In the year 2312, following an attack on an asteroid by a group of A-LAWS mobile suits, anti-government force Katharon members Klaus Grad and Shirin Bakhtiar discuss how there was a new mobile suit involved. Shirin wants to postpone a certain rescue operation in light of this, but Klaus decides to move things forward because a lot of lives are at stake. The Earth Federation government later makes an announcement about the launch of an autonomous peace-keeping force to exterminate the anti-government forces, and as he watches the broadcast, Sergei is on the phone with Kathy about a transfer to that very same peace-keeping force. Kathy intends to go, and Sergei thinks that it would be useful to have someone who could provide inside information on the A-LAWS group that keeps a lot of secrets. After he hangs up, Soma asks Sergei what it was about, but he avoids answering and instead asks her if she’s thought about a certain matter. She hasn’t, so he gives her more time to think about it. Meanwhile, on the Lagrange 4 Colony Proud, Saji is working on a construction project, but on this day, his friend Eddie gets accused of being a traitor to Katharon, and both of them get arrested. Saji is subsequently forced into do manual labor in a high-gravity environment, and he can’t help the people who become too exhausted to continue on.

At around the same time, Tieria gets word from Mileina and Ian that a new Federation cruiser is on its way towards Lagrange 4. He decides to go out in the Seravee Gundam, and he believes that a certain someone will show up if he’s still alive. That Federation cruiser is currently launching an Ahead and two GN-XIII mobile suits towards the colony, and one of the GN-XIII pilots is none other than Louise Halevy – this is her first battle. Unbeknownst to everyone, Setsuna is at this moment sneaking onto the colony, and he learns that the guards have been ordered to evacuate. The Katharon forces have already begun their rescue operation by taking out the colony’s defenses, and they land a ship in one of the colony’s hangers. Unfortunately, the three A-LAWS mobile suits arrive soon after and destroy the Katharon ship, and the Ahead deploys their new automaton robots inside the colony. These automaton race through the colony killing anyone they come across, and Saji finds himself stuck in a corner with one of the automaton approaching him. Luckily for him, Setsuna arrives on the scene and destroys the automaton with some explosives. The two recognize each other, but before they can chat, another automaton appears, so Setsuna grabs Saji and runs.

Feeling that nothing has changed, Setsuna takes out several more automaton as he heads towards a hanger. Awaiting him there is the Exia, and he uses it to destroy all the automaton inside the colony. Setsuna then attacks the three A-LAWS mobile suits, and the sight of a Gundam causes both a pain in Louise’s head and hyperventilation. However, the Exia turns out to be no match for the new Ahead, and it gets both its arms sliced off. Before the Exia can be destroyed though, a huge particle beam cuts through the battlefield and saves it. Setsuna’s savior is Tieria in the Gundam Seravee, and Tieria quickly destroys one of the GN-XIII. This leaves the pilot of the Ahead no choice but to order a retreat, and since Louise is unresponsive, he drags her GN-XIII back with him. When Klaus gets word of what happened, he’s grateful to the Gundams, and he feels that this might be a chance to get the help of someone who shares their goals. Back on the colony, Tieria and Setsuna meet again after four years, and when Tieria notes that Setsuna has changed, Setsuna comments on how Tieria hasn’t. Saji then confronts Setsuna about being the Gundam pilot and blames him for all people who died and got hurt, including the girl he loved and his only sister. Setsuna’s silence on the matter prompts Saji to grab his gun and threaten Setsuna with it, and he wants those two people returned to him.

Onboard the Federation cruiser, the captain of the vessel decides that the Gundams appearing is a good thing because it makes them – A-LAWS – even more necessary. Louise is also back on the ship and is trying to take some pills, but she shakes so much that she’s barely able to put one into her mouth. Seeing this causes her superior officer to wonder why such a such person is in A-LAWS. In a distant location, Ribbons thinks that this is a good thing as well because it means that Louise now has a reason to fight. Ribbons is then paid a visit by Wang Liu Mei. Word of the new Gundam quickly spreads everywhere, and Marina, Sumeragi, and Graham all hear about it. In this same time period, a man named Andrei Smirnov shows up at Sergei’s door to pick up Soma for the peace-keeping force. Sergei is surprised to see that his son is in A-LAWS, but Andrei refuses to say when he joined, and Soma is just plain shocked to find out that Sergei has a son. Meanwhile, Allelujah remains locked up in a prison somewhere.

