As the battle rages on, the Seravee and Cherudim Gundams do their best to cover the Ptolemaios while the 00 Gundam faces off against the Garazzo. Bring Stabity, however, is unable to overcome the 00 Gundam’s power when it is docked with the 0 Raiser and has its Trans-Am active, and he’s forced to eject from the Garazzo right before it gets destroyed. Setsuna also saves Lyle from being trapped between several A-LAWS mobile suits, and he can hear Revive Revival preparing to fire another GN Mega Launcher blast with the Gadessa, so he slices apart the asteroid that the Gadessa is standing on. Revive, however, is able to hear Setsuna’s voice as well though and gets away in time. Because of this, he redirects the shot at the 00 Gundam, and when Setsuna is able to just stay out of the beam’s reach while still closing the distance between the two units, Revive lunges the Gadessa forward with its beam saber drawn. This appears to pierce through the 00 Gundam, but it disappears as if made completely of particles and reappears a moment later to attack the Gadessa from a different angle. Like Bring, Revive is forced to eject, and he is shocked that he as an Innovator was beaten. The 00 Gundam falls out of its Trans Am mode moments later because it’s at its limit, and Saji undocks the 0 Raiser from the Gundam because he feels the need to go to Louise.

Having observed what happened, Ribbons is shocked that the 00 Gundam had somehow quantized because this wasn’t an ability he knew about. When Wang Liu Ming asks about his reaction, he slaps her and tells her to shut up. Back on the battlefield, Kati gives the order to the A-LAWS forces to retreat, but despite this particular fight being over, Sumeragi remains focused on their goal of destroying the satellite weapon. Allelujah soon reports back that the Celestial Being transports had gotten away safely, and that makes Mileina happy because her mother is safe as well. Saji meanwhile continues to try to get the 0 Raiser to move because he wants to go to Louise, but it refuses to budge. Louise, on the other hand, is still shocked that Saji is in Celestial Being. Remembering how Setsuna is in Celestial Being as well, she also recalls how Saji used to live next door to him, and that makes her think that there was a connection between the two even back then.

Onboard the Ptolemaios, Anew reports back to Sumeragi that Ian is in stable condition, though he’ll need some time to recover. By now, Setsuna and Saji have returned onto the ship, and hearing Saji talk about how he heard Louise’s voice prompts Setsuna to question why she’s in A-LAWS. Saji angrily tells him that it’s because she hates Gundams because they killed her parents, and he blames Celestial Being for her enlistment. Hearing Saji question why this is happening reminds Setsuna of his own past and how he had often felt the same way. He urges Saji to fight to get Louise back from A-LAWS, but Saji reacts angrily because he equates this to killing people. Saji ends up punching Setsuna, claims that he’s different from Setsuna and the others, and then storms out. Having overheard everything, Lyle tells Setsuna afterward that he should have clearly told Saji that he’d be in charge of fighting while Saji could persuade Louise to come back. Lyle also questions if Setsuna is atoning for his past, however Setsuna clarifies that it’s not for the past but for the future.

Saji returns to his room and stares at a message Louise had sent him a long time ago asking him to wait in space because she’d catch up with him soon. Louise meanwhile watches as Barack Zinin’s belongings are taken out of his locker, including the photo of him and his wife, and his death by the 00 Gundam reminds her of how her family was killed. Andrei finds her like this and explains that Zinin was promoted posthumously, however he then changes the subject to how he heard voices during the battle. He thinks Louise might have been communicating with the enemy, and when she denies it, he reveals his suspicions that she has someone she knows on the other side, someone who’s close to her. Louise vehemently denies this as well and declares that their opponents are the ones who killed her family and are bringing chaos to the world. She’s cut short when Andrei grabs her arm and notes how delicate it is. He feels that these aren’t the arms of a pilot and that she doesn’t belong in A-LAWS, but Louise responds by grabbing him with her replaced arm – forcing him to let her go – and excuses herself.

