When questioned about the whereabouts of Veda, Revive claims not to know, and he chuckles at the idea that Celestial Being is going to recapture it because Veda was originally created for the Innovators to use. That leads to Sumeragi asking what the Innovators plan to do with Veda, so Revive replies mysteriously that it’s for the upcoming dialogue. He comments on the limit of humans when the others don’t understand him, and that prompts Lyle to say that Revive doesn’t seem omnipotent since he got caught. Revive surprises everyone by revealing that he got caught on purpose, and as if on cue, Feldt suddenly informs them over the com system that Anew shot Lasse and took Mileina hostage. Everyone is surprised to hear that Anew is an Innovator, and Revive takes it as his cue to leave. Setsuna tries to stop him, but Revive explains that he and Anew are of the same type, so their thoughts can be connected via quantum brain waves, and if something happened to him, then the hostage’s safety could not be guaranteed. Sumeragi and the others thus have no choice but to let Revive go, and moments later, the ship’s systems go offline thanks to a virus.

Anew is currently forcing Mileina to bring out the 00 Gundam, but as they then move towards the hanger, they are stopped by Soma. Soma sees the Innovators as being behind everything and blames them for Sergei’s death, however before she can do anything, Setsuna and Lyle find them. Lyle immediately makes a plea for Anew to stop, and he surprisingly accepts her offer to come with her. Setsuna takes the cue to shoot Lyle, and Anew’s genuine concern for him opens up an opportunity for him to grab Mileina. Anew is forced to run, and instead of immediately pursuing, Setsuna first checks up on Lyle who turns out to just have a bruise on his shoulder from where the bullet grazed him. Revive meanwhile makes his way into the hanger and launches with the 0 Raiser. Unable to get the 00 Gundam, Anew has to settle for just a shuttle. Lyle and Setsuna pursue in their respective Gundams, and they’re able to catch up easily by using the Cherudim’s Trans-Am. They also have an additional trump card: a Haro inside the 0 Raiser that initiates the docking sequence with the 00 Gundam.

Revive has no control over the 00 Raiser and realizes that he has to give up on the 0 Raiser. He does, however, use a rifle that he brought along to shoot up the cockpit and make his escape, and Anew subsequently rescues him in the shuttle. Lyle points the Cherudim’s gun at the shuttle, but in his head, he suddenly hears Anew ask if he’s going to shoot her. He tries to tell himself to fire, but after remembering all of the memories he had with her, Lyle is unable. Unbeknownst to him, as Anew flies away, she notes that she really does love him. At around this same time, Ribbons is meeting with Louise onboard one of the A-LAWS ships and asks about her health. He thinks that they should prescribe her a new medicine, and before she can really respond, he reminds her that he gave her the medicine to control the cell abnormality that’s eating away at her body because she wanted a unified world without strife and because she wanted to avenge her parents. He also points out that he brought her a mobile armor called the Regnant, and he wants her to become the first Innovator in the human race and lead this world. Louise, with her eyes glowing now, tells him that she understands.

Back on the Ptolemaios, Feldt updates Sumeragi on the status of the ship and on how some data was taken and deleted. Sumeragi knows that the enemy will attack soon, but Ian needs more time to work on the 0 Raiser. Setsuna meanwhile finds Lyle frustrated over Anew’s betrayal, and he tells Lyle that Anew will show up on the battlefield. Lyle claims that he understands that their enemies are the Innovators and that he’ll do what he needs to, but Setsuna tells him not to try to act tough. Feeling that Lyle doesn’t have any reason to fight Anew, Setsuna vows to pull the trigger if that time comes, and he doesn’t mind if Lyle resents him afterward. As expected, the Innovators do attack, and they bring along Louise onboard the Regnant and Anew onboard her own custom mobile suit. Hiling isn’t expecting a hard fight because of the conditions the Ptolemaios and the 00 Gundam are in, and their goal is still to capture the latter. Celestial Being faces them with only the Cherudim, the Archer Arios, and the Seravee Gundams. What surprises the Gundam Meisters is that the Regnant’s main cannon beams are able to bend at sharp angles, making them very hard to avoid.

Not concerned about the mobile armor, Lyle is instead looking for Anew, and he soon finds himself clashing with her. Though not afraid to shoot at each other, neither of them do much damage to each other’s mobile suits at first. With Lyle occupied, Allelujah, Tieria, and Soma struggle against their opponents, and when Tieria fires a massive blast with the Seravee, Louise easily blocks it with the Regnant’s GN field. The Arios then gets hit and suffers quite a bit of damage. Lyle meanwhile combats Anew’s GN Fangs with his own Shield Bits, and he questions why they have to fight. Anew’s answer is that it’s because he’s a human and she’s an Innovator. When Lyle wonders if their feelings for each other were lies, Anew doesn’t answer him, so he initiates the Cherudim’s Trans-Am and pounds her mobile suit with beam fire. Instead of finishing her off though, he rips open the front of her mobile suit and tells her that he’s making her his woman again, even if she’s an Innovator. Moved to tears, Anew almost gets out of her cockpit, but at the last moment, Ribbons takes over and has her strike him back while he’s most vulnerable. Ribbons has her destroys most of the Cherudim’s Shield Bits, all while saying that the Innovators are the ones who will lead mankind. Ribbons believes that Innovators are the superior species, and he can’t stand them being thought of as equal to humans.

