Fourteen years ago, during a losing battle, Sergei had issued the order to retreat to their final defense line so that they could protect all the people building the orbital elevator. Doing so, however, meant abandoning Holly on the battlefield. Andrei now recounts how his mother’s body was never found, and ever since then, he hasn’t spoken with his father normally. He believes that in maintaining military discipline, his father had killed his mother. Back near the Africa Tower, the Ptolemaios crew has realized that A-LAWS has another satellite weapon. Kati has figured out the same thing and can’t believe that they’re going to be attacking the low orbit station, but Billy suspects that in order to achieve a permanent peace, Homer is willing to shoulder all the sins. Ribbons and Regene meanwhile discuss how mankind hasn’t learned anything from the past and how that’s why Aeolia Schenberg created the Innovators. Ribbons, however, reminds Regene that he created him, so he should be treated as the Maker, and it will be he who leads mankind, not the Innovators.

By now, Tieria, Lyle, and Allelujah have launched in their Gundams and are headed towards the Africa Tower. When he sees the Katharon forces getting decimated by the Federation forces, Lyle rushes ahead and engages the enemy. Sumeragi wants to try to fly the Ptolemaios back into space to attack the Memento Mori again, but the ship isn’t in any condition to do so. Fortunately, Setsuna decides to head out in the 00 Raiser because at this point, that’s the only thing that can stop the Memento Mori. Since the 0 Raiser needs a pilot, Setsuna instructs Saji to do it, and he reminds Saji that there are 60,000 lives at stake. The idea of protecting those people motivates Saji, and he soon launches in the 0 Raiser and docks it with the 00 Gundam. While this is going on, onboard the low orbit station, Hercule wants to stay behind and urges Sergei to escape, but Sergei convinces Hercule to escape as well by reminding him that they have to protect the people.

With the Memento Mori about ready to fire at this point, Arthur orders the Empruss out to intercept the incoming 00 Raiser. Devine has the Empruss grab onto and electrify the 00 Raiser, but Setsuna is able to activate its Trans-Am, and he fires a massive particle beam that annihilates the Empruss. This beam doesn’t stop with the Empruss though, and Setsuna is able to use it like an extremely long beam saber to hit the Memento Mori. This does a considerable amount of damage to the satellite weapon, but it’s not quite enough, and the Memento Mori is still able to fire off a shot at the low orbit station before it itself explodes. One of the explosions causes the firing angle to be different though, so the Memento Mori beam ends up hitting part of the orbital elevator structure below the low orbit station. The result is that the outside wall of the orbital elevator starts falling apart, and its various pieces plunge down towards Earth. This also means that all of the people still on the trains heading down die as their trains fall off their tracks and collide.

Given the dire situation, Sumeragi broadcasts a message to all the forces around the Africa Tower asking them to destroy the fragments of the falling pillar in order to protect all the people on the ground. The Gundam Meisters are the first to spring into action destroying the falling fragments, and they get some help in the form of Marie piloting the GN Archer. They are then joined by Katharon, the coup forces, the regular Federation military, and even by some of Kati’s A-LAWS units, including Andrei and Louise. During all this, Sergei and Hercule emerge from the shaft and start helping out as well, and Marie recognizes Sergei’s mobile suit. When Andrei realizes that Hercule is here and was behind the coup, he turns his weapon towards his father’s friend, but before he can do anything, he’s alerted to a massive pillar fragment that’s falling towards them. Normal weapons fire doesn’t have any effect on such a big piece, so Tieria activates Trans-Am on the Seravee Gundam and fires its GN Bazooka in hyper burst mode. This splits the fragment into two, and the 00 Raiser swoops in to finish the job.

The battle against the falling fragments continues until evening time, and the population under the orbital elevator is mostly saved. After surveying the destruction, Sergei finds Hercule in disbelief over what happened, but this is short-lived because Hercule’s mobile suit is suddenly destroyed by Andrei. Andrei blames them for causing all this, and when he realizes that the other mobile suit is piloted by his father, he’s fueled by his belief that his father killed his mother and that his father had participated in the coup. Marie tries to help Sergei, and although she’s briefly pushed back by Louise’s Ahead, Louise then gets occupied with Saji and the 00 Raiser. Unfortunately, Marie isn’t able to reach Sergei in time, and Andrei’s GN-XIII proceeds to stab Sergei’s Tieren. In his final moments, Sergei remembers how Holly had asked him to take care of Andrei if something happened to her during their next military operation. During her funeral, however, it was Hercule who had comforted Andrei, and Sergei hadn’t said anything to his son afterward. Covered in blood now, Sergei tries to apologize to his son and confesses that he didn’t know how to deal with Andrei who had closed off his heart. He then pushes his son’s mobile suit away from his own, and in his mind, he apologizes to Holly. Sergei’s Tieren then explodes, and Marie is only able to watch in horror.