Elsewhere on the A-LAWS ship, Revive is still frustrated that he and Bring were defeated by humans. Just as Revive is wishing that Ribbons had told them about the capabilities of the Twin Drive, he get orders from Ribbons to seize the 00 Gundam. Hiling Care and Devine are getting involved as well, and all this makes Revive think that even Ribbons didn’t know of the capabilities of the Twin Drive. Back on Earth, the Memento Mori is fired again, this time at a Middle Eastern country’s military base, and this makes the Katharon leaders think that A-LAWS trying to remove the Middle East’s military strength. It is made worse by the fact that there was a huge refugee camp right by the base. Marina overhears Klaus and the others talking about this, and although she returns to watch the sleeping children, her mind is on how their land, people, and countries are disappearing. Sergei meanwhile learns that a gag order regarding the new weapon has been issued by command of the Federation president. He points out to his commanding officer that a lot of his soldiers saw what happened and that rumors will start to spread, and he notes how there are a lot of people opposed to the way A-LAWS does things. Because of this, his commander assigns him to be the auditor so that the gag order is upheld, and that leaves Sergei thinking about always following military discipline.

Back in space, the Ptolemaios crew still hasn’t gotten in contact with Wang Liu Ming again, but they do get word that the satellite weapon was fired a second time. Feeling that they can’t afford any delays, Sumeragi tells the crew that they’ll set out as soon as repairs are complete and that they’ll use the Gundams’ Trans-Ams for maximum acceleration to go attack the weapon. Saji doesn’t want to leave this area of space because Louise is here, so he gets Haro to help him with the 0 Raiser. He feels that all this has nothing to do with him and Louise, and he wants to return to how they used to be, but once inside the cockpit, he remembers what Tieria once said to him about the consequences of not facing reality. Realizing he was about to do the same again, Saji is conflicted about what he should do, and he’s unable to leave the ship as it starts accelerating towards it next goal. Unlike Saji however, Louise is not confused and deletes all the images she has of him. At around this same time, the Katharon fleet launches its own attack on the Memento Mori, but to their surprise, it has the ability to fire at space targets and wipes out numerous ships with a single blast. Having witnessed this from a distance with the rest of the Celestial Being group, Setsuna observes that this is the way Innovators do things.


Well, it’s no surprise that the 00 Raiser is uber-powerful, though given how fairly lopsided the fight was, I didn’t think Revive and Bring would live through it. The two haven’t gotten all that much character development either and thus didn’t seem like anything more than simple roadblocks who will invariably die at some point, but I guess it’s not their time yet. Their survival does make me wonder though why more mobile suits in the Anno Domini don’t have escape mechanisms like how Knightmares in Code Geass do. In any case, the question now is how long it will take for an A-LAWS mobile suit to challenge the 00 Gundam (aka. when Mr. Bushido shows up with his new toy) or if the Innovators will succeed in capturing it.

As for the rest of the episode, from a purely drama point of view, Saji and Louise is turning out to be better than I thought it’d be. When they showed Louise looking at the pictures of her and Saji, I feared that we might be headed for something like a reprisal of that recording of Shinn’s sister from SEED Destiny where Louise would pine for Saji despite her conflicted feelings. Instead, she’s headed down a much more interesting route of cold-heartedness and hatred, which means that Saji has his work cut out for him. Odds are that he’ll eventually bring her back to how she used to be, but if they really want to emphasize the consequences/toll of war, I could see either her killing Saji or vice versa as a part of the grand tragedy. In the meantime, I suspect Saji will have to participate in the attack on the Memento Mori because the regular 00 Gundam probably isn’t enough to handle everything.


  1. jwm1722
  2. i somehow got the feeling that the Louise and Saiji situation might turn out like the “battle royale” scenario in which while Saiji is pleading with Louise to join him or whatever he suddenly spots a mech trying to cheapshot Louise at the back when this is going on Louise suddenly sees Saiji starting to move when she denies his request thinking that he will shoot her she fires little to late did she realize what truly happened

  3. Well, Louise is pretty much a different person since she’s a) been mindscrewed by Ribbons, and b) being driven by her anger/rage etc.

