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All Nagato ever does is sit in the club room, reading her books – but wait, why don’t we replace that book with a laptop, and have her play eroge? Thus begins Nagato’s steady decline into the perverse culture of eroge, eroge game guides, cosplay, figures, etc

Ryoko finds a way to reconstruct her physical body, but runs out of galactic energy or something, and ends up chihuahua-sized. Nope, this isn’t Ashakura Ryoko, it’s… Achakura Ryoko. Who’s immediately adopted by Yuki as her new partn… pet. Feisty!

Only Haruhi-chan was released today – if and when Churuya-san 04 is released, I’ll update this post.

As for today’s Haruhi-chan episode… lol xD. It somehow makes complete sense that Nagato is an otaku, given her affinity towards media consumption. Naturally they take it a step further and have her cosplay, look up strategy guides for eroge… hilarious.

Achakura Ryoko was pretty unexpected too, and almost seems like a response to all those people that thought Haruhi-chan should’ve been made to be like Shana-tan and Index-tan. While they’re still given some semblance of human respect in Shana/Index, Nagato outright treats Achakura like a pet, and even shows a little of her calculated humor. The expressions on Achakura’s face are just golden


  1. I enjoyed that more than I probably should have.

    … jaalin?! Has Omni started recycling through his archived blogging cohorts?

    I kid of course.

    *pats jaalin on head and pushes food bowl towards him*


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