「…お待たせしました♪」 (…Omataseshimashita ♪)
“…Sorry For Making You Wait ♪”

Episode at a Glance:
On the phone with Mika, Yuuto learns that Haruka’s birthday is on October 20th and is asked to keep that evening open for a party. The next day, Yuuto decides to subtlely ask Haruka if there’s anything that she wants, only to find out they’re things either too basic or too outlandish for him to get her. At school, he notices her talking passionately about Dojikko Aki-chan again and decides to head to Akihabara on Sunday.

There, he’s lost on which figurine to get Haruka, but runs into Nobunage who’s thrilled that Yuuto has come across to his “side” and offers his vast otaku knowledge to help him pick one. After purchasing the latest Dojikko Aki-chan figurine that reminded him of Haruka’s pose, Yuuto is reminded of how he’s changed since they were kids. While he still doesn’t remember clearly, Nobunaga brings up his copy of the first edition of Innocent Smile that Yuuto gave away to a stranger. On his way home, Yuuto recalls how Haruka received the first edition of Innocent Smile a while back, after which he runs into Nanami and Hazuki, who drag him off to an island that Haruka’s father bought and renamed to “Happy Spring Island” just for his daughter’s birthday party. Elsewhere, Shiina is wondering what Yuuto is up to now.

At the Happy Spring Island airport, Yuuto is shocked to see the number of wealthy people attending Haruka’s party and is intimidated by the sheer volume of presents that they’ve brought for her. With some time to kill until the evening party starts, Yuuto heads to the beach as per Haruka’s suggestion, where he runs into a mysterious old man searching for a fishing hook. With Ruko and Yukari getting into their usual drunken habits, Yuuto decides to help the old man out and ends up discussing what his relationship with Haruka is. With Yuuto still unable to say that Haruka’s more than a friend, the old man lets him go when Mika, Nanami, and Hazuki arrive, the latter two who get harrassed into showing some skin. As Yuuto leaves though, the old man finds the fishing hook he was looking for and thinks how he’s run into someone interesting.

With Haruka arriving shortly after, Yuuto finds himself unable to contain his “excitement”. Together, they all then play in the ocean, where Haruka ends up drowning when she accidentally wanders out too far. Checking on her condition, Yukari lies about her needing CPR and gets everyone to go along with making Yuuto resuscitate her. With everyone looking on in great anticipation, Haruka wakes up at the last second much to their disappointment. Unbeknownst to them, Shute Sutherland is spying on them from his boat. At the party, Shute flaunts his status at Yuuto, questioning what he’s giving Haruka when he’s offering five hundred of carats worth of daimonds and rubies, which makes Yuuto question his present even more.


Next Episode:
「秘密です!」 (Himitsu Desu!)
“It’s a Secret!”

So as a prequel to the finale next week, they set things up nicely with Haruka’s birthday party on an exotic island that her father purchased just for this occasion. With the introduction of Shute Sutherland, it looks like he’ll be the final obstacle between Yuuto and Haruka, in a classic case of love triumphing over wealth. Given how Yuuto’s gotten to know Haruka pretty well by now, I was actually surprised to see him so intimidated by the size and value of the presents people were giving her. Perhaps Yuuto simply doesn’t have that much confidence despite always being able to do the right thing, but I thought he would’ve figured that Haruka isn’t a materialistic girl after their first date in Akihabara. Seeing that glimmer in her eyes when she talks about Dojikko Aki-chan should be a pretty clear indication that his gift will be Haruka’s favorite, but I guess they needed to put Yuuto through some angst or it wouldn’t be a very dramatic conclusion.

Speaking of conclusions, I guess this is probably the last we’ve seen of Shiina‘s involvement since Yuuto and Haruka are off on an island that she can’t reach. For someone who was hoping to see a little bit more of a rivalry, I’m a bit disappointed (like Shiina was) that the scene at the school festival was basically the end of something that never even took off. However, there’s still the dire need for Yuuto to realize that it was Haruka who he gave Nobunaga’s first edition of Innocent Smile to five/six years ago, which they’ve been alluding to ever since the second episode, so this unfortunately doesn’t leave much time to see more of Shiina.