Lyle begs for Anew to stop, but she doesn’t let up and finally charges at him to finish him off. Before she can reach him though, a beam suddenly pierces through her mobile suit. It came from the just-arrived 00 Raiser in Trans-Am mode, and the particles it spreads as it passes them sends Lyle and Anew into the dream-like world. In each other’s arms, Anew tells Lyle that she’s glad she was an Innovator because otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to meet him, and without him, she feels that she wouldn’t have had the will power to live. She’s also glad to hear Lyle confirm to her that they understood each other, and moments later, her mobile suit explodes. Sometime later, once the attack is over and they’re all back on the Ptolemaios, Lyle punches Setsuna repeatedly for killing Anew. Lyle believes that she was trying to return not as an Innovator, but as a human, however he soon loses the strength to hit Setsuna and just cries for Anew. The person this has the most effect on is Saji who realizes that this happened even though Lyle and Anew understood each other, and he knows that he and Louise will go through this some day. Watching Lyle cry, Setsuna hears Marina’s voice and song echo.


If there were ever a time to hate Ribbons with a passion, it’d be now. He not only controls Louise into battle (more on this in a moment), he manipulates Anew to fight Lyle at a moment when it looked like she was about to go to him – Lyle makes such a nice little speech too about making her his woman again. What’s tragic is that Anew really did love Lyle, and he had already chosen the path of getting her back instead of killing her, yet she still got killed. You can’t really blame Setsuna either since he did what he said he was going to and saved Lyle in the process. I’m left with just sympathy towards what Lyle is going through when he punches Setsuna afterwards and hatred for Ribbons. #@^&ing Ribbons.

Anew’s death doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but it did reach its conclusion a bit sooner than I expected. Most likely what happened here will have some effect in the coming episodes (of which there aren’t too many remaining) on how Setsuna and Saji approach the issue of Louise. I suspect Louise and Saji are too important of a main couple for them to not end up together in some way, but I do worry about how Ribbons will try to screw that up as well. The whole making-Louise-an-Innovator thing and having Ribbons be able to manipulate her is troubling, however it’s probably not something that a good particle-induced dream-like sequence by the 00 Raiser can’t fix – that certainly seems to be the only thing these days that surprises Ribbons anyway.

On a somewhat different note: as much as I love trust you – which I talked about plenty earlier this week after I watched its PV – I thought that the way the song suddenly started right before Anew’s mobile suit exploded was incredibly jarring and much too strong for that moment. Certainly the lyrics reflect Lyle and Anew’s relationship quite well (just as it does Saji and Louise’s), but a softer start would have been much better. As for next week, the preview seems to indicate that Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long aren’t dead yet, and it looks like Setsuna and Mr. Bushido will finally have another battle.


  1. so i guess lyle’s gonna go berserk on the other innovators. >_>
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. seeing how the ED song goes i suspect that everyone will die except for setsuna, since he is the only one alive at the ED song. as for lyle and anew, well at least both stay true to their feelings for each other.

  3. I guess this is shows the main difference in Lyle compared to his brother, Neil. It’s obvious that Neil is far more skilled than he can ever be, I was quite impressed at Neil’s battle with Ali Al Sachez despite only having a single eye (the bad eye at that) in battle. If only Lyle was more skilled he might’ve been able to take down the suit without having to kill the pilot, like taking out its weapons perhaps. Anyways, whats done is done, though I share ur opinion about hating Gibbons. I for one, don’t wish for a Lyle and Feldt ending.

    BTW did Revive die this episode? Or was it only Anew?

  4. Yeah, Anew left quick! Just as the <3 was going good, but it seems sunrise hates romance in 00, they always screw it up to advance the plot. Sure we can understand Lyles side and why he hit Setsuna, but it’s not like Setsuna wanted to kill Anew if he didn’t have to. A good test of ones character shows up in these types of hard situations and what you decide to do.

    It’s like Setsuna is taking all the sins/pain/responsibility on his shoulders now. If he didn’t pull the trigger to Kill Anew that’d put it on Lyles hands (unless he’d just sit there and let her kill him?). This way Setsuna in a way saved him from even more pain etc.

    Ribbons controlling Anew though, and now also being able to control Louise doesn’t look good for Louise at all. Not that I like her or care if she makes it, but this episode just means her odds of living through this just tanked imo.

    Next ep seems to have what I hope is the end of the Al x Marie/Soma bit. Al needs to get through and show the <3 to the Soma personality if he ever wants to get the Marie side back again.

  5. I forgot, NEVER SAY “I LOVE YOU” TO SOMEONE IN ANIME BECUASE THAT PERSON DIED!!!! I agred with GP. Now I think Wang is gone to make something bad to Nena in the next episode.
    About Lyle and Felt, well maybe something happend, we must remerber he give to her a kiss.

