In a news conference, a Federation government spokesperson confirms that Gundams attacked the prison and that, in order to put an end to this terrorist organization, the government is dispatching A-LAWS. Watching this news conference are Ribbons and Regene, and the latter wonders if it was Ribbons or Veda that foresaw the revival of Celestial Being and planned the expansion of authority of A-LAWS. When Ribbons doesn’t give a direct answer, Revive Revival appears and notes that it’ll be their turn soon, but Ribbons feels that it’s unnecessary for them to bring out something called the Gadessa because he’s already asked a certain person to do it. Meanwhile, the Celestial Being group is en route to the Katharon base at Rub’ al Khali, and along the way, Lyle explains that the Federation is scattering GN Particles in the Middle East to paralyze the economic activities of all the nonmember countries there. As a side effect of the GN Particles, Katharon’s base there hasn’t been discovered. Upon arriving, Setsuna and Sumeragi meet with Klaus and Shirin and hand over Marina and Saji so that they can be under the care of Katharon.

During the meeting, some kids come running into meeting room, and they remind Setsuna of all the violence during his youth. He thinks that the children are being raised as members of Katharon, but Shirin explains that they’re just protecting the children who have no relatives. Unfortunately, they’re limited in funds, so they can’t accept all the children. After the kids recognize Marina and drag her off to play, Klaus starts to talk about overthrowing the Federation government, but Sumeragi makes it clear that Celestial Being doesn’t act by political ideology – their enemy isn’t the Federation government but rather A-LAWS. Despite this, Klaus and Shirin still want to work together with and help Celestial Being. While this is going on, out in the Persian Gulf on the A-LAWS ship, Arthur Goodman is lecturing Lindt over the loss of the Trilobite and has Kathy work together with him. Afterward, Kathy tries to tell Mr. Bushido to follow her instructions, but he refuses and reveals that he has a license to act independently as a one man army.

On the deck of the ship, Soma is on the video phone with Sergei about his mobilization with a regular army force dedicated to searching for the Gundams. Sergei then asks about his son and reveals that Andrei resents him for not being a parent. Soma uses this moment to decide that she’ll accept Sergei’s offer to adopt her, and she feels that she’s a lucky person. Back at the Katharon base, Setsuna watches Marina play with the children and is reminded of his own mother and how he killed her. Saji sees this and points out that those children are victims of the world that Celestial Being changed. Setsuna doesn’t deny it, and when Saji questions why he fights, Setsuna notes that there’s a reason and doesn’t care if Saji hates him. Setsuna then gets approached by Marina with a request to take her to Azadistan. When Setsuna discusses this with Sumeragi and the others, Sumeragi suggests not using a Gundam so that they don’t hurt Azadistan by association if discovered, so Setsuna takes the shuttle instead.

Elsewhere on the base, Saji decides that Celestial Being and Katharon are the ones who cause fighting, and he doesn’t want to stick around. He’s caught sneaking out by a guard, but the guard recognizes him as a member of Celestial Being and trusts him enough to lend him a car. At around this same time, Setsuna, Marina, and the Gundams depart from the Katharon base, and the shuttle heads towards Azadistan. Although none of them are spotted, unfortunately for Saji, his car gets caught by the Federation ship that Sergei is on. Saji soon finds himself being interrogated and is roughed up since he’s suspected to be a member of Katharon, but Sergei himself then takes over the questioning. Sergei knows just by looking at Saji that he’s not a soldier and not a member of Katharon. He guesses instead that Saji is working with Celestial Being based on the fact that Saji was at the Proud colony where a Gundam appeared and is here now in a region where a battle with Gundams recently took place. Saji denies being in either Katharon or Celestial Being, so Sergei promises to remove the suspicion from Saji if he talks. Unbeknownst to either of them, another member of the crew is eavesdropping.

News of the location of the Katharon base soon reaches A-LAWS headquarters, and Arthur Goodman sends very specific instructions for Kathy’s force to carry out. Kathy is shocked that she’s being ordered to use the Automaton in their Kill Mode, but Lindt reminds her that orders from the top are absolute and that there’s no need to show mercy against an antigovernment force. Soma isn’t happy about this operation either, and it causes her to finally understand why Sergei opposed her reassignment to A-LAWS. Andrei thinks that she misunderstands and claims that Sergei would abandon even his blood relatives for the sake of a mission. He still holds a grudge against Sergei for letting his mother die. Meanwhile, Sergei finds out that one of his men reported everything to A-LAWS, so he lets Saji go because he knows that he can’t use his authority to protect Saji from them. As Saji is driving away, he sees a group of A-LAWS mobile suits flying towards the Katharon base. However, it is not he who alerts the Ptolemaios to the attack but rather Wang Liu Mei. Regardless, Sumeragi decides to go rescue Katharon.