    I think that unlike the happy Maire/Allah pairing we got, that maybe Saji x Louise could be the tragic one, and really, I think it should be. I don’t much care for either but even less for Louise, so if one of them kills the other by mistake in some upcoming battle, that works out ok with me.

  4. Man transam has always been overpowered. Because of it the gundams are unbeatable in one on one. 1st season suits in transam still far outperform any one suit the feds/innovators have.

    I do have to say despite transam, 00 Raiser would have been skewered if it hadn’t turned its body into GN particles. But as with everything, this was part of the plot and showed how super powered transam 00 raiser is. It was pretty cool too.

    Can’t wait to see what Sumeragi pulls to block the satellite beam bearing down on her ship.

  5. In this episode, 00-Raiser slicing through the asteroid, Lyle now having a reason to rage-fight, Saji punch, Ribbons slap, and delivery girl Marie are the highlights for me. Yes, even the one with Marie, because her mediocre work is always emphasized – she’ll definitely fight again someday.

  6. I don’t think so, so far only 00 and Allahs get the add-on. The others got some sorta different upgrades.

    Tieria’s unit has that 2 in one thing going that we’ll probably see later in the show. So it seems that lockons is the one that’s missing something atm.

  7. After this episode, I think we should know who would win between Freedom and 00-Raizer.:)

    Great Episode. I also wonder how Sumeragi is going to get out of the death ray heading straight for Ptolemarios. I am starting to wonder how Wang Liu Mei is going to react. Looks like Ribbons don’t think he is invinicible anymore and the Innovators finally get taught a long-awaited lesson.:)

  8. Impressions:

    Tieria: takes all the cheap kills lol 😛
    Double 0 raizser: SCORE!!!!
    Wang Leu Mei: She probably deserved it but i still cant stand watching girls get beaten up!
    Louise: Pulled an Anakin Skywalker on poor ol Andre Smirnov LOL 😛
    Saji: Fights(Punches) like a Man whines like baby
    Setsuna: (Until Now) opposite
    Setsuna: Only meister to be unconscious at all this episode cos of Saji (LOL JOKES!!! not rele!)
    Innovators: Dont blame them they cant help being lame thier stuck in puberty!

    Best part of episode: When 0 Raizer pulled genjutsu like trick on poor old innovator boy (i dont remember thie names cos they annoy me as characters so it takes me longer to learn them! and they are stupid!)

    Gundam: IS BACK!!!! Episode score from 1-10: BOOOYA (means 11 lol)

    WingZero zxt
  9. Next thing you know, Marina will be leading the kids on a revolt against the Federation and Setsuna will be shocked senseless. 😛

    Looks like Seravee took the Mike Tyson approach. Haven’t seen a Gundam do a pure fistfight yet. Except that that bout in the original Gundam, hehe.

    Chino F.
  10. Am I the only one to think of Silvana from Last Exile, or the tumblehome designs evident in the newer Zumwalt (DDG-1000) class of Destroyer when I saw those ships in the preview?

    Is it just me, or am I the only one taking an interest to Gundam on how “applicable” the mecha, mobile armors, and vehicle/spacecraft/vessels are?

    That…or I’m just a militard to the extreme.

    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)
  11. If they kill off Louise it’ll be close to the end imo. It’s still a big IF at this point, since she’s clueless as to what’s going on like Saji was. Maybe if she knows more of the truth she’ll change her stance.

    But seriously, It can’t be all rosy and happy for everyone in s2. And Saji who’s piloting the riser is now a bit more important than canon fodder. So if anyone of the two is going to bite it, chances are it’ll be Louise.

