Regene Regetta telepathically explains to Tieria that with GN particles as a catalyst, they can directly link with Veda due to quantum brain waves, and their age is controlled via genetic manipulation and nanomachines. He claims that they are necessary to Aeolia Schenberg’s plan, and he laughs at how Tieria has been kept in the dark about all this. Since Tieria doesn’t know, Regene reveals that the first stage of the plan was to unite the world with Celestial Being’s interventions, the second stage is to unify mankind’s will with A-LAWS, and the third stage is to advance mankind in outer space. They who are adapted to the space environment will lead mankind to a new frontier. Meanwhile, back on the Ptolemaios, Ian isn’t happy with all the damage to the Arios and with how Allelujah brought back a girl. That latter part has Saji feeling a bit lonely, which he admits to one of the Haros as he stares at the ring around his neck. Tieria has returned back to the ship by this point, but the encounter with Regene sticks in his mind. Regene had claimed that a big wave of change is needed to lead mankind to the next stage, and he called Celestial Being an obstacle in the way of Aeolia’s plan. He explained that they were created for the plan, and their raison d’être is to carry out and complete it, so what Tieria is doing is denying his own existence.

Regene had then proposed guiding mankind together as Innovators, and he knew that he and Tieria would see each other again because they’re always connected. Unsure of what path he should take now, Tieria suddenly hears the old Lockon telling him to not cast himself in that way and to be hell-bent on what he feels. Lockon also points out that they were entrusted with the Gundams by Aeolia. Elsewhere on the Ptolemaios, Allelujah and Marie run into Feldt who still holds a grudge against Marie for what she did as Soma Peries. Feldt can still remember all the people they lost, including Lockon, and even though she knows that it wasn’t Marie’s fault, it doesn’t change the way she feels. Allelujah later goes to see Feldt privately, and he understands how she feels because they’re family. Over on the A-LAWS ship, Louise requests that Kati let her have Soma’s custom Ahead. Kati refuses, however Lindt thinks that it’s okay and then gives Louise a special mission. Lindt instructs her to take along Andrei as an escort, and when Kati objects to losing two pilots at a time like this, Lindt reveals that arrangements have been made for new pilots and a new mobile suit that surpasses the Ahead. Revive Revival is the pilot of this new unit, and with him arrives none other than Patrick Colasour. Patrick tells Kati that he volunteered for A-LAWS because he wants to protect her, and he’s not afraid of fighting the Gundams and dying because of how he’s fought them so much in the past that he’s earned the nickname “The Immortal Colasour.”

At around this same time, the Federation holds a press conference on the reorganization of the Middle East which includes plans to migrate certain factions involved in domestic conflicts to colonies. Sumeragi knows that the public will accept this because the Federation economy is good and living standards are improving. Setsuna, however, feels that this kind of world isn’t right when there are people who are arbitrarily losing their lives. The group then gets a call from Wang Liu Mei informing them that the higher-ups of A-LAWS will be attending a special party put on by the business community. Tieria insists on participating, so Setsuna volunteers to be backup, and since their identities might already be known, Sumeragi crafts a plan. What they don’t realize is that Regene Regetta was with Wang Liu Mei all along. While the others are preparing, Feldt goes to see Marie to apologize, and Marie understands how important everyone is to her. Ian meanwhile finishes with repairs and heads back up into space to work on two new support units and the Twin Drive. Included is something called the 0 Raiser which will allow the 00 Gundam to surpass any existing Gundam.