Bah. Everything was working out so well with everyone, even Kati’s A-LAWS forces, banding together to destroy the falling pieces of the orbital elevator. In a series like this where they emphasize how much humanity tends to fight itself, it was good to see a moment of actual unity. But then stupid Andrei had to ruin it all by killing Hercule and then Sergei (at which point I was yelling “Noooo” at my screen). Story-wise, it made sense that if Sergei were going to die, it was going to be by A-LAWS or Andrei – being killed by his own son was definitely the more tragic route – but I still didn’t want it to happen. I really hope Marie kicks Andrei’s ass now, and it looks like in the preview that she’s pissed off and wants revenge.

Speaking of Marie, she finally debuted the GN Archer and showed off it’s mobile suit form. It looks quite feminine and resembles a U.C. GM like with its single visor and coloring scheme. All it needs to do now is to combine with the Arios (I think this is the point where I wonder if there’d be any sexual connotations). This week also had the fall of another Innovator, Devine, who died in a rather unceremonious fashion – so much for his revenge. Four more of them to go (not including Anew or Tieria). I found it interesting that Ribbons flaunts his superiority over Regene – maybe that’ll be his downfall. The story will be jumping ahead four months before that can happen though, and I would guess that they’re going to start building up towards the finale now. That time period is probably long enough for Louise’s new mobile armor to be completed, and it looks like Anew’s relationship with Lyle might be heating up as well.

As a side note, with all the Obama stuff in anime and manga (I’ve seen at least five different references/appearances now, including in some recent chapters of Air Gear), I’m sure I’m not the only who thought of him when they showed this in the preview.


  1. Oshi!!!!

    Epic episode is epic.

    No one can stop Marie now, and if it’s her and Al together, oh man, better get out of the way.

    Another time skip is a surprise, but I don’t complain. What’s up in the preview with Anew blushing? Her and Lcokon2 getting closer and closer eh? Sounds good to me really.

  2. So Sergei is finally gone. I wonder if at least a quarter of the characters will remain standing at the end.

    I wonder how the public will go against A-Laws and co. I doubt it would happen like the ‘
    Dakar’s Day’ episode from Z Gundam series. Not with the Innovator and A-Laws far more tighther control over information than the Titans ever did in Z Gundam. Hmm. Tieria might be the key… but anyway anything is still possible.

    The Earth Federation President certainly ain’t United States President Obama. President Obama looks much better.

  3. Andrei is definitely a punk ass. Anyone else think he was a prick when he was about to fire on Hercule while everyone was trying to clear the debris? Definitely gotta feel sorry for Big Papa Bear, all he was trying to do was talk some sense to his good ol’ buddy then his low-life son starts making assumptions and ends up killing him, A-Laws definitely must have been suspicious of him.

  4. Andrei is Bear only son.. i doubt soma/marie would kill him. besides, bear is soma/marie stepdad, andrei= stepbro… my bet is soma/marie killing other a-law’s pilots to revenge.

    gundam 00
  5. The Federation President looks nothing like Obama. They are not alluding to him either since they showed him in the very beginning of season two talking to Ribbons via audio before Obama was even elected President.

    Another one of 00-Raizer’s peaks was used, but this one requires Saji.

  6. “-Devine also died this week in a rather unceremonious fashion…”

    For a second there i thought you were talking about divine the blogger.

    O man if gundam is going to get an obama in it i hope it wont be like in air gear (you know with the sex change and all)

    maybe obama may pilot a 5th gundam.

  7. sergei didn’t actually deserve a dead like this, though i know he will eventually die, but he should die honorably, rather than a stupid dead. i hope andrei will die in a douchebag way

  8. I said that second Memento Mori will bring different outcome.
    Lindt dead and Healing alive = first Memento Mori.
    Goodman alive and Divine is dead = second Memento Mori.
    I liked Sergei.
    Oh, Andrei, you are NR. 1 target of Soma/Marie and if you are target of this supersoldier then you are Alleliujah’s target too.

