Although he’s no longer considered the strongest in Academy City, Accelerator can still handle a group of thugs with ease. He feels, however, that something has changed. On his way home one night, he finds himself being followed by a girl wearing only a ragged blanket, and she calls herself Misaka. More specifically, she’s Misaka No. 20001, code named Last Order, and she claims that because the experiment was stopped, she got thrown out of the incubator. She wants Accelerator to contact the researchers for her, and though he doesn’t want to, she follows him all the way to his apartment. Even when they find his place trashed, Last Order wants to stay there anyway because she wants to be with someone. The next day, Accelerator takes her to a family restaurant because she’s hungry, and while they’re there, he spots a scientist named Amai Ao outside. When Amai recognizes Accelerator, he speeds away in his car, and Accelerator doesn’t give chase.

With Last Order enjoying her meal, Accelerator questions how she can be so calm with him if she knows what he did to the other Sisters. Last Order responds by explaining that each Misaka’s life is worth something, so they feel that they can’t die any more, and they’re grateful to Accelerator because it was thanks to the experiment based on him that they got souls. She also theorizes that he didn’t really want to do the experiment and points to how he talked to the other Misakas in order to scare them and make them not want to fight. Getting tired of this, Accelerator leaves her in the restaurant even though she appears sick. He then heads to a scientist acquaintance of his named Yoshikawa to get a manual and equipment for adjusting the Sisters’ bodies. Yoshikawa is surprised because, just a little earlier, she had discovered a virus inside the Sisters. She explains that Last Order was never intended to be part of the experiment and is instead the command center of the Misaka network.

Someone has put bad code into Last Order, and to defend against that, the girl escaped from the lab. The virus is set to activate at midnight, and if it does, Sisters will go berserk and likely attack humans . Yoshikawa then reveals that the suspect is Amai Ao, and although she’s working on how to stop the virus, she gives Accelerator two options right now: capture Amai Ao and get him to explain the virus, or protect and return Last Order to the incubator. Accelerator chooses the latter.


This episode was okay, but the story in general is back to being slow to develop. A lot of it is spent on introducing Last Order – who’s incidentally quite cute – and on why Accelerator’s not really a bad guy, and things don’t get going until the end. I guess they do a decent job presenting Accelerator in a positive light, but given that the entire episode followed him without our main protagonists Index and Touma, I don’t give them too much credit because I think it’d be hard to just continue hating him the entire time (someone will prove me wrong I’m sure). The moral of all this is obviously that young girls are the solution to reforming villains, and again I point to Sesshoumaru and Rin from InuYasha.

I’d be actually interested in seeing what happens if the virus does manage to activate and the Sisters did start attacking everyone, but I doubt that’s going to happen. Instead, it looks like Accelerator will protect Last Order, maybe grow a little as a character, we’ll find out what Amai Ao was up to, and that’ll be that. In short, I’m not expecting much.


  1. good ep, not the best though
    Although the plot is a bit obvious, I like it.
    maybe accelerator can reverse the path of the virus
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. haven’t read the novels yet, but after seeing most of Amai Ao’s facial expression, it doesn’t seem like h’s harbouring any malice. Instead, he just looks scared most of the time.

    Here’s a thought… perhaps the virus isn’t really a virus? Perhaps it’s a mini program that will help the Sisters unlock their emotions, or something? You know, like Chobit’s ending? And since beings with emotions are so much more unpredictable, the higher ups want it removed or completely destroyed?

    A naked, loli biri-biri clone with an ahoge that is longer than half the height of her head… I can only guess which demographic the producers of this episode are after. Too bad I can’t get used to her talking-in-the-third-person speech.

  3. Well thats one way to insert a plot device (no pun intended). I guess this is in a attempt to bring light back into the Misaka clones story. Which has almost been swept under the rug till now. Its pretty obvious whats gonna happen next episode, but i may be wrong.

  4. Is it me, or isn’t the title of this series (in English) “A Certain Magical Index”? The title character hasn’t done anything except bite Touma’s head and be used as fanservice since the first arc ended. Instead, every arc seems to add someone else to Touma’s harem and put Touma in the hospital. While this series does a good job of keeping things interesting, it’s flaws make it harder to watch each time. I hope the story goes back to Index and stays away from useless side-arcs like the vampire one.