  6. hoho.. Neil died in s1 ep23 lyle probably last till s2ep23 max if he is going on rage mode vs the innovator…
    ribbons probably the final boss with ultra strong suit..
    ali seems to disappear into thin air…

    gundam 00
  7. is it only me that thinks that the red coloured GN particles different than it was before?? -.-
    Anew…you died too fast…T^T
    I thought i can see you and Lyle married after the war…lol -.-
    Now…will Lyle be paired up with Feldt? hehe…
    Oh God..Setsuna got punched…
    Ribbons..I hate you the most!!
    The mobile suits Anew is in makes me think of Hatsune it because the colour? zzz
    Next ep..Allelujah X Soma/Marie..i wonder when will Marie returns..after another shock? whatever..i hope Soma will accept Allelujah..I’m a little pity of Allelujah..he’s caring for her so much yet he got scolded..haiz…
    Well, if Louise continues to get controlled by Ribbons..will it be harder for Saji to get her back? Or they’ll use ‘Love Power’? hehe…

  8. I knew either Lyle and/or Anew probably would have died before the end of the series but Anew just died so quickly. I mean she just died just like that. I’m not saying she should have lingered in agony but there should have been more events before one of them croaked.

    Man, at this rate the best the main characters can hope for is to die in the arms of the one whom they love.

    NUUUUUUUUU~GUNDAM 00 IS SCREWED WITH HAPPY ENDINGS!! ROFL!!! I wonder if they all end up dead at the end of the series. =_=”

  10. seriously, what the fuck with everyone being an ‘innovator’, I mean this stuff with Louise and this theme where everyone but cool characters are capable of surviving everything also sucks, but well, that’s how gundams are

    in first season, Lockon died, and his lover was left alone, now Lockon’s lover died, and he’s left alone, makes sense

  11. @GP
    why you blame sunrise? blame the director (seiji mizushima) and his staf if you dont like something in 00

    setsuna, why you always interfere at people relationship (saji X louis, sumeragi x billy, lyle x anew)….

  12. I feel sorry for Setsuna!!! hes the only one there with the sligtest bit of professionalism and all the men around him all love sick and flitting about like hormonal women and hes the only one who is woefully dissapointing right now!!! its funny how things flipflop like that!!!!

  13. For those of you who watched it already…did anyone notice that only Healing and Revive’s shuttles (without mobile suits) returned with Louise’s mobile armor?
    Which means that Setsuna must have destroyed those two before/after he shot Anew.


  14. Problem is… Few Gundam series seem to leave a good chunk of their main characters dead, brain damaged, in pieces, missing some pieces, or simply missing.

    Man, do I have to pray on my father’s grave(…and he isn’t even dead yet. No offense dad!) so the series is either extended with some more episodes or have a third season to avoid another half-baked series?

  15. @kuro

    I don’t blame sunrise or the staff, just saying that so far they’ve been using the formula of messing with or adding drama to a pair/relationship in order to move the plot along.

    I don’t hate it as long as you don’t over do it, and so far they haven’t, Saji and Louise relationship drama moves the plot along well, And Al x Marie was pretty fast in the making so you knew there’d be more to it than just that (it’s a shame the old bear had to die for that pair to hit some bumps.) But I think that pair will work out in the end unlike Lyle and Anew which also didn’t get much development, it sorta just happened for the sake of the plot really, but you felt something was going to happen to that as well and it did in 19 and now in 20.

    It’s all fine, my point was that sunrise is messing with the pairings and adding drama/angst etc to help move the plot along. In other shows any romance is it’s own subplot or very secondary and doesn’t play a part in the main story/plot.

  16. Edit (due to spelling errors):

    feel sorry for Setsuna!!! hes the only one there with the sligtest bit of professionalism and all the men around him all love sick and flitting about like hormonal women and hes the only one who is ‘NOT’ woefully dissapointing right now!!! its funny how things flipflop like that!!!!

  17. Also @Mak im not sure what you’re responding to.

    + Im bored and when im bored my mind wanders into the pointless, the irratating and the extreme

    Heres this weeks thought!

    If lelouch (The ultimate antihero/Hero) from Code Geass were placed in the 00 universe with all his powers intact! and given a choice! (Using what we know about his character) Who do you think he’d ally himself with? libbons or Celestial Being, and to what end. ?

    (The ultimate symptom of my mental idleness!!!)

    K im going out now but i expect one good answer from atleast 1 of you!

  18. first rule of gundam: never fall in love, you’re just destined for disappointment, or an early funeral.

    and for those who are wondering why sunrise is killing off all the romances, it’s because happy endings are for girls

  19. How else can Sunrise get everyone so worked up and excited about the show if romances aren’t built up and then suddenly smashed to shit? 🙂

    I think Ribbons will meet one of these endings:
    (1) Get blown up with his base/super weapon
    (2) Shot to death by a vengeful Lyle/Nena
    (3) Get severe head trauma during battle and turn into a vegetable
    (4) Dissected by Setsuna using his beloved Gundam 00

  20. So Wang Liu Mei is safe then well nt for long anyway. And Lasse had problems with GN particles before right if I remember correctly him and Sumragi were talking about it saying how dangerous it was for him to get hurt anymore. So could lasse die or be off. And didnt ribbons tell wang liu mei it was impossible for a human to become an innovater so how does lousie have the abilty? And also Nina was angry over ali al s, so why is working for ribbons.