Sometime later, on the new Ptolemaios, Tieria questions Saji on why he didn’t shoot Setsuna. Saji’s answer is that if he killed someone, then he’d become just like Tieria and the others. Tieria thinks that Saji should be grateful to Setsuna because if Setsuna hadn’t brought him there, then Saji would have been executed as a member of Katharon. He suggests that Saji doesn’t know reality, and he wants Saji to see with his own eyes. During this time, Setsuna has been given the 00 Gundam, and afterwards, he heads down to Earth to meet with Katharon member Lyle Dylandy. Setsuna introduces himself as a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being, and he claims that Lyle will become a Gundam Meister as well. In fact, he starts referring to Lyle as Lockon Stratos.

OP Sequence

OP: 「儚クモ永久のカナシ」 (Hakana Kumo Towa no Kanashi) by UVERworld
Watch the OP! Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming

They played the OP this first week after the main part of the episode, but before an epilogue of Tieria confronting Saji and Setsuna finding Lockon. The song itself is very catchy and feels appropriate for this series, but the main draw is actually all the shots of characters past (Christina for example) and future. It hints at Tieria’s past, more MarinaXSetsuna, some large-scale fleet battles, and the return of Ali Al Sarshes and Graham as antagonists, so it was pretty exciting to watch.


Now that’s a great way to start a new season: plenty of action (it almost goes without saying that it was well-animated) and most of the major characters were reintroduced in some interesting way. The only person shown who didn’t really do anything was Marina, and it had me wondering again how her relationship with Setsuna is going to get played back up. Regardless, this looks to be a much faster start than the first series, and I’m curious to see where all the different storylines go. Much of the focus this week was on Saji, and although he’s grown up a bit, his confrontation with Setsuna makes it feel like he hasn’t matured much – he’s still brooding over those losses after all these years. Maybe now that he’s gotten that out of his system, he can join Celestial Being and actually accomplish something.

As for Louise, her character has taken on a whole new feel with her now popping pills and acting all crazy. In particular, her head hurting during the battle reminded me of the effects of the super soldier program from the first series, but there wasn’t someone else around to cause those headaches, so maybe that wasn’t it. It clear though that Ribbons has control over her and might even be able to see through her eyes. His involvement seems like an omen that her story will end tragically, and hopefully that won’t be the case if she and Saji can get reunited. Ironically, the two of them were so close to each other in the battle this episode, but their paths never crossed. Speaking of Ribbons, it would appear that Wang Liu Mei is up to no good since she’s visiting him. I’m not convinced yet that she’s going to be a bad guy, but she and Ribbons both managed to look somewhat sinister in that scene, so who knows what’s being planned.

In any case, this first episode and the OP have me pretty excited about what’s going to happen this second series, and it looks like next week will be about Setsuna gathering up the rest of Celestial Being – specifically Sumeragi – and taking the 00 Gundam into battle.


  1. omg that was epic, first of all Gundam’s back, and got their upper hand back. and man so many things happening in dif places, what i mean dam everyone is kinda somewhere where they don’t belong not the CB’s, the other… lots of problems need to be fixed. and omg the ED revealed so much stuff for us to get happy about and pissed about, like Show Spoiler ▼

    awesome, Ore Wa Gundam…

  2. Now that Masterpiece Frontier has ended and CGr2 aint around anymore I ahd high hopes for Season 2 of Gundam 00….. And boy did this episode kick ass! 00 is back, newer and better, grittier and much darker. This is so gonna rock

  3. It has a rockin opening!

    Anyways,I was disappointed that the “special episode” for Code Geass didn’t come forward. It was stated in Wikipedia they would :(.

    Anyways, Gundam 00 looks ALOT better that it was in the first season.

  4. By the end of this series Louise is going show how real women do thier mobile suits handle and I’m already giving her the death ticket, because this fricken show doesn’t come cheap!

  5. Surprisingly this episode has exceeded all my expectations, its one of the best episodes yet, its quite fun to watch as opposed to the first episode where all the action was at a rather slow pace.

    Next episode is called… twin drive…. 00 Gundam gets all it’s GN Drives.. wow.