At the big party, Wang Liu Mei arrives and recognizes Tieria who came dressed as a woman. Tieria has already identified Homer Katagiri – who is accompanied by Billy – but he knows that someone else is actually in charge of everything. Upstairs at the party, Ribbons meets privately with Louise, and when she asks why she’s there, he points out that she’s the largest investor in A-LAWS as the head of the Halevy family. He notes that the people here endeavor for permanent peace in a unified world, so their cooperation is necessary, but Ribbons is okay with Louise leaving after greeting everyone. He also reveals that he’s arranged for her to get Soma’s Ahead. After meeting with Louise, Ribbons heads downstairs, introduces himself to the disguised Tieria, and they dance together. When Ribbons comments on how he didn’t think that Tieria would appear in such a way, Tieria explains that he’s only following his tactical forecaster’s instructions. Tieria then brings up Regene Regetta, and although Ribbons denies sending him, this does lead to him offering to give Tieria back access rights to Veda. Tieria takes this a sign that Ribbons has control over Veda, and once the dance ends, Ribbons leads Tieria back upstairs to talk about it.

Outside, Louise is about to leave the party but she experiences a certain reaction and then notices Setsuna waiting by one of the cars. She still remembers who he is, and when she asks him why he’s here, he claims that it’s for work related to the orbital elevator. Louise also asks about how Saji is doing, so Setsuna reveals that he had met Saji again by chance and that Saji was working at a colony. Hearing that Saji is in space, Louise realizes that he fulfilled his dream, and she plays with the ring on her left hand. Setsuna notices that her exposed left arm has some scar-like markings on them, and he remembers what Saji had said about the person he loved being hurt. He decides to tell Louise that he had felt that Saji still loved her, but before he can finish his sentence, she experiences a painful headache. Billy happens to be nearby and comes running to help, but when he hears Setsuna’s voice, he realizes who Setsuna is and calls the guards. Tieria meanwhile is questioning Ribbons about controlling Veda, but Ribbons thinks that Tieria should remember. This causes Tieria to realize that Ribbons was the one who had turned off the Trial System during the fight with the Gundam Thrones and was also the one who gave the pseudo-GN drives to the United Nations.

Ribbons explains that the annihilation of Celestial Being was part of the plan, so they should have been destroyed four years ago. Tieria refuses to believe this because he knows that they were entrusted with the Gundams, the GN Drives, and the Trans Am system by Aeolia Schenberg. He decides that Ribbons and the Innovators are mistaken, and he declares that he’ll follow the path that he believes in. This prompts Ribbons to comment on how Tieria is influenced by humans and trusted Lockon too much. All of this infuriates Tieria, and he pulls out his hidden gun, but it gets shot out of his hand by the Innovator named Hiling Care. This leaves Tieria no choice but to jump out of the window to escape. Watching all this from a distance is Regene Regetta, and he notes that although Aeolia Schenberg developed a three-stage plan, he was fixated on the war eradication of the first stage. Both Regene Regetta and Wang Liu Mei feel that, regardless if this is Ribbons’ plan or Celestial Being’s idea, the world will change. Setsuna and Tieria meanwhile both escape the site in their Gundams, and Setsuna apologizes for his mistake. Tieria, however, feels that he’s now found the distortion of the world, and he vows to destroy it with the Gundams. All this is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Ali Al Saachez in his red Gundam, and he’s ready to fight.


Well, all this focus on Aeolia Schenberg’s plan wasn’t what I had in mind when I thought they were going to examine Tieria’s backstory, but it works. If Regene Regetta is to be believed, Aeolia Schenberg had some lofty and perhaps noble goals, but he didn’t plan things out perfectly and had some faults. I’m not sure I entirely trust Regene Regetta’s assessment though, and with the way he was talking, part of me suspects that he could end up being the “final boss” character instead of Ribbons. Regardless, it looks like for the time being that this will be a struggle between the Innovators wanting to change the world so that they can complete Aeolia Schenberg’s plan versus the Gundams trying to stop them and A-LAWS. The question I have is what the cost of that will be since, as Sumeragi noted, the majority of people seem to be fairly happy with the current system, and toppling A-LAWS will likely change that. Plus, the basic goal of advancing further into space isn’t such a bad one.

