OP Sequence

OP: 時を刻む唄 (Toki wo Kizamu Uta) by Lia
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Daydreaming about riding on a train and walking through a field of flowers, Tomoya nearly gets hit by a baseball while watching Akio play with some kids. There’s a baseball game coming up against the team of a rival shopping district that has recently gotten a former Koushien player, and Akio really wants to win against them, so he makes Tomoya recruit his friends. When they hear about it, Kyou and Kotomi are immediately willing to participate, and Sunohara signs on after some flattery. Tomoyo agrees to do it if Misae does as well, so the group goes to ask her, and along the way, they see Yoshino Yuusuke working on an electric pole. Yuusuke initially tells them that he can’t help because of his job, but Tomoya convinces him by pretending to make a plea about how Sunohara wants one last memory with him before graduating and leaving the town. As for Misae, she agrees to participate after Tomoyo explains how she wants to be Misae’s rival and learn from her through sports. Misae plus Mei rounds out the nine people for the team, so Tomoya is done recruiting. Nagisa later suggests that Tomoya’s father should come as well and notes that she wants to properly meet him, but Tomoya puts off the idea until next time.

When the day of the game arrives, everyone gathers at the baseball field, and it turns out that Misae, Yuusuke, and Fuuko’s sister Kouko knew each other previously. The game starts with Akio pitching a one-two-three top half of the inning, and despite Sunohara bunting out, Kyou, Misae, and Akio all get on base in successive at-bats. That brings up Tomoyo with the bases full, and she ends up hitting the ball out of the park even though this is the first time she’s been a batter. The inning ends with them up 4-0, but during the next inning, one of the opposing team’s batters accidentally lets go of the bat while swinging, and it flies into Akio’s leg. The injury prevents Akio from pitching any further, and since the team now needs a replacement, he chooses his own daughter. With Nagisa pitching, they manage to get out of the inning thanks to some good defensive plays. Unfortunately, Tomoya strikes out during their half of the inning, and Sunohara hits into a double play when Kotomi is on base. The rest of the game progresses with the opposing team scoring a run or two at a time while their team squanders opportunities thanks to Tomoyo deciding that she wants to get small hits like a girl, thanks to Tomoya not being able to get a hit because of his shoulder, and thanks to Yuusuke going overboard with a grandiose speech after he gets a hit.

At the bottom of the final inning, the group finds themselves losing 5-4. After Misae flies out, Nagisa gets a hit, but Tomoyo then lines out. That brings up Yuusuke again, and this time, he gets a hit, takes a time-out, and then gives his speech about how he’s giving them a memory as a gift. Mei ends up getting a hit as well, and so that loads the bases with two outs for Tomoya. With everyone cheering him on, he manages to get a hit and win the game. They all celebrate afterwards at the Furukawa Bakery.

ED Sequence

ED: TORCH by Lia
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I’m not used to hearing CLANNAD with different opening and ending songs other than Megumeru and Dango Daikazoku, but these didn’t turn out so bad. I really like the way the OP starts and ends (and the song in general), though I’m a bit more ambivalent about the new ED. Animation-wise, the new OP is reminiscent of the old one with updated scenes and plus/minus a few characters, and the ED has some throwbacks to the Dango Daikazoku as well.


Well they started out with a pretty lighthearted (and very funny at times) episode about pretty much the entire cast playing baseball. It’s a nice way to get us reintroduced to everyone and to get a bunch of laughs, but not a whole lot happens storywise. The closest thing to that is probably the idea that Tomoya still has yet to come to terms with his father and choose a path/career for the future. I assume AFTER STORY doesn’t quite break down into story-arcs-by-girl like the first series did, and so it’s probably too early to say that they’re wasting time or anything. Plus, like I said, it was pretty funny. The stuff hinted at in the OP has me excited as well, so the outlook seems good.

Production-wise, I have no complaints about Kyoto Animation’s work here, however what irks me still is that TBS continues to air this in the 4:3 ratio. For those of you willing to wait three weeks, BS-i will be showing it in 16:9 again, but since I can’t wait that long, I’ll stick with blogging the TBS version. Fortunately, if this series turns out anything like the first one, that kind of issue will fade into the background once we start really getting into the story. Speaking of which, after seeing this, I think Yuusuke deserves to get more screentime – his moments were some of the funniest this week. He was featured prominently on some of the promotional material for this, so I assume he’ll have a role to play.


  1. I just hope that since it’s Lia the one doing the music themes, don’t do a reprise of Air’s Misuzu sequence. Another Aozora-esque song would kill me once and for all…

  2. Oooooh, Air-y opening… interesting…
    Moar of the same, I think. Still waiting for the drama to pop up.

    As for Haruhi 2, you guys know just as I do that it’s nothing but a myth. Next year, KyoAni is gonna animate a 24-episodes remake of Air, d’uh.

  3. This was a very impressive episode.
    I liked the new opening.
    And the ending was very lighthearted and fun to listen to. I liked the pan through of the cast and major supporting characters.
    Was I the only one who couldnt stop laughing when yoshino-san went all out and began his little monolouging and thus got tagged out?