    Louise was thrown into Arrows as part of Ribbon’s sadistic games in my opinion, trying to make her crack so that she’s just going to be filled with rage to take down the second uprising of CB.

    Seravee basically portrayed the new Gundam’s Superiority with the flexibility shown (hand twisting backwards then slicing a GNX unit behind).

  6. Oh, wow!! I really can’t wait till it’s subbed. Who’s looking forward to Feldt’s reaction when she meets Lyle? I hope he’s as awesome as Neil. And I’m looking forward to more from the Tiera lookalike. Everyone looks so much older.

    My biggest disappointment has to be the return of Ali and Graham. It was pretty obvious from the epilogue last season but I was hoping that this would be one show that wouldn’t go the Sunrise reincarnation route.

  7. I am gonna go with Conclave-Mendoi for this again for consistency with S1. I stayed with GG for CG R1 and R2.

    Alright sunrise, another excellent anime beginning. This is your last chance to actually pull off a decent mecha ending since you botched Wing, Seed, Destiny, R1, Stargazer, R2. Nice to see another Uverworld opening, I still remember that epic 2nd opening of Bleach.

  8. Just finished watching the first episode. Everything has gotten a LOT more complicated.

    Wang is playing both sides right now. Louise has taken on the role of the ‘artifically enhanced female pilot’ in Gundam. Unfortunately for Saji, they all tend to DIE before the series is over. (see Four, Puru,Puru II, Stella). Soma and Sergei’s “love love heaven” is being interrupted by Sergei’s son!! Will we see a love triangle involving father and son? How does Allelujah fit into this?

    Lets hope the new bishie looking pilots don’t end up being ‘one shot’ like the Knights of the Round in GEASS.

  9. OMG… FINALLY! This is the most awesome opening I’ve ever seen in animes. Full of explosions, and WOW! “Lockon” is baacckk! Gundam 00 really kicks ass this time!
    Can’t they make Graham’s mask a little nicer? It’s really messed up and lame!

  10. awesome first episode. does anybody here think Tieria’s gundam, the Seravee Gundam, back look like a gundam face?? seems to me that there is going to be a ginormous gundam later on…. ???

  11. Saji blame Setsuna for what happen in season 1 and also kept hidden. (Nene kill Louise’s family and cause her join Arrow and his sister death thanks to Saachez who murder her to find out the truth)

    What Ribbon next plot well we have to find out?

  12. Everyone. Everyone. Before we celebrate the arrival of 00 next episode, lets have a funeral service for Exia.

    Exia, you were a great gundam that despite your limitations. You try to rape mobile suits that were more armed than you and you succeed. When you went to trans-arm, you rape everyone who came against you, but now you are gone. We will always remember you, Exia. Rest in peace, now.

    Now, that is over. Next episode I will expect 00 to rape.

  13. justin:
    you are an idiot. if ya’re relly 43 stop watchin anime , get al life.

    what did they do to alleluja? o man when he escapes he will kill everyone. he’ll blow the whole world to hell !

    (go rape your mom justin)

  14. i don’t understand the fuss about louise, she is obviously taking those pills to calm her down because she has seen a gundam, exia, AND it was a gundam who wiped her whole family from the surfacce of the earth.
    so only naturally she’s a bit upset when she sees a gundam in front of her and gets flashbacks from what happened 4 years ago with her and her mama and papa. kinda like with the reaction of saji , when he wants to kill the gundam meister because someone from gundam blew hiss sis to hell and because of what trinity did to louise. so everything is normal, wouldn’t you react the same way?

  15. I’m surprised that the OP had so much flashback. O Gundam, Neil (you can tell because of the eyepatch) etc…

    Though from Setsuna’s outstretched arm, Marina is pretty obviously Nunually.

  16. wow
    1. We have a TRAP-Army=
    2. we have some kind of hoimolust in the op (lockon diying and Tieria going NOOOES)
    3. we see the battle of Ali Vs. Tieria (anyone wondering… since in S1 Ali was targeting Tieria O.O)
    4.Lyle with a LULWHUT face
    5.Liu Mei went ot the darkest side
    6. Louise ion drugs (Stellar, Pururu, anyone?)
    7. Tieria Up to bitchslap Saji
    8. Soma’s love triangle… (or square?)
    9. and animation Raping that of Code geass (No need to talk about the Op, Code Geass R2′ Op was raped to death U.U)

    This season promises a lot….
    and I’m loving it

  17. Gundam 00 isn’t Code Geass, but surely will help the transition from summer to fall seasons.

    Now, let’s see some facts here. First, it seems like Setsuna was alone with Exia this four years, that’s why we didn’t see him with Celestial Being when 00 Gundam was presented to us. Second, Marina’s bitch is now part of some organization in the Middle East (what a surprise), leaving the poor girl to her fate. Third; Louise, how the hell she ended in ARROWS as a mobile suit pilot? For a moment I thought she went SEED MODE, but then release thanks to you it was Ribbons. And finally, Sergey had a son; that was unexpected.