  12. well in my opinion this is a fairly good episode with some remarkable facts/impressions:

    -the 00 Raiser is by all means just too overpowered, even have the ability to teleport
    or do some kind of de-materialization, but on the other hand I still think that
    Setsuna’s skill sucks, because he relies too much on the MS’s power and still couldn’t
    kill the two Innovators

    -when I have begun to believe that Saji finally understands that the world isn’t that
    simple and can’t be coloured as white or black, I was very disappointed hearing him
    complaining about the unfortunate situation he and Louise are in and pushing the guilt
    to Setsuna/CB and watching him by punching Setsuna while saying the whole time through
    the series that fighting/violence is wrong…as someone mentions before:
    ”Fights(Punches) like a Man whines like baby” fits him very well

    - : oh man the begin of another tragedy/misunderstanding
    ( for those who didn’t watch the episode yet, Louise thinks that Saji has belonged to CB
    from the very begining and thus believes that he is also responsible for her parent’s
    death) I can only pray that the revenge driven-oh man my companions are the only ones who died-we are not at fault but the naturals ..ehm I mean Cb-I must kill and destroy them all Shin copy, Louise, do not realize everything too late.

    -to Wang Liu Mei after being slapped: You deserve it.
    -to Saji : Dude, please stop crying, I’m begging you
    -to Setsuna : Gain some New-type power xD
    -to Ribbons and his bishounen group except Regene Regetta: Please just die guys.

    well, nevertheless I am really anticipating the coming episodes and further character deaths as we all know Sunrise’s methods

  13. Sheesh…Louise louise louise…..Saji needs to kidnap her, get her drunk [And himself too] with the help of Miss Sumeragi, and lock her in a room with him and probably after they get intimate with each other she’d be back to normal.

    I swear those two just need to get away from the main goings on in this series and just get busy with each other. Though what sort of relationship they’d have after that I have no clue.

    And the wang li bitchslap will become timeless in this series now….

  14. Lyle is going to be in truble soon, and so is Tieria, and Papa Bear
    please someone put a death flag on Louise or better yet… on crying Saji?
    Oh and bring soma Back! How is it that she’s now bieng used as a pizza deliver? No! 🙁

    this episode was better… than all the others in the season? XD anyway I just hope Sunrise goes better on the other half of the season (like they did in S1) I cannot wait until they discover Tieria (and the red ranger) are innovators, I want to know what their reactions might be.

    It seems I will strike down 2 on my 4chan Deathbiongo chart next week

  15. There is going to be a snatch mission for the 00 Gundam damnit. Will this be successful? ……….HELL NO, I hope they learned from their past mistakes from the first two attempts. I hate Saji he won’t man up. Louise is caught in a big misunderstanding but oh well things like that happen in anime “Big Misunderstanding” leads to story flow. Wang Liu Mi OH NO!!! Marie/Soma’s job track the bug Anew Returner and rat her out.

  16. I hate Gundam seriously they are taking years off my life with all of this waiting.
    Louise (Flay or whatever her name was) is now completely insane. Hope she dies.
    Saji is finally getting some sense. I don’t want him to die anymore.
    Go Innovators !!! (I want A-Laws and World to realize that the Innovators are the badguys)
    Setsuna I’m sorry but your GUndam may be taken from you. We are only halfway through and he has the 00-Riser?? He’s going to get defeated soon. Maybe even the technology will be stolen before he escapes. Even if that happens their enemy’s are way to many and powerful.

    Billy (he’s busy making something)
    Louise (kind of)
    The Innovators
    The guy that likes Kati

    Even if CB joined the rebels they are really super underdogs. I wonder how it will all end.

  17. I really can’t see where this anime is going. Which could be a good thing.

    I really don’t think there will be 13 more eps of trying to destroy Memento Mori. At least I hope not. Seems like a waste of a plot right there.

    I want to see some badass Hallelujah graping everyone. And Mr. Bushido too. You can never have too much Bushido.

  18. This series is really taking a lot of inspiration from Gundam Seed. Louise is Stellar and Saji acts exactly as Kira at the beginning of Gundam Seed. But woah I think 00 Riser surpasses the realm of overpowered gundams with its ability to quantumize into particles. He can escape any attack! He could even be shot by the satellite laser and just teleport to another location. Now that the super powered 00 Riser has been shown I guess I want to see the other docking versions of the gundams. Alleluya also has a plane and lets not forget the head on the back of Tieria’s Gundam. It would be funny that they all link up power ranger style to create the alter ego of the dark gundam.

  19. hmmmm i hope they can be like power rangers and merge with each other and make some mega suit and kill everybody. then it can be like it’s too powerful and self-destructs or something. I JUST WANT A FUSION.