Now aside from Hazuki looking really good in her one-piece and Yuuto suffering from severe blood loss at the sight of Haruka’s “goods“, I’m quite interested in who the old man that Yuuto was helping out with is. In accordance to how Nagi’s grandfather made a similar scrubby appearance in front of Hayate in Hayate no Gotoku!, I’m tempted to say that this person is Haruka’s grandfather, but I’ll wait until the next episode to find out for sure. Other than that, it sure must be “rough” for Yuuto having everyone helping him hook up with a girl like this. Right… really rough. I feel so sorry for him, much the same way these people do.

Finally, I should mention that they featured Haruka’s character song “Le Secret” in this episode, which I’ve listened to quite a few times already from the character CDs. I’m not really a fan of Noto Mamiko‘s singing because it sounds kind of raspy, but this song is alright.


– Nogizaka Haruka (乃木坂 春香) / Noto Mamiko (能登 麻美子)
– Ayase Yuuto (綾瀬 裕人) / Hatano Wataru (羽多野 渉)
– Nogizaka Mika (乃木坂 美夏) / Gotou Mai (後藤 麻衣)
– Sakurazaka Hadzuki (桜坂 葉月) / Shimizu Kaori (清水 香里)
– Nanashiro Nanami (七城 那波) / Ueda Kana (植田 佳奈)
– Amamiya Shiina (天宮 椎菜) / Satou Rina (佐藤 利奈)
– Asakura Nobunaga (朝倉 信長) / Takagi Reiko (高木 礼子)
– Kamishiro Yukari (上代 由香里) / Matsuki Miyu (松来 未祐)
– Ayase Ruko (綾瀬 ルコ) / Nabatame Hitomi (生天目 仁美)
– Sawamura Yoshika (澤村 良子) / Kitamura Eri (喜多村 英梨)
– Asahina Mai (朝比奈 麻衣) / Toyosaki Aki (豊崎 愛生)
– Shute Sutherland (シュート・サザーランド) / Majima Junji (間島 淳司)
– Old man (老人) / Naya Rokurou (納谷 六郎)
– Castle broadcast (城内放送) / Akashi Kaori (明石 香織)
– Follower (とりまき) / Miki Akira (三木 晃)
– Follower (とりまき) / Horikawa Teruyuki (堀川 輝幸)
– Follower (とりまき) / Motegi Takamitsu (茂木 孝充)
– Follower (とりまき / Yamamoto Shiku (山本 使功)


  1. I agree with Shadow Strider. Shute just wants Haruka just because she is beautiful. (Remember the FMP Fumoffu episode wherein a rich boy invites Kaname, clad in a bikini, to his home because she is pretty?) But Haruka and Yuuto should stand up for each other. And I think the only other persons who can “combat” Shute’s playboy attitude in taking Haruka singlehandedly are Akiho, Mika, and the maids. Either way, I’m sure Yuuto can claim Haruka in the end, even if it takes shedding tears.

    I’m a sucker for lovey-dovey couples, BTW.

  2. Alright this is what im talking about this is my stuff, its much more fun to watch then Macross where i gotta have Hope that something crazy doesn’t happen, although both episode were good. Haruka and Yuuto unbreakable they will handle anything.

  3. The intro of the old man by the beach was probably the most interesting part of this episode. My guess it’s the grandfather and he will have some role to play down the road. Assuming he doesn’t act in some meaningful way next episode. As to the new guy, Sutherland, it’s not much of a competitor. It would be totally out of character to see Haruka even consider someone like that. I guess it gives her a chance to finally confess as Yuuko beats himself up over his gift.

  4. i’m 100% sure that they will consider makin’ a second season…. well we just have to see.
    @IRIE yea ur right the new guy is not much of a competitor… i just hoped more of shiina, but i guess not…

  5. Yuuto, say it isn’t so…you finally joined the league of idiots, not to say you was too smart to begin with, hehe. But if his personality have to have that sort of flaw then he’s still a billion times better than most (fill in the blankedy-blank) male leads out there.

    Yuuto x Haruka FTW but I personally think he’ll have more fun with Mika 🙂 Bah, I’ll give him a harem for showing us such a refreshing male lead in a sea of fools & perverts.

  6. Zero:
    You’re welcome, but there’s no need to apologize.

    Just as a word of advice though, I would be a bit cautious about immediately trusting what’s posted on ANN all the time, as it’s user submitted information that often hasn’t been confirmed yet. As such, I usually check more reliable Japanese sources instead, but I understand that not everyone can do that easily.