    The Gundam Meisters are back, and hopefully SUNRISE will do a better job than Destiny, since this project means the 30th anniversary of the GUNDAM franchise.

  18. @silver
    You are too serious man.

    Maybe the head at Seravee’s back is for gathering more GN particles or it could be the head of an upgraded Nadleeh form. I guess we will have to see.

  19. Fuck, I’m confused. Which OP single should I preorder? There’s a limited edition one with a DVD, a limited pressing one that’s 00 focused, and a regular edition one… Maybe I should just pick them all up…

    On topic, I can’t even talk properly after seeing the first episode… GONZO should take some serious notes on how to deliver a first episode of a mecha series… Granted, most, if not all the characters have been introduced, so this episode just had to bring us up to date, but the action! All is forgiven for Geass, all is forgiven… (and even that wasn’t so bad. It was just all the useless characters/episodes that they piled in there to crap up the joint…)

    Now, can Sunrise keep this pace up? Can they deliver something purely epic? Or will they succumb into temptation/revive old habits and royally fuck something major up? Those are my questions…

  20. I have a feeling that Marina is one of the leaders of the anti-Federation forces. This would explain her getting arrested by persumably the A-laws in the trailers. I have some questions that would probably be answered later in the series, but I wonder what some of you think of this one. Do you believe that Celestal Being will performed any armed interventions anymore or they will just help the Anti-Federation forces?

  21. i cant help but wonder if saji and louise are gonna fight each other using suits,but i cant stomach the possibility that CB is gonna arm saji with a gundam, he doesn’t look like he is mature enough to pull the trigger even with the gun pointing at setsuna.anyway glad the series is back. =)

  22. In the opening, there were only 4 gundams and 3 out of the original 4 meisters will be returning to CB to pilot gundams while Lyle will be replacing Neil as Lockon Stratos, so I doubt Saji will be piloting anything. He may just work on the bridge or stay in the cell for a while because they can’t allow him to return. I also wondering what is keeping the new gundams and CB’s ship from being detected now by the E-carbon sensor. The A-Laws were obviously surprised by Seravee coming to the aid of Setsuna.

  23. i guess so. saji is off better working on the ship.heck the possibility of him being a ian vashti’s apprentice is there given saji’s field in engineering. lol at the op, Ali’s face after getting raped with tieria’s seravee.

  24. It is possibly that Saji may act as Vashti’s apprentice, but I don’t think Saji will be trusted with the job of tuning gundams until they are sure that Saji won’t try to mess up the gundams.

  25. yea seems like on of the trailers there was a scene where he was in a cell with a haro.speaking of Ali, i wonder how he would feel when he sees Lyle aka Lockon #2 on the battlefield.Where the hell is Nena also?thought she was with Wang Liu Mei.

  26. Nena will probably appear in the next episode. I also wonder what are Wang Liu Mei’s intentions. For the most part of the series, she has been neutral. It is hard to tell with which group will she align with. Ali would probably be having a What the … face.

  27. Mei is too smart for her own age, she looks like the manipulative and cunning type. one thing she is on a side next thing you know she is on the other, the possibiiity that she is a descendant of Aeolia Schenberg and that she is merely carrying out his will for humanity to change even if doing some lucrative deals and alliances is carried out is there.Ali already looks silly in the op after his suit got blasted by Seravee.
    lol cant help but think that others might interpret this scene as man-raping time. =)

