While watching a security tape of a train station, Ban observes a girl approach a guy wearing a backpack and materialize a sword. The girl – Sena – destroys the backpack and then completely disappears moments later. Meanwhile, Takumi notices that Rimi didn’t come to school again, but he doesn’t get much time to think about that because Kozue informs him that Sena wants to see him. Takumi doesn’t want to go along for the attack on NOZOMI, but when Kozue starts crying, he’s left with no choice but to take her outside where others won’t see them. They run into Sena at the front of the school, and although she has no intention of forcing Takumi to go, she notes that NOZOMI is collecting Gigalomaniac samples. This means that people like him are targeted, and Takumi is reminded of Shogun. Thinking that Shogun might have a connection with NOZOMI and urged on by Kozue, Takumi decides to go along.

Over at the Freesia agency, Momose is going over with Ban and Suwa a graph of the GE Rate in the Shibuya area. She suspects someone manipulated it and points to a pair of high points – one corresponds to a small earthquake three months ago and the other corresponds to the recent earthquake. What’s more, she thinks that the outbreak of electromagnetic waves on that same day caused the earthquake. There is also the sky turning white, and because the media stopped reporting on it, Momose suspects that they were pressured by the Meiwa party. She’s given up though investigating them and their associates, so Ban considers looking at it from the angle of who would benefit from the GE Rate going up on weekends.

At around this same time, Rimi pays a visit to Shogun and proposes stopping what they’re doing and erasing Takumi. Shogun doesn’t want to because there’s still something Takumi has to do for him, so Rimi changes the subject to if Shogun remembers what he sees in his dreams. It turns out that she doesn’t but he does, and he often has really long dreams. Rimi feels like she used to be the same, but she calls it an illusion and urges Shogun wake up quickly or else some day he’ll be erased by Takumi. Shogun doesn’t care if that happens because he has to conclude this dream, and that prompts Rimi to question what will be left afterward.

By now, Takumi, Sena, and Kozue have arrived at the NOZOMI building with the goal of destroying Noah II. They go in through the front because Sena is able to disguise them using the particles created by the Di-Sword, and they make their way to the building’s basement. The trio eventually finds a machine that Sena identifies as Noah II, but with it is NOZOMI president Norose Genichi. He’s been waiting for them and recognizes Sena as having the family name Hatano, not Aoi. When Sena brings out her Di-Sword, Norose demonstrates that he has one too, and the two start fighting. Norose soon realizes that Sena is doing well against him because Kozue is reading his thoughts and passing along the information. To counter this, he surrounds Kozue with mirrors and makes her remember her past where everyone had questioned who she was.

Since Takumi doesn’t understand what’s going on, Norose explains that Kozue used to be targeted by group stalkers who questioned who she was and made her look at mirrors. That led to a fear of her not knowing who she was and to her not talking anymore. Norose also tries to use Sena’s fear of dogs against her, but she employs her blazer as a visual decoy and saves Kozue. Sena then uses chains to tie Norose up, but he transforms them into tentacles that grab her instead. This time, it’s Kozue who frees Sena, and as he watches Sena struggle on, Takumi questions why she’s still fighting even though she’s quite beat up. This leads to him getting a flashback of Sena’s past where she, her father, Norose, and a bunch of scientists had been watching her mother and baby sister who were being experimented on.

Norose had explained to the young Sena that her mother was seeing a dream where she lived a peaceful life, but he noted that it was time for her to wake up from it. Sena’s father had begged Norose to let his wife stay like this, but the machine had shut off, and Sena’s mother had realized that the baby in her arms was actually a shriveled corpse. Sena was devastated to see her mother go insane, and she had blamed both Norose and her father. Takumi regains his senses at this point and realizes that flames have gone up all around them, but right as Norose gets ready to strike, the entire place gets flooded with water. The water is courtesy of Ayase who had just arrived on the scene, and she freezes Norose in a block of ice. Afterward, Ayase explains that she was guided by the Great Will to save her Black Knight friends so that they could prevent the resurrection of the evil king Glajioul. She faints soon after though, and to Takumi’s shock, Sena and Kozue suddenly start fighting each other.

Norose then breaks free of his icy prison and reveals that both of the girls think that the other is him. Takumi starts panicking because he knows that he can’t face Norose alone, and he calls for Sena and Kozue to save him. Right before Norose can strike him down, Sena stops him. Norose is confused as to why Sena can see him and realizes that Takumi had used antiparticles to counter his particles. While Norose is locked up with Sena, Kozue destroys the Noah II machine. This causes Norose to disappear, but right before that happens, he comments on how it’s almost time for Takumi to awaken. The battle hasn’t really been won though because Norose subsequently announces to the group from a remote location that they didn’t destroy the real Noah II, only the prototype. What’s more, they had only destroyed the copy of him created by that prototype, and that copy didn’t have Norose’s full powers. Having failed, the group leaves and takes Ayase to the hospital.

The next day, Takumi is surprised to find Rimi back in school and cries because of it. Even Misumi has started talking with him again. What Takumi doesn’t know is that Norose has kidnapped a certain someone who is a Gigalomaniac. Norose needs Gigalomaniac samples – specifically, code samples connected to the NA synapse which gives the brain orders. These samples fulfill the role of the CPU for Noah II, and Norose notes that the day when the world will be reborn draws near.


