In the aftermath of the battle and after Lockon beat him up, Setsuna gets asked by Saji if there was no other way. Setsuna asserts that there wasn’t and that Anew wasn’t herself at that time, and when Saji questions how Setsuna can be sure, Setsuna doesn’t know. The thing he is confident about is that Lyle would have died if he hadn’t shot Anew, and he suspects that it will be the same for Louise – he can sense that she’s being confused by something. That last part prompts Saji to note that something about Setsuna has been strange recently, and he becomes alarmed when he notices a certain glow in Setsuna’s eyes. On the bridge, Feldt reports that an urgent coded message had arrived directing them to the colony Eclipse at Lagrange 5. What they don’t realize is that it’s Hong Long and Wang Liu Mei who are at that place right now, and the latter is hurt. Despite this, both Setsuna and Ian think that they should go, with Ian pointing out that Linda and the others of Celestial Being are there, and he thinks they might have new equipment ready.

Elsewhere on the ship, Allelujah asks Soma to be at the helm of the Ptolemaios while Lasse is out of action. Soma knows that this is to keep her off the battlefield, so Allelujah admits the promise to Sergei, but she still refuses to listen. This leads to Allelujah suggesting that something might happen to her if she continues to fight, however he pauses when he sees that she’s frustrated and tearing up. By now, Setsuna and Saji are ready to head to Lagrange 5 on the 00 Raiser since the Ptolemaios will be taking a detour first. Before leaving, Setsuna runs into Lyle who apologizes. Lyle admits that he got too emotional and declares that he’ll fight, and Setsuna accepts this. Internally, Lyle is resolved to crush the Innovators by his own will, but as Setsuna is moving down the hall, Lyle takes out a gun and points it at Setsuna’s back. After struggling with his conscience though, Lyle finds himself unable to pull the trigger.

Setsuna and Saji thus leave for Lagrange 5 without incident, and the Ptolemaios’ subsequent course change is noticed by the A-LAWS fleet. Arthur orders them to continue pursuing with the intent on beating Celestial Being with overwhelming force. Also still with the A-LAWS fleet are Hiling and Revive, and Hiling is bothered by how even Anew was killed. Revive is troubled by how easily they and Louise were defeated by the 00 Gundam in the previous battle, and the way the Gundam fought makes him think that its pilot is starting to undergo innovation. In short, Revive wonders if Setsuna will become mankind’s first Innovator. Louise meanwhile is desperately taking more pills, and she snaps at Andrei when he comes to check on her. They are interrupted by Mr. Bushido who reveals that he and Louise will be going on a mission. Andrei insists on coming along, but Mr. Bushido doesn’t think Andrei will be able to keep up.

Down on Earth, Shirin finds Klaus injured but still alive, and he explains the plan to head into space with the remnants of the coup d’état faction. Refusing to be pessimistic, Klaus reveals how Marina and the children’s song is spreading across the world, and he thinks that it’s because people want peace. He feels that they might have lost sight of how people can understand each other, and Shirin recalls how Marina has wanted that. Back at Lagrange 5, Hong Long worries if Celestial Being is coming, and Wang Liu Mei thinks that if they don’t, then the world will belong to Ribbons and the Innovators. When Hong Long then wonders when Nena joined the Innovator’s side, Wang Liu Mei tells him to think for himself. She blames him being like that for her having to become the head of the Wang family, leading to her own life being twisted, and that’s why she wanted the world to change. She’d give up her status and fortune for a fresh start in life so that she can obtain her future, and she feels that it’s her brother’s responsibility to stick with her until the end.

The two are interrupted by Nena who had overheard everything and has decided that Wang Liu Mei is indeed an idiot. Since she still hates Wang Liu Mei, Nena shoots her, but Hong Long protects his sister by taking the bullet for her. As Nena continues shooting him in the back, he pushes Wang Liu Mei through a nearby door and then tries to stop Nena, but she just shoots him in the head. Instead of pursuing Wang Liu Mei right away though, Nena turns to Regene who’s there with her, and Regene is happy that his plan is moving forward. The 00 Raiser arrives soon after, and Setsuna sets out alone into the colony. He quickly runs into Wang Liu Mei, and she hands him the location of Veda, urging action since the Innovators might move Veda if they find out about this. Setsuna offers to help her escape, but she turns him down because she feels that she can’t go with him. What she doesn’t tell him is that it’s because they’re after different things.