  28. Oh how I’ve been looking forward to this… XD

    I cannot wait to see Graham get into the action again. He was my favorite character (and his Custom/GN FLAG my favorite Mobile Suit) from S1 and his donning of “the mask” has only strengthened that. I do hope, however, that his old GN FLAG gets rebuilt/upgraded at some point, since its brief appearance at the end of S1 was not nearly enough to sate me… As epic as the clash of Setsuna (in 00 GUNDAM) and Graham (in an AHEAD) was at the end of the “opening”, it didn’t feel right to me to see the ace FLAG pilot fighting in a generic mass-production model. FLAG Fighters Forever!!! (note to self: make some time to finish your Custom FLAG model… >_>)

    I’m looking forward to seeing Louise and/or Neena become capable pilots in their own rights (Neena never got a proper chance to show off in S1, as Johan and Michael took all the spotlight). I’ve always disliked the relative scarcity of skilled female pilots in mecha series (a notable exception being Kallen from CG – although, I’m admittedly only moderately familiar with the subject as a whole), so I hope they get a few chances to show off, along-side Soma. I still wish Feldt could have joined the CB Gundam Meisters in Lockon’s place though…

    On that note, I hope Lyle can be as awesome as Lockon his brother was, though at the same time I want him to be an obviously different character than Neil. No sense in killing off a character only to replace him with someone who looks AND acts exactly the same…

    That’s all I’ve got to say at the moment, save that this was one incredible reintroduction to the series. And as much as I’m going to miss the Exia, that was a hell of a way to go out (and look awesome while doing it, despite being obviously outclassed…the hazard of using old equipment, I suppose).

    *Salutes Exia*

  29. Yeah, Mei has been helping both sides at times. She seems to have an entirely different agenda from CB or any other group for that matter. *Salutes Exia.* I hope Graham gets a custom unit in the second part of season 2, but for now the Ahead is the best enemy unit out there.

  30. When Wang Liu Mei visited Ribbons, the woman right next to her looks familiar…

    She also appeared in these opening scenes…

    These remind me of this scene from the last episode in the last season…

    So, mystery solved… Regene Regetta and Tieria are indeed two separate characters, and somehow she took Louise to Ribbons who “rebuilt” her to make her become partial cyborg or some sort. This scene gives us a sneak preview of the “process”.

    In the opening scenes, there are some shots which give us some more hints…

    Al Ali Sarshes is or will be piloting a new red Throne Gundam…

    … against Gundam Seravee and Tieria, who wants to fight him so badly to revenge for Lockon.

    I really like the new Gundams. The big Gundam head on Seravee’s back appears to be able to emit GN fields…

    and red beams to deflect GN Fangs. I wonder if the big head is for transforming Seravee into another form… and maybe combine with other 3 Gundams to become a giant Gundam?

    Also, the Seravee Gundam has 4 GN Cannons attached to shoulders and knees, so now its hands no longer need to hold GN Bazooka and can attack with beam sabers on its hands.

    Last but not least, is this the new GN Arms or core fighter?

  31. -Wow exia was so badass in this episode too bad its outdated now
    R.I.P. Exia, time for 00 to kick ass
    -Yes! Graham is back(*cough*cough*Char clone)
    -Allelujah seems to have lost split personality
    -the new factions remind me a lot of titans and aeug

  32. cough*.. pardon the double post.. is “Seravee” supposed to be “C’est la vie”? it… almost sounds like it.

    @Lyn: That’s Allelujah in a straight jacket looking sad an emo, as usual.

  33. Remind me. Why hasn’t anyone constructed a nuclear powered mobile suit yet? I mean, look a Freedom… if the Federation had that firepower, Gundam = particle dust in space.

    Hell, why didn’t they just FLEIA Ptolameios when they discovered its location last season? It would’ve saved them a lot of effort.

  34. @kami: Same here.

    Titans = Titans + Jupiter Energy Fleer rolled into one. Imagines Ribbons as Paptimus Scirocco with the Innovators as his Harem. 😆

    AEUG = ???? Maybe C.B. along with certain veterans of the Anti-C.B. campaign in Season 1 joining forces. 😆

    Federation = ESF 😀

    Axis Zeon = ????

  35. Simply EPIC, HOLY CRAP for the entire second half of this episode I was trying to shove sedatives into my mouth with, of course, little success, just like Louise. Now my heart is racing from all the amazingness. T_T

  36. I watched the mkv from (gg-xxx) replace the x’s with some word I forgot, you’ll see it.

    Anyways, Gundam looks promising!
    I hope MarinaxSetsuna (I hope they don’t pull a Code)

    Louise = Rey?