    Gundam 00
  20. gattai is not possible now. it’s too sentailike. still would be fun to watch. and gundam 00 is not really much of gundam seed when it comes to storyline this season. stellar and louise came from different backgrounds and the motivations for the two are drastically different. saji on the other hand is being kira. pussy shit. but he comes to realize that fighting is his only way to louise heart. fucking love story is seriously overlapping what could possibly be wasted storytelling time for other characters. lyle is still underdeveloped, tieria is half way there, and alle is the forgotten one.

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  21. loiuse and saji you must die!!! DX your small brains are very smalllllll!!!!

    ehem anyways good episode (can they air it 2x a week its really frustrating to wait or make it into 1 hour airing time).

    OO raiser is FTW WTF O_O its God like even ribbons became insane (dematerialization and going back again one piece hey its not mecha anymore)

    and louise, everyones saying that neena trinity is equals to flay in GSD, your wrong people she IS flay!

    and saji >_> [sigh] emo boy…

    next episode what it will be.

    (lol to everyone (like me) who is getting frustrated about louise and saji, what if you are in the situation like that)

    overall NICE EPISODE!!!

  22. Ya know, I’m honestly thinking that eventually Louise is going to blame herself for Saji’s involvement in CB (she attacked Proud, which is where Saji’s involvement began). Just needs a bit of chat time. I’m also sticking to an alive Louise, and Saji won’t die anytime soon; he’s the second main now.

    And for those of you that see SEED in their eyes…
    – Kira fought for the people he SAVED (SEED…remember that kid who gave him origami?), Saji fights for the people he KILLED
    – Louise isn’t a hypocrite (Gundam is always enemy), while Flay says “DEATH TO COORDINATORS” then turns around and does it with Kira.
    – When Kira fights, Kira kills. When Saji fights, Saji doesn’t fight (he hasn’t pulled a trigger all season; Kira WTFPWNED people in EP2 of SEED).
    – Louise can fight. Flay can’t, and probably couldn’t even if someone hardwired her to (being a bridge operator doesn’t count).

    Plenty of other stuff I can throw in there, but I’m honestly too lazy.

  23. It looks like they use the same catering service on the Ptolemy as they did on the Argama.

    I didn’t notice Patrick’s GNX-III getting punched first time I watched it, poor guy just can’t get any respect.

  24. Whoops, it turns out it was the Cherudim going Mike Tyson over Patrick’s GNX, not Seravee, hehe.

    The CB guys have to discover Louise’s connections to A-LAWS still, and Ribbon’s role in all of it as well.

    And all of Aeolia’s plan fleshed out in full, lurid detail. 😉

    Chino F.
  25. I wonder, usually the good guys or whatever get their overpowered something in the ending episodes, and they get it half way here, then what will they have in episode 24/25 ? Oh, and that goes for a-laws and inventors 2, let’s hope it won’t be like in gurran lagann 😉 But we’ll see something cool in any case but hell, 13 more weeks, almost as bad as waiting for code geass episodes.

  26. I think…there are a bit of misunderstandings.

    00 Raiser doesnt teleport. Its to do with quantum physics. Something along the lines of superposition or the uncertainty principle and all that. Eg. You can’t determine the velocity of an electron at any point in time. Either the position, or the speed. The particle image is not very understandable. I’m still not sure about it.

    Cherudim has got stuff up it’s sleeve. The tail of Cherudim are shield bits that will most likely operate like fangs.

    Next, Setsuna didnt manage to kill the Innovators cos they were pussies.
    If they call themselves beings that surpass humans, why the hell do they need an ejection system? It’s like calling themselves god and then “Oh btw, I need that parachute when I’m jumping off the plane”

    Wang Liu Mei getting bitch slapped was a win. I prefer if she was raped tho.

  27. I don’t think Wang Liu Mei deserved that.

    I mean what ever the hell kind of hand she’s playing
    I don’t think she’s all that bad as people are making
    her out to be.

    She didn’t exactly seem too thrilled about the Innovator’s
    new “Doomsday” device in the last episode.