Unfortunately, when Setsuna returns to the 00 Raiser, he finds it being held hostage by Mr. Bushido and the updated Masurao, the Susanoo. Mr. Bushido has removed his mask, causing Setsuna to recognize him as Graham, and what Graham wants is a serious duel between them. Based on everything that Setsuna has done to him, Graham feels that this is past love and hate – it became fate. Setsuna ultimately agrees to the duel, so Graham lets him board the 00 Raiser, and the two get started. While this is going on, Wang Liu Mei tries to escape the colony in a shuttle, but she gets stopped by Nena and the Throne Drei. Since Wang Liu Mei’s role in all this is over, Nena summarily executes her by blowing up the shuttle, and she laughs with glee afterward. Nena feels that this is punishment for Wang Liu Mei treating people like things. For the sake of her own happiness and life, Nena is obeying the Innovators, but much to her surprise, Ribbons starts talking to her through her Haro about punishing her.

Ribbons claims that someone will appear to judge her, which causes Nena to think of Ali Al-Saachez, but the one Ribbons is referring to is Louise. Louise quickly recognizes the Throne Drei as the Gundam that killed her parents, and she starts blowing it up piece by piece. Setsuna realizes that Louise is here, but he’s unable to do much because he has his hands full with Graham and the Susanoo. Even though the Throne Drei is soon reduced to nothing more than a cockpit, Nena refuses to die like this, but what pisses Louise off is that her parents didn’t get to say even that much, and she finishes Nena off. Andrei arrives on the scene afterward, and he can hear Louise addressing her parents, telling them that she’s avenged them. Louise’s laughter however soon changes to screams and despair as she asks for her parents to praise her. The 00 Raiser and the Susanoo meanwhile continue their fight, and Graham relishes the battle that he’s been waiting for. He had lived for this, even if he had been reduced to being a puppet for the Innovators in the process.

Both Graham and Setsuna eventually activate their respective Trans-Am systems, and it leads to Graham awakening in the dream-like world. Setsuna is there as well, and he explains that it’s actually a place where the quantum concentrates. What’s more, Setsuna claims to understand the reason that Aeolia Schenberg created the GN Drives, and he thinks that all the military intervention was in preparation for this. Aeolia Schenberg’s goal was to guide humanity to innovation, and – eyes glowing – Setsuna declares that he has been trying to change.


Well the death count certainly went up this week with three characters biting the dust (more on this in a moment), yet that managed not to be the most important thing to come out of this episode. Instead, the big plot twist is that Setsuna is becoming an Innovator, and it puts him in a position to perhaps fulfill Aeolia Schenberg’s wish in a good way and fight Ribbons on equal footing. It feels a little weird to me though that, as opposed to just being amazing on the battlefield, Setsuna has literally become god-like – seemingly all knowing, all powerful, and his eyes glow to boot. Such an ascendancy has to come at a cost, and in this case, I suspect that Setsuna either won’t survive the series all or he won’t survive the series with any Innovator abilities. Then again, evolving into an Innovator could be like evolving into a Newtype in UC Gundam, and it might only seem special because Setsuna’s the only human to do it so far.

As for the three characters who died, the only one I felt any sympathy for was Hong Long since he died a fairly noble death and since he wasn’t portrayed as incredibly selfish. I was rather disappointed at Wang Liu Mei’s motivation because after all this, it felt rather petty, and for characters who have been around so long, her and Hong Long’s background was developed pretty poorly. What I did find interesting though was that Ribbons has a hand in everything, including Nena’s Haro, and I’m curious to see what Ribbons does with Regene now. There’s also how Louise went completely crazy after killing Nena and reverted to a child-like state. Saji’s got his work cut out for him, but I still think they’ll end up together safely, especially if Setsuna or the 00 Raiser can help out.

Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like Marina’s song is going to save the world or at least help bring it together. I’m still not a big fan of her character or the children, and it seems kind of ridiculous to be taking them into space, as shown in the preview. It’s highly unlikely that any of them will die, but I’m hoping that they stay mostly out of the picture until the end. On the other hand, I do rather like Graham’s character, and I think it’d be cool to see him fight alongside Setsuna at some point, though that might be too overpowered. Hopefully they won’t just kill him off. Next week looks to be another big battle, and Graham isn’t looking that great in the preview.


  1. I dont like the dead of Wang she deserve a better end. Louise killing Nena is fine, but in that way???, in my opinion the series is going in the wrong direction, and Setsuna becoming an Innovator, that is weird and need a very good explication.

  2. I like the death of Wang, bitched deserved what she get. Louise killing was wtf, but that way was cool!!! In my opinion the series is going in the right direction, and Setsuna becoming Gundam, that is awesome and needs no explanation.

  3. Poor Wang Liu Mei… But at least she accomplished what she was initially set up for…
    Hooray for the death of Nena; I hope she rots in hell… She should have died a more painful death!!!
    As always Sunrise is such a misogynist; I hope Captain Hotpants and Soma survives! And oh please… enough with the man-service….

  4. OMFG they killed Nena -.-
    Thats most likely the badest thing ever happening in this Series.
    Except for her Voice she was perfect.

