There was no new episode of Gundam 00 this week, but there was a Gundam 00 special that featured celebrities Tsuchida Teruyuki, Chihara Seiji, Handa Kento, Kyan Chiaki, and Noto Arisa. The special started with a brief recap of what’s happened in the story so far followed by the five talking about the characters they liked (the consensus seemed to be Lockon for the first season and Tieria for the second). They also went over the scenes they liked, including the one where Sergei and Marie part ways and the death of Lockon from first season (replaying part of that scene appeared to get Noto Arisa teary-eyed). The next segment was some discussion on the background music, plus a brief message from the group Stereopony that is doing the second OP Namida no Mukou. Finally – and this is probably the most important thing out of this entire special – there was some supposedly top-secret information from director Mizushima Seiji hinting that the orbital elevator will collapse. Cue the shocked face.

Overall, this was probably not the best use of a half-hour, but it was fun seeing some fans of the show talk about it, and I liked it better than the Geass R2 one. There was also no new preview for next week shown at the end of the special, just the same preview from last week again.


  1. When i first saw these elevators, it reminds me of “Ar Tonelico”…
    If a elevator falls, an interal conflicts could arise between the feds (power issue?). Finally, a ray of hope for the route to CB’s happy ending…

  2. Why does everyone presume that cb are the the guys? In this story their is no good nor evil, it’s a balance between two sides having diferent perspective. So what the he’ll is this happy ending bull?

    Frito is gundamu
  3. An orbital elevator collapsing would be the worst disaster humanity has ever faced. It is almost impossible to comprehend the devastation that would result.

    I hope Sunrise’s animators bring their A game.

  4. The difference between a colony drop and a elevator collapse is:
    – When the elevator collapses, so too does the solar array…
    – Colony is a meteor with a million on it. Elevator is a really ffing big sword/stick/whatever landing on more or less half a continent…plus meteor effect. Oh, and the solar array also falls XD. And did I neglect to mention that there’s still a million on that elevator station?

    Or, long story short, a colony drop is a tragedy where millions die and people mourn. An elevator collapse is a tragedy where billions die, billions more suddenly starve, and everyone is too busy either mourning or trying to stay alive.

  5. i have a question and i wonder if anyone knows. What is going to be the second ending for the second season. I know the new opening is going to be Namida no Mukoe by Stereo Pony but who is doing the second ending?

    ∞ Aries
  6. @∞ Aries

    Firstly, it’s “Namida no Mukou” and not “Namida no Mukoe”. Secondly, we have absolutely no idea about any new ED or if there’s even going to be a new ED.

  7. …hmm, looks like the director didn’t tell us which orbital elevator will collapse but my guess is the Union’s orbital elevator….

    ….but the question is “will be orbital elevator collapse be an accident caused by either Celestial Being and/or A-laws? or an “accident” intentionally caused by either A-laws and/or the Innovators?”

  8. a falling orbital elevator will cause regression economically, a colony dropping will just kill people. in other words an elevator in which the global economy relies on will have a bigger impact.

  9. I just had this amazing idea: I want to see Ali Al-Saachez bring down the elevators. That would be awesome! I can see him in his Arche Gundam slashing away at the elevator and using his fangs to keep on blowing holes in it. LOL!!!

    On the other hand, I think it’s more likely that the Innovators have something to do with it. The easiest way I see to take down one of the orbital elevators is using the combined firepower of both of their Gadessas to blow way the support pillar.

  10. has anyone wondered what if the CB dies? it isn’t such a bad thing if u tink abt it, Alaws will kill of kataron, and the world will be happy, its not like the innovators or A-laws are gna hurt the pro-government civilians, their only enemy is CB and if CB is gone, there would be no more fighting would there?

    but if CB doesn’t die, there will always be fighting cause they are anti-government and of course, the government will nvr die, they just get replaced and will just keep inventing new weapons to fight the gundams and we’ll just see a season 3 with triplets-drive system and it’ll be gundam 000.

    so how about killing the gundams for once?or at least destroying them and letting CB members live normally?

  11. datahush – I was also thinking about that. But then again, if you remember the first episode, the action of the A-Laws was not just affecting warmongers, but also civilians. They would have also killed the kids sheltered in Kataron when they razed their base if CB didn’t interfere. I believe if A-Laws were a much more humane organization, then CB wouldn’t be needed anymore. But that’s not the nature of the Innovators, is it? They don’t give a damn about human lives as long as they achieve their goal. Two words: Memento Mori. If you recall, Tieria almost killed Allelujah and everyone else on that enemy ship in Season 1 too.

    But then again, that was the bone I had with CB before. It seemed like they were also killing people in their actions. The difference I think, is that they try to minimize the killings, and intend to just inflict as much damage to the enemy’s artillery as they could.

  12. The orbital elevator collapse will be nothing less of Armaggeddon. It should be worst than the gundam seed meteor colony clash. Two things should happen

    1. Millions if not billions will die when a 100,000(probably higher height) feet thick stick of steel breaks apart and destory the Federation capital and generally North American area since we learn that the Orbital Elevator is close to a country in North America. The debris should also cause great destruction throughout the majority of the planet, but North America should take the worst hit.

    2. All Solar Power will be disabled since the government(which will be non-functional) do not have the technology of real GN drives. No power equals chaos in the streets with no electricity, and very scarce food supplies that will most likely occurred.(That is when CB will provide assistance and give away their GN technology to save the world.)

    Most likely culprit: Not CB, but the Innovators since they don’t care about humans.

  13. well at least this series doesn’t have a lacus/sakura/orihime/nami/or some other female calefare in shounen doing nth but shouting the main character’s names on the sidelines.

  14. not that I’m not happy, actually I am relieved to hear it will happen, and I’m quite eager for that to happen, I want to see how they are going to pull that out…. and how many will die XD

  15. Maybe I missed something, but then if Innovators don’t care about humans, what’s this about Ribbons with the “move all humans to space(then probably the evolution to Innovator/Newtype thing… like Char)” plan. Is that all a facade just to get the others to do his bidding? If so, guess he’s no different than Jamitov (or Scirrocco).

  16. There’s been plenty of speculation ever since the first episode about an orbital elevator drop, but I don’t think many of the people suggesting it comperehend how BIG the elevators are. (Mizushima himself might not really grasp it either.) Something that large falling would make the Toba supervolcano eruption and the Chicxulub asteroid impact seem minor by comparison. Especially if, as is likely, it dragged the oribital rings down with it, which would in turn drag down the other two elevators. The most likely result of this scenario is that all life on Earth would be wiped out.

  17. When was it stated by the director that Setsuna dies? He just said that the orbital elevators will fall. Nothing more. Setsuna dying is just a rumor that has not been confirmed yet or will turn out to be false.

  18. “Setsuna dying is just a rumor that has not been confirmed yet or will turn out to be false.”

    Even that makes it sound more credible than it is. It’s not something that came out of any of the spoilers, it’s just something that somebody on the Internet made up.


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