The other story this week was Louise and her involvement in all this. It appears that she was the one funding the mobile suit development after all (not Wang Liu Mei as I originally suspected), though you’d think that with that kind of money, she’d be able to secure her own custom mobile suit instead of taking Soma’s old one. She also seems to experience the same things that the super-soldiers did – the headaches and the Newtype-style senses – and some treatment related to the super-soldier program is probably how she got her left arm back. Speaking of which, she’s apparently still wearing the ring, and hearing about Saji likely starts the path to getting them reunited. It’s not clear however if Setsuna figured out that she’s in A-LAWS.

Patrick and Ali Al Saachez also showed up this week, though only briefly. The former’s nickname made me wonder what the odds are of him surviving another series worth of facing off against Gundams, and the latter I hope will stick around longer this time than he did a few episodes ago. Fortunately, the preview indicates that there’ll at least be a Gundam fight with him next week. Oh and as for Tieria, I would say that him thinking of Lockon all the time and then dressing up as a girl means something, but I’ll leave that to the fanfic writers and fan artists. 🙂


  1. frogsqueezer => he is still alive, for one simple reason, the GN-X 603 cockpit is located between the leg of the mobile suit, and his suit was shot on the torso, that’s why he survived… Which also means that a lot of pilot from the first could have survived from the Gundams.

    I’m curious to see this new green mobile suit in combat, and also how Patrick managed to join the A-Laws

  2. Ribbons got off that couch O.o That must’ve been one heck of a La-Z-Boy if he sat in it till now.

    I gagged a little when i was skipping through the raw and heard Tiera’s voice come out during the waltz.

  3. Bah, to much depend on this Mastermind villain.. Looks like he is the Storyteller, when there out of ideas…

    Mastermind, that even can work in Space (Like Episode 1)

    Since he took action, i dropped this show…

  4. Why Tieria, WHY?!:( You definately lost some cool points in my book since anyone who knows me knows i am not a fan of crossdressing at all! FINALLY Patrick makes his comeback and i hope we still see him getting flirty-flirty with Kati.;)

    Eternal Kali
  5. @everyone
    Tieria crossdress because he doesn’t want to be recognized as a gundam meister since

    A. Everyone thinks the gundam meisters are male
    B. An innovator saw his face, so there is a chance that they told A-Laws, since they control A-laws and basically the Federation.

  6. I sure hope those “breasts” were merely prosthetic make-up effects cause i sure as Hell don’t wanna see a worst case scenario: Tieria had an operation!!! And i can’t believe i actually said the “Lady In Red” was actually attractive before finally learning who it was.

    Eternal Kali
  7. Can i ask a bit of a funny question to all y’all? When it was revealed who the “Lady In Red” truly was in that episode, did any of you immediately start to think about either the movie or at least the theme song of “The Crying Game”? Cause i’m starting to think about that song right now coupled with the shocking experience of crossdresser Tieria.

    Eternal Kali
  8. One thing i almost forgot to mention: Louise looks VERY HAWT in that evening dress!!! Even her short blonde hair helps complement the good choice in the dress she picked for the evening. I was just thinking about something most people probably might’ve never thought of before until now: if Setsuna and Marina doesn’t work out as more than friendship, what are the possibilities of there possibly being a Saji/Louise/Setsuna love triangle? Who knows, if Setsuna talked to Louise that evening in a more polite manner than he usually talks to most people, it’s a stretch.

    Eternal Kali
  9. 1) Louise will pilot Soma’s Ahead

    2) Louise gains some cybernetic implants, such as that new left arm of hers. & no she’s not another super soldier

    3) I don’give a damn that Patrick is back or not

    4) Ian is developing the O Rizer

    5) If you guys like Haesslich thinks that Setsuna is proposing to Louise, he’s not

  10. That’s what Setsuna gets for opening his big mouth so much. He just walks up to anybody and says, “I’m a Gundam Meister of Celestal Being”. Its suppose to be a secret organization, keep your damn mouth shut.

    Still my favorite anime. I’m buying all the DVDs when they come to the US. And don’t forget Gundam 00 starts this Monday on the Sci-Fi Channel at 11pm.

