As the military continues the search for Ki, Jil and company take shelter at Kelb’s place. Fatina is opposed to the idea of heading back up the Tower, and when Jil decides that he’s going to go anyway because he wants to know what happened to Kaaya and Neeba, Fatina opts not to join him. For the time being, Kelb tries to figure out who the young Ki is since the real Ki is supposed to have been Gilgamesh’s queen, and he finds everything going on to be strange. When Jil later tries to convince Fatina to come, she compares him to his brother and feels that they only need her because she’s a skillful mage. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Uragon and the Golden Knights, but Jil and Utu manage to fight their way out and escape with Ki. Joining them is a druid named Henaro who had been dining at Kelb’s and had gotten caught up in all this.

The four of them decide to take a new transportation device called the Dingle Ladder to get up the Tower, however they get surrounded before they’re able to reach it. Fatina shows up at this point to help them, and she’s chosen to go with them after having given it a lot of thought. Using Jil’s defensive abilities along with Utu and Fatina’s powers, the group hold off the knights and then makes their way through a gate that wasn’t locked because it was under Ethana’s control. Once they’re safely on the transport up, Jil thanks Fatina for saving them, and although she came along, she makes it clear that Jil has to give up if they don’t find anything up there this time. She also makes him promise to protect her since he’s a Guardian.


Well this was a fairly straightforward episode that managed to be pretty funny at times (all the stuff they threw at Jil, Fatina getting nailed in the butt by Ki, the recurring joke of Utu and his helmet) and very cute whenever Ki was on-screen. I really, really could have done without this scene though. Anyway, it’s pretty clear now that Fatina has feelings for Jil with the way she joined him and hugged him and wanted him to protect her. That makes the love triangle a bit more plausible – and I suspect a lot of what leads up to the reunion with Kaaya will be doing that – but I still think that ultimately Kaaya has no competition for Jil, assuming she doesn’t die or anything.

Next week should be fun because Coopa and Melt are back. Hopefully they’ll be rejoining Jill as well.


  1. So at least they develop Jill and Fatina in this episode, seeing as the first episode was kinda one-sided or is it the same in this ep. as well? Heck unlike the first season where Jill is obviously shown as having an attraction to Fatina, in this season he isn’t at all. That makes it obvious that your opinion may be right Omni. Though I still hope that they develop it even further so that at the very least it’s mutual.

  2. How embarrassing lol, buttraped by a cute loli with a spoon. 😀

    I hope they continue to develop jilxfatina and just forget kaaya, she wasn’t all that interesting in the 1st season imho.

    ninja penguin
  3. Man this stuff is great, keep it up…PLEASE It’s pretty obivous that Jill isn’t showing any feelings for Fatina. They’re together way too much for anything like that. Hell, in the first season Jill didn’t know what he wanted until the keem started to hit the fan. Like so many episodic heros before him, Jill really needs to get it together. Geez, I need to stop typing like I’m thinking in Jap while speaking Eng 😀

  4. I’m glad that there hasn’t been a dropoff from last season (so far, at least). Ki’s thousand years of spoon attack ftw. Hopefully Coopa and Melt will rejoin, and Kaaya and Neeba end up being eaten by a giant Roper.

  5. Needless to say, I also hope that Kaaya & Neeba die horrible deaths. When I saw Kaaya impaled, all I could say was YES!!!…I didn’t even care if it was a vision. I hate betrayal almost as much as tsundere. It burns me up that Jil wants to save that bishi.

  6. I have to admit that what I’d REALLY like to see Jil do is go through all this to find Kaaya, save her, just so he can freaking kill that backstabbing hussy himself. That would crack me up.

    One of the things that gives me hope of Jil x Fatina is Jil’s reaction when they were talking through the window and Ki’s nodding at Fatina when she showed up. Yes, it could just mean she’s supposed to go but somehow I suspect there’s more to it.

    One also has to wonder what kind of husband Gil was if Ki is wandering around poking people in the butt with spoons.

  7. Man where the funny episode like in the first season… Jil’s dream, and game floor

    – when I am finished with this quest I will go home and marry this girl and live happily ever after… SPLAT!

    I luv druaga
  8. Quality was lacking in this episode compared to the first. Oh well
    And there was no mention of what Kaaya is really doing. That being said, Kaaya and Jil still have a bond IMO, and Fatina might end up having to give Jil up in the end. Not that it’s really anything as for me Fatina sees Jil as replacement to Neeba (she commented that Neeba always said the same thing when asking her to join).
    whiny loli next episode. GAH!

  9. The fight scene with the knights near the end left me at a lost on how I should react; were they trying to show how military standard have deteriorated since Kelb left or was Gonzo cutting back a bit and made a passable fight scene? I understand Jil’s group is strong, but the monsters back in season 1 put up a more coordinated effort than these “trained” soldiers; then again might standard might be too high.

    Either way Fatina gets two thumbs up from me.

    So far they have collapsible swords, bows, crossbows and shields; I’m surprised they haven’t gotten around to making a collapsible version for those hand-cannon staffs.

  10. @Heath: Some of the jokes in Druaga are in reference to tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, that fight and the fact Kelb runs a tavern with waitresses that can beat up knight are a couple of these.

  11. This was a great episode to watch, and I’m really liking this second season so far. Ki has quickly become my favorite. She’s just way too funny.

    …and I think I may be the only one who’s indifferent to who Jil ends up with (if he ends up with anyone). As long as it’s interesting to watch, I’m not worried about the outcome.

  12. I’m personally rooting for Jil and Fatina myself. I have a feeling that there will be a big reunion between Jil and Kaaya, but I’m thinking she may have a higher purpose. I don’t know though.

    This show certainly doesn’t disappoint though. Ki is one of the cutest characters in an anime that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen tons of stuff. D: Gogo Spoon Attack!

  13. God, this episode was pure gold. Gonzo, you have redeemed yourself. I was lol’ing and going “FUCK YEAH” all over the place.
    That little sound Ki made when she was thrown over the rooftops was just too cute for words.


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