  5. anon234, the title is just a holdover from the first novel. The main character is Touma, although the story occasionally focuses on Accelerator. If you go into it thinking Index is the lead, you will be sorely disappointed. Index is mostly there for comic relief.

    Having said that, the final arc the anime covers will have a bit more Index than any in a while, although she’s not the focus of the arc. It won’t happen again though until vol 13 or so though which maybe the anime could get to in a possible second season, so enjoy it for now.

    As for useless side arcs, yeah, the deep blood arc is honestly useless. There’s a reason they cut it out from the manga after all. But even the Angel fall arc does set a few things up for later on. The Accelerator and Last Order arcs aren’t useless though, and even Mikoto’s story from vol 5, the one with “Mitsuki” is relevant.

  6. despite Index being the titular character, Touma is the real protagonist, and Mikoto is a co-heroine alongside Index.

    Hopefull these guys will eventuall really form a Kamijo Clout. With what they have so far (an invincile barrier, a shocker, a fire mage, a swordsman, a spy, a knowledgable teacher, 103,000 spelllbooks, a super-psychic and a Vampire Killer) they would be unbeatable.

  7. Honestly speaking… even if the title makes reference to the same thing… “To Aru Kinsho Mokuroku” seems like a better title since it doesn’t reference Index directly. -A certain forbidden magical book-

    If anything is really useless on this series, its Index. The only useful part of her is her brain, where the grimoires are stored. Sadly her awesome brain is filled with them, leaving her being an air-head, lol.

    Touma’s the main character and has been always (except this episode which focuses on others for the first time). 1st arc – Touma and Index. 2nd arc – Touma, Styl and Himegawa, 3rd Arc Touma and Mikoto, 4th Arc Touma, Tsuchimikado and Kanzaki. – 5thA Arc Touma and Mikoto. 5thB Accelerator and Last Order. To summarize… Mikoto has had more screentime than Index… despite Index’s name being on the title. Yes… the name should be another one. Oh well.

  8. Well, Mikoto’s already got her own series as well (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun/A Certain Scientific Railgun), which focuses more on psychics. She’s the protagonist, but the male main character’s still Touma.

  9. I seem to have taken a wierd approach to watching this.

    I watched first two episodes skipped to second arc then watched 3rd arc and now am starting here again.

    Call it weird, but I’m enjoying the series like this.

  10. Yeah, I skipped the first arc too. The manga had a better version of it.

    PS: The Kamijo Clout could also summon an army thanks to the newest addition. Now if only they could find each other…

  11. I just watched Munto/SoraHiMi, and the preview for it had Munto saying aloud he wasn’t a ‘lolicon’. It would have been funny if they used those lines for this episode. ^^

    I enjoyed this epi. because my speculations about Accelerator were correct. Misunderstood and needing some love, we all need a little Misaka Misaka or Rin in your case. The next epi. will probably end their mini-arc, but it won’t be the last time we see them. (no pun intended) They’ll become part of Touma’s supposed ‘occult’. Hope to see where that part will be heading.

  12. I really like how the anime turns out heh~

    Mission 19: Last Order!
    Primary Objective:
    -Catch Amai Aoi
    -Protect Last Order

    Side Quest:
    -Get in touch with your lolicon side
    -Be indirectly involve with Touma’s Kamyjou Clout
    -Feed Last Order 500 yen worth of food or more

    The enigmatic Moondoggiebuiscuit
  13. You know, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Everything on the “science side” is fascinating to me: the whole sisters plot, the supplementary side story we get from the Railgun manga about Mitoko and the judgement characters, and this part about accelerator now, are all really interesting. That being said, I’ve been bored to tears during every Index/Stiyl/Kanzaki story. Religion and magic just isn’t very interesting when you have a beautifully set city full of pseudo-futuristic technology and ESP.

    Index is past the point of useless – she’s downright annoying; but Mikoto and Accelerator and Kuroko, and even Touma, still have my undivided attention.