  11. I am so glad that, despite all the hints that she was male, I continued to questions her gender. Though this might come as a shock to all the LockonXtieria yaoi fans XD. Next weeks episode may expect delays due to crazy fangirls running into Sunrise with guns blazing.

  12. Um Tieria is male. It’s a disguise. He even said he was using this disguise because everyone knows all the meisters are male. So sorry to those hoping he is female, he isn’t. Just a very nice trap. 🙂

  13. Oh and even Ribbons was shocked about the disguise. He said “I can’t believe it. I never thought we’d meet with you in this sort of outfit.” Right after that Tieria explains about the disguise idea being thought up by CB’s strategist (Sumeragi).

  14. i dont think he said ” i never thot wed meet with u in this outfit” it just was i didnt think we meet under these circumstances” .i.e in a ballroom with all the worlds superpowers and even doin the waltz

  15. um the ring that Saji wanted to give Louise is still around his neck isn’t it? she didn’t accept it cause she didn’t have a left hand. Couldn’t that ring something she accepted from someone else? Which is why she had an attack after hearing Saji still thinks of her.

    Lucky Channel
  16. I have a very strong feeling that Setsuna and Tieria’s @sses will get kicked by Ali next episode. Funny that I feel half-baked on whether or not I’d like to see that. I’m beginning to doubt the skill of the Meisters…

    About Tieria, the very next moment after the party scene, you see him dressed up again as male inside his Gundam, so I guess that was really just a clever disguise. How did he do it? He sure acted convincingly female enough, and he didn’t have any qualms about being dressed as a female.

  17. Ribbons basically says he never thought he’d see Tieria appear this way. I don’t think he was talking about the circumstances, especially considering Tieria’s answer (that it’s known that all meisters are male).

  18. Don’t read these spoilers if you don’t want to know about the upcoming episodes…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. ok episode, horrible spying by setsuna. can’t blame him though. “the immortal” colasaur finally arrived and will die in battle.

    i swear to god they are setting up this season to be a precursor to possible sequels like how tomino handled zeta. man the thought of graham joining and pwning otakus. LOL

    anyways, 0-raizer and the archer is almost here so i can’t wait. wonder what soma will wear? the teal ranger???

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  20. The credits say that his normal VA did it, but as much as I’d like to think that he’s that talented, I still think it could be a miss on the credits. It sounds too much like a girl, too perfect in fact. If it’s really him, then he’s THAT talented, amazing.

  21. FINALLY! The truth of Aeolia’s plan and the Innovator’s true purpose.. I think this episode revealed quite a lot of things.

    I’m also really curious about the green Gadessa.. Is it a gundam or not? :3

  22. gadessa is not a gundam, its a suit that was developed by the innovators themselves and most likely all of them have one. they only showed revive’s gadessa for now but im assuming they’ll come in different colors. and this one doesn’t have GN drives only ali and the aheads have them now. not exactly sure how a shitload of money can be compared to bionic arm? ribbons pulling all the strings.. i love it.

    this is gonna be epic. world annihilation in order for people to leave earth, they mucst butcher and destroy it. man i wish this gonna be ttgl-esque epicnessssssssss! EPIC!!!!

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  23. @mai & x123

    I was his normal VA. Its normal for guys to voice females and for females to voice guys. He used girly, but more comedic voice in first 00 Drama CD. I am 100% sure its him.

  24. LOL Pats back! Score now i wanna see Ali vs Him (it would be funny)
    I hope the world does get wiped out like in Gundam X that would be quality wait. hmmm our world is falling apart right now.. dont tell me… OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! booya space travel here we come!

    Im gonna have space farm… and im gonna raise space cows… and im gonna….*fades out*

    Why does teiria look like a fla chested girl at the best of times anyway? and seriously i keep mistaking the inovators for girls is it just me???