    Anywho, I put a raw up on veoh for the people

  4. Sigh. When I read the After Story would be 24 eps I knew they would stretch out the school part. But… all the girls in the OP? What is this? Kotomi and Tomoyo are nowhere to be seen in the original game after story…

    Enough already with the useless comedy KyoAni! Let’s get to the drama!

  5. I’m a bit bleh about the 4:3 ratio as well, especially when we were treated to the Tomoyo Afterstory…

    So much for TBS showing us Japanese Variety Shows like Utaban and even the news in “High Vision” (16:9). Heh. Wonder why its not happening to Clannad yet again.

  6. http://anime.fansub.tv/series.php/1188/Clannad%20~After%20Story~/

    “I couldn’t believe it, but After Story is going to be 24 episodes long, which has been confirmed in the November issue of TVfan (Japanese magazine) and has been reported on blog sites, such as here. I must say I didn’t expect it, but perhaps now they won’t leave anything out, and more Clannad is never a bad thing, I’ll be the first to say.”

    Anyone else have any web confirmation?
    OP was awesome.

  7. Kaioshin: I think it’s just about right for After Story, since, in the game, you’ll HAVE to go through the bad end (the CLANNAD movie ending) before you get to the ‘True’ After Story and happy ending.

    Myssa Rei
  8. Personally, I was expecting 24 episodes if they do the minor character routes…

    And “the Haruhi people” can probably still expect a new season next spring or summer, but I for one would rather have another book rather than another season.

    And when is Little Busters going to get an anime, dammit!

  9. Please prepare to cry near the end. There’s a part in the opening that hints at whether or not they’re going to use the ending of after story that you get if you haven’t fulfilled the requirements for true end.

  10. The reason for the 4:3 thing is because it’s a show they’re using to promote their subscription channel, BS-i. They air the primetime stuff that brings in the ratings in HD on TBS (bring in the viewers, bring in the ad money), but the niche stuff they deliberately cripple to drive their subscription revenues, and because they’re partners in the production and sale of the DVDs (and late-night anime makes its real money on merchandise). It should also be noted that even the widescreen releases are cripped too, since these shows are now drawn in HD; of course, gotta save something for the future Blu-Ray release… It’s all business, but it’s actually sort of smart that they’re engaged in the production and release on so many levels, even if it is sort of “cold and calculated”.

  11. Speaking from my area of concentration, I will say that the OP is looking really good (partially because it’s a rearrangement of one of the better pieces on the Clannad OST). The ED doesn’t catch my attention as much, but combined, they’re still a heck of a lot better than Rosario to Vampire 2’s, especially in the music.

  12. hey brothers, do you know when is the release of the OP song? i really liked it…

    anyway, fuuko was not in the main girl character introduction on the OP song… but instead shows her hugging Show Spoiler ▼

    maybe she will show up somewhere in the last parts of the series… around, (if 24 episodes again) epi 19+

  13. There is nothing to be surprised about regarding this being 24 episodes – the After Story is of quite considerable length, and going by the OP it seems they will touch on some of the character stories they never explored in the first season as well – the Sunohara sibling story, Misae’s story, likely Ryou’s ‘true story’, and perhaps Yukine’s story. So they really are not pressed for material to animate – there is plenty to go by.

    “I assume AFTER STORY doesn’t break down into story-arcs-by-girl like the first series did, and it’s probably too early to say that they’re wasting time or anything. The stuff hinted at in the OP has me excited anyhow.”

    No, After Story doesn’t break down in to any arcs (there are, however, two different endings … and i am quite curious how they intend to go about this, because it is absolutely essential for the story that both are shown) – the “side characters arcs” we are likely to see aside, AS is all about Tomoya and Nagisa. And it should be quite a treat, and it is likely to surprise a few people with its direction 🙂

  14. “I’ve no complaints about Kyoto Animation’s work here, but what irks me still is that TBS is continuing airing this in the 4:3 ratio.”

    Face the facts. Not all people in Japan, let alone the world, have widescreen TVs. Those with 4:3 even have to watch HDTV shows chopped or in letterbox.

  15. I can’t wait till this is subbed!! I hope there’s more of Sunohara in this. He’s a really funny character. Plus, I can’t wait to hear the op/ed. It’s more fun to listen to them for the first time when you watch the episode. I usually like Lia’s song.

  16. it’s very weird, but I just can’t shake of the feeling that the girl that dances in the begnning of the ED clip is…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. aah cr@p, used the wrong spoilers codes _[=]_O

    and just watched the ED clip again and now it’s not just feeling anymore that I think that the girl is…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    finally did the spoiler code right xD hope that someone can edit my last comment, since it could be a serious spoiler!!

  18. Well, this really was an introduction episode, this baseball game doesn’t happen in the visual novel… but omg i’m so happy >ww<
    Oh, and btw, for people who are taling about Fuuko being in the opening, (MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD)
    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. Heh, instead of putting Fuuko, KyoAni decided to put Kotomi. Well, they probably want her to get more screentime, since she pretty much get shafted off besides on her own route in the game.