  21. @ whatever

    lacus is sloppy seconds, after flay got vaporised, worse is that she’s sloppy seconds from his best friend athrun who went chasing after cagalli, and that didn’t turn out well either.

    in addition Mwu was supposed to stay dead, but GSD kinda shat all over that (along with a bunch of other things).

    plus setsuna doesn’t love gundam, he idolises them

  22. I guessed Anew’s death was inevitable. Everyone who knew that Anew is dead can’t do anything too, look at Setsuna, he has the look of “I don’t want it to end up like this either”. I supposed Lyle blaming Setsuna is a normal reaction for everyone if your girl was killed by your friend, at least i hoped he don’t blame the wrong person – he should blame Ribbons.

    As for why Sunrise likes to break up couples and end up killing them, because THIS IS NOT A SHOUJO ANIME…ahem.. Still, i guessed this is life.. There’s no happy ending (even Setsuna x Gundam D:), unless they’ve been through lots of obstacles and remains together without any boundries.

    P.S I am glad that the relationship between Lyle and Anew was a true love.

    Pardon me for my english as well.

  23. Ribbons Almark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was very intense. Setsuna was forced to give the death blow to Anew. Sad indeed. Lyle is still in agony. Interesting enough Ribbons was kicked out of Anew’s mind once 00-Raiser spread its GN particles.

  24. @Mak i didnt twist anything u sed there was just a poorly placed + sign! i was merely say i didnt understand what you were reffering to whilst posing a random question to the rest of the Readers!!!

    @EdgeM 1) theres a ‘t’ in @ lol 2) Veda she completes him but libbons took her away from him now hes lonely!!!!! 😛 lol but seriously my point stands on the grounds that hes having family problems with te rest of the innovators!!!

    @alster1985 Arent you more curious/confused by where CB store all thier spare parts in their relatively small space ship !!!!

    So yeah people ho watched code geass answer my previous question please for a laugh (on page 3)

    I had another thought!! If it were any other gundam lead they probably would have been able to save both parties! he could have shot the weapon!! Kira used to do it all the time damn you setsuna!!!! curse you 😛 lol jokes

  25. As sad as I am for Anew dying (purple-haired girls FTW), I’m hoping that her death seves to save the relationships of the others. Also, now both Lyle and Feldt have lost someone dear to them…

  26. This episode made me realize that none of the characters in a relationship might survive any of this: Setsuna x Marie, Saji x Louise, and others characters in a reltionship because anew’s death had some effect on the other characters thanks to Ribbons stupendious greed,he even went as far as controlling Louise.Now lyle is probably on a suicide mission in the preview he is seen holding a gun looks like he is trying to leave the Ptolemaios Allelujah and Soma/ Marie seems to be having a dispute saji fears that what happened to lyle might happen to him it is most likely that Mr Bushido is going to die next episode wishful thinking as the opening theme shows lyle is seen with an umbrella maybe vistin a grave of brother or late wife to be and Saji with a different in an apartment with Louise looking at the sky through the window looks like he won her back and Soma/Marie might die or go missing cuz Allelujah is seen walking alone until he suddenly turns his back due to a vision of Soma/Marie,Tieria Erde seems to have embraced his innovator side but in the ending theme he goes berserk and shoots the mirror with gun pointing back at Ribbons,Regene and maybe healing. Setusuna reaching out with his hands to a female’s hand who is likely to be Marie in a dream like world only time will tell whether Setsuna and Marie can overcome all odds cuz Setsuna has a lot of enemies

    Nello & Nano
  27. This episode is f’ed up because of how Anew died. The title totally threw us all off! We thought that since it does not have Sumeragi, she would die. But she still could, its just, man my friend whom I got hooked on this show is going to be pissed. He loved the original Lockon and he loves his replacement twin just as much too.

    Dang, going to have to comment more later, still kinda upset over these turn of events.

    The only upside I see is no more tracking of the CB gang.

  28. Setsuna will eventually redeem himself been that he thinks of himself as a man that cannot be saved from his fate which is to take his own and world’s enemies to hell with him .I don,t think Setsuna is the kind of character that has to suffer and has to take on everyone suffering just for him to dig a bigger hole for himself he does what needsw to be done at the woorst of times but dosn,t get rewarded if what happened to lyle happened to saji, saji would kill him without thinking twice.

    Peter Rice
  29. Looks like the other Dylandy is headed towards an unhappy ending as well… quite sad but this is Gundam after all. Things don’t look good for Saji and Louise either now that Ribbons can remote control Louise.