  14. Azure, what about episode 18 (best ep ever)? It focused more on magic, but it used science characters. First combintion we see of a sci-fi + magic + romance + comedy + tsundere moe in a single glorious episode.

  15. i cant believe this your given perfectly gud loli and and all you give is complaints about the the plot and were the story is going.Truly ppl wut are u watching it for dynamic plot intriguing characters ,loli cutes ppl know something

    loli= win
    Misaka LOLi=epic win
    Best Episode Ever

  16. What I like the most about this series is how the main character, or at least the title character, is the one that has appeared the less on the whole series.

    Awesome Index-less anime, all hail Misaka and her sisters army!

  17. Sheesh, this episode was like having a brain freeze or headache for 20 minutes…
    Ok i thought Misaka’s clones were annoying, referring to themselves in third person and describing their thoughts/actions in the same sentense, then get ready for this. I just dont understand how the Seiyuu or whatever could repeat,

    “But there’s nowhere else MISAKA can go as MISAKA as MISAKA gives up hope.”
    3 MISAKAs in one sentence for 20 minutes is just too much.

  18. Khrno
    What I like the most about this series is how the main character, or at least the title character, is the one that has appeared the less on the whole series.

    Awesome Index-less anime, all hail Misaka and her sisters army!


    Really? In fact Index obviously own more screentime than Mikoto.
    As for who own more screentime in each Ep
    Index 15Ep – Ep1-9,15,17,21-24
    Mikoto 6Ep – Ep10-14,18
    None of them 3Ep – Ep16,19-20

    People just think that Mikoto got more screentime than Index , because her story that continuously from Ep 10-14,18
    But that’s all , after this Mikoto is almost air compare to Index
    As for who own more screentime in each volumes of a Novel
    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. Yeah, but she is just for comic relief now. Mikoto continues to do a lot more than that.

    BTW, who do you think would win in a fight? Accelerator or Superman? My money’s on Accelerator. (It’s like Wobbuffett vs Mewtwo, get hit once and then MIRROR COAT/COUNTER and the legendary is toast. Supes will just get self ownage. XD)

  20. @Plant42

    Uhh… you are counting Index on Himegawa’s arc and on Angel Fall’s arc despite she being a background character that appeared for less than 10 minutes counting all those episodes? If so… Mikoto has just not appeared on Himegawa’s arc… on Index’s arc we saw her fighting Touma and arguing with him… while on Angel Fall’s we saw someone else with her face… unless you count male-Index…

  21. @RyougaZell

    It’s not matter how much time she appeared since it’s the contest about “who get more screen time”(And Ididn’t count Ep16 cuz Index is in Pierce’s body right there, while she’s not in Ep 15,17)

    No after the end of their arc(Novel 1,3) both Index and Mikoto did’nt participate in the story that much(not more than in a comic relief and romance way.(well we won’t include imouto since they were counted as other characters)
    Except that in some volume Index get an important role.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And of course she get more screentime than Mikoto.After Ep 18 Mikoto is “Air” she appear once in the next arc(Ep 21-24) where Index rules.
    No Mikoto in Novel Vol.7 (which will be the first long arc of 2nd season)it takes a long time til she get more role with Touma again in novel vol.9(aroud Ep 10 of season 2 I think).

  22. @magnumslinger

    Just a rough calculation from the importance of that vol.
    Oh forgot to mention about vol.8
    Show Spoiler ▼

  23. Excuse me but all you are wrong Mikoto what has she done in this episode?? Nothing, you see? in this series Mikoto like the other girls lost her protagonism since their respective arc.
    Index: First arc, Aisa: Second arc, Mikoto: Third arc, etc. Since then they only have pointless(or plotles) participations, Index biting Touma, Aisa being ignored, Mikoto harrased by Kuroko, etc.

    The only main character is Touma…. and maybe his bad luck but it isn’t a character XD.

    @Ryouga Zell: I correct you, Index also was a main character in the 5th arc, and the next arc, the 6th. Thinking about it Index has since the 6th arc more relevants role while Mikoto only for some fun moments…. eh… you stil have railgun, right?


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