Ali Al Saachez – whose body was half burned thanks to what happened four years ago – starts the battle by sending out a wave of GN Fangs, and Setsuna and Tieria find them faster than their predecessors. Setsuna faces his old enemy first, but after Ali’s Arche Gundam knocks the 00 Gundam away, Tieria steps up with the Seravee. After the Arche Gundam cuts off the barrels of the Seravee’s shoulder cannons, Tieria grabs his opponent and employs the beam saber hidden in his Gundam’s right leg, but Ali dodges it and counters with the beam sabers hidden in the Arche’s feet. The Arche Gundam is able to handle both Gundam coming at him at once, and while he’s got them occupied, Ali sends the GN Fangs out again to do some damage. Before he can finish them off though, the Arios and the Cherudim arrive on the scene as backup, and Ali decides not to stick around to fight in a four-versus-one battle. Tieria tries to pursue, and when Allelujah holds him back, Tieria questions why he’s being stopped from avenging Lockon. Regardless, they now know that Ali Al Saachez is still alive.

Back at the A-LAWS party, Ribbons claims that the party is spoiled thanks to Regene, but Regene points out that it was Ribbons who made Tieria angry. Regene thinks that if Ribbons had behaved himself, then they could have made Tieria into an ally, but Ribbons wants Celestial Being to oppose them. Hiling Care notes that the more Celestial Being acts, the more A-LAWS receives public support and has its actions justified, and that’s what they want. Katharon alone wasn’t a satisfactory opponent, and Hiling Care didn’t want to lose her turn for combat. Regene then changes the subject to the Twin Drive System and wonders if the Gundam equipped with two GN Drives was originally developed by Celestial Being or if it was inherited from Aeolia Schenberg like the Trans-Am system was. Ribbons doesn’t think it matters because it will still be inferior to the Gadessa, and Revive Revival will prove that in the next battle. At around this same time, Wang Liu Mei is being driven away from the party, and after she receives the news that Setsuna and the others got away safely, she looks forward to the confrontation with the Innovators accelerating change.

Also departed from the party are Andrei and Louise, and they’re now flying back to base. Louise is feeling fine again, and Andrei tells her to get some rest since they’ll be starting a Gundam pursuit operation once they return. He has read up on her past and how she lost her family to a Gundam attack, and it causes him to wonder to himself if she’s after revenge. Louise at this moment is thinking about Setsuna and his connection to Celestial Being when she sees Mr. Bushido’s custom Ahead fly by the aircraft, heading in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, on the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi decides that they should head back into space because she forecasts that the enemy will close in on them within twelve hours. Plus, if they head to Lagrange 3, they can get repairs and the Gundams’ support mecha. While preparations get under way, Setsuna tells Saji about running into Louise and their subsequent conversation. Setsuna wonders about Saji contacting her, but before Saji can answer, Lyle and Tieria show up, and Lyle is asking about the Arche Gundam and what Tieria had said earlier about avenging Lockon. Tieria thus tells Lyle about how Ali Al Saachez took Lockon’s life, and Lyle wants to hear more.

Over on the A-LAWS ship, Lindt is going over the plan to attack the Ptolemaios with six Trilobites. Since Kati places importance on air superiority, Lindt thinks that two squads of mobile suits will be enough since he doubts that their enemy will leave the sea. Revive Revival, however, points out that the enemy ship was able to enter the atmosphere and descend to Earth, so the reverse may also be possible. Kati agrees and notes the possible use of the Trans-Am system. Lindt gets angry because he thinks he’s being ridiculed after Revive Revival suggests that the enemy commander might already have figured out their orthodox strategy, but Revive Revival claims that he has a license. Since this is similar to Mr. Bushido, Kati questions if Revive Revival is also a one-man army, so he replies that he’s different and promises to follow her orders. Back on the Ptolemaios, Tieria finishes filling Lyle in on how his brother was trying to avenge his family by going after Ali Al Saachez. Lyle respects his brother and admits that he can’t obsess on something that happened over ten years ago like that.