  37. @Leo

    1. If you’re referring to the OP, that’s a flashback montage of everyone in S1. On the new Lockon, that’s Lyle, Neil Dylandy’s brother.

    2. Louise was with Regene Regetta, an Innovator like Ribbons, not Tieria.

  38. is it me or did this ep had a serious CG feel to it, i dont know why lol.

    but man, EXIA looked soooooo bad ass for some reason, seriously, if exia looked like that and was in full capacity he would be labled as death.

    i wonder how feldts gunna react when she sees lockons twin.

  39. Arios looks as boring as Kyrios did :p All it’s shown to do is like before: fly, transform and shoot its gun very quickly until the scene changes into something more important.

  40. i dono if anyone else posted this before buy
    in the op Gundam Servie or w/e shoots 4 huge “red” lasers out of its back when its fighting gundam throne drei or something
    why not the usual pink?
    so anyways now it has like a crap load of attacks that hugely overpowers everyone i guess
    cepy 00 of course

  41. An awesome start! Can’t wait to see 00 Gundam in battle next episode.

    One thing I hope is that Louise and Saji realize that the Meisters had nothing to do with their personal tragedies / suffering but in actuality was caused by the very person currently leading the Federation from behind the scenes. Louise may end up dieing before the end of S2 but I hope she goes knowing the truth or even possibly fighting against the people she should really be hating.

    Once you take into account the Thrones using the hacked version of the Gundam drives and that the Federation was given 30 of those units by a mysterious benefactor, it’s pretty obvious to put the pieces together and place the blame on the proper party.

  42. Please god don’t have Graham do that garbage about having to fight in a Flag, he was such a hypocrite in the last season with raving about that. As far as I’m concerned he didn’t defeat the Exia with a Flag, it may have looked like a Flag from the outside but considering how much electrical, structural, and equipping it with non Flag class weapons they had to do to it to work with a GN drive it could no longer be called a Flag.

    His delusions of grandeur are more or less on par with the Federation claiming they “invented” the GN suits that where given to them.

  43. *facepalm*

    Graham’s GN FLAG was nothing more that a modification of his previous OVERFLAG to make use of a GN Tau drive and a Beam Sabre. That doesn’t make it a GN-X, nor does it make it something other than a FLAG, nor does it make Graham a hypocrite (how’d you reach that conclusion anyway?) – at least in my opinion.

  44. “otakufan”

    He piloted his OVERFLAG but its basically just the shell, you can’t just stick in a reactor that for one is a complete foreign power system and two delivers a HUGE substantial increase in power with ought making major changes to a suits structure, power distribution system, thrusters, operating system… the list goes on, so basically its a GN-X with his OVERFLAG’s shell. After all on a techs point of view instead of re-invent the wheel use what’s there and works which would equal the GN-X components and operating system. Its also the fastest turn around you can get in upgrading his suit in the short time they had.

    What makes him a hypocrite is that he promised to defeat the Exia in a Flag and he turns around and pretty much turns his OVERFLAG into a GN-X, therefore the opposite of what he promised.

    Mind you anime doesn’t necessary follow real logic / physics / engineering and they could have just plopped a GN drive in it and it worked with no changes.

  45. Neco is right. They had to make the overflag technological compatable with the fake GN drive in order for it to function. Technically, Graham still fulfill his promise because he used some of the overflags systems when fighting Exia. I doubt the engineers have to completely replace all the systems and hardware of the overflag to get the GN drive to function, but just the engine and the power converters of the Overflag.

  46. louiseXsaji = stellaXshin from the looks of it. but this time i hope that the girl will be alive until the end of series and for saji i hope that he wont be like shin (so emo).

  47. From looking at the OP … WOWdid this show start on the right foot. What a op’ing it nearly shows ALL the major players from the last season… probably one of my favorite op’ings
    WHat i want to know what the hell is nena piloting and if louise and her will meet up in battle. im surprised the pilot of the GN arms is still alive

  48. @Ily_Albion : that’s a bit wrong i think, exia couldn’t use its full potential because setsuna has used exia’s trans-arms on previous battle in session 1.

    since setsuna act in his own, so i think he doesn’t have the tech nor skill to maintain exia to its full performance. notice that exia only have: 1 of his swords, an functional arm (it seem that exia’s left arm cannot be used), and the output of exia GN particle is extremely low (i think its because setsuna used exia’s trans-arms system on previous battle in session 1).