  9. This episode was just amazing from beginning to end. Gundam 00 once again has proved it is just one of the best gundams i have ever seen. Even at the end when one of my favorite characters Sergei died it was still great. Now i am sure Marie will try to avenge Sergei’s death. Great episode.

    ∞ Aries
  10. *is happy and proud for her /m/ DeathBingo Chart*

    People are we going for an actual black out?

    … and I don’t see why you people are sad about Sergei’s death, I mean he was SO deathflaged since episode 7! (I’m astonished he lasted 10 more episodes)

    I wonder though, how will A-Laws explain the Elevator drop incident to the world? (Probably by blaming the Now-dead rebels or something?)

  11. @Cain:
    Patrick piloted GN-XIII and the last time he was a pilot of a plane. He hasn’t got a new suit to pilot. And if he would be this episode in the battlefield they would show his face. Plus this episode was dedicated only for Sergei that’s why they didn’t included Mr. Busdido(they let him to fight to his limits in 15ep.) and made an excuse for Patrick didn’t show up in the battle and mobile suit, because Kati doesn’t let Patrick anymore to pilot mobile suits(he now pilots planes).

  12. Seems like the 60.000 people that were coming back to Earth are died… or perhaps one or two make it to Earth but seems like all have died… At least, everyone was together to stop the falling wreckage.

    Sumeragi shows her face to everyone back there. They were so shocked to realize the elevator falling they took time to protect the cities.

    I bet A -LAWS will accuse the anti-gouvernement factions.

    I would like this incident to make more anti -A-LAWS people. If Memento Mori had not been ready to fire the elevator would have been alright.

  13. They ended the story of Sergei in a sad way, but now we will get the story of the other characters who will get their own episode. Person from HRL get his episode – Sergei, now it someones else turn – person from Union or person from AEU will get his shining moment.

  14. Wow. Awsome! It has been a while since i had a feeling like that. Last time was from Code Geass and it was the best anime in 2008. No doubt that Gundam is going to be the number one anime in 2009. Second best anime is probably going to be Chrome Shelled Regios.

    I wonder if Sergey’s son will ever realize that he killed the wrong people. Same for Louis, what will she think that she have been killing people because she was pursuing the wrong enemies.

  15. You always got to one screws it up for everyone, good job Andrei. I you die slowly like Adjutant Ming, S1 ep10, with a blade slowly cutting through cockpit and no one to help you. It would be better if they kill him like Szayel from Bleach though, but I don’t see that as possibility.

  16. Oh my god! I was pleasantly surprised by this episode! Oh man, to think the guy’s own son would kill him! I mean, come on! Ugh, I hope the bastard get’s killed by Marie, thus completing the horrible cycle of war that Gundam shows love to shove in people’s faces.

    “He killed my brother, so I killed his!”
    “He killed my brother, so I killed another of his!”
    “He killed another brother of mine, so I killed his whole family with a colony drop!”
    “…Dude, that is going way too far! But not far enough which is why I am going to drop the moon on your whole family!”

    Cycle’s of revenge and death only bring more pain. Louise has no clue how much pain she has brought through her funding of A-Laws. But she will hopefully before the end of the series.

  17. @ Cain
    I really doubt that they’re gonna kill Louise. Something tells me she’s not going to die (but I hope Andrei does -_-… poor papa bear :().
    Go Marie/Soma!
    I want to see some lylexAnew ^-^!

  18. I’m with Cain, after this episode I think that all the A-laws are beyond redemption (They keep committing mass murder) but I fear that Asoch3 is correct, louise will live (The opening is very clear).

  19. GOD DAMN!!! that was an awesome ep… it was very awe inspiring when everyone banded together to stop the debris.

    Damn Andrei!! the baka seems to like to jump to conclusions about everything. He’s like the little kid that thinks he knows everything and everyone else is wrong especially he’s dad. Hope Marie kicks his ass in the next ep.

  20. @People who want Andrei dead
    Death is not the solution. Besides, having him living after knowing the truth is more painful than having him off dead.