In response, Setsuna questions if that’s true even if the enemy were right there, and he goes on to admit how he was a member of the KPSA. He reveals that one of his comrades at the time was the very person who blew himself up in the attack that claimed the lives of the Dylandy family, and he feels that if he had stopped his friend, then Neil wouldn’t have become a Gundam Meister. Lyle, however, knows that even if that had happened, the act of terrorism would have still occurred. He feels that it’s all past now, and they’re fighting for the future, not the past. After hearing this, Tieria thinks about living according to one’s own justice, but he questions if opposing the Innovators will lead to the true future. By now, Mr. Bushido has arrived at Billy’s lab and after the two get reacquainted, Mr. Bushido asks that the mobile suit being developed be dyed in his colors. Specifically, he requests that it have the fastest speed and the strongest sword. Billy agrees in exchange for Mr. Bushido taking down Celestial Being, and Mr. Bushido explains that that’s the only reason he keeps living.

The A-LAWS forces meanwhile have started mobilizing for their attack operation. Unaware of what’s coming, Tieria is in one of the Ptolemaios’ observation rooms and still hasn’t reported on what happened at the party to Sumeragi. Since Tieria claims that he’s gathering his thoughts, Setsuna asks him to continue what he was saying earlier about the distortion he found. Tieria’s thoughts are clouded by what Regene and Lockon have told him, and before he can explain anything to Setsuna, the ship’s alarms go off to warn of the impending attack. As Tieria and Setsuna rush to their Gundams, Sumeragi has the ship start rising to the water surface, and when the enemy fires a wave of torpedoes, she has the Arios, the Seravee, and the Cherudim activate their Trans-Am systems. This gives the Ptolemaios a similar effect and, along with the force of the torpedo explosions, allows it to speed up through the water and into the air, past the enemy mobile suits. When those units try to pursue, the ship launches a wave of missiles that takes out several of them, though Patrick and Louise both survive.

As the Ptolemaios breaks through the atmosphere, it’s hit by a massive shot from the waiting Gadessa. Although the ship is fine, the force of the blast changes the ship’s trajectory, and Sumeragi quickly realizes how good the enemy commander is. Kati knows that the Trans-Am system has a time limit, and she has an A-LAWS unit waiting in space. That unit attacks right as the Trans-Am system reaches its limit, and this leaves the Ptolemaios vulnerable to enemy fire. Fortunately, Sumeragi had anticipated this and had sent the 00 Gundam out earlier, and it obliterates the A-LAWS cruiser. The remaining A-LAWS mobile suits retreat as a result of this, though one of them first passes along a message to the Ptolemaios. The message is from Kati to Sumeragi – referred to as Leesa Kujo – and in it, Kati expresses her respect for Sumeragi’s tactics. This triggers memories in Sumeragi of her past and how she had known Kati, and she’s not happy to find out that Kati is in A-LAWS. It leaves her feeling that she can’t run away from her past.

Back on Earth, after learning of the death of the commander of the A-LAWS cruiser that got destroyed, Homer Katagiri feels that he can’t allow any more sacrifices and will need the help of the Innovators. Ian meanwhile is being led to the 0 Raiser by his wife Linda, and he thinks that the 00 Gundam will be invincible with it.


Well that was certainly an exciting episode. The battle with Ali Al Saachez was pretty intense – particularly when Tieria was going up against him – though still rather short since Lyle and Allelujah came to the rescue pretty quickly. The Arche Gundam appears a little overpowered at the moment, but that’s not accounting for the improvements/power-ups that I’m sure the Celestial Being Gundams will eventually receive. We’ve already been introduced here to the 0 Raiser which will probably make the 00 Gundam the king of the battlefield for a few episodes. I’m sure it won’t be invincible like Ian thinks it will though – the new unit Billy is developing for Mr. Bushido will probably be better or at least on equal footing. And speaking of new units, the preview features another new one. It’s in the same style as the Gadessa which implies that it’s an Innovator’s – probably Hiling Care’s.