    Hopefully Loiuse dies a really painful Death, but sadly I dont see that coming -.-

  5. Nena dead, Louise crazy and Setsuna Innovator.
    The death of Nena in hands of Louise was too easy to predict. Maybe now that Louise have reverted to her innocent self, Ribbons will try to convince Setsuna again.
    Nice, finally Graham is moving his ass.
    I have a question… Did u notice that Kati disappeared after the Africa Tower incident?

  6. Well, the episode wasn’t too bad.

    I still think things are moving too fast since there is a few episodes left but by now I’m kinda resigned to the fact that there is going to be plenty of loose ends and half-baked conclusions.

    One things I wanted to see but didn’t see. Two psycho women REALLY going at each other with no holds barred in a all out mech brawl.

    Oh, well…

  7. Oh and by the way, Setsuna’s apparently becoming an Innovator, the first human one.

    Hmmm, 1st? I thought that Louise was an Innovator too, 1st episode of 2nd season also 20 said so…

  8. Finally, Louise gets her revenge on Nena for causing her to become what she is now, though it seems she too is earmarked for death. At least that’s one satisfactory vengeance meted out. Now for Ribbons.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I’d would have rather saw some ‘convenient censoring’ rather than see ‘X’less men in the nude. NOT that I want to see men in the nude but seeing a certain thing missing is just… weird.

    I’m starting to say weird things. Conclusion? It’s waaaaayyyy past my badtime.

    Good night.

  10. there’s still a pretty good reason for louise to survive this series, remember when revive told andrei to protect what’s important to him?? so here’s my theory: in the final climactic battle, louise would be in the brink of death and andrei comes to the rescue costing him his life, and louise will regain her sanity again…

  11. SCREW Ribbons. Despite my attempted stand at being neutral towards characters, I think I’m beginning to hate him a little now.

    I don’t know what this means for Setsuna, though. Will he be under the control of Ribbons as well, or is he separate? Considering that he’s a newly made Innovator as we assume him to be, his quantum brainwaves might not be synchronised with the Innovators they are battling now.

    Poor Saji…

  12. Well, everyone should’ve seen this coming, everyone who’s helped or worked with or actually been used by Ribbons is being killed off. It’s part of Ribbons plan, it seems like he messed with Nenas Haro to crap out her gundam thus letting Louise (who he’s now made into a total slave) kill her after she killed Wang and so on.

    This is what they call “cleaning up any lose ends” guys.

    As for Setsuna, he’s more like a newtype than a Innovator. Innovators are man made genetically altered test-tube babies. What’s going on to Setsuna is more like a natural evolution due to the massive special GN particles the 00-Riser spits out, and probably a few other factors.

    As for the series going “downhill” I don’t see why anyone thinks that, unless you actually expected Nena and co to live this out or something.

  13. @Seibee: Alle basically tells Marie he wants her to pilot the ship. Soma retaliates and wants to avenge Smirnov, and Allelujah tells her he promised that he wouldn’t let her fight anymore and that he(Smirnov) probably wouldn’t want her doing this anyway.

  14. it seems like Ribbons sowed his own seed of destruction by letting Setsuna live and
    recommending him to become a Meister now that Setsuna got powered up he has the possibility
    of accessing Veda like Ribbons.

  15. I think it was due to the amount of GN particles which was distributed by the 00 and if u also consider lousie is also an innovator even before setsuna.

    With only 4 episode left I wonder how it will end or will it end?

    I must say this has been the best gundam by far and I do hope ribbons does not tap setsuna.

  16. Another point if Ribbons has control over nena’s haro isint same for Lockon.

    Kinda ironic really Lockon wanting to kill Setsuna if remember ND also wanted to kill for revenge.

  17. how did setsuna become an innovator? i hope we get some explanations soon…i think its a nice twist that hes now an innovator, thatd literally make him one with his gundam and even MORE hax than before haha the way things are going, i dont see ribbons and setsuna squaring off, rather he dies in a political assasination kinda way like in SEED destiny or the gundam endless waltz

  18. Does lyle know about the innovator identity of setsuna? I thought there might be more than simply hatred when lyle pointed the gun while setsuna was exiting…

    @gboynextdoor: agree with you about andrei and louise. Afterwards louise and saji will finally reunite and happy ending at least for this couple – a wish!

    @rota: yes that’s regene

  19. @GP
    They just wanted a season 3, but know they may get nothing more than a . . . . after this season ends, which may be good depending on the end of this season. Did anyone noticed the massive amount of skill that Setsuna used to destoryed two Innovator suits in two shoots and disable the Reagant without going trans-am.

  20. Those gratituous naked scenes turns me off. God bring back Kill-em-all Tomino; enough of these singing princesses, emo pilots, crazy girls (damn you Sunrise for giving women bad rep, GRR). Just give me mecha.