    Louis most likely will not die and play a role of wanting to repair the world to cleanse her sins at the end.

  21. One more thing. Because Andrei is so used to kill in A-LAWS, for him killing his father is not much of anything. That is how soldiers are trained and once they kill; they just disregard of the consequences. (really complicated in real life)

  22. @Asoch3
    Hehe, Lyle X Anew will workout just fine I guess. The curtains scene in the first ED sure convinced me that it was Lyle and Feldt, and the gun in his hand meant somehow that it will end in a tragic way for the couple. But look like it has more to do with the fact that Anew is an innovator.

  23. @Cain

    Louise’s funding had nothing to do with Memento Mori. She’s rich, but not THAT rich. Louise funded their mobile armor development program, and possibly their mobile suits too. IIRC, it was Wang Liu Mei who funded Memento Mori. Though Ribbons himself no doubt has access to tremendous wealth; he probably took control of the Corner family fortune when Alejandro died.


    The “ZOMG black politician = Obama!” crap comes because it’s fairly rare to see black people AT ALL in anime.


    Killing your fellow soldiers, though, is generally regarded as a treasonous activity.

  24. @Anonymous
    Yes but killing fellow soldiers that are for some reason declared “traitor” is not regarded as a “treasonous activity”. In this case, Andrei pretty much killed his father because in the A-LAWS point of view, his father is pretty much a traitor.

  25. FFFFF can’t wait for the subs 🙁
    If this one part is like the last bit in CCA where all factions cooperate, imagine if… there’s a second one with Ribbons making a worse plan than the elevator collapse, and Setsuna holds up whatever’s gonna fall in Trans-Am with massive GN particle output and combines the wills of humanity… well you get the idea. Far-fetched, I know, but still would be brilliant.

    Hmm… now that you think about it I guess Andrei living while realizing all that he’s said and done would be enough to make him become an hero. Bah, I never liked the Shinn types anyway, except for Kamille only he wasn’t a blind bat who became one of the antagonists to be beaten by the former hero (Amuro in this case). Still hoping for a Marie/Soma and Andrei encounter.

  26. EPIC WIN.

    – Kataron + Coup + Military + A-Laws + CB = Unified World XD. Looks like the statement is that all the sides wants to help humanity; they just disagree on how to do it most of the time.

    – GN-Archer looks cool, and is our “actually feminine” suit for this season. Go kick some ass Marie. Though I do wonder how the heck she got her pilot suit (she isn’t supposed to pilot at all, yet she has a color coded suit with pilot helmet? Note that the color of her uni is a bit paler than Ale’s uni, so no “used a spare” possible)

    – Hurray, Saji is now officially useful! And he has his own pilot helmet too! Note this is not qute the same as “Why does Marie have a uniform?” because people have been pressuring him to fight from day 1.

    – Best after-eppy ever, even though I now want Andrei to die, then get resurrected so he can die again.

  27. Ok that is it! First the A-Laws kill many innocent people without any thought at all, then they destory a country with that beam thing, and now they kill Sergei by his own son. Oh its on now and Marie kick Andrei’s ass and make it look good.

  28. Not Sergei!!!!
    ;_; Marie is going to go PEW PEW PEW on Andrei’s ass now @_@
    Right now Andrei must be like “holy shit I killed dad…wonder what mom thinks of me now…ah well Im going to pwn’d by Marie =D”

    Then he dies in an epic fiery explosion caused by Marie shooting the hell out of him >. >

  29. None of the battles use recycled footage it’s truly a beautiful thing. That always annoyed me in other Gundam series you’re watching and it’s like “Hey, I already saw this fight!”

  30. @Jusuchin:

    Obama rules, get over it. 😀 He rules by having a Japanese town celebrate November 4th as an offical holiday, because that town happens to be called Obama. Dumb conservatives.


    Ok, Soma kick that little piece of crap into space! I cannot stand Andrei’s freaky accent, it’s like Russian/Japanese, or something like that. Hopefully he’ll die the same way Alejandro did in the first season: epically. and lol wtf Ribbons is in antartica? he’s so nutty.

  31. Dayum, Setsuna messed up big time. Can’t blame him though, who knew that him blowing up the Memento Mori would just so happen to angle its Death Ray right towards the orbital elevator?