    What’s more she only got slapped because she taunted Ribbons,
    furthermore, because she was taunting Ribbons about Setsuna
    bitching the A-LAWS forces with the 00 Raiser and fucking
    Ribbon’s shit up.who in the first place is probably the
    prime villain in this series to begin with.

  28. The one most likely to do something about Wang Liu Ming is Nena – she is obviously not happy that her “ojou-sama” is working with the people that killed her brothers. I’m expecting Nena to some day (hopefully soon) turn against her and rat her out to CB.

  29. wow..
    nice episode!!
    cool Gundams!!
    how dare Saji punch Setsuna..damn him!!
    hope he wont join Louise..and will he take 0 Raiser away?
    Wang Liu Mei got slapped..seems like Ribbons knew her tricks…
    waiting for the next episode..

  30. Well for the next 13 episodes:

    We find out more about aeolia’s plans.
    We find out where the hell these innovators came from.
    hopefully see upgraded CB Gundams. They really need to win some more.

  31. Wang is trying to change the world no matter what and shes just keeping her option open by playing both sides against each other similarly (in that its equally as clever) as the emperor in Starwars did in the new starwars trilogy!

    @Frito explain your point maybe to clue lies in raxXephon cos thats the only one ive never heard of!

    WingZero zxt
  32. no one get’s my god like reference using the shows that used the plot device of having a machine achieve god-like status/powers. geez guys, you guy’s don’t watch enough mecha….

    Frito the Gundam Nerd
  33. it would be good story for louisexsaji couple if it is louise who will fire the gun to saji and kill him. its like a slap from saji to louise 100 times, after she realize the truth. also its a refreshing experience because most of the time its girl who dies.

    wow 00 i thought its the end of 00 but instead it vanish and re appear at the back of the enemy, its like what they say in quantum physics it becomes undetermined. now i wonder what mr bushido’s suite will be (he says he wants speed).

  34. In order to achieve quantumlization you need to be faster than the speed of light, some say its impossible, but the sound barrier has been broken so it might be possible, but not for a really long time. One thing is for sure human flesh can’t withstand the speed of light without breaking apart. Once a particle achieve such speed its position can only be identitfied via schrodinger equation and relitivity equations.

  35. Let me rephrase that, its position in a certain time is defined by the above equations. Therefore what you see is not where the gundam is at. The gundam was there several picoseconds ago, therefore godessa thrust his saber into empty space. Gundam already moved behind godessa get it.

    ht tp://img117.image covnw7.jpg

    (there were more smillar photos, but, this one had that text under it 😉


    htt p://img117.image dseason12lnv7.jpg

    (sorry for my epic paint skills)

  37. to achieve a speed faster than the speed of light is as today’s science indicates impossible, because as the speed increases above 300.000 km/s the more mass the object in light speed would gain, which leads to an extended production of atomes or other elementary particles … means death to an biological organism, in this case the pilot.
    The only explanation would be as dh19440113 stated :Therefore what you see is not where the gundam is at. But even the schrödinger equation cannot determines the location of an electron certainly but this is only a matter of the exercised Probability theory experiments… hmm now i’ve forgotten what i wanted to write , anyway it’s just an anime so it’s not that important to understand the technical or scienctific stuffs.To build a Gundam like the ones in the Gundam universe is in the first place not possible, they would be that agile, powerful etc.

  38. Frito: answer to your riddle, Gurren Lagann
    also what is up with all the bitchin over the gundam being over powered, there is always one super awesome gundam in every series, G Gundam was Burning Gundam with its kamehameha,
    gundam wing was wing zero, gundam seed was freedom and destiny, and so on and so forth, so enough with the whining because 00 Raiser can be goku too and have instant transmission.

  39. “split like a butter

    gundams become more and more over powered
    i miss UC where mechs power stand in balance
    and only depend on to pilots ability to win the fight

    anyway still good show”

    They have to be overpowered to some extent, because it’s too unrealistic for 4 pilots with adequate skill to hold their own against an army of trained pilots if their suits were balanced.


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