    WingZero zxt
  25. @Frito what do u mean by the Gadssa Not having GN drives? either theres a meaning in your plural use of the word that im not seeing or you are mistaken because it quite clearly was emiting GN particles prior to landing

    WingZero zxt
  26. Also a random note: I know that this is just residual ‘Code Geass mentaility’ affecting my judgement and i KNOW that fundamentally i must be wrong due to the fact that among other things its not in support of the protagonists of the show but based on the net gain im failing to see anything wrong with the Current Federation Government besides the fact that they seem excessively desperate to kill off anti government forces(through A-LAWS) which if they didnt exist in the first place they have nothing to fight! So currently i have somehow (thanks to the anime philosophies of the ELITE Lelouch) found myself morally lost can someone (anyone) remind me where im going and point me in the right direction???

    WingZero zxt
  27. why are all the new mobile suits (besides the Gundams) so UGLY!?! I admit i like the GN-XIII now, but the Ahead, Grahams custom suit and that new green one all look like reject TItan suits from Gundam Zeta haha
    I would like Ali-Al’s new one if the left arm wasn’t so much longer than the right… whatsup with that?? haha

  28. Frito I believe we didn’t finish the argument last episode but you have a valid point, he did create a disorder, being his second personality.. but we also know the research facility intended to do so, that’s why soma has two personalities as well (only thing is hallelujah didn’t turn out as intended). As far as I know they didn’t cast them out or planned to, he escaped but I could’ve missed something. (Please tell me where, I don’t have time to rewatch everything)

    But well you keep telling me I’m talking bullshit without looking at the facts, but do you remember episode 5 of the first season. In it, Soma unintentionally enters Allelujah’s mind, what happens next is that Hallelujah takes over and tells her to get the fuck out. He then says I’m going to kill you. Next thing is that Soma begins freaking out and shoots at the orbital station. Once it’s over she’s in complete shock and he just stands there looking satisfied (Soma and allelujah couldn’t cope with it while Hallelujah was in complete control). He even corrects a person who says it must have been an accident, insinuating that he caused the destruction on the orbital station. If he can’t use his brainwaves than it’s a pretty neat thing to make her go crazy and at the same time being unaffected while Soma still lies in shock even in episode 6.

    In episode 6 that research guy from the facility even says to swirnov that he suspects that her quantum brainwaves where probably affected by an external force and implements a device in Soma suite to prevent it from happening again in the future. Just a few moments later he starts erasing the files on Allelujah so they won’t find out that he was the one to let Allelujah escape.

    As far as claiming lives, the researcher in episode six says it can only happen under certain circumstances, which is that it might occur between people with the same quantum brainwaves just like soma. So that means he can’t do the same to normal humans. Besides he killed all the other supersoldiers and Soma is protected from brainwave interference by her suite from that moment on, so no he can’t claime her live anymore from that point on.

    So in short, consider my points above when telling me that I’m talking bullshit again. The point was that you said he was a failure because he got a split personality instead of brainwave interference, but I believe I have proven enough to show that is not exactly the case. Again I’m not saying he doesn’t have a disorder, but it’s this disorder of having acces to two personalities at the same moment, that makes him better than Soma and that’s why he can’t really be seen as a failure. Although they call him that. If you don’t believe me on my word go check out episode 5 and 6 of he first season for yourself.

  29. Oh yeah and I really liked this episode, it’s the best so far as it finally got the plot moving.. Seems that even under the innovators there are differences in opinion on which path to take.

  30. @Frito im genuinely now confused as to what you are trying to say! If you are trying to say that the Ghadessa doesnt use even the crumy fake GN Drives you are mistaken. ITS THAT SIMPLE
    Also can someone else confirm that when i say in relation to mecha anime the term ‘ESCALATION’ you know what im reffering to !