  7. @ Megas

    True true. But no matter how great someone is, there is always flaws. I’m sure Yuuto knows that Haruka is not a materialistic girl but currently he is having self doubt about himself and his own thoughts. It’s good though that they show his flaws as well just like how they had shown Haruka’s own flaws. Even if he was very confident, his confidence might be wavered a bit if the person that he wanted to be is at a different level (wealth and etc.) and not only that, but surrounded by people just like her in wealth, family prestige, and perhaps good looking as well. So I hope he can get over this problem and once he does, he will definitely be awesome because social class to me does not depend on money, but rather the person itself. Who cares about that rich guy. He may be rich but by flaunting her status and money around, he does not fit with Haruka who does not of the above.

  8. SOunds good, look forward to the fansubbed version. I don’t think the new guy will give yuuto much competition, Haruka is not the type to fall for his tricks. I am sure she will see the expensive gift as nothing but a flash showoff while Yuuto’s give shows thought and consideration since he will probably be the only person giving her somehting that SHE likes.

    One thought, he may try not giving it to her at the party because he feels out of place, that he just doesn’t measure up to everyone else. Alos, how would the partygoers react if she doe sopen it there? Will they laugh at it since it is Anime or not really expensive? She will love it of course because it came from Yuuto (Like in Special A, Kei doesn’t care for all the expensive gifts, only for the one Hikari gives him becasue it is from HER. She could give him a twig and he would treasure it).

  9. @ BROOKLYN otaku

    From what I heard, the Japanese don’t really. I want to know more about it though as to why it is usually shown in anime. Perhaps someone can explain the idea behind this and how it started?

  10. (sarcasm) Oh, wow, how unpredictable. I didn’t see this coming from a mile away, a thousand years into the future, standing on my head, spinning around, while being blind, deaf, and cripple.(/sarcasm)

  11. @divine

    Do you think that there is a chance for a season II? I really think that quality over quantity is great but not finishing what someone started is depressing… just like the manga of Shaman King… or Mx0… Anime is great but I do hope they finish the story properly… The end of Stk.Witches was bad and I’ll be damned if NHnoHimitsu follows suite.

  12. moondoggiebuiscuit:
    Hmm, it’s really hard to say without any information to base anything on. However, I haven’t heard anything about a second season planned, so I wouldn’t bank on one in the immediate future. Unfortunately when that’s the case, it’s usually doubtful that there will be a sequel at all.

    It’s pretty rare for a series to see a sequel or a remake several years (some around 10 years), but it’s not completely out of the question either. Slayers REVOLUTION is an example of a sequel 10 years later, as is the Casshern Sins remake airing this fall.

  13. @ divine

    With Haruka arriving shortly after, Yuuto finds himself unable to contain his “excitement”. Together, they all then play in the ocean, where Haruka ends up drowning when she accidentally wanders out too far. Checking on her condition, Yoshika lies about her needing CPR and gets everyone to go along with making Yuuto resuscitate her.

    Yoshika? i think you meant Mika

  14. I meant Yukari. For some reason, I was looking at my credits and was thinking “Sawamura Yoshika” instead of “Kamishiro Yukari”.

    I partly blame this on summarizing STRIKE WITCHES just before I wrote this up (and referring to Yoshika there). In any case, thanks for the correction.

  15. This whole thing with Shute seems quite forced… more so since it also has Yuuto, who isn’t a typical lead of such series. Not every series need such artifical angst and drama… and it’s such cliches that lead some to basically hate romance type series.

    I do think that scuffy guy is Haruka’s grandfather.

    Seems Kaori Shimizu has a habit of playing curvy characters (Lamia, Signum, etc)

  16. @Duran

    Shute’s intro is definately forced. Last episode really could have been the season ending. I am guessing they put Haruka through her insecurities last episode and got a semi confession. Now they do the same to Yuuto and this may get us a real confession with a nice ending. Isn’t a whole lot they could do with two episodes if they aren’t planning another season. By the way, that look Shina gave gives me the impression she didn’t give up yet. Between possible grandfather intro and Shina, this doesn’t feel like it’s going to be over.

  17. https://randomc.net/image/Nogizaka%20Haruka%20no%20Himitsu/Nogizaka%20Haruka%20no%20Himitsu%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2035.jpg

    As he spies on Haruka, I’m already plotting his assassination XD

    Kidding. (But he really needs an assassin to keep him from being an eyesore for me XD.)

    Anyway, after 11 episodes out of 12… now only they are going to show some “real” conflict unlike what we see in episodes 09-10 due to how easy I see the conflict between Haruka and Yuuto being easily resolved.

    Show Spoiler ▼

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