After a long climb, Jil and company get pretty far up the Tower and reach the frigid area where Melt and Coopa are. However, they discover that the place has now been turned into a resort, and Melt is profiting handsomely from it. He bribes officials by adding them onto a list of heroes who helped him kill Druaga, and he employs Ropers as servants. Jil tries to ask Melt for help, but Melt has already made a deal with Uragon, and the Golden Knights recapture Ki. Jil and the others are thrown in the dungeon, but they catch a break when Uragon accidentally steps on a young Roper. This enrages all the adult Ropers, and they break out of Melt’s resort, creating a huge mess and freeing Jil’s group in the process. Ki saves everyone from being killed by the subsequent avalanche with protective magic, but Melt is now financially ruined. He tries to get back at Jil’s group for what they did, but he also accidentally steps on a young Roper and gets beat up by the adult Ropers for it. While Jil and the others then proceed on into familiar territory, Melt is forced to go with Uragon and the Golden Knights.


Well I’m happy to see that they didn’t waste too much time on the climb itself, and even if the group did get sidetracked with Melt this week, it was pretty amusing – I’ll admit I laughed at the avalanche countdown and how it ended. My first reaction to Melt’s betrayal, aside from being reminded of the three betrayals, was that he might pull a Lando Calrissian-type comeback, but as the episode went on and Melt just kept being selfish, I was glad that he got ruined and beat up. I suspect though that he’ll probably redeem himself somewhere down the road and maybe even rejoin the group. On the other hand, I wish Uragon and the Golden Knights would just go away – they’re second-rate villains, and I’d much rather see Gilgamesh emerge more clearly as the bad guy. Speaking of which, it’s good to see that Kelb isn’t going to be sitting this one out and that the story has already gotten to the point where our heroes seem to be close to reaching Neeba and Kaaya. Things might get more serious from now on.


  1. Fatina was pretty wary of those ropers lol. Not too bad for a humor-based episode, a few good jokes thrown in (Jil’s description of the roper escape being my favorite). Still liking this season more than the first.


    And yeah, I thought that Melt could be the 3rd betrayal, but then if you think about it he would naturally do that anyway. Isn’t it already assumed that Gilgamesh is the 3rd one?

  3. While seeing ropers serve food to Fatina, Jil remembered Fatina raped by the ropers is the one Jil have been dreaming(episode1 of aegis of uruk) in the original episode 1 of aegis of uruk while carried by Utu running away from the Minotaurs.

    Utu more likely aware of Jil’s real thoughts due to the experience he had with Jil dreaming before.

  4. Well, they couldn’t just have them appear at the top floor, could they? It helps that this episode was very funny with an amazing payoff at the end. Hooray for avalanche of pressure.

    I REALLY don’t want Jil and Kaaya to end up together.

  5. This show is truly fun to watch. I really enjoy it which is something I can’t say of every Gonzo production I’ve seen. I want more coopa because she is way better than melt, why does she hang out with an old loser like Melt anyways, she should go climb with the others. She’s probably the most useful member of any party, I don’t think they can make it to the top without her.

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