  49. Actually I think Exia’s left arm is gone, at one point the brown cloth / cover comes off and the shoulder joint is completely empty with no visible damage so I think it was never there. Kind of reminded me of the times I build Gundams and havent put the arms on yet lol

  50. why did setsuna just appear out of no where with a broken exia and started fighting alaws

    and i love the fact how u all ignored the fact that suma and the gerneal person is living together

  51. New Celestial Being Uniform, so nice
    What makes a gundam in this series? the GN drives right? So that means that this series would be gundam versus Gundam, and gundams are mass produced

  52. @oroboros no.. Soma and Sergei living together was mentioned several times, you might have missed it. It’s just not that big of a deal since its clear their relationship doesn’t really ring any social alarm bells.

    Hehehe, Louise needs some vicodin for those shakes, that would really help her relax a bit and fix that PTSS up.

  53. Episodes 2 & 3 Spoilers
    Show Spoiler ▼

  54. Episodes 4, 5 & 6 Spoilers
    Show Spoiler ▼

  55. Hmmm…a few things people may not have notice about the OP…
    – Marina apparently is with Kataron (near the end of OP)
    – Is that Andre (or whatever Sergei’s son’s name is) passing by Louise in the A-Laws hangar?

  56. @kai_y: Your average Gundam series is just under 50 episodes,
    25 of which were covered in season 1. That said, season 2 will
    likely run another 24 episodes for a total of 49 like Mobile Suit
    Gundam, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, and Gundam SEED
    Destiny, to name a few.

    There will likely NOT be another 4-year fast forward. After this
    this’ll likely be the last run of Gundam 00 as a whole.

    Marina being a part of Catalan isn’t surprising. Not just because
    Shirin, her advisor or whatever, is but Marina more or less reminds
    me of Relina and Lacus; a strong promoter of peace, freedom and
    equality which the A-LAWS, as the oppressors, are disrupting.

    I agree that Graham’s mask is stupid as hell. It’s kind of annoying
    to a degree that there has to be a Char knock-off in Gundam series
    just to preserve a sense of the classic Mobile Suit Gundam (the original/
    first Gundam series).

    Also, why is everyone bashing Sunrise?!

    I mean sure, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, and Gundam SEED Destiny didn’t
    end STRONG. But they weren’t God-awful. Kind of off topic but it’s
    very rare that most anime series end strongly to the point where they
    ring a round of applause like when you went to see Star Wars or Iron Man.

    Anyways, I’ve been waiting for Gundam 00 to return much like everyone else
    and glad to see it back. Hard to believe that it’s October already. Enjoyed
    episode one and can’t wait for the next. =D

  57. @AzureJahk

    The 00 gundam looks nothing like the zeta. The O gundam, on the other, does resemble the Rx-78 Gundam because Kunio Okawara designed it (along with sooooooooooo many other mecha in the gundam universe). I think it was meant as a tribute

  58. wow. a really good start to the second season. I liked exia’s new look too….right up until it got trashed. Its starting to seem like louise didn’t join the A-LAWs of her own free will…. most likely libbons performed some sort of memory wipe on her, and seeing exia in action broke down the memory blocks….. She may well become a formidable fighter in the future. as for Graham…… the samurai mask does not suit him well at all…… and didn’t he get ripped apart by his GN-Flag’s explosion? The return of that one terrorist guy concerns me as well…. he was vaporized in the explosion of the gundam he piloted, just like graham.

  59. Its true that Graham has become the famed masked character of the series but i am excited to see why he wears it. Most of the masked characters wear a mask so that we dont know who they are or who they are connected to but Graham we already know from the first season. I am interested in seeing how messed up his face looks from his last battle with Exia and knowing 00, i dont think they will disappoint on that point.

    ∞ Aries
  60. OMG finally… a bit behind, but finally catched up with Gundam 00 second season ep 3. This is one of the best mecha anime’s I’ve seen yet. I just fell in love with the characters, plot and Gundam! Sad to know that this is most likely the last season… T_T Already missing Lockon!! Well I just hope Gundam 00’s finally is just as good as it’s beginning! Long Live Gundam!

    Setsuna F. Seiei

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