  30. I had a bad feeling she was gonna die in this episode, as much as I didn’t want it to happen 🙁 Makes me kinda sad now…;__; ;__;. God this will be like a rehash of Lockon’s death allllll over again. Better grab the tissues for this one ;___;

  31. The Armuro side of Ribbons must be pissed and crying at the same time that instant world domination may have been stopped by his own creation
    Red Haro: the best member of Celestial Being since LockoNeil

  32. I am looking forward to the re-appearance of Kady Manekin – remember she was missing for months according to a discussion of a-laws generals during the re-opening of african elevator. I am sure she must be pissed with the decision of a-laws to destroy the tower and the people. I hope she will join CB, work together with lisa and bring some defected a-laws with her for some much needed firepower. That will be nice!

  33. harsh man… harsh… maybe she ended up living… like the conspirists for Daniel’s (the first Lockon’s) survival from HIS terrible explosion….

    I’m one of the conspirators, I refuse to accept either of their deaths…

  34. I felt like Anew was going to die, but it didn’t impact me as some of the character’s deaths from season one.


    I swear on everything that is good, that if this Setsuna vs Bushido crap doesn’t end in the next episode then I’m going to slap everyone at the studio. Bushido was an interesting character when he played a larger role in season one. Now it just seems that he happens to show up at random moments for a fight in which nothing comes close to being resolved. He reminds me of Team Rocket except he’s not funny.

    Prime Synergy
  35. i hope they put something refreshing for the last 2 couples (dont tell me they are going to kill the girl again). death is not enough punishment for Ribbons in my opinion. also i want to know the secret of 00&setsuna, it seems that its not only you can hear other people voices but you also “FEEL” other peoples feelings according to sumeragi(ep 18 i think).

  36. hallelujah x soma
    allelujah x soma
    hallelujah x marie
    allelujah x marie

    =D hopefully one of these will happen, i don’t really care which one, i just want them to be together. since lyle x anew is dead, i’d say that this pairing is more likely to happen in the end.
    i’m really sad that anew died though, and i had to use some tissue watching that scene, but i mean come on, sunrise cant be THAT cruel to kill off ALL the cute couples, so i’m taking this as sunrise making room for alle and marie (or whatever -_-)
    and i can’t stand saji and louise…they’re kinda annoying.

  37. so they’ve taken the tragic path for anew… and i agreed that this could happen to sajixlouise. since setsuna once said to saji that he’ll do the fighting.

    i wonder if setsuna would’ve done the same thing if it was marina, instead of anew…^^

  38. Setsuna is going to the other side what does that mean i know he is going to die but innovator why sunrise really brings the reality to u he kills off characters that we have grown attached to and turns protagonist into the anatagonist (code geass) ribons needs to die slow like cut him into pieces and feed him to the dogs after frying him in the frypan.

    Peter Rice
  39. @wing
    first off: while ure right that the lovesick guys with cb are kinda pathetic, setsuna isnt the only professional, tieria still has all his brains on and does a pretty good job (its just that this late in the series his gundam is getting a little weak) and the major brain,cb’s very own vedareplacement sumeragi is also quite on top.

    now as too your request, lets spin out some fantasy shall we.
    id say its pretty clear lelouch would join ribbons in the beginning because:
    1. cb doesnt need him. any brain power/tactial-strategical leadership, which is half of his main strength is provided by sumeragi(id say theyre equally strong in that part)
    2. he can easily pass as an innovator, due to their similarities ( they both activate strange powers by doin some shit with their eyes, plus theyre undying/not aging (im convinced lelouch took the emps code) plus theyre both megalomaniacs 😉
    3.ultimetly lelouch is going to support the side which brings true peace to humankind,
    now so far ribbons claims that thats what hes trying to get and lelocuh wouldnt have too many problems with the methods used so far, BUT true peace in the long run certainly means not controlling the population via wmd and medai control, which means theyd have to come out in the open at some point, either using scapegoats like the fed gov then taking control or giving themselves up. those things dont seem very ribbons like.
    which brings us to:
    4. in joining the innovators hes in the perfect position to have a maximum effect by either outright betraying ribbons to cb, or going off on his own and take over veda and the fed gov (or most likely do both)

  40. Now that I have noticed it, few seconds after Setsuna shotdown Anew’s Mobile Suit and passed through her and Lyle, I think that the GN Particles which Gundam 00 scatters did cancel Ribbons and Anew’s Synchronization (Remote Desktop Lmao), which let Anew bid her last words.

    I don’t know but maybe this will play a big part in the near future.

