to it, which may seem kind of cheap, but I find it somewhat fitting given the tempo of this song.

For those of you following Nabari no Ou (either via my summaries or on your own in lieu of subs), you’re probably aware of the emphasis on the friendship between Miharu and Yoite. Given how the ending sequence for this song focuses entirely on those two in a very peaceful setting, it’s like a wishful conclusion to their actual ongoing struggle. As such, I think this song can turn out to be really hopeful or really depressing later on. In any case, feel free to watch the second ending below if you haven’t seen it already. (Click “Show Nabari no Ou ED2” to see the video.)

Show Nabari no Ou ED2 ▼


  1. Hikari was the bomb T__T wish they didn’t have to change the ending
    and ugh, I wish someone would pick up Nabari no Ou…
    or for AnimeOne and Conclave to sub faster… alot faster…

    lol I once mentioned the word “yaoi” on this ending on YT, and this girl just kept flaming me >.>;;


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