As for the characters, I think one of the interesting relationships that’s developed in this episode is the one between Kati and Sumeragi. There’s obviously a lot of respect coming from Kati, and I suspect either one of them will die in the end (a la Natarle and Murrue from SEED) or they’ll be reunited as friends or something. In addition, I wonder if there’s more dark secret stuff aside from Emilio’s death in Sumeragi’s past that we don’t know about yet. This episode also introduced Ian’s wife Linda (in other words, Mileina didn’t just pop out of nowhere), and she looks to be joining the crew new week. Why do I get the feeling that she’s going to meet a tragic end… She looks too nice, and I don’t think that there’s necessarily room for her on the crew. Perhaps more importantly though, who is this person in a Celestial Being uniform, and why does his/her hair color look like an Innovator’s? It’s very suspicious, and my immediate reaction was that it was a spy or infiltrator sent by Ribbons.


  1. yay for the retards always trying to claim FIRST in this blog
    try to mature a little you kids

    I always like english writing in animes lol
    “CESTIAL BEING” in the message there from Katu to Summeragi

  2. just saw a glimpse of the last innovator the one with the red hair. and the purple one is most likely an inside man. try to lure tieria to their side. man aeolia sure have a thing for pairs. twin drives, two identical twins test tube babies….

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  3. @Gundam Maniac
    Seravee and Cherudim are already well-equipped in terms of weaponry already (both have both weapon for long and short range battle), while 00 and Arios only got more or less basic weapons for GN-drive-equipped MS (sabers/swords and rifles);the first need something to prevent GN Drive overload during trans am

  4. I think whoever first came up with the idea to make a group of bishounen superhuman evil masterminds deserves to be shot. Damn those innovators are annoying.

    Ali Al Sarches reaches new levels of overpowered and crazy. He’s a total psychopath and I wonder how he manages to control the hundreds of crazy functions of his gundam with just two hands

  5. Ali al sarches KICKS hmm wat do u call it ohwell ive forgotten but he KICKS IT!!!!! 😛 he took on 2 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!! (granted they were the slow one and the defective one!) the beam sabers on feet (for want o better description) reminded me of Athuruns captured Aegis gundam!

    @bearzerger I agree with you having ‘kids’ (and thier voices) talk about such things with no real seriousness is slightly creepy but WAY more annoying!< AND: lol just cos you couldnt do it (jokes :P)

    FINALLY we are approaching ‘The GUNDAM’ standard!

    Billys reaction to graham showing up again was funny because it seemed that even He didnt take him seriously! however i did finally notice the extent to which Aker might be scarred when they show a close up of his face (his eyes in particular) and u can see a ring of normal coloured skin round 1 eye but brown around his ‘right’ (our left) eye Lol being anime it will be either woefully overstated (he will take the mask off and that will be it! a tiny little brom patch from his forhead down to his eye) or excessive and discusting! (i.e. his face is only kept whole by the mask! and when he takes it off it will look somthing as bad or substantially worse than darth vader!)

    Im hoping for second option but it will probably be the first!

    Maybe Ians wife also has an annoying voice!/speech pattern otherwise theres no excuse!

    *Grahams face needs to be seriously deformed for him to justify acting like an Rtard!
    *The gadessas giant weapon was dissapointing though im assuiming fromth fact the shot was slighty off target that that was the point! (the subs will probably confirm this)
    *Ali al sarches looks like a BEAST in the preview (i wish my facial hair grew that well!!!)
    AT LAST IM NOT ENTIRELY BORED!!! (still a little though!)