  41. shit guys, since lyleXanew is off and i really dont see the super soldier couple surviving the series im starting to fear that saji and louise might be the only ones making it alive through the series. if so ill probably get sick and have to throw up and i certainly wont watch any of this series again.
    i mean honestly, first off they they havent contributed anything for the final peace (therefore they dont deserve profiting from the sacrifices made by others) and secondly theyre the most stupid, singleminded and egoistic characters in the whole series. that is so perfectly demonstrated by their meeting in ep 19.
    the first ones vocabulary consists of exactly one word (louise…) while he repeatedly makes himself deny reality (and i thought he had changed that, but no he goes right back to this doesnt concern us lets just go and try to egoistically let the world drown in disaster while we enjoy ourselves).
    the second ones vocalbulary consists off two words (saji… and an either angrily shouted gundam or stupidly slow gun…dam…) while she is quite literaly blind to reality, not able to tell red from white ( as in gn particels as well as in behaviour of a. the red guys who have absolutly no respect for life and b. the white guys who are the very first ones trying to safe civilians)
    probably the only good thing that can be said about them is that theyre quite well matched in their stupidity and ignorance. hell they dont deserve to live in peace but a slow and painfull death(at the hand of each other, so theyll feel betrayal and guilt in adition to plenty of physical pain)

    just gotta release some hatred 😉

    (anyone feel remotly the same about them?)

  42. Hmm… Personally I disliked this episode.

    1) Lyle didn’t shoot Anew during her escape.
    Now, I’m not wishing for her death but, quite honestly? You want to be one of the people who will reform the world, and yet you can’t press the trigger to kill TWO major enemies? Think of the weigh here… “Hmmm… Death of my love over death of 1 million people…. I choose death of 1 million people”

    2) Can Allelujah suck anymore?
    Seriously, how many episodes has it been since Allelujah managed to make ONE decent kill. Maybe my memory is bad but, so far it seems that the only time Arios gets a kill is when Hallelujah is piloting it. Otherwise, Allelujah just seems to be flying around like some bait, and not helping w-h-a-t-s-o-e-v-e-r. I pray for Hallelujah’s ultimate return or else Allelujah will just leech off of Gundam Meister’s repair budget.

    Understand, I still love the series. But Allelujah is really ticking me off with his uselessness.

  43. shouldn’t Ribbons be getting close to making a Tau GN-Drive that’s equal to a real one? I mean the Regnant’s field took the toughest blast from the Seravee… Its getting a bit crazy

  44. @Some_Dude

    I absolutely agree with point 2. They have wasted so much potential in Hallelujah and Allelujah and I suppose Graham as well. Nevertheless, I can’t hope for every character to get equal amounts of screen time in such a limiting season, but I still think it’s ridiculous to introduce something as appealing as Hallelujah and just hang him out to dry.

    Otherwise, this episode sped things up. Hopefully this will be another CGR2 moment where I think that there is nothing that Sunrise can do to save this anime, and then pull off something quite nice. Hopefully.

  45. Am I the only one who’s really pissed that Lyle did not only refuse to shoot the enemy but to top it off, he puts all the blame on Setsuna!? WTF, that scene really pissed me off (Lyle punching Setsuna) and no one intervene. I didn’t really care that Anew died because I never really liked and her and the same goes for Saji & Louise (those two should have died ages ago) It was an alright episode and the only two meisters that actually have BA!!S are Setsuna & Tieria!

  46. id say its a serious fail by a-laws strategy wise…. perfect chance to own CB but only send 4 suits, and LOL @ the innovators all excited to capture 00 … only flying back with the cockpits, setsuna shooting anew was a given no way lyle would do it, and they even forshadowed the fact

  47. @CB Louise isn’t really human anymore, more like half an innovator.

    It didn’t really bother me that Lyle blamed Setsuna, he just needed to but the blame for anew dying on someone else then himself, it’s normal human behavior. Deep down he knows Setsuna saved his life and he himself should have been the one to pull the trigger. But we’ll see that next episode when he’ll probably swear to kill of Ribbons.

    But that aside, putting Haro in the 00-raiser was a brilliant move.

    Ow and WingZerozxt, it’s pretty obvious Lelouch would join neither side.. His brilliant mind would have already predicted the existence of a supercomputer like veda. He would’ve have captured it by know and would start making the people of the world (including the innovators and CB) his b*tch.. Only to kill himself off in the end, for the dialogues to come offcourse.

  48. As for Aeolia’s ultimate goal! Anyone an idea, it’s not only world peace… Professor Eifmann hinted at knowing the true goal of Aeolia in season one just before being killed. Well I’m guessing it’s enlightenment, it’s the next logical step for humankind to take and it does explain a lot of side effects from 00. (like being able to sense others feelings, the mindtalk and even Setsuna turning into an innovator, well more of an enlightened person in my viewpoint)

    But seriously I want a definite answer on this before the season ends, they can’t just let the ultimate goal of Aeolia which Eifmann spoke of go unanswered.

  49. Hmm… Doesn’t surprise me that Anew died, but I’m really hoping we don’t get Lockon’s Death V2 as a result of this.

    With all of the Hallelujah talk here, might as well throw in my own theory ^.^

    My gut feeling is that we’re heading for Andrei Vs Hallelujah and Soma (possibly “perfect Allelujah, for lack of a better name, the one combining Al and Hal from the end of S1).

    We’ve seen Marie’s personality return to Soma during the earlier episodes of this season (brought on by Al), so it wouldn’t surprise me if a similar thing happens here with the 00’s light permenantly bringing back Hal (he’s returning whenever the light is used near him, maybe he’ll be close enough one time for the change to be permanent?). Either way I don’t think they’ll just leave Hal out of the picture; we’ll see him again soon enough.

