Early one morning, Touya is awakened by a phone call from Rina. She’s calling on Yuki’s behalf to propose that the meeting time of their date be an hour earlier, and she also changes the place. It was thanks to Rina that Yuki had gotten this time off so that she could go on a date, though the fact that Rina is helping him so much makes Touya think that she might be interested in him. In any case, he goes to the original meeting place he had set with Yuki, but he goes at the time Rina told him, and he finds no one there. Rina, on the other hand, arrives at the place and time she told him because she wants to borrow him before his date, and she also finds no one there. After a while, she gets tired of waiting and has to leave. While Touya is looking around the train station he’s at, he accidentally bumps into a girl, and she treats him like a pervert. He tries to get this girl to help him wait for Yuki, but she refuses and points out how she doesn’t even know what his girlfriend looks like. When he claims that it’s the idol Morikawa Yuki, this girl laughs at him. She eventually just suggests that he head to his old high school and wait for Yuki since that’s where they were planning to go.

Shortly after Touya and the girl leave the station on a bus, Yuki arrives and looks around for him. Unaware of this, Touya tries to find the name of the girl he’s with, but she refuses to tell him anything. When they arrive at the school, the girl immediately boards another bus, though she hopes that Touya is able to meet Yuki. Touya doesn’t find Yuki at their old high school either, however being there reminds him of their high school days together. His thoughts soon drift to Rina, and he suddenly realizes that he hadn’t gone to the place she had told him. He goes all the way back to the station – in the process narrowly missing Yuki who first tries calling his apartment and then boards a bus for their old high school – and calls Ogata Production to see if he can get in touch with Yuki, but he’s unsuccessful. He and Yuki keep missing each other until night falls when he finally runs into Yuki at the pay phone outside a completely different train station. She had just been talking with Yayoi who had canceled her night lesson after Rina had intentionally taken up too much time on her own practice.

As Touya hugs Yuki, she reveals that she’s going to be releasing a debut single soon. Touya realizes that this is the one half of the secret that she had been talking about, though it turns out Yuki had wanted to tell him this at their old high school where she originally told him that she wanted to become a singer. He’s happy for her regardless, and instead of parting ways, he proposes they go to his apartment. After his mother had died, his father had kicked him out of the house but had arranged a place for him to stay. Yuki, however, doesn’t want to go to his place and instead asks him to take her home. Along the way, Touya takes responsibility for getting the meeting time wrong, and Yuki reveals that Rina had suggested that they move up the time so that he’d be right on time if he was late. Touya realizes that this is what led Rina to call him up and suggest the earlier time. When they arrive at Yuki’s apartment building, he remembers how this place used to be a mountain when he was young. He claims not to have any good memories of this place though, and that disappoints Yuki a little because she remembers how they had met here.

Since he succeeded at taking Yuki home, Touya turns to leave, but she surprises him by asking up to come up. She doesn’t want to save it for later or for it to be in her dreams, and the two embrace and kiss as soon as they get upstairs. Before anything else can happen though, Yuki first takes a shower.


You know, with all the confusion and incoordination this episode, the story is really taking advantage of the 1986 setting. A few cell phones and none of this trouble would have happened. Still, if Touya had just met with Rina at the right place and right time, then things might have gone smoothly as well. Rina shares a little of the blame too because she probably shouldn’t have invited him out earlier without telling Yuki, though in her case, it was probably with good intentions (i.e. she might have wanted to get him out there early to make sure that he was on time for his date with Yuki). In any case, it was really frustrating to watch them keep missing each other, and I’m glad it ultimately did work out (whether or not Touya is deserving of any good fortune remains to be seen). In fact, if they didn’t keep missing each other and got to spend the day together, Yuki might not have felt the need to proposition Touya. Since she did though, it’ll be really interesting to see if they go through with it next episode. Knowing this series, it’ll probably be implied somehow but not shown directly.