  21. I don’t think they wanted a 3rd season at all. GS and GSD aside, most gundams end with 50-52eps top. At the most they’ll leave just a few things unanswered so they can maybe do another OVA (seed has it’s own) plus for the mangas that go with 00 as well.

    If you’re moaning about “plot holes” or stuff that’s left open, then go look at the mangas for 00. 00F and 00P iirc, There might be a 3rd one as well but I forget. One is a prequel to the anime, and the 2nd takes place as the anime does timeline wise.

    Anyways, Louise being an innovator isn’t quite right, she’s just being controlled. When Ribbons fixed her arm he probably messed with her brain thus she needs those pills. Or the pills act on her as well. Setsuna is more of a “naturally evolved human”, the idea here is that when the 00-Riser goes into it’s max 300% output it spits out yet another special GN Particle. Not the normal GN ones we see already. This special one is what lets everyone in the set area of the 00-Riser also temporarily become an innovator and we get the funky mind hax.

    Now it’s my belief that Setsuna being exposed to so much of it, plus the fake-anti-GN particles has probably caused him to evolve into what Gundam calls a “newtype”. Sure in 00 they use the word “innovator” but like I said in my other post, Innovators are man made. Ribbons and co were genetically altered by Aolia etc. Setsuna has become one on his own.

    You can see the difference now in his abilities as a pilot. Newtypes have great piloting skills. If you’ve seen any of the older gundams then you know what I’m talking about. Just because the Innovators think they’re great doesn’t mean jack, since inthe end they’re really just man-made fakes. Without Veda they’re useless.

    They’re sorta like the brothers from Gundam X. If anyone else remembers that one. The two brothers in that, like the innovators in 00 where able to connect and communicate with each other telepathically no matter the distance. The same thing now with the innovators, but they use veda to link them all together, else we just see the ones that are related (twins) using it. Like with Revive and Anew, but then Ribbons is the master of Veda so he can jack into the others if he wants.

    Anyways my point is that Setsuna can’t be controlled by Ribbons as he’s a “true” innovator now, and on his own level. He doesn’t need Veda or anything.

  22. I wonder what the odds are of someone else evolving along with Setsuna. Wouldn’t Saji be another candidate since he’s always in the backseat whenever the 00 Raiser goes into effect?

    Samurai Pumpkin
  23. @GP: good explanation. That seems plausible.

    I thought this series is actually doing better than R2 (if anyone wants to compare “trainwrecks”). It would do the series some good with an official explanation on the golden eyes, though.

  24. @GP
    I am not the one moaning. I actually like the series. Good explanation on the Innovators as they relate to Setsuna being an Innovator(more like NewType) I wonder which one is better in piloting skills now: Setsuna or Kira.

  25. Can it be that setsuna was a creation of aeolia like the others and he wanted that setsuna should live like a normal human and when things went in the wrong direction . He had given them the key to his activation the TWIN DRIVE system. I thing it is not enough to evolve from normal human to a Innovater only because of the particles and because he was shoot.

  26. hm, very good explanation @GP

    but can someone tell me what Alle said to Soma/Marie? It’s very rare that she cries like that…
    And in the preview, everyone is looking like… I don’t know, at her. Whats going on?

  27. I’m getting confused as to why Setsuna is becoming an Innovator just by an overdose of GN Particles. I’m so weirded out by the idea, it sounds so random. I could accept the Innovators being able to QBW, long life, connect to Veda, glowing eyes, etc because they were manufactured. But Setsuna to become just like them just by an overdose of these particles? Are they going to explain this, or is this one of those, “just accept it” things?

  28. I think Aelio’s plan was to grant humanity telepathy through the use of quantum brain waves.

    Maybe he concluded that granting humanity communication through thought is probably one of the best steps towards eliminating conflict?

  29. if you guys notice setsuna eyes actually kind of different than innovator. His eyes were yellow (like uper soldier one) with glow. While innovator have different kind of glow.

  30. @ @ttacker
    Ribbons did say that the GN Particles that were spreading in Setsuna’s body should have been fatal; it could be assumed that the 00-Raiser’s trans-arm or dream world might have somehow helped in modifying Setsuna’s gene into that of an innovator-human hybrid of some sort.

  31. @ @ttacker

    Setsuna will probably not get long-life since he is human and not manufactured, but he will get quantum brainwaves. Not so sure about connecting to Veda. Lets wait before we say he can do that. Setsuna is more like a NewType than an Innovator.

  32. Okay, as far as Setsuna’s “mutation” as I am going to refer to it, yea evolution is a kinder word but I am talking about this from a cellular standpoint. I am going to try to explain what I see going on within the show as far as him and humans in general when it comes to Aeola’s plan.

    People tend to forget that everything around us emits radiation of some kind or another. Be it harmful at times or beneficial, Sunlight is beneficial radiation when exposed to just enough of it. Our bodies process it into Vitamin D with enough exposure. However when some people are exposed to too much of it over a period of time it can manifest as cancer that could kill you.