  50. I don’t understand why so many people are so sympathetic about Anew’s death? The BIT@H knew she was being controlled so sorry, no sympathy from me and Lockoff that jackass needs a frying pan to the face! Now that their shit is over I’m looking forward to some proper fighting!

  51. With Arios and Cheridium severely damaged and Ptolemarios infected with a virus, it looks like A-Laws will have the prime opportunity to attack next episode if 00-Raiser is kept occupied by Mr. Bushido. “:)” I believe Soma is going to speak to Allejuiah about his lack of piloting skills next episode. I am very surprised that Allejuiah didn’t think of going trans-am to avoid half of his suit from being melted away. Allejuiah has been failed for most of the season. That is one of my two buffs with this season with the other being Mr. Bushido’s lack of fighting. This season should have been extended to at least 30-31 episodes.

  52. Espada’s Weekly Gundam OO Opinion No.20:

    2. Dramatic way of how Anew died (i hate when characters die and a sad music plays T_T)
    3. Virus attacking CB <_< they need a powerful antivirus and firewall next time ehh.
    4. Dammit i thought hallelujah will be back, i need some blood! not drama =(
    5. Look how handicapped OO gundam is without O raiser (Setsuna being dependent to overpowered weapons)
    6. Has anyone watched the gss subs op it was hilarious! xD

  53. i’m still very sad that she died T_T
    and 00 doesn’t give any bs either…once you die, you’re gone for sure. i think that’s what made it so tragic for me 🙁 (other than the fact that anew was going to go back to lyle and they were really in love) like in seed, you had like, mu coming back due to something with genetics or something like that = = but at least it gave me hope that some other characters may have gone through the same and would revive T_T

  54. It looks like the reaction Tieria had when Lockon (Neil) was killed, except Lyle stopped by himself and all Meisters where listening, waiting for him to calm down. Setsuna didn’t react when being beaten and even tapped him to comfort.

  55. it’s getting like SEED/Destiny where every time someone dies, they have to have a naked dream-like scene.
    can this be foreshadowing Saji and Louise or a thing is not going to happen twice?

  56. I’m with Jordiblau on this one. I want to know what Aeolia’s ultimate goal was. With only 5 episodes left, they have a lot of mysteries to answer. Who or What do the Innovators want to have a Dialogue with? Aliens maybe? Will Saji find out Ali killed his sister? Will Louise find and kill Nena Trinity? Who created the Trinity in the first place? Where did Aeolia get all this Technology? What does Jupiter has to do with it? Why did Ribbons leave CB in the first place? Who created Tieria and Ribbons? What the hell happened to all those CB members, it was like over a 100 in that base? Why have they been hitting on their asses all this time? If anyone can answer any of these, I’m all ears.

    At this rate, their going to have to pull a Gundam Wing Endless Waltz and give of an OVA explaining every damn thing that happened in the series.

  57. @ Nakobass
    1. World Peace by eliminating all form of nations and forming one united Earth (Accomplished)
    2. Dialogue with the Human Race maybe, as the Innovators will certainly want their race to take control over mankind (COMBINE)
    3. Maybe …
    4. Maybe …
    5. The trinity family; Ribbons/Wang-bisch and Co
    6. He invented it, and perfected it apparently
    7. The Jupiter Project, maybe there was a research lab over there that was dealing with a certain tech that may have lead to the foundation of CB etc …
    8. Ribbons probably never left CB, he is carrying on with the plan, which CB is deviating from.
    9. Who created Ribbons? Aeolia. Who created Tiera? Ribbons.
    10. They escaped elsewhere with Ian’s wife. They are scientists and tech support, and have no place on the battlefield.

    Some of these answers were “answered” during certain episodes, in a subtle make-up-your-own-mind-about-it kind of way

  58. @cain

    The jupiter station is where they created the TD Blanket. Which is critical to the GN Drive working. Its in most of the model kit books , world report , etc.

    We have to remember that there was an S1 Veda which was following a specific objective and then there was a Veda that was changed that condoned the actions of the trinity team (which even INCLUDED stealing the 0 Gundam’s GN Drive as seen in the Gundam 00F Manga.) It should be noted that Ribbons blatantly prevented the Thrones from being destroyed by overriding Nadleeh’s TRIAL system. And (correct me if I am wrong) Veda approved of destroying Gundam Throne after they attacked a civilian target (Louise incident in spain)

    Ribbons has also developed a bit of a god complex ever sense he told Regene that he created the Innovators and basically saying he is the only “Perfect” Innovator because Aeolia created him (only according to him) thus I have doubts wither he is just executing Veda’s (Aeolia’s) plan or his own plan.

    On another side of the discussion I doubt Louise is going to die because it is a known fact (as of this episode) that the 00-Risers “GN Radio or QBW effect” overrides Ribbons Innovator control and last I checked in every fight between 00 and Ahead Smurlton, Setsuna purposely goes into TRANS-AM so Saji can speak to her. So I am sure that they’re conflict will end in a positive light.