    WingZero zxt
  6. Ali-Ali Sarshes rape two gundams today with Setsuna doing slightly better of course. What a battle! Ptolemy went Trans-Arm and Kati sends a message to Sumeragi. 00 finally show some promise by destroying that ship with its powerup beam blasts. Mr. Busihido finally gets a suit that is not going to be retarded soon. 0-Raizer is shown. Finally, some developments are starting to occur in regards to the gundams and Kati and Sumeragi’s past.

  7. i was hoping the gundams would have the upper hand this episode (guess not), coz ever since the beginning of S2 the always got own except the episode where 00 was first use. seriously it seems to me that they soo weak like they are barely surviving. i want to see some pure gundam ownage!!

    by the way i dont see “the emo saji” well thats good.

  8. The thing about Gundam is that the enemy only does well on their first encounter. Because the Meisters finally know the extend of Ali’s suit, they’ll likely be better off soon enough.

    I’m also fairly sure that we still do not know the extent of the Gundam’s abilities either, Seravee hasn’t gotten enough air time for us to know exactly what it has besides the massive cannons and *insert hand joke here*.

    The O-Riser will most likely give the 00 a big edge, but unless it’s Kira Yamato sitting in the cockpit, you can be sure that something is going to go terribly wrong because, honestly, Setsuna has only been making one mistake after another. Like in episode one of this season. We all know the only way to actually kill people in Gundam is to do it quickly. Had he gone Trans-Am rather than having Exia’s arms chopped off we would’ve seen some A-Laws on a stick.

  9. My major complain is the design of Ali’s Gundam. Its physical structure appears too fragile! Now, I know that Sunrise and physics don’t go hand to hand, so I can be saved from worrying about his Gundam’s structural integrity. But still! Huge, badass, evil and radiating with murderous aura should be characteristics of Ali’s Gundam. It should look like something that’s made for killing and no secondary purpose. After all, its pilot killed 3 out of 7 Gundam Meisters from season one single handily. To be perfectly honest, I am some what dissatisfied.

  10. Nena trinity meets Ali to the sarches, because of it the image of impression(printing) Surely did not see her in person, because of it he(she) does not suspect in her(it), at least that sees his(her,your) mobile suit Gundam Wan my liu hides Ali to the Sarchez and supposedly it(she) was she(it) who I deliver him(her) the Gundam.. XD AND the personage with the red uniform is another Revival’s part, and surely it(he,she) lends in order that there is an equivalence of both decrees.
    The innovators, his(her,your) way of thinking is a rare(strange) average… XD

  11. Vsin at 12:52 pm on November 30th, 2008
    Hmmm…is Sumeragi’s real name Lisa or Leesa? *points at e-mail*

    Well, at least random blond girl with glasses isn’t so random anymore.

    I’m Diggin Ian’s wife you know what I’m mean *hitting him in the shoulder*

  12. Its good to see ali going cocky all over again.A weak episode? No,not really but just wtf-ing wrong is with these meisters!?They easily got beaten and defeated by the enemy time and time again.Where’s their strength?And what had happen to them anyway?Aren’t they prepared?)=

  13. @Weiss:

    Its not that the Meisters are weak, its that the enemy is that strong. Remember in S1 they were fighting mostly standard grunts and the Gundams were VASTLY superior to anything the nations were fielding. That all changed when they got the GN-X units.

    Now, in S2, the A-LAWS have units that damn close to a Gundam in performance (particularly the Ahead, which is basically Gundam-class itself) and are piloted by the best of the best of all the previous nations’ militaries.

    Despite that, the Meisters have mostly been on the winning side of every battle so far. The only difference is that they’re not wiping everyone out like in S1 (before the GN-X appeared). Still, the Meisters manage to kill at least 3-4 of the enemy before retreating (or forcing the enemy to retreat).

  14. I hope the O Raiser comes in last so it’s the most powerful Gundam, I don’t want them to add it now and it get defeated yet.
    Bushido should defeat Setsuna in his 00 Gundam with his new black suit, so he’ll be content with that. Then Setsuna and Saji comes out with the Raiser for the rest of the sreies and kick everyone’s butt, well maybe everyone except that innovator.