    The topological decay, or simply put, the exotic matter within true GN drives as it breaks down releases nearly limitless energy. In the form of radiation that can be visibly seen near the source of it! The half life of this material must be extraordinarily long.

    Thus why folks refer to true GN drives as having nearly inexhaustible energy. But you have to remember that GN drives are reactors, and reactors mean radiation which is bad normally.

    With Pseudo GN Drives, the particles they release are not beneficial at all possibly when introduced into the body via an injury. We have all seen the results of this when it comes to Louise and Setsuna and maybe even Lasse.

    With true GN drives, its a different story. Also I think I finally figured out why when the Gundams were on Earth they were always releasing GN particles when not in combat from their containers.

    Not for stealth purposes, no, it was to evolve humanity!

    Think about this, radiation is known to cause cellular mutation, if exposed to radiation before your cells have a chance to fully mature or one has a chance to reach adulthood they become permanently altered if not given a chance to repair themselves from the cellular damage.

    Expose a child’s parent before they were born to radiation, and before their bodies have a chance to repair it. The damage to their chromosome will be permanently passed onto their child when born. We have all seen the results of this if you look at pictures of some children born in war zone’s where depleted uranium rounds are used.

    The dust, or particles, of said material saturate the land and infuse everyone in the battle zone with low levels of radiation that does not go away as long as you live there. Sometimes never even if you do leave the area, because it settles deep within the bones of the human body to nearly undetectable levels.

    The same can be said with GN particles. Setsuna has soaked up so many of them while growing up, it affected the way he grew. He became a Gundam pilot at fourteen at the earliest, a child as even his fellow pilots recognized.

    From then on he spent years near an active GN drive. Why this has not effected the other pilots? I probably has, but CB without Veda cannot do the simulations of just how it has effected them.

    Ribbons obviously knows what is going on with Setsuna. And why he want’s 00 so badly. Not just because of its abilities, but because it can effect human evolution.

    Also, before I end this long post, I think I get just why the Innovators need Veda for “The dialogues to come”.

    Innovators, or Newtypes, are telepathic. Imagine a planet full of newly born children whom have been altered by GN particles and can use them in conjunction with quantum brainwaves to speak to people and one another.

    Imagine if they cannot turn this ability off like with Marie and Allelujah as children? Luckily those two got along and their were special conditions to consider. However with others whom did not want someone hearing their personal thoughts all the time the confusion would be horrendus.

    A literal thought mediator would be needed, and what I am getting at is what if *Veda* can actively intercept in real time human thoughts transmitted via quantum brainwaves? What if Ribbons plans to lead humanity by controlling the newly born Innovators by altering their thoughts and feelings with Veda?

    A person without a strong enough will to block the outside influence would become easy prey. Regene and his twin are on the same frequency because they were made to be on the same frequency. So its hard for them to block one another when in close proximity.

    What if Ribbons wants a massive die off of old humans, he has hinted at this, so that they breed replacements whom would be born as Innovators?

    It makes sense, since he has an extended lifespan, he *would* see the birth of a new humanity, one that he would control as long as he lived.

    My other theory, yea I am on a roll today bare with me. Is that Veda is for extra terrestrial contact purposes. Hear me out on this. The last Gundam series touched on alien lifeforms with that whole space whale thing that was not elaborated on at all.

    Well what if Aeola predicted that evolved humans would be needed to interact with extra terrestrial presences along with a quantum computer of unparalleled power to mediate i.e. translate in real time what humans and this alien species would say to one another.

    That was my first theory before this episode came out and gave me more ideas to run with. And honestly I think my second theory is right on the money. However, Aeola scares the hell out of me as a fictional character.

    Why? He conceptualized a hell of a lot of technology and genetic manipulation theories that were proven true. One man! He even went as far as to draft a plan, plans rather, on how his theories would be used.

    Created a secret organization that used funds generated by colony building; which involves mining asteroids for raw materials which includes precious metals. With the full intent of using said funds to build mobile weapons that would speed along human evolution.

    Setsuna said it best when he said that his Gundam was not meant for war in season one. But change, change on so many levels.

  33. Seems like Regene is betraying Ribbons.
    Somehow it feels like its not a War between CB and Innvators, ist more like a War everyone against everyone and everyone uses everyone.
    The opposite of what should be happening ^^

    But still, they could have Nena letting live -.-

  34. @justin43 – he may not have long life, but he’s been virtually cured of his GN-cancer, which is similar for having life-preserving properties.

    @Cain – I’m willing to wait for an explanation, for now, no fan theory I’ve heard still adds up for me. Did Aeolia know that the 00-Raiser has the capacity to create Innovators? Did he even know that CB is able to create the 00-Raiser?

