When Touma questions why Index came back, the red-haired mage suggests that she might have forgotten something like her hood. The mage claims that it wasn’t him who hurt Index and that someone named Kanzaki didn’t intend for this to get bloody, but Touma is nevertheless still angry. All the mage cares about though is recovering Index – specifically, the 103,000 magic volumes inside of her mind. He explains that Index has the ability to permanently memorize whatever she reads, and since those books are dangerous, he’s here to protect her before she can be kidnapped by someone who can use magic. Touma gets so pissed with all this that he tries to punch the mage, but the mage dodges and introduces himself as Stiyl Magnus – mage name Fortis931. He uses his fire powers to try to incinerate Touma, but Touma negates the magic with his right arm, and that forces Stiyl to employ a more drastic measure. Stiyl summons a fire creature called Innocentius, and no matter how many times Touma tries to use his arm’s ability on it, Innocentius remains.

To Touma’s surprise, Index suddenly starts talking and explains that there are runes in the area that need to be erased before Innocentius can be defeated. Stiyl is confident that Touma can’t destroy all the runes, but Touma uses the opportunity to escape to a lower floor. There, Touma sees runes printed on pieces of paper that are taped all over the walls and floors. He barely has any time to think about it before Innocentius attacks again, and while running away, Touma accidentally falls off the side of the building and onto the bike canopy below. He’s relatively uninjured, and he realizes afterward that Innocentius can only exist in areas with the runes. He wants to call the authorities, but he decides to go back for Index instead and starts by activating the building’s sprinkler system. Stiyl thinks that Touma is trying to extinguish Innocentius with water, but Touma is actually using the water to wash off the ink from the pieces of rune paper. This allows him to use his right arm to get rid of Innocentius, and he finishes the fight by punching Stiyl in the face.

In the aftermath, Touma takes Index away from his apartment building and decides against bringing her to the hospital because of the potential problems. Index regains consciousness during this time and suggests that they just have to stop the bleeding. She even knows the magic to heal injuries, but it’s impossible for Touma to help because his power would get in the way. Specifically, it’s not the fact that his right arm can negate magic but rather the fact that he has a supernatural ability. Magic was created by people without special abilities because they wanted to do the same things as the people who had special abilities. The only person Touma can think of who doesn’t have such abilities is his teacher Tsukuyomi Komoe, so he brings Index to her apartment. She’s not prepared for visitors, but Touma forces his way in and lays Index down. Before Touma can explain what’s going on, Index starts glowing and talking about her bleeding and something called John’s pen. In an emotionless voice, she claims to only have 15 minutes before her life ends, and she wants them to follow her instructions. Knowing that he can’t help, Touma entrusts Index to Komoe and follows Index’s suggestion that he leave because his ability would negate the restoration magic. Unbeknownst to him, there is a girl with a sword who is keeping watch of everything from the top of a skyscraper.


Well, after this week’s episode of Toradora, I was afraid that J.C.Staff would breeze through this fight, but they actually spent most of the episode on it, and the visuals were pretty spectacular. The contrast of blue and red color schemes along the with all the flames is very similar to what was done in Shana, but this looked better in most every way. They even did a good job making Komoe as cute as she could be. Hopefully, the production staff will be able to keep up with this level of quality (which is admittedly doubtful, but not impossible).

This episode also had the appearance of Kuroko, which I assume means that there might be some change to the story or at least to the order of it since I’m pretty sure she’s not supposed to show up yet. Then again, we’re quickly approaching the point where I stopped reading the manga so as not to spoil myself for the anime, so I’m probably not one to speak on this. This also means though that after next week, everything story-wise will be fresh for me, and I’m looking forward to that. On a related note, Kuroko is voiced by Arai Satomi, and all I could think of was Sayoko from GEASS when I heard her speak. She has a much more distinct voice than I realized.


  1. There are only 2 manga volumes and the 2nd one ends just a bit after this point on a cliffhanger-ish note which had me wondering how they were making a series out of it until I saw that the manga was based on novels ^^;

    Kuroko hasn’t shown up at all in the manga that has been release so far either unless I missed something.

  2. As expected from JCstaff, the quality being delivered is up to standard. Did they reused the animation from Shana? Anyway, he seems to be the human form of Zanaffar (Slayers).

    From the synopsis I read, it seems that they are planning to cover 6 episodes on the first volume (novel). I’m expecting the story to be covered in depth.

  3. i think they focus too much on the fight…but nonetheless this series is impressive. I would rate it right behind g00 and clannad as “must-blog series” 😉

    (Hopefully it will be as good as the series goes on)

  4. those who are born with power cannot use magic (whatever the reason may be) and those who aren’t born without power, created the magic, so that they, too, have power to wield.

    something along the line…^^

  5. @A Anime Loving Republican

    This is a spoiler I guess:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. This was a pretty good episode overall. Touma had to use his head to survive since his right hand couldn’t do everything. Not bad using the buildings systems to get rid of the ink. But obviously he’s dealing with frustration in regards to his right hand. It came in handy but it really caused a lot of the problems. Index’s clothing would have kept her safe if his hand hadn’t damaged it and just his presence would keep a healing spell from working. Its a powerful ability, but clearly has its downsides as well.

  7. “the teacher is really cute and moe BUT holy crap, that’s some great feat making her smoking and drinking beer! ^^ that’s what missing moe characters.

    btw. how old is she ??? ._.”

    She’s an adult. In fact considered one of the 7 great mysteries of Academy City.

    Makes me wonder if To Aru Majutsu no Railgun side story is going to be shown.

    Episode 1 wasn’t Mikoto’s first meeting with Touma.

    Prior to that Touma did try to save her from thugs harrasing her. He tried get her out of a jam, without fighting, not knowing she was one of the 7 level 5 espers. Fully capable of handling herself.

    He just made her angry calling her a kid. To convince the thugs not to harrass her as she is not desirable. She electrocuted the thugs and him.
    It didn’t affect him. Suffice to say ever since then Mikoto has been trying to win against Touma.

    Though that isn’t the real reason she is hanging around him whenever they meet.

  8. Thanks tommykn and Calde for the explanation.

    And about Mikoto and Toma
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And this for you TomaxMisaka fans. enjoy!

    A Anime Loving Republican
  9. >oh also, he did know. He was trying to save those guys from her! (at least according to the manga).

    I dunno about the manga, but in the anime he clearly knew about Mikoto and her power.

  10. @typed

    I think you misunderstood something.
    What i mention in my spoiler post was from the manga side story Railgun which shows how Toma and Misaka meet which was set a month before the events of To aru majutsu no Index.

    I understand if you thought i didn’t know the the series when in FACT I DO KNOW ABOUT THE SERIES, so don’t assume i got it wrong unless the facts stated other wise.

    pS. Don’t assume the Railgun as non-canon since both mangas ( Majutsu and railgun) are authored by the writer of the novels.
    Furthermore;Show Spoiler ▼

    A Anime Loving Republican
  11. “On a related note, Kuroko is voiced by Arai Satomi, and all I could think of was Sayoko from GEASS when I heard her speak. She has a much more distinct voice than I realized.”

    i don’t hear sayoko but i do hear Peke from to love ru XD


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