And here I thought last week had a decent amount of action. This week was full of it, and it was pretty cool if ultimately futile since the trio didn’t fight the real Norose Genichi or destroy the real Noah II. That felt like a cheap way to reset and avoid a final confrontation until later (especially given Norose’s comment on how they didn’t face a copy of him at full power), but I guess it makes sense since there are several episodes left. It also occurred to me while I was watching this episode, that, for a title known for how guro it is, even the battle here was pretty tame/bloodless. On the plus side though, we learned a ton about Sena, Kozue, and even the mysterious things that Ayase says are starting to make sense. Sena’s probably the most interesting of the three since she’s out for revenge and has that father angle that still needs to be developed more.

Aside from the battle, Rimi’s meeting with Shogun (who doesn’t seem very sinister anymore) makes me even more confused about the connection between the two of them, Takumi, and the dreams they talk about. The dreams in particular are interesting because Norose referred to what Sena’s mother was going through as dreaming, so the dreams that Rimi and Shogun were talking about could be referring to similar delusions. There’s also how thought Shogun could have been the same person as Takumi (but is now older or different somehow), however I’m not so sure anymore. In any case, things are getting even more interesting now that Norose has kidnapped Nanami, though there doesn’t appear to be any hint of that in the preview for next week.


  1. This show remind me of When They Cry – Higurashi. But it not as bloody, twisted as Higurashi.

    I’d like to see some more less frustrating, and more ‘going-the-right-way’ stuff. But this show is interesting, which is good thing. Keeping the fav at bay.

    Thanks for the blog 😀

    Broth3R @ Law
  2. so i like have this juice in my room.
    and sometimes, when i drink it all, i piss back in the pack when i don’t wan’t to go to the bathroom. but this time i like pull it out and start doing my thing, when after the 1st second i realize; this one i just opened a minute ago and there’s fresh juice in it, “fuck” ! but it was to late, right, cause i couldn’t drink it anymore because a few “drops” went already in. 😉
    anyway, this episode looks cool, i think i’m gonna watch it !

    otama - jackson
  3. It seems a lot of people are under the impression that the source material for this series is a total gorefest. It’s not. The written descriptions of some scenes can be pretty disturbing, but the most shocking thing that is ever explicitly shown is a Show Spoiler ▼


  4. These battles weren’t in the visual novel and besides the part where Nanami is caught was much mor intense in the visual novel, we don’t know if it’s all Takumi’s delusion until the end or not.

  5. Looks like they’re doing something different, and I really hope they change some things from the VN. They mixed up some of the plot points like Kouzue and Sena’s pasts wouldn’t be revealed until much later and they never meet the Nozomi guys yet.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Going by how things are going, I’d say we’re getting an original ending. Hope it’s a good one.

  6. Now this show starts toying with everyone’s mind! Hope they make it a good end… I really can’t bear any thought of dead highschool girls anymore than Yakuza Girl is giving me now…

  7. oh and that strange alien boy IS shogun thats just how he looks in the visual novel >.<
    its fkn creepy if u ask me.

    It does seem to be a real bit different from the novel I do agree there.

    Is it just me or does it look like they magicaly got a budget in this episode and the art got better.

  8. Okay, the mummified kid with the weird ass helmet is actually a girl, Sena’s sister to be correct. And you will find out who Shogun really is. And yes, he’s a good guy, and a plays a very big part in Takumi’s entire life.

  9. For those who couldn’t wait for the ending like me, I became tempted to actually dl the game and play it out but couldn’t set it up. But from reading bits and pieces here and there, this is what I think is going to happen …. Please don’t read if you want to enjoy the game and anime without being ruined.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    There are alot of things I didn’t explain here and it would take way too long. If you are as tempted as me to find out what is really going on, then you should play the game because it would explain A TON more info such as how the New Gen are actually commited and who is really behind it and you will find out the 3 different endings.

  10. Looks like the anime is going through a different route than the game. I’m pleased and displeased at the same time. What happened between the start of episode 7 to then end of episode 8 (from the game)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Next episode should show Taku in despair at the rate this anime is going =/…

  11. This is more like a question but contains spoilers. If someone could help me answer it that has played the whole game or parts of it.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Okay don’t read this post if you haven’t already played the game
    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Meh…this anime’s kind of boring me now. I don’t know if I’ll continue with it. The first couple episodes seemed really awesome, and I thought this would be more of a psychological thriller with violence and gore. But with all this sci-fi stuff coming into play, it’s turning into a stereotypical anime that just doesn’t interest me.

  14. I’m hating that they’re making such a “happy” version of the game , I’m starting to believe that they are going to ruin the best plot twists with all the “happiness”, Takumi doesn’t seem half depressed from what he looks like in the visual novel

  15. I’ve recently started watching this series, and I have to say, anyone complaining about Luke from Tales of the Abyss being whiny should look at Takumi… he’s truly unlikeable. One kind of character that just upsets me… the same kind of personality that made Nazi Germany happen (as such catastrophes typically only happen when people look away and don’t do anything against it).

  16. Woaaw! I did a marathon of this series, at first it was kinda annoying, the main char that is, but knowing he is a hikikomori and i did watch welcome to nhk at least he acts normal as a HIKIKOMORI. Its actually good that he still gets the courage to go to school.

    I never played the game and never read any spoilers (hopefully i wont get tempted). So far the story is getting good especially starting ep6 i think? The concept of the fights here are good since its like a bout with each others imaginations. And considering what gigalomaniacs can do, that probably explains how Rimi suddenly became Takumi’s childhood friend and why we can see his imaginatory Anime Friend. Shoguns really creepy, but it also made me think that he is Takumi’s future self.

    The only char that still has alot of questions in my mind is Yua. Is she a gigalomaniac? Why and how did she start to suspect Takumi to be the killer? Why is she doing that in the first place? Does anyone know the answer or doesnt she have a vital role for the plot in the first place?


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