  35. @Blue

    i was nearly thinking the same thing when i stumbled on your post.

    When Eifman found Aeolia’s plan and was like: so his true goal was…!

    i was particularly bothered thinking: wtf is his goal! because that point was no longer elaborated. my guess now would be that his plan is for humans to “innovate” in order to, i know this is lame, better “understand” each other, or in other words become a collective consciousness rather than acting solely as individuals.

    it seems as of recently all the characters talk about is this “i want to understand you” bs and what not with lockon and anew, louise saji, etc. then i came to think about it, what does the 00 transam do besides get people nekid together? it connects their consciousness, everyone on the battle hears each other. and like blue mentioned innovators themselves can connect albeit they’re only attuned to their own specific frequencies. plus it would make sense with that “dialogues” to come nonsense they kept talking about. does that mean veda is just a glorified chatroom?!

    so aeolia probably had this benign goal of getting everyone to come together to fight against CB, then connecting everyone’s consciousness to prevent the world from going back to war because if everyone only “understood” each other they would find no one really wants to fight, then migration to space could occur.

    migration to space? this sounds somewhat familiar to Char’s plan…only one man could stop Char, AMURO RAY!

    so Ribbons like you said perverts the plan so that when mankind’s consciousness is connected he’ll be able to control them all like a God. this is why he’s using Louise and probably what those pills are for. he’s trying to speed up Louise’s “innovation” all the while manufacturing it to test out his abilities to control her.

  36. The guy talking to Klaus is not Hercules since he is wearing a UNION pilot suit. He just looks like him.

    Well, Wang and Nena’s deaths doesn’t concern me since both of them deserved it in a way.

  37. migration to space? this sounds somewhat familiar to Char’s plan…only one man could stop Char, AMURO RAY!”

    ugh *similar to Char’s plan, they teach english from grades k-12, i’d expect to be better at it

  38. I got a feeling that Setsuna will betray humanity and his friends since he’s a Innovator now. I hope he going in right path to save the world in the correct way, if not I’m goona write real bad comments to Setsuna.

  39. They’re all sorta the same but yet different if you think about it. People like Alle and Marie have QBW but they were made after birth (started off human), Innovatores are genetically changed before birth and have QBW but also the ability to interact with Veda, it’s just one level higher.

    Now Setsuna for whatever reason has basically just evolved into what older gundams call newtypes. The show, like older Gundam series, never exactly explains the why or the how, Newtypes just are. There’s nothing else.

    As for comparing Setsuna to Kira, I don’t think they’re the same. Kira is overly pacifistic while Setsuna having grown up with war from a young age isn’t. Sure he hates it and wants it to end but Setsuna also understands that sometimes war or in this case “destruction” can bring change. You have to tare down the old system to build a new one if simply patching it doesn’t work anymore.

    He’s not on the Kira line of “lets not kill anyone anymore.” and only shooting out enemies weapons and optics etc. Setsunas still offing targets like before, he’s just way better at it now.

    And as for trainwrecks, I wouldn’t call this one, but maybe that’s just me.

  40. 1) Bloody hell!? Setsuna is turning into an Innovator!?

    2) I have mixed feeling for Wang being killed off. Although I’m glad she’s dead, I think she still has her uses & I wouldn’t mind if she survived a few more episodes

    3) Burn in hell Nena

    4) Louise is turning into a crazy lady

  41. I can’t believe they killed Nena off the show she was one of the best badass characters in Gundam 00 beside Ali. I don’t like Marina I find her useless… why don’t they kill her off the show seriously.

  42. Setsuna is like Ichigo from bleach (I think Hogokyu is acting like GN particles and affected Ichigo along the way) where Setsuna is a human + GN Particles [supposed to kill him) + 00RaiserTransAM converted the GN particles on Setsuna’s body and turn him to Vizard… rather be called Pioneer

    Pioneer = Setsuna

    Pure Innovator = Ribbons

    Semi Innovator Human = Louise and Ali (both their bodies have lose something and Ribbons restored them using the Innovator’s technology granting some of the Innovators power *Louise having strength of a man holding Sergei’s wrist tightly in some episode* but it cost both of them the ability to be controlled by Ribbons himself) *downside they need medicine

    Human cell restoration using GN particles = Lasse (have his lifespan shorter), (Louise and Ali, safe due to the special medicine given to them by Ribbons)

    Semi Innovator created by Ribbons = Revive, and other fallen innovators

    Innovator made by VEDA = Erde and Regene

    Super Soldier = Soma and Allellujah

    Human that wants to overuse himself = Graham (Similar to Zechs, bomiting blood after using Tall Geese’s speed)

  43. I cant really agree on Graham’s character. I mean, if all he wants is a duel, why can’t he just wait until peace is restored. There’s really more important things in the world (i.e. peace) than a petty wish for a duel.