Katharon learns about the attack right before it happens, and knowing that they’re outmatched, Klaus orders them to strengthen their defenses and wait for Celestial Being to save them. After Katharon’s old mobile suits are destroyed by the GN-Xs and Aheads, the A-LAWS forces release into the base a group of Automaton that start slaughtering everyone. Fortunately, the Gundams – minus 00 Gundam – soon arrive, and Lyle immediately heads towards the base. In addition, Mr. Bushido chooses this moment to withdraw because this doesn’t interest him. Soma is sent after the Cherudim Gundam, giving her a close-up look at the massacre occurring in the base, and she can only watch in shock as Lyle gets to work destroying the Automaton. In the skies above, Soma’s allies are getting shredded by the Seravee and the Arios, and their commander orders a retreat since they’ve already accomplished their initial objective. Soma is the last to go, and as Lyle shoots at her mobile suit, he is filled with hatred towards A-LAWS.

In the aftermath, the Ptolemaios arrives, and everyone is shocked at all the carnage. As she flies back to the A-LAWS ship, Soma tells herself that she’s a super-soldier who exists to fight. She realizes that she tried to obtain an ordinary happiness, and she wonders if what she saw was a sort of punishment for that. By now, Saji has also returned to the Katharon base and is shocked to see what happened. Thinking of all the victims, he falls to his knees because he realizes that this is his fault. Meanwhile, Setsuna and Marina’s shuttle arrives at Azadistan and find it up in flames. Setsuna quickly notices that there’s a Gundam in the distance, and its red color makes him realize who it belongs to: Ali Al-Saachez.


I find it ironic that of the two people Celestial Being entrusted to Katharon, neither of them ended up staying there. It’s like the entire trip was for naught, and it ended up causing so much death and destruction. A lot of the blame falls to Saji for being a dumbass by leaving and getting caught, so I didn’t feel any sympathy for him when he assumed his orz position at the end. What this does probably mean is that Saji will feel the need to atone for his sins or to prevent this from happening again, and that might lead him to join Celestial Being for good. And if that happens, then he and Louise will truly be on opposite sides of the conflict, and I can’t wait to see it when they realize that. As for Marina, the destruction of the Katharon base probably means that she’ll inherit custody of all the children, as is shown in the ED.

Despite the massacre though, it’s at least good to see that there are people – Kathy and Soma – in A-LAWS who are against their extreme measures. Soma in particular is showing signs that she might be more open to being convinced by Allelujah sometime in the future. She’s not quite at the point of finding A-LAWS completely detestable, but she might get there if Sergei dies by their hands or something – which I could see happening because he’s being too nice of a guy for this environment. I also get the feeling Graham/Mr. Bushido doesn’t approve of A-LAWS’ way of doing things given that his name implies he has a strong sense of honor and since he stressed his independence this episode. Then again, if Setsuna had been there in the desert, I’m sure Mr. Bushido would have gone all out without a care for what was in his way.

As a final thought, I like how having an epilogue allows an episode to have not one but two strong finishes. I really enjoyed the slow intro into the ED, and the cliffhanger (if it could be called that) with Ali Al-Saachez was great in the “he’s back!” sort of way. He wasn’t actually in this episode as much as last week’s preview suggested he might be, but I expect to see a lot more of him in the future, maybe as soon as next week.


  1. Honestly, I see no way for Kataron-CB alliance now.

    With how it all happened, it would be logical that Kataron would think CB betrayed them and gave out their base location to A-LAWS.

    Preview only confirms my thoughts.

  2. @UnknownVoice:

    Yeah, it seems. But right now, Kataron is in shambles with their main base destroyed. It’s doubtful they’d be able to even carry their own weight without help from CB.

  3. Tokkan at 5:43 am on November 2nd, 2008
    If the rumours are accurate (and they have been so far)

    Hide Spoiler ▲

    Saji will join CB as he seeks to atone for this.