  15. I think that the new person is a clone or double of the pilot of the gadessa just like tieria and regene, if you notice she or he is wearing a celestial being uniform so I assume that it is a help from aeolia

  16. I wonder if the purple-haired person in the preview is someone from Fereshte or such.

    Those who think Gundams are weak now… don’t forget S1 Ep. 15, they were already owned through overwhelming numbers if not for the Thrones’ appearances.

    Chino F.
  17. Ali is a good example to follow cuz he got an eager heart and is able to fight whoever stand on his way.Sigh.I wish Setsuna can do the same thing too in order to protect his team.And have him fight like Kira Yamato did by hitting the part of mecha without killing anyone.

  18. @chino, most likely an innovators. its clear now that aeolia paired them up; one has a manly voice the other has a womanly voice. and fereshte will probably not cross over as they clearly work different and are pretty much the backstage group. im still wondering who this red haired person is?????? could this meant that ali al saarchez is an innovator now, since he doesn’t age or looks like it. and maybe he is one of the first test tube spacenoids who was so flawed that aeolia got rid of him…..

    and the red haired innovator is really ali’s pair. OMG now im just making shit up. tons of possibilities with the way the writers set it up…

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  19. This was a good episode as always. I was wondering about the lilac haired girl in the preview for next week’s episode. She could be the counterpart to Revive Revival. Maybe this character could give us clues to why Tieria doesn’t know about the Innovators. I was thinking maybe her and Tieria escaped or something. I’ll just have to wait and see.

    ∞ Aries
  20. I know people hate making comparisons between this show and Gundam Wing, but does Mr. Bushido asking for the fastest gundam with the biggest sword remind anyone else of gundam epyon? Same kind of thing where trez and the epyon were heero and the 0 gundam’s nemeses (sp?) where here we’ll have mr. bushido and the new suit vs. setsuna and the 00 gundam.

  21. if saji is going to ride the 0-riser, it would greatly impact the story later on (both louise and him being in the same battlefield fighting each other). since it can combine with 00 it would also hold back 00 (instead of having an advantage) if saji ever finds out that she is fighting louise.

  22. I really hope they don’t kill Linda :S. That would be too sad… I wonder to what point Aeolia plan CB against with the innovators… and whom of them he really wants to win. I mean… it looks like he’s manipulating both of them to some point.

  23. Just like in Episode 6 Ali Al Sarshes let Setsuna go after they did talk to each other, here’s another thing unexplained:

    How did Kati know about the Trans-Am system and its time limit? From Innovators, Regene? I could recall Tieria mentioning only the name of Trans-Ams when he had conversations with Libbons, but how did Innovators know about the Trans-Am’s time limit? How much does Regene know about the Twin-Drive system?


    This new person looks like an Innovator, but I doubt that this person would betray Celestial Being (otherwise Libbons wouldn’t be surprised and upset to see 00’s Twin-Drive system). This individual was wearing a red jacket, same color as the one Linda was wearing. This likely indicates that this person and Linda are in the same group.

    Shouldn’t Celestial Being have a leader in the same caliber as Libbons? This CB leader, who can possibly be an Innovator-like type, executes the true and original Aeolia Schenberg’s plan. Similar to the GN Drives, which have the real (green) ones and the fake (red) ones, I believe that there are two versions of Aeolia Schenberg’s plan. The one that Libbons is following is appears to be a fake or twisted version.