  59. I have a feeling this opens up some Lyle and Felt dialogue (the fact that they lost someone they love pulls them together and makes much more sense then in seed destiny (Luna and Shinn) yes I did watch it don’t shoot). Other then that, the same will probably happen to Louise and Saji, but because Louise was originally human, she will win control and it’ll go well hopefully. Well the other cliche reason is their love is much stronger since it is deeper due to the investment in the relationship (even now, they still feal for each other after they left each other). Well, the fact that Louise was human to begin with and Anew was not (I think) is a clear difference and will most likely change the outcome. Well atleast that’s what I think will happen. Anew will probably a spirit that will come at the end. On another note, damn you Ribbons Almark, damn you Amuro Ray for killing Anew!!!!

    Sora no Kaze
  60. O, yeah, nam I was wondering why Lyle didn’t just grab the shuttle instead. Oh well, I saw him in a better light when he said he was going to take her back. Then that was killed by punching Setsuna, although it’s still understandable. Atleast he decided on a path rather then taking as long as Saji to decide.

    Sora no Kaze
  61. Innovator are not any different than human. Anew was probably not aware of the fact that she was an Innovator until Revive activated that part of her, which made me think: I don’t think Innovator were supposed to go around dominating human, for the fact that she was able to fall in love with Lyle I think they were supposed to help humanity advance through peaceful cooperation, not what they are doing now. Ribbons is clearly unhinged and the fact that Veda is not completely under his control tells me that he has twisted Aeolia plan to serve his own megalomania ambitions… Regene will betray him, that’s a given.

  62. Aoelia’s plan is probably to unite mankind in a single consciousness. Either that or to give every man an ability to connect to Veda. In any case, it will be like a united conscious where people exist as a single entity or multiple entities that retain their personalities while at the same time possessed an awareness of others (of course, done through Veda). Veda might act as a medium of communication among people, since communication can reduce friction and solve misunderstanding (thereby preventing war), Aoelia might have envisioned the ‘perfect’ form of communication as a solution to world conflict.

  63. Well I figured that much a lot earlier… But his plans through the spread of gn particles. In a sense innovators are different due to being made for veda… Through the use of quantum waves. The fact that not anyone can connect to Veda except for innovators, tieria, and nena. Some one like marie/somas or alleluyah (before) who do have quantum waves cannot connect to Veda somewhat shows this. Not sure how louise fits into the equation. Other influences include the fact ribbons can block or include people into Veda.

    Sora no Kaze
  64. Yeah Sunrise in general don’t like any form of romance. Especially if it’s between two characters on the “good” side, they make sure that somehow one or both of them dies. Psychopathic!

  65. 1. Ribbons will eventually get the 00, he won’t shut up about it after all.
    2. He will go to use the 00.
    3. Some BS will happen, with super-high density GN particles and his Q-brainwaves, and he’ll have a brain aneurysm.
    4. All his Innovators will die, this will not apply to Tieria or Louise.

    Big Happy Sunrise Ending 🙂

    P.S. Good looking naked people flying around, EVERYWHERE!

  66. @ Sentinel

    Nope I don’t think it’s a plothole… it’s simply because he can’t, I believe they’re somewhat on equal terms. As for the other innovators, Ribbons made them so it isn’t that strange that he can control them. He didn’t make Tieria.

    Back in Season one Ribbons deactivated Nadleeh’s trial mode, my guess is that this was possible because they where both connected to Veda.. (your comment made me rethink this moment). But he disconnected Tieria from Veda, which makes me conclude that he can’t control him. The self-made innovators on the other hand can be controlled by him, so it’s clear he’s above them in ranking or at least gave them less acces to Veda as himself (he created them after all). Before locking Tieria out of Veda, Tieria had acces to level 7 which was the highest I believe (it’s been a while sorry if I’m not completely correct), so my guess is that the only option Ribbons had; was locking Tieria out of the system..

    So in short not really a plothole.

  67. It isn’t really a plothole, but the thing is too much is left unexplained. Regene Regetta was created by Ribbons, and he is Tieria’s genetic twin. And innovators come in pairs, so it would seems to imply that they were created together. Of course, it only IMPLIES that; it doesn’t necceciate it. Or is could be the case where for each pair of innovators there is one original made by Schenberg and one copy; the copy is made by Ribbons from the original’s DNA and is under his direct mental control. They really need to explain more about the innovator’s origins and abilities. It’s been left way too open for too long. I just hope they will clarify things before the series ends…

  68. You’re right they leave to much unanswered and with 5 episodes left I don’t see them answerring all our questions. But it’s only natural to assume that he didn’t make a clone off himself because he’s to egocentric, look at how Ribbons behaves.. He believes to be God, at least that’s how I see his behavior.. And with that in mind would you think he could stand a copy of himself, he clearly sees himself superior over the other innovators. So maybe that’s why Tieria has a clone of himself, simply because Ribbons can’t stand the fact that they were more or less equal.

    But that’s just what I deduct from his behavior, maybe the writers have a different opinion.. But I do believe some of Ribbons’ history is still to be reveiled.


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