    Only the way Saji is joining to hell with Louise!

  4. [spoiler]The model spec sheet on the 0-Raiser says that the fuselage section of the craft holds a sensor, and not a cockpit–0-Raiser is A.I.-controlled. It means that Saiji isn’t going to be a pilot of 0 – Riser.[/spoiler]

  5. Saji is either too stubborn to believe in CB or too naive to believe a total stranger. And yet he was given all the information to read up the ‘true’ world. Prehaps it’s due to the heat that he lost his mind, or he was just lost out there… Come on, this is human nature. And no doubt he will bear the sin he had cause.
    Anyway, CB will have a lot of factions to take care of. Fed.(blue uniform?), A-LAWS, Innovator(spelling?) and prehaps Kataron. Man, their tech. is catching up… If not, numbers… How are they going to win?

  6. Possible scenarios in the future episodes
    Options for Saji Crossroad

    1 – It would be nice if the CB’s engineer somehow die in battle that would make Saji become the new CB’s engineer. Betrayal of Soma and company ?

    2 – Become the 5th Gundam pilot or replacing Tieria Erde (if he dies, since there’s nothing motivates him to go on while the other three gundam miesters has), Saji Crossroad’s redemption (Where is the 5th Gundam?)

    a)To change the world upon knowing the true nature.

    b)To regain his former girlfriend.

    Saji Crossroad is the key to CB’s victory as well demise of some CB member.

  7. The Marina situation with the kids has been similar to all the gundam formats just look at Gundam Original Frau Bau/Bao looking after the kids and related to Amuro Ray, Zeta Gundam,ZZ Gundam, Gundam Seed and so forth there is always one woman or girl related to one of the gundam pilot and looking after the kid. I think the new Lockon is somewhat twisted he may be good/ evil. His intentions are unknown since he contacted Kataron before one mission and contacted Kataron saying he has joined CB. I believe Lockon may die again or Tiera saving Lockon dying in the process because he thinks it was his fault for Neil Delandys death. Saji may pilot one of the gundams if one of the pilots die and try to get his gf back. Like Shinn Asuka and Stella in Seed Destiny. History could be

  8. Saji is a screwed up bastard who is too naive for his own good, and too ignorant of the happenings around him. I hope his guilt will eat at him, and hopefully, he’ll do the world a favor and just let himself get shot at by Louis’ mobile suit. And Louis is a totally insane and (IMO) useless person, even if she’s in A-LAWS now.

  9. @lilu

    I think O-Riser will have the similar concept as Andromeda-Fighters in Gene Rodenbery’s Andromeda – that is controled by distance.

    Saji would still be able to pilot O-Riser, while in Ptolemy then.

  10. Saji, you are an idiot. You are too naive. No, you are just stupid period. As for Ptolemy half-cloaking, if the gundams from season one can cloak, why can’t CB ship in season 2? Ali just destroyed Azadistan with his new psuedo-gundam. Setsuna and Marina are in trouble since Ali knows they are there. The tension in this episode was amazinng to say the least. The destruction and the feeling behind it of Kataron’s main base was shown beautifully. Clearly an epic episode. 10 out of 10.

  11. @WingZero

    I would agrue that Saji is more naive/stupid than Suzaku. At least when Suzaku finally gets the whole truth, he follows the correct side. But Saji, he gets the whole truth handed to him, but still thinks no you are the wrong side. Saji should have discovered the truth when he was attacked by A-laws in the First(needed to capitalize) episode. But no Saji still acts naive.

  12. @WingZero
    Suzaku is far more wise than Saji who cant even try to escape from reality. At least his desicion din lead to so many death, unlike Saji, betraying the ppl who saved him from death.

    I agree wif u !!

  13. He didn’t tell about the base to the A-LAWS, and he didn’t tell it to anyone ‘untrustworthy,’ even when beaten up. He didn’t just go to the Federation, immediately tell them where Kataron’s base was, and then be surprised at what the A-LAWS did.

    The person he did tell was Sergei, who is interested in the A-LAWS atrocities. Telling Sergei was good, because Sergei has been established as someone working to uncover the truth about the A-LAWS.