  25. “Shouldn’t Celestial Being have a leader in the same caliber as Libbons? This CB leader, who can possibly be an Innovator-like type, executes the true and original Aeolia Schenberg’s plan. Similar to the GN Drives, which have the real (green) ones and the fake (red) ones, I believe that there are two versions of Aeolia Schenberg’s plan. The one that Libbons is following is appears to be a fake or twisted version.”

    interesting idea. while i kinda doubt that this person could be called the true leader of cb ( if there is someone like that it would be sumeragi since shes the once issuing the orders), im pretty much certain that ribbons isnt executing the true plan, either because hes being deceived by veda or because he never intended to follow the true plan and has his own agenda.
    ribbons accessed veda up to lvl 7 but since he didnt know about trans-am and the twin drive clearly there must be at least one more level. i think once tieria tells the others about what the innovators told him theyll try to get acces to veda and then find out about the true plan. from what ive seen about regenne he might even goo over to cb then ( he at least questions ribbons plan)

  26. they already have a leader on board who is setsuna used to be lockon one but everyone knows what happened to him. and the ship’s captain is most likely sumeragi now since they are incapable of getting the info from veda away from ribbons.

    and regene will not change sides, regene has his own motives and it looks to be more sinister than ribbons.

    can’t wait for the upcoming world domination by the innovators.

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  27. I really don’t know which side is supposed to win, but I’m not sure Aeolia was sure about that either.. If he does know than I’m certain that we haven’t seen the back of his tong yet.

    But about the Ribbons subject, I believe he acts on his own beliefs now. There are events from the past that speak against him for fully following the plan of Aeolia.

    First Regene Regretta (or how she’s called) even mentions it, mainly being that they don’t know if the twindrive was aeolia’s development or CB’s, meaning that they are not sure about what the result of Aeolia’s plan should be, as they’re still in the dark about certain subjects. And they’re supposed to be the innovators that know everything. But I believe Ian mentioned something about how amazing it was that he (aeolia)had foreseen this development of the twindrive.

    Next is the fact that Ribbons hacked Veda to put it under his control. Why do this when you’re executing the plan from Aeolia, he should know what information is the terminal right? Or was it part of the plan as well, I personally don’t think so. Besides Veda gives the impression that it could only be hacked by an innovator (they’re direct eye-thingy contact), so why is it that the moment Ribbons hacked the terminal, Aeolia shows up on screen, the data on the meisters is erased and trans-am is revealed. While also Ribbons is completely stunned and didn’t expect this. Now he doesn’t even know about the twindrive.

    The only one who looks like she knows what is supposed to be the real outcome, is Wang Liu Mei.

    But I keep wondering if the new innovators are actually original ones. I remember a scene where an expedition to Jupiter took place and and information terminal was taken (purple haro). What if the corner family created their own innovators. Smart as Aeolia is, he would’ve predicted this. Doesn’t it also seem strange that the other innovators only have acces to the fake solar furnaces that come from the faction than apparently split with Aeolia 200 years ago and decided to develop it on earth as it was a faster and easier process, although harmful to mankind (the particles). This faction would probably still have the same goals but might take a different approach than the original from Aeolia. It would explain why even the innovators don’t know everything.

    This is probably a long shot and incorrect, but there are still some things about the innovators that don’t add up at this point, and I’m dying to find out.

    Oww and all the new innovators are probably cannon fodder, as CB has finished off any Gundams lately, and well let’s face, Ali, Graham, Billy and Ribbons probably won’t be parting with us until the last episodes. They need at least some vaguely important characters to kill off to keep us satisfied.

  28. why hack veda? because you get superiority over the other siblings that’s the logic behind ribbons. whoever controls the spine of celestial being gets the upper hand. simple as that.

    about the twin drives. they are made by the collaboration of corner and harvey. in which harvey decided that it is time for the plan to be hasten. the first pace is like unite the world using the gundam and hope that the gundams get destroyed.

    the second part will most likely have the so-called innovators to lead mankind, and finally get them into space.

    the second and third part are now drastically changed due to the fact that the gundams are still around. therefore ribbons most likely changed the plans now that the earth federation forces aren’t able to get rid of them. now the innovators are most likely trying to get them to forcefully destroy themselves. but tieria doesn’t think so and hence he fights against his brothers and with his original comrades.