Oh and before anyone asks, I realize who the high school girl that Touya met is, but for the sake of not revealing more than the story has at this point, I didn’t include her name in the summary.


  1. You never know Sagat, those Japanese nerds rank number one in most perverted countries, 2nd is Germany and 3rd is England, and lately they have been getting there character to go all the way, in many series. Of course it depends on the author of the story though. *sighs at Oh my Goddess*

    Lucky Channel
  2. @Megas

    Nobody’s forcing you to watch this dude.

    As to why the guy is so popular – he’s a fictional character – he’s popular because the authors decided to make him that way. Is this the first harem/romance drama show that you watch?

  3. sorry!!i dont watch this, but like to read peoples views…. BUT i had to chime in.
    @lucky channel..DUDE! thats different man! belldandy?? come on bro.. dats da goddess man, hands off! end of the world if they bone, i think

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. I don’t know, living with belldandy for xxxx amount of years with just a peck on a cheek. And being in my early 20’s (keichi), My balls would be the size of melons from all the cockblocking, cockteasing shenanigans, probably die from a hernia due to massive blueballs.

  5. First off.. using the word “feel” in that manner was awesome. I never heard it used like that before.. its really good. lol.

    Next.. Touya and Yuki weren’t too smart about this episode. If they had just stayed at the next place they agreed to go to (the HS) they would have met up earlier. Sheesh. Still not sure where this is going though which makes it a really good series so far. Let’s just hope they don’t screw it up.

  6. @BAKABAKASHI, i see why you name yourself ‘bakabaka’ as it truly describe your statement. you should really learn a little more about anime , visual novel, manga, game (h,etc) before implying how this is another copy of clannad or what have you to say. if you want to know, then from my time playing games and reading visual novels, which haven’t been that long since i’m still green when it comes to it, i can say that white album was out before any of the ones you mentioned since i remember playing this at 2001 new years. i sat home and cried while playing so i cannot forget. In the end, you a ‘bakaBAKAshi.’

    It would be nice if they could pull it off without deviating and involving another supporting male character to pair up with one of the two? heroines. There haven’t been good stories lately with just 2 or 3 character to lead us to a good climax. No good will come when adding more characters, unless it was meant to stimulate pubescent young adults, then i don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m just not in the mood to enjoy a harem of any sort or fuck-fest. There’s a beneficial genre out there that will keep my up all night, but now is not the time. White Album, my best wishes to you for not failing my expectation.

  7. Huh, I had no clue White Album was such an old game. I was very surprised that the game came out in 1998.

    On a sidenote, does anyone else think of The Beatles first you hear hear White Album?

  8. who suck who ???? fag….(someone has hijacked may ID) and for andynai may be i’m not an anime ‘experties’ like your self sir/mam but i collected dvd’s on this type of anime too first for curiousity and watched the art in it (some of ’em are really good) but the rest suck…!! mediocore love story with a little bit ‘soap opera’ drama,lame ass male protagonist and timid/sexy chick(s)who pretend she didn’t know what de hell is goin’ on

  9. @ Popolon

    LOL @ School Days.

    Although i hope Touya doesn’t turn out to be like Makoto >.>

    Yuki is a nice girl and all but i find her a bit boring…so i’m kinda rooting for Rina. ;]

  10. …There are a good/bad of it ending up like school days. Bad: Obviously, the protagonist becomes a cad, noone is happy, and the main characters die… Good: It’s surprising, and to some extent: original, though if I had to choose between School Days level, and generic drama/romance/harem, I would choose generic, handsdown with a landslide victory…

  11. I hope he and yuki ends up together. I hope yuki gets knocked up so that she’s forced to give up her dream and baby-sit, and he can start showing how much of an unreliable, incapable, incorrigible dick he really is. I seriously don’t hope for any girl to end up with Touya because he redefines loser in an entire way, and I’d consider it a misfortune for any girl to end up with that dipshit. That being said, I seriously hope Rina stops leading the fuck on and shatter his retarded delusions earlier, as opposed to later.


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