    Setsuna saving Saji (by chance, no less) does not mean that Saji is eternally indebted to CB and must believe and favor them for the rest of his life. Especially since Saji would never have been in a position of needing to be saved… had Celestial Being never intervened in the first place. Which also would have meant that his sister would still be alive and Louise wouldn’t have been maimed. Saji has owes no loyalty to Celestial Being.

    Saji owes no loyalty to Kataron. He isn’t a member, hasn’t been a member, still isn’t a member even when accused by the A-LAWS, and by all appearances didn’t want to be dropped off there in the first place (a decision Setsuna seems to have made for him).

    So what do we have this episode? A young man, who has been greatly harmed by Celestial Being and the consequences of its actions, tells the one trust-worthy man in the military about his experiences, both his (unwilling) time with Celestial Being and Kataron, and proof of the secret atrocities of the A-LAWS, proof which could be incredibly important to the state of the world.

    Only, only, because a young officer was wrongly eavesdropping on them, did that information leave that room and get to the A-LAWS. Saji had no part in contacting the A-LAWS, Sergei had no part in informing the A-LAWS. And even then, the A-LAWS attacked the two groups that Saji owes no loyalty to.

    A tragedy Saji had a part in? Sure. Proof of him being naive, and support for Saji-hate? Hardly.

  14. Poor Saji. If any of us were in that situation we might have tried to be reasonable in trying to deal with the crisis in being accused to being a terrorist out of nowhere and taken prisoner by a international paramilitary organization. The alternatives to going to the proper authorities ain’t that great from a normal person’s point of view. Of course most of us would also recognize that we would have been majorly responsible for the deaths that’s happened. Well, I just hope Saji realizes just how screwed up the world really is and deals with it properly instead of denying reality too long until the very end.

  15. @UnknownVoice, yes i understand what u mean. Saji is a vicitim of all this event and his action is justified. But the point people trying to make is that he cant accept his fate and continue being on his own world(Being naive). Its like he cant accept his fate and keep on blaming celestial being or gundam for the life he had. Its true that celestial being change his fate but even though a few year has pass, he still continue to have this sort of thinking and cannot move on with life. This is evident as he continue to say setsuana and they all are murderers even though the throne incident is cleared up. He did not realise that other people other than Celestial Being is also like tat(A-laws). Killing people and starting wars. Becoz of his naive thinking(seeing celestial being as the only 1 on fault) rather than seeing the whole picture(outside world is also like that)causes this whole incident. He only see his ideal world(self peace) which is so naive as world is not so simple as it is. Yes i admit he cant forgive easily but it is his naive thinking that got a lot people mad. By only seeing celestial being faults and not the good side and blaming everything on celestial being without realising how the world is run that eventually cause this incident ultimately make ppl angry.

    kelvin he
  16. @G00number1FAN

    Probably not giving the fact that Ribbond fucked up VEDA and Naddleh prime functions were liked to it [a.k.a.. the Trial System] and it would be too dangerous for Tieria to do it since it would track them completely.

  17. 1) Saji is so getting blamed for this. The guy migt as well atone for this.

    2) The new unit that Ali is piloting is called the Gadessa. It possess technology of both the Throne Zwei & the Kyrios, & also equipped with A-Laws weapons & equipment, so technically its part Gundam & part Ahead. This unit was built by the A-Laws as instructed by Ribbonz & orders him to lay waste on Azadistan, meaning that he might have connections with Ribbonz.

  18. If only setsuna could explain it to saji of what had happened during the attack in spain,thing could’ve been much more easier to understand.And saji should’ve known it earlier rather than later on knowing that the thrones were never actually on CB(setsuna’s group)side.And everything’ll be just fine.

  19. The thing that got me mad at Saji was the fact that he ran away from Kataron when he should have known that he has nowhere to go. He couldn’t accept reality, so he decided to run away from it. This time his naive behavior caused him to be captured by the Federation(lucky for Saji because if it was A-Laws they would have just shoot him with a particle weapon after beating the information out of him), which further leads to A-Laws attack Kataron’s base and damaging relations between CB and Kataron as shown in the next episode. I hope Saji starts redeeming himself, starting in the next episode.

    Even through Saji is the primary catalyst of what occurred in this episode, some of the blame for today’s events must go to Ribbons. It is because of him that A-Laws is what it is today: a mass-murdering military group that is the faithful dogs to the government.

  20. No he’s graham to me forever, I liked him back then. he didn’t need a Gundam to kick butt.
    I like Saji also, for some reason I don’t know. I guess he has a lot to atone for and I want to see him do it.