    On an unrelated note, how is it that Setsuna’s 00 can have a higher-output laser than the Seravee? I’m pretty sure that the 00’s weapons weren’t built for such massive output, even if it has the energy levels to deliver it.

    Five Boxes
  32. Obama for the red revolution FTW! Kidding, I’m proud to have him as President, even if some of the promises may not be fulfilled. We’ll have to wait and see. The time may come though, when he will need us.

    Sorry for bringing up something like politics in an anime blog. 😛

  33. Am I seeing things or did another innovator just bite the dust, he looked pretty dead to me.. But man what an episode, I expected Hercule to die as soon as Andrei showed up, but coronel Smirrnof as well.. Bummer! But still this is going to get things moving, I wonder when Louise is going to turn round, Marie will definitly be the one that makes this happen now that she has shown up on the battlefield.

    And an interesting part from Ribbons as well. He has revealed that he and Tieria where the only official innovators. He made the others. That perfectly explains why he is taking this path. I’m not gonna explain all my thinking, to much of a hassle, but my guess is that CB is following the true plan of Aeolia. Ribbons was probably shoved aside when Tieria was created. That’s why he didn’t now about Trans-am and 00-raiser. So the guy’s jealous and thinks he’s a god. He hacked into Veda and is now creating the future where he rules the world and where he doesn’t have to follow Aeolia’s plan.

  34. I’ve only got one thing to say…*clears throat* “suck on this mobile suit with fastest speed and ‘strongest sword’, graham.”

    @jordiblau – that is a possibility, the fact that he was left out of the knowledge of Trans-Am and Twin Drive System, is definite proof that he was not in on the plan, or at least wasn’t entirely trusted by Aoelia.

    In other news, I hope Nena will be okay. It really worries me that she’s not in the opening, because it either means that she’s going to die before/during EnD GaMe, or that she doesn’t participate in anything risky thus leading to her survival in this series. Personally, I hope that the animators just botched the opening and forgot to add her in, and that she does something productive like against Momento Mori.

  35. @jordiblau

    I was thinking something similar, even if Ribbons piloted 0 Gundam he was replaced by Tieria. This is all for the sake of his ego, like it was for Corner, and to prove he still of value. “If Tieria’s so much better then me how come I’m in charge now old man.”

  36. NOOOOO NOT SERGEI!!! its so sad… poor Marie… I wouldn’t wanna be Andrei next time they meet. the joint effort of everyone to do the right thing was so crazy though, there were so many mobile suits and Cherudim’s shield bits pwn Strike Freedom’s Dragoons. Final thing, 00 Raiser’s trans-am beam saber is scary…

  37. This Ep was awesome. I mean there was some intense battle moments, but also some very sad moments ( Sergei’s death ). Finally we got to see what GN Archer does, but still I want more Arios + GN Archer demostration – i don’t think that’s all it can do.

    Note: I always read OMNI’s impresion of the Ep an it’s very near mine. OMNI keep the good work – I know it’s dificult to spent time writing summaries like you do ( with detailed information ) and making time for yourself. Hope you read my comment

  38. Why are characters so emotional?
    Andrei is one of the worst…
    That blonde idiot comes next.
    Saji is getting better, doing what’s right and seeing what must be done.
    All I see is idiots on the side of A-LAWS which contains masses of emotional idiots swirled by bitterness of the past and fear of unknown. A son who kills his father is no son nor is he son of his mother. His a fool. He killed his daddy because he always wanted to, he just needed fucking reason to do it. Gosh, I hate story makers. They just mess up good characters into emotionally screwed-up idiots.

  39. PUAHAHHA i hope marie abducts andrei and tortures him by cutting finger by finger, toe by toe, hand by hand, feet by feet, half of his arm, the other half, then half of his leg,and the other leg, then the rest of the arm, then the rest of the leg, then skin him, make sure he doesn’t bleed to death so he can feel the pain, then finally decapitate him. 😀


    cant wait for next ep ^^

  40. @Andre – Your right Marie’s unit does look like a toy but I’m more interested in how it will integrate with Arios. I mean look at all the upgrades to the Gundams (or what was built-in in Seravee’s case). 00 docks up with the 0-Raiser, Cherudium gets integrated parts that act as shields and ‘Dragoon’ style weapons, Seravee has the Seraphim built into his back, only makes sense Archer and Arios can go together in some way

  41. Hmmmm is it me or do these two look very very similar? I’ve been wondering about this for the last few episodes since we’ve seen more of Sergei and Andrei’s pasts.