    @Shadowblack I got lost in sumeragis accidental ‘Big Up’ o the federation government how far have i fallen… *sob*

    IVE figured it out! (was told by the show!) The innovators dont all sound like girls! they all sound like Children! oh i seeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    WingZero zxt
  31. @wingzero, again i dont know what the hell are you trying to say. simple as that.

    i can tell you now gadessa looks like a machine that doesn’t need a crummy pseudo-GN, maybe they developed something better. who knows? only the episodes will tell. but i am assuming right now that it uses something different than a gn drive due to the fact that ribbons is not that stupid. 5 years is a long time to create something out of the gn drives.

    to this day im still wondering what happened, after operation fallen angel when allelujah was captured with his unit. did he eject his engine or not? maybe he didn’t and is now in possession of someone else unknown to us at the moment. who knows all i know is that knowing ribbons he would be taking advantage of this situation to better edge out the old man. due to that fact that he has an ulterior motive under his sleeves.

    there’s your answer wingzero, i took past episodes into account when thinking about gadessa and the innovators.

    @jordi, bottomline he didn’t kill soma with braiwave powers. remind me again how he defeated soma and sergei?

    yeah i know, he used his split personality to make his own version of supersoldier who didn’t need to use some psycho shit. again jordi before making a point look at where im coming from.

    own version supersoldier vs brainwaves. i don’t know man, allelujah achieved uber soldier differently.

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  32. @Frito

    I believe that the Quantum Brain Waves isn’t meant to be used to directly kill another Super Soldier. Probably it enhances a person’s senses and be able to pilot a Mobile Suit much better.

  33. there are different instances of quantum brainwaves showcased in the show. one to interfere with other soldiers in battle, causing confusion. one is thru telepathy in which in-able the innovators to communicate with each other and veda. i never said it could kill. i said it could do enough to lead to death.

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  34. @wingzero, time check. it still doesn’t rule out the fact of a major change to a system that ribbons and his fellow innovators can come up with. im still sticking to my point of having equal or better gn machine. we’ll just have to wait and see….

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  35. “The Immortal Colasour” eh? I watched two different translations of this episode and the other translation for Patrick’s nickname is “Colasour the Cockroach”. Umm… yeah, I think I prefer that one more. Seems more appropriate for him lol.

  36. @wingzero, i doubt it can use trans-am that’ll be cheesy. besides ribbons doesn’t know what the old man has under his sleeves. he might have come up with something overpowering or something that do the same thing.

  37. I doubt anybody knows what tricks Aeolia still has up his sleeve. I mean Tieria didn’t know about A-laws or the other innovators, or his twin sister so to speak. Then again Ribbons was clueless about the twin drive was. So I’m still waiting for what outcome Aeolio really wanted, but I have a feeling that Wang Liu Mei knows more than Ribbons.

    I don’t think the new A-laws suites will have trans-am either, they’re lightyear’s away from that technology as it’s some sort of overclock function for the original furnaces. The fake ones are already at their max.

    But what I’m wondering is how the hell could Billy design a knew suite that quick?? It took four years for the new gundams to arrive. He was appointed to the development only a few episodes ago.. Maybe he just joined the development of the new suite in the final stage or something..

  38. what kind of a woman wears a suit that awesome? innovators are it’s their all biologically enhanced spacenoids. tieria happens to be the 5th one. which kinds of hint something…..

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  39. i’d rather not spoil anything besides some context that was translated by the people on the forums i lurk on are not 100% accurate….

    just wait and see what happens next…..

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  40. Since Innovators are created using genetic manipulation and nanomachines, maybe all or some Innovators can use nanomachines to change their bodies like change between male and female form. Or maybe just use the nanomachines to enlarge chest.

  41. I believe Patrick said his new nickname was “The Immortal COLD SORE“…you know…mouth herpes lol

    That’s why Kati exclaims that it’s not really a compliment

    Plus I’m sure Colasour is the engrish translation of Coldsore…which also makes sense considering Patrick’s promiscuous nature

    Side Note:

    Someone said earlier that Kati Mannequin reminded them Sarah Palin

    I agree, and I’ll go 1 step further and surmise that the first president(?) of the Earth Sphere Federation is an analogue of Barack Obama



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