    On the same “human ethics” veign, what I really liked in this episode was the emphasis on Louise’s realization that revenge didn’t bring back her parents. Japanese culture and history has had a lot of “honorable revenge” stuffs, so it was nice to see some actual ethical message that’s way above that.

    The urge for revenge was pretty high for Louise… an urge that she thought would bring fulfillment. Instead it brought emptiness, because now she has to face her parents’ death without anyone she can kill and blame for it.

    This might be (one of) the core message(s) of the entire series, really. Conflict arises from an endless chain of “wanting revenge”, and the only way to stop that is stop that chain reaction.

  44. “Finally, Louise gets her revenge on Nena for causing her to become what she is now, though it seems she too is earmarked for death. At least that’s one satisfactory vengeance meted out.”

    As I said in my last post, I think it’s pretty clear that the message here is “revenge is bad”.

    Saji would have a lot of reasons for revenge (think about his sister), but he has instead chosen a different, better path. Unless he goes all mad, wanting revenge on Ali Al Sarchez in the last few eps…

    Revenge is a bad thing. And Im really glad they showed that revenge does not bring satisfaction.

  45. Thanks a lot Omni for posting fast again a detailed summy of his weeks episode, very much appreciated.
    Also thumps up at *GP* for posting your theory/thoughts on Setsuna’s evolving/changing; I agree completely.

  46. The real me, not the fake person who wrote this twisted thing: “I like the death of Wang, bitched deserved what she get. Louise killing was wtf, but that way was cool!!! In my opinion the series is going in the right direction, and Setsuna becoming Gundam, that is awesome and needs no explanation.” Still think the dead of Wang was very easy, there was something without imagination. I want to see an amazing battle between Louise and Nena, and yes the dead of one of them. What do you need to become an Innovator???, the Trans-am, been shot by Ali, the twin-drive system, gene modification??? Well for the moment we have to wait, but I still want a VERY GOOD explication

  47. Real me as well and hopefully we’re good now. Ahhh the late season Sunrise anime “trainwreck” labelling, right on schedule, but it looks like we’re getting some good discussion set beside it so perhaps we’re not all going to do that whole bit yet again, or at least not until the very end of episode 25. Still amazes me how many people changed their minds about R2 after all was said and done.

    Anyway, if anybody is going to do the talking about how Setsuna is becoming an Innovator it will be Ribbons when they meet again. I just can’t see it not coming up, there’s literally no reason or excuse for it not to.

  48. First Post …ok All I got to say why are the gundam series now having more crazy females. There was stella in GSD. Now louise and Nena. Why would you give theses females gundams come on things don”t end well if you get on their bad sides. shin in GSD sees stella is a little off ah she ok and she wipes out a few cites. wang knows nena kills people for fun and laughs about it. Then she kills her and brother. Now louise half the a-laws knows she is off taking pills taking to herself. Andrei sees her at the end of this ep come on this not a good thing. plz no crazy females in gundam series. Crazy girls fun at parties but not in gundams. end of first post thanks

  49. So what exactly was the point of having Nena survive when her brothers were killed in season 1, if they were just going to kill her off now? They literally did nothing with her in season 2 that couldn’t have been done without her presence.

  50. @Anonymous

    Nena was the catalyst in Wangs death, through her betrayal. Then later she’s also the catalyst that pushes Louise over the edge and into lala mode.

    Nena’s character wasn’t developed because she’s used as a plot device in a sense, through her actions that is. A tool if you will, once Ribbons has no other use for her he gets rid of her (like the rest).

    Nothing more nothing else. Not every character will get development or play a big role. Nena is like Anew before her, and how Andrei is as well. It’s more their actions and what they do that moves the plot along. Thus Nena was kept around and used in season 2 since she was the one close to Wang.

  51. i just hope Setsuna is a newtype innovator in a good way and also does this mean that Setsuna might be able to locate Ribbons and Ribbons might be able to manipulate him since he is the very thing he is trying to eliminate “you either die a hero or live long enough to see urself become the villian”.

    John Tokyo
  52. Wow Setsuna turning Innovator! But you know Sumeragi doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Shes always been on top of everything and even Setsuna says CB has an excellent strategist many times.

  53. Wang really disappointed me… she was so conniving and she made such a stupid decision…she had few choices:
    1. stay on ship and nena kill her
    2. go with setsuna, who’s armed and will transport her to CB so nena cant get to her. She could regroup etc.
    3. go off alone on a small slow ship and hopes nena doesnt catch her…

  54. @alex
    Yeah I bet Hong Long is banging his head into a wall in the afterlife. I mean you die to save this person and she makes a stupid move. She had no other good options than to go with Setsuna.

    While Louise has gone into a bad place still think she’ll be saved. She has what Wang and Nena lacked. A love interest with connections to a very powerful Gundam :). Definitely going to be tough though with her fragile mental state and Ribbons having his mind control at the ready.

