Neeba and Kaaya have been making their way over a vast body of water, unaware that they’re being watched by four assassins. First, however, the pair have to get past a giant whale-like creature, and from this they realize that the space they’re in is unstable, meaning that Gilgamesh’s heart is as well. The two eventually stop and rest, and while Kaaya tries to heal Neeba’s injured arm, the two start talking about Kaaya’s belief in God and fate and Neeba’s lack of faith. It reminds Kaaya of a time when she had prayed but had watched a priest get beheaded, and her faith is further questioned when Neeba tries to prove a point by acting like he’s going to rape her. Meanwhile, Jil and company have gotten separated in a jungle environment. Jil and Henaro manage to find each other before spotting Gremica and Ki, and though Jil tries to get Ki back, he’s rebuffed. Before anything else can happen, both sides are attacked by two of the assassins. Jil and Henaro quickly get pinned down, but they are saved by Fatina and Utu, and while they’re keeping the assassins busy, Gremica and her assistant Acra prepare a special attack. This attack appears to take care of the young girl, and Gremica subsequently flees through the door to the next area. That leaves Jil and company to handle the other assassin, and they manage to disable it temporarily via some teamwork.

Neeba and Kaaya have come under attack from the other two assassins by this point, and they realize that these assassins are the soulless artificial soldiers that Pazuz released. The two manage to escape after Kaaya casts a Heat Body spell on Neeba, and he uses the power it gives him to smack the two assassins away. The resulting whirlpool sends them underwater, but fortunately this is where the door to the next area is located. Jil and company meanwhile make their way through a dark tunnel, and Fatina and Utu question if Henaro knows who the assassins are since she’s been acting weird. Henaro, however, doesn’t give them a straight answer. Fatina then expresses her concern for Jil, but he’s fine, and the group soon arrives at the next area. This new place has blue skies and green fields, and there’s a large house in the distance. Back in the jungle, Coopa, Melt, and the Golden Knights come across one of the unconscious assassins. Around this same time in Meskia, Kelb learns from an old man that Gilgamesh is planning on invading neighboring countries and could do crueler things. This is on full display in front of Ethana in the form of the corpses of dissidents.


That was an unexpectedly good episode. I thought we might get more of what we saw last week, but this episode actually had a significant amount of Kaaya and Neeba, more than the rest of the series so far combined. The two are more of an odd couple than I thought since they’re not really romantically linked (despite this scene) and have opposing ideologies, and despite their teamwork here, I have to wonder if they can stick together to the very end. On the topic of Kaaya, she looked like she’s aged a lot, though I’m not sure if that’s just a factor of the animation quality this week or not. This episode also had those assassins who I had long ago forgotten about. The little girl was kind of annoying, but this creates another side to the battles, and I always enjoy a good three-way fight (the one this week doesn’t quite count though). Henaro’s connection to them is also interesting in that the implication that she knows them makes me think that she might eventually betray Jil and company.

Next week looks to have everyone reuniting with Ahmey as they reach the place where Neeba and Kaaya started the series. I still don’t understand what Neeba and Kaaya were doing for six months since it obviously hasn’t taken Jil and company that long to get to this point, but maybe we’ll find out next time.


  1. Omni, according to Gonzo’s subs, Kaaya said they have only been here for 10 days, which means either time passes very slowly in the Mystical Tower or it has its own time frame.

    Ep6 was suprisingly good in story and content compared to last week’s rather pointless ep5. But sadly the animation quality is off and the art is just totally bad this week.

  2. Kaaya and Neeba have taken 10 days since entering the mythical tower.
    Clearly time outside the mythical tower runs faster.

    Which explains why Ethana at the end is seeing Gilgamesh deteriorate much faster than he should be in Jil-time.

    But it doesnt explain why Kelb is still at Kaaya’s school.

  3. I thought the part when Jil gets a Haste boost from Henaro and runs toward Gremica was sorta “WTF?”.
    I mean he didn’t really zip past her guard or anything and Gremica went “Fast!”. Also the movements there seem very awkward.

  4. Because then she goes “not fast enough” and he gets blown back like a rag doll. It was more for comedy then for any sorta serious fighting.

    As for Kaaya and Neeba, yeah they don’t share the same ideals but so what? If you ask me he’s showing way more interest in what she thinks compared to any other character he’s interacted with in the whole show so far. Plus at the end when the fighting is over he’s looking at her with a different look (I think he’ll start to think of her better now).