    Can someone please tell me about this Marina taking care of orphans thing? is it in the opening or something? (just wanted to know)

    Anyways with how things are going Marina x Setsuna will not happen, though if Setsuna lives it may end like Gundam Wing (Hero ?x Relina)

  21. I forgot to add that Graham will probably destroy or damage heavily the 00 Gundam so Setsuna can get his final upgrade. (we all know it’s going to happen)
    After that I think he may change sides?? Could happen?

  22. If those spoilers are right…Show Spoiler ▼

  23. Yes, Saji IS an idiot. No argument there. But it’s not like he MEANT to do so much harm. It’s JUST like Suzaku when he fired the first FREYA: he had no intention IN HELL to actually do that, it was just a stupid sequence of coincidences.

  24. Season 2 sure feels alot better than season one, the storyline doesn’t feel as boring as season one, I stop watching season one after like 5 episode, the idea of stopping all war with war is just stupid. War can never be stop, is a way of living for some culture.

  25. WOW great episode. You know as something that would be a good twist if Saji goes badass through all the trama hes gone through. And become like a mobile suit pilot. Though i know that would never.

  26. The reason why CB had taken Saji as part of their crew is bcoz they simply see him as a b*tch.And only b*tch liek him can only do is to cry&cry over&over again.And if the crew can’t afford to handle him they can just simply shoot him.Enough said.

  27. I have a feeling that saji is going to pull a code geass, ORANGE KUN STYLE, and become one of the most loved and badassed characters in this anime, trust me it will happen, we all think sajis a fag and an asshole now but just you wait youll love him by the end of this trust me. Also saji cant really play the whole righteous act and keep accusing setsuna and the others for what they have done (which was kill innocent people and change the world) because HEY YAGO HO BITCH you just killed a base full of the good guys!

    gratz saji you douchebag


  28. Too many comments to remember who asked this, so here goes. Ali’s new gundam is the Gadessa – at least that’s what Revive Revival refered to it as.

    That’s not Louise that Lockon was fighting. One, the suit belongs to Soma. Two, the battalion that Louise belongs to was ordered to remain behind.

    Looking at the larger picture, it is very logical that Saji will join CB – if not reluctantly. One, he shares a loss due to war like the other members. Two, like the others he now also has a sin he most atone for. Three, I think the purpose to Saji’s character is to portray human nature’s descent from innocence into something much darker, followed by the realization of a greater purpose.

    Wow, Louise is really hell bent on getting revenge on CB. On second thought, maybe her character is the one that portrays innocence descending into darkness. Hmm… Ok, I’m speculating way too much here.

    The preview showed a member of Kataron pulling a gun on Tieria and Allelujah (I think). I think, needless to say, they’re a little pissed.

    Umm… any rumors as to when we can expect to see Patrick “Cockroach” Colasour this season?

  29. What’s wrong with you, Sunrise? All the good guys die and the bad guys have the resilience of cockroaches. Graham, Ali, just fucking stay dead. But I’ll admit “Mr. Bushido” was pretty cool in this episode. Ali… just as crazy as always, delighting in pain, torture and death.

  30. @ Gogeta

    I think that Patrick will show up next eppy…something about that preview clicked.

    Saji…is horribly unlucky. I mean, what are the chances that you leave at the same time as 2 Gundams, the Gundams get away, and you get caught by a Federation battleship that so HAPPENS to pass by. Then he has a relatively normal conversation with Sergei, only to have some random guy eavesdrop on them and spill the beans everywhere.

    Saji is going to be the 0-Riser pilot/controller…that’s a 90% chance. The other 10% is that he will continue to be “that guy who got pwnt by fate”

  31. @g-money
    Kataron are not necessarily the ‘good guys’, they are hell bent on toppling the new government, hence just a bunch of ‘terrorists’; A-Laws is the only problem of this new government, similar to say Saddam Hussein special police, who had the power to make anyone who posed a treat to SH, to just vanish in thing air, commit all sort of massacre etc

    And your take on the bad guys is simply well, not black as it should be on the spectrum; they are just your normal grunts, not really their fault, having to carry out orders. That’s the soldier life, obey your orders or end up in court and ultimately, jail or if unlucky enough, on the execution row.