    Not to mention Fuuko appeared a little too much on the previous session.

  20. @Ayame: This does happen on the visual novel. It’s more of an omake route, though. You’re responsible to recruit a winning team, which involves recruiting Fuuko, Yuusuke, and Mei. The ‘winning’ team is pretty much what this episode showed except Kotomi (you can’t recruit her at all in the game)

  21. thought it may sound cruel now, i hope they won’t change the fact, that nagisa dies – they should keep it similar to the movie, only stretch into the length of a tv serie with more details about the side-characters.

  22. Omni, you can rest assured you’ll be seeing a lot of Yoshino in this series.

    Quite a pleasant surprise to start off with the baseball game route, as Omni puts it, it serves its purpose well by pretty much reintroducing everyone to those who had a memory lapse during the interval.

    Kinny Riddle
  23. I am having a theory about how they are going to accomplish the true end while incorperating the sad end.
    I suspect there will be a moment where they flash either flash to the dream world while nagisa is having ushio, or that they will pause and then being in the other world, accomplish the sad end, then it will cue up with Tomoya realizing that he had managed to accomplish the miracle of saving nagisa and allowing the family to begin.
    I remember from the game, there was a brief moment at the very end where he realized sub conciously that he had been there and had managed to go back to collect the lights needed then it pushed foreward again.

    I am curious though, because this is just speculation on what they might do. It doesnt really mean it will or will not happen.

    Also, in regards to the op and ed songs, I really liked them. They are the kind of songs I would like to get my hands on as soon as possible.
    I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if they do a clannad after ost or not.
    I certainly hope so personally.

  24. As far as I’m concerned, CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ can NOT go bad, solely for the following three reasons:

    1) It’s romance. A romance show can go bad, but if it’s by KEY? That’s one point guarantee.
    2) It’s by KyoAni. Have you ever seen a KyoAni show go bad, especially for these past few years? Another point guarantee.
    3) KyoAni didn’t make anything last season, meaning they saved up a WHOLE season’s budget(and time) to make this. Now, with double the resources for KyoAni, it’d be a miracle if something GODLY doesn’t come out, let alone bad.

    What’s your opinion?

  25. 24 eps, just to cry at the end? It’s pretty depressing to read in every thread, that this show will make you cry. I really wonder if I should watch it.

    Oh, and thanks for the spoiler Sensei-kun. 🙁

  26. Yeahhh, I thought After Story would be 100% Nagisa related but glad to see it’s not. A pretty good first episode, I knew they’d start with the baseball arc. and there’s some pretty exciting things to come. The OP says a lot.
    Fuko is in the opening, just for about 2 seconds, in different clothing. I’m seeing hints for Kappei Takafumi Sunohara/Sanae pair. They better not screw over Kyou again.. I still have hope, but please god do not make it like season 1 again…

  27. And now that I think about it, if we go by the light orbs, this would be forced to end as a bad end in the novel because Tomoya failed to get Kyou’s light xD
    Must have missed a flag somewhere.

  28. Haha what a nice start, they finally animated the baseball route and a pretty awesome job too. I’ve been looking forward to this all summer and it doesn’t dissapoint.

    It looks like they won’t get into the “real” after story stuff for a while, the preview hints at the Mei and Sunohara route, I’m not sure how they’ll pull it off but it was one of the best routes imo so I’m sure kyoani will do it. I had a feeling they’d do something about this since that scene with Fuku in class last season haha.

    Does anyone think they’ll show us the Kappei route too? I didn’t see him in the op but there are a few hints…

  29. Well, there are a lot of ppl who enjoyed how Air ended. So if Clannad is similar, then it’s probably not a “good cry” in my book.
    btw. when does the WS version air? In 3 weeks?

  30. I loved the OP. KyoAni makes so lovely OPs! The song is a nice remix of one of the soundtracks too, very nice.
    Only, why is this broadcasted not in widescreen again?! It ruins the mood. Everything is in widescreen nowadays.
    I don’t like the ED at all though. People walking forwards but moving backwards is WEIRD.

    That said, I’ve been waiting for After Story, since the better parts of CLANNAD are here rather than in the first season.

  31. Ohh, if the after story go for the route that I’m expecting the Yuusuke gets a lot of screen time, especially by the end and probably KyoAni wants to start that and that’s why they brought him back in this episode.

    To the people wondering about the good cry ending… I think this is going to be one. And I don’t think is a completely sad… just a bit into reality but keeps the sense of the series… family. At least that’s what I expect.

  32. I tried waiting for the widescreen, but I lack the willpower. 🙁 I thought it was a great episode and the OP was a lot better than I had expected it to be. The music was just as good as Megumeru (maybe even better actually…) and the animation fit the song well!

    Neo Horizon
  33. Konnichiwa…

    …Clanad is a good anime and it also has a good story, i realy wanted to watch clanad after story, i want to know what happened to nagisa and tomoya, in the movie nagisa died i don’t know if its still the same as the episode…


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