    On a different note….is Marina EVER gona do anything….EVER.
    ”Oh look i made a song which will save the world”.
    Even crappy Relina (annoying) Peacecraft jumped in front of a Gundam from time to time. Sheeeesh.

  42. As saddened as I am that Sergei died, I’m happy that it now means that Marie/Soma will probably be a permanent member of Celestial Being, since Sergei is probably the only one who could convince either one of them to leave.

  43. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it yet but the whole Andrei impaling his dad thing kind of reminded me of Shinn when he took down the original Freedom in GSD. which isn’t a good thing for the character obviously given how popular Shinn is.

  44. @ Ronin, looks really familiar but… as you said, Shinn is very popular and even though a lot of ppl think he is just a messed up emo who fight with sheer rage, Shinn has a very sad past, his family gets killed by either Orga or Kira, and Stellar got killed by Kira (btw, that scene looks like this too) so Shinn really doesn’t deserve most of the crap ppl say about him

  45. Espada’s Weekly Gundam Episode Opinion
    What Amaze Me:
    1. Elevator Destruction = Destruction of PLANTS (GSD)
    2. Kataron, Kudeta Members, A-Laws, CB together
    3. Death of Another Innovator baka = YAY!
    4. CB showing off their abilities to the enemies = aww
    5. Andrei = His just so EMO
    6. Death of Sergie = so that was his commanders plan tsk
    7. Obama in Gundam OO = O_O

    hmmm episode 17 is less action more drama…

  46. Wait, so did the elevator fall?? completely?
    Also I think the whole 00-Raiser-trans-am-raiser is getting to be a bit much. But the last battle with Andre, Marie, Sergie, Louise, Saji, and Setsuna like a much larger version of the 0079 with Char, Lala, Sayla, and Amuro.

    But hopefully Maire’s rage will bring back Soma so she can kill Andre

  47. Sergie? wat? Wouldn’t it just be Andrei vs. Marie/Soma(and maybe Allelujah/Hallelujah) , Setsuna and Saji vs. Louise?
    Adding to teh final battle might be (speculation ahoy):
    Lockon vs. Revive and Healing (if they didn’t die by ep. 20 already)
    Tieria vs. Ali
    Setsuna vs. Mr. Bushido (hopefully, Graham comes back to his former self)

    Now for the final boss:
    Setsuna vs. Ribbons! (I AM GUNDAM NO MORE! / I AM GOD!)

    Also: ZOMG TRANS-00 RAISER BEAM SABER = <a href= SWORD!!! Too bad it wasn’t as destructive.

  48. Ribbons almark and Tiera Erde are the only two innovator names that make sense..

    Bring Stabity…
    Hilling Care..
    Rivive Revial..
    Regene Regetta…
    Devine whattever his name is..

    Ribbons has such a bad sense of naming people.
    He’s better off not having children. Hah!

  49. you guys know what tieria erde means right and ribbons almark?

    the others are rather derivative from the religion of christianity.

    healing, revive, divine, bring, anew. and the gundam names are too. except for 00. which is a number.

  50. @roddy: That’s why the Innovators (who aren’t innovative at all) must be destroyed. We simply cannot have an almighty ruler with a stupid name.

    And I hereby declare Andrei a non-person for his crimes against humanity.

  51. How the fuck could he kill his own father?! That scene when he stabbed Sergei I had to pause. I couldn’t see the rest. I know it sound funny but I had my father in my mind all the time I was about to cry. That Andrei guy is one fucking retarded piece of motherfucking horse shit. Even saying that doesn’t help. it’s just….


  52. @Mike Abundo

    How do you figure? Shinn actually had valid reasons for his actions, Andrei didn’t.

    As for the timeskip, how are they going to explain Soma/Marie not killing Andrei on the spot?

  53. @ Anonymous

    My guess at the reason for no immediate retribution are either the GN Archer ran out of power because remember it doesn’t have its own GN drive, or she was so devastated she needed time. Probably the first.

  54. Marie probably didn’t kill Andrei for some reason like “That’s not what Sergei would want”. Besides, Andrei is needed for plot movement (more Marie piloting, Louise having second thoughts, yadda yadda).


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