    And Mr. Bushido, well, like someone said before, if Setsuna was here, he would have gone bonkers like a feral dog …

    @everyone else who thinks saji is suzaku 1.5

    he is just a CONFUSED chump making the wrong decision, he tried to ran, but luck wasn’t on this side once more … And it was obvious, he only wanted to go back to a normal life without being associated with CB or Kataron. Anyone in his position would have done the same …

  32. just a thought. people who will probably defect to/join celestial being near the end.
    1. soma pieres-she’s way different now from the super soldier thing in season 1
    2. sergei smimov
    3. kathy mannequin
    4. saji crossroad-maybe in the middle, i’m not sure. but with the way things are going, it seems sure that he will become a part of celestial being. whether he pilots an ms or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  33. @Kelvin He

    I believe that UnknownVoice is pointing out that Saji Crossroad must not be judged as naive because he caused the numerous deaths of Kataron members.

    I think that most of the people here is pissed off at Saji Crossroad because he unintentionally caused the destruction of the Kataron Base which I find unfair. He’s a civilian, I don’t think he’s highly responsible for the safety of a large military organization. I would rather say that it is the guy who gave him the car keys should blamed. LOL

    But I do think that Saji is being naive when it comes to how he sees the world. Being selfish and all of that. Well there are lots of time for character development. I hope he’s on the right track.



    – the shootouts!!

    and you know what i’m not really hate SAJI CROSSROAD.

  35. I really think Saji is going to take Licht’s place. Isn’t there an unoccupied station that’s still going vacant; the one that Licht held before he died? Christina’s old station is now occupied by Ian’s daughter. And Lockon’s position is already filled. So basically there’s only 1 station left.

  36. what the hell was the point of that epic battle with Lockon (Neil Dylandy) and Ali Sarshes in the last season? I mean WTH! At least I can believe that Graham survived but lead to such injuries during his fight with Setsuna. BUT Whatsup with this guy? How the hell did he escape unscathed? His frikin suite blew up! Neil died even though he was farther away from the explosion, while this guy who is in the center of the explosion ie.the gundam throne, actually lived without even a scratch!

    Man the hell is wrong with Sunrise for suddenly reviving characters like that? I accepted that Neil died avenging his family even though he wasn’t able to put an end to terrorism, but the fact that this guy is frikin back just blows it all out of proportion. Ah im pissed, they might as well bring back the guy who was piloting that gold gundam and the throne siblings, and hey might as well bring back Lockon, have them all die again.

  37. @redX

    We can’t say that Neil is dead for sure. The evidence around it is not conclusive, there was no body found, and we didn’t see him in the explosion, we only saw the GN arms explosion.

    In that video you do not see the body in the explosion, and also the gun that Neil connected to the GN arms IS STILL INTACT. That shit was right on top of the explosion, there’s no way for it to be still in perfect condition like that.

    I know my theory is wack and late considering how long ago he died, and no I don’t have a reason for why he has not appeared in the last 4 years. I’m just saying there’s a big ass loop hole surrounding the 100% certainty that he is dead.

  38. @Grimmjaw: Mizushima said in an interview way back that Lockon/Neil is indeed dead. Mizushima, incidentally, is the Director for Gundam 00…meaning that if he, the one who’s calling the shots as far as what happens in the series, says a character is dead, then that character is dead.

  39. Tieria? Telling a JOKE? WHAT THE FUCK’S happened to him these last 4 years?

    Well, at any rate, this ep was pretty good. Goes to show that Lyle is every bit as passionate and dedicated as Neil was, but clearly less cool-headed.
    Also, as to be expected, he’s not as skilled a sniper, but he’s still pretty damn good with the Cherudim’s beam pistols.

    Oh, and that evil, evil bastard Ali Al-Saachez is back, causing mayhem and mass murder as usual. Also, it seems they’re laying the groundwork for Soma’s eventual departure from A-LAWS. Should be rather interesting.

  40. LOL at the picture captions of saji hilarious. Ali babah all hail ali sarchez. I want that guy to die but, he makes one a hell of a good character to kill off maybe the second to the final enemy then Ribbons.

  41. Am i the only one who actually believes that enjoyed the fact that they got destroyed. I mean they are finally taking some damaged and not just randomly acting like terrorist. Well i hope this leads into Saji becoming a bigger part of the show because up until now the way he is being written is just a waste.


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