    Also the ep bothered to have Fatina grab Jils hand and show yet again that she worries about him.

    Sure going with the OP/ED you’d figure it’ll be all Kaaya x Jil. But seriously why waste time developing Fatinas character to the extent they have (more than any other secondary character) if she’s just going to get kicked to the curb once Jil meets with Kaaya again?

    And one last thing to think about. Is Jil even the type of character who would just blow off Fatina if he knew she really likes him as well (specially after taking care of him for half a year and so on?)

    Either way, Fatina >>>> Kaaya imo.

    Now just to see how this plays out.

  5. @ Agree with “frubam”. The animation was really off in this episode. Well, maybe because of 5 episodes good animation. They can’t afford in every episode good animation.

    So far season 2 is really great.

  6. I have to agree the animation in that episode was a huge downgrade compared to normal. And overall it was kind of confusing and pointless to show the views of every party there, woulda been nice if they just confused on one group.

  7. I really have to re-read my comment before i post it since im the confusing one :p Well I meant to say woulda been nice if they just focused on one group the whole episode, maybe just neebas or jils just to keep the mood.

  8. fucking failed. at the rate this is going, i can see it already crumbling. the animation looked like crap too. even animes dating back to the 90’s looked much better than shown in this episode. kaaya, again, is pathetic. Neeba, as someone mentioned, is acting like Sasuke from Naruto. No one gives a crap. Mop around all you want you piece of shit. If you want to play that role, then don’t get anyone involved and do everything in your own power to solve it. if you can’t, don’t don’t act arrogant.

    prediction, prediction predictions.

    Kaaya gets raped by Neeba, but it really wouldn’t be called rape since she’ll eventually enjoy it and forget about Jil. And for Fatina, I’m sure they’ll slowly wrap Jiil and her together until the encounter with Neeba. Fatina will have second thought and move on from Jil and back to Neeba again. Thus, Neeba will conquer 2 main heroine without even trying which is pretty much what happens around in the neighborhood I live in. Females go lose themselves in romance in daylight and turn to nuns by night due to heartbreak.

    I think that my prediction will eventually come true. Kaaya and Neeba will share a night together, or maybe a few before join Jil. *Think Berserk* Neeba will see Fatina getting real close to Jil and in jealously, rapes Fatina and making her lose her sanity. She then forgets about Jil and dislikes him, but runs to Neeba with her legs parting, exposing her genital to Neeba. That’s what rape does to a person. It makes them become infatuated with the assailant. Well, it holds true for Berserk anyways. 🙁

    Jil will lose everything he ever truly loved and care for, turning into the next god that will rule the tower. Unleashing “Death Panda” on all whom trespasses his asylum. Tearing and ripping them apart whilst he fucks their brain into splats.

  9. Yep. It’s true.

    If they’re honestly trying to make us feel or sympathize with Neeba, it’s not working. Of course yaoi fans would do anything for Neeba. I’m sure Omni is on the same boat as them. Other than yaoi yaoi butt sex fans, I’m sure the audience would rather dispose of him now, instead of developing his character into a likeable person. There is no way I will change my opinion of him, unless he rapes Kaaya in the coming episodes.

  10. About the ‘six months in the tower’ thing.

    Kaaya said that they are there for only 10 days.
    The time inside the tower flows in a different way.

    Maybe the tower is connect with the island of Lost 😀

  11. Every since the FatimaxJil shipping, people seem to have started insulting Kaaya and whatnot just because they know she will more likely be with Jil. Even if her decision was not good in a way, it’s still a decision that she decided to go for to help Jil. Calling her a hoe or whatnot is not good. It’s like you can’t get some girl and started insult her. Reminds me of this guy who literally call this girl a bitch after she politely decline to go out with him. Sad sad sad.

    @ andynai

    “There is no way I will change my opinion of him, unless he rapes Kaaya in the coming episodes.” <- Lol what? Am I misunderstanding you here? So you would have a better opinion of him if he rapes Kaaya?

  12. I was wondering what happened to those coffins those guys were carrying around, for the majority of the first season.{I guess they were filled with super soldiers)

    Any way we get some Henaro development this week and an update on were Kaaya and Neeba are at. Which apparently isn’t far since Jil and co have are at the point were they started at when the series began. Kinda makes you think….Also it seems that Henaro may have a connection to the “super soldiers” lets hope its one that wouldn’t involve her betraying the group.


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