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  29. yeah honestly, The only person i could think that person in the celestial being uniform with that light purple colored hair is revive revival. I doubt there is another inovator since it shows i think all of them in the end of the opening song. No to mention there is a black gadessa suit i think in the preview. Otherwise it might be just be another random character fated for short screen time and death.

  30. well innovators comes in a pair, one with a man’s voice and other with a female. so there is a likelihood of that person not being revive. even though he could be relaying a message since he’s already in space..

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  31. the red guy behind regetta and ribbons is probably a male twin of nena trinity
    nena is an innovator after all

    what will marie do during all of this conflict?
    pilot a stolen ahead/new gundam, stay and defend the ship or probably support allelujah at arios?

  32. innovators are supposedly males. so who knows? maybe nena is one. but just because she can use quantum brainwaves it doesn’t mean she can be one of them since they clearly said that the trinity siblings are blood related and the innovators are supposedly smart. michael and johan has to be innovators then right? well they can’t since michael is a dumbass. and marie will get the gn archer. its orange.

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  33. I think Ribbons is completely retarded…if Aoelia really wanted for CB’s destruction,why give him Trans-Am?or even the Twin Drive???It’s obviously unnecessary to do so since overtime CB will be pwnd…by the way why didn’t Aoelia start the plan 15 years ago??In the time of the first generation meisters…I think if Aoelia’s plans would be what Ribbons had said,he should’ve started the plan 15 years ago(Gundam 00P)

  34. So… in the preview a Tieria/Regene type person (though from the looks of it I’m thining it is Tieria) shower scene has long hair much like his disguise. I wonder whats up with that… Innovators are capable of… limited shape shifting? Then again he could be washing his wig.

    I’m wondering why all the innovators are femaine in voice… atleast the ones that have spoken, with the exception of Ribbons I guess.

  35. It would seem that Schoenberg gave his plan to Innovators and Celestial Being in ambiguous terms, and thus each faction is making their own interpretation of the plan.

    Twin drives by Corner and Harvey… highly unlikely. While Corner drove a seven-drive mobile armor, they were still fake drives. The characters are treating the twin drive system as if it was a Holy Grail or something, so there must be more to it than the fascination of putting two engines together. Of course, we’ll see why in later episodes.

    Chino F.
  36. I can’t wait for sunday. New mobile suits are rolling out the factory. Gundam better be invincible to kill off the Innovators, Ali, Gharam, Katagiri, and Louise ,everyone that oppose them.

    @Jay: LOL that’s true

    Ultimate rendition to A-Laws

  37. Boo has a good point.. Basicly I think that Aeolia accounted for the fact that an innovator might go rogue on him. That’s why there’s a twin drive and the trans-am system, or he told the innovators that CB had to be destroyed, but in the meanwhile ha other purposes for CB (a double agenda). It’s also why Regene looks so worried about the fact that the twin drive comes from Aeolia and not from progress CB made on it’s own without Aeolia.

    I know what they said about those stages, where the last one is to get mankind into space. But that’s just a one-sided story from the innovators side. Just as Celestial Being doesn’t know everything, I think the innovators have been left in the dark as well by Aeolia to what his true goals are. That’s why in my opinion Regene looks worried when talking to Ribbons about the twin drive etc. And I think where in for some surprises concerning the story that this one will take in the next episodes.

    So yeah I’m pretty much on the same page as Chino F on the subject of Aeolia plans.

  38. Considering Grahams revenge against the Gundams is based on the Thrones actions and both Graham and Sarshes are after Setsuna in the 00 I’m wondering if there will be a face-off between the two. A battle to decide whos the real Char of this series.

  39. Setsuna hit something again – two enemy MS. Sure, he caught them by surprise, but still – he hit his targets. He also ht the enemy cruiser, but that one doesn’t count, as it is quite an easy target – a big slow-moving ship…

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