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  56. If Graham doesn’t join forces with Setsuna/CB….then please….please….kill him off. I could’ve sworn Setsuna was the only one who didn’t hurt any of Graham’s friends and comrades. The only thing I remember Setsuna doing is sort-of defeating him in battle.

    Prime Synergy
  57. I don’t think calling that place a “dream world” fits. And I say this because it also covers the reason why they’re always naked. It’s not some alternate world or mass shared dream, it’s basically a mind link between characters. They showup nude to more or less point out that they’re not physically there.

    It’s a mental shared space, probably what the innovators also see when they connect to each others minds. When Saji and Louise do it a 2nd time they also share a common vision (of being in space) so it changed.

  58. the way ribbons connect to others is not the same as setsuna. like every innovators said they use different frequency to “communicate”. setsuna’s thing is more than that if remember sumaragi said “we felt your feelings setsuna” i forgot which episode is that. so in short its not just “to communicate” but to feel each others feelings as you see with saji and louise (thats why louise was crying after that dream state because she felt saji’s feelings is true).

    the best way to describe the difference between setsuna and ribbons is:
    setsuna = newtype
    ribbons = innovator

  59. another good episode as we get towards the end. Im still not sure how exactly they are going to end this, but hopefully they will end it well. Setsuna becoming an innovator was awesome, even if it wasn’t that surprising given the last couple of episodes.

  60. I don’t think Graham will be joining Setsuna anytime soon. He didn’t even care that the Innovators were using him just as long he gets to fight Setsuna.

    And man… 3 deaths in one episode.

  61. I still didn’t see the “infinity” theme of 00 gundam series appears anywhere..

    judging by the amount of those “dream world” until now, I bet the final battle will take place on “dream world”, perhaps naked setsuna vs naked ribbon ?

    oh my..

    just hoping nekkid marina appears sometimes.. ^^

  62. 23:56 freeze frame. Seven swords gundam, and for sure there will be a season 3 theres just too much to be resolved not to have a season 3 they still need to go in depth about the Jupiter mission etc, I cant wait to see the 7 swords gundam in action they hinted at it in this episode when Ian mentioned that they may have “new equipement” waiting for them also in the preview you can see the sword with the green outline? yeah that’s the GN particle condensed blade one of the 7 encompassed on the 7 swords gundam holy shit this is going to be good, also there will be 3 seasons each according to Aoelia’s plan

    step 1) the armed interventions, and the destruction of celestial being (celestial being was dismatled but not destroyed)
    step 2) the unification of humanities will through A laws
    step 3) the expansion of humans towards the deep reaches of space and human innovation.

    Plus I don’t believe ribbons will die in 4 episodes, meaning he will still be a major player in the 3rd season, also theres still the issue of Veda and the Jupiter mission, theres no way they can wrap it up in 4 episodes, I speculate what will happen is that the issue of love will be vanquished meaning that some and Allelujah plus Saji and Louise will end up together. Notice how there is also a trend of past foes joining the crew? well I have a feeling Louise and Graham will be joining the C being crew before the end. And there is also the rivalry between Mannequin and Sumeragi to hammer out, so for sure there WILL be a season 3 no doubt

    on a side note I love the model kits for this series XP

  63. Why is everyone asking how come Setsuna’s becoming an innovator. The series has been building up to it ever since he got shot.

    Setsuna’s character is stronger than Amuro in the mental sense. He got manipulated with religion to kill his *own parents* He knows what war costs and the depth men can sink to. Comparing them is like asking a filthy man and a clean dressed man how it feels like to be dirty. The clean fella will tell you what he *thinks* being dirty feels like while the dirty man *knows* exactly how it feels like.

    Zaku Fan
  64. They explained it pretty well. So did a lot of people here in this comments section.

    Setsuna is becoming an “innovator” because of 00-Raiser and its massive GN particle output. It may or may not have also something to do with the fact that he was shot by a faux-GN gun or whatever. Ribbons commented on this like 2 episodes ago when he was thinking of why 00 was able to sortie when Setsuna shouldn’t even be in a condition to pilot it. Anew, when examining Setsuna after the shot wound, said something was blocking the infection from spreading at a quick rate. Even Regene and Revive both figured out that he was becoming an “innovator” because of 00-Raiser.

    I think the mass confusion comes from the fact that everyone thinks that because Setsuna has become an innovator. He can’t be controlled by Ribbons because

    A) He’s not connected through Veda or can’t really be hacked
    B) When you notice the scene after anew is shot by setsuna, I believe Ribbons is surprised not because she was shot but rather because his connection with her was cut off by 00-Raiser’s dream like world

    In that sense, like everyone has said before, Setsuna is more a newtype than an innovator per say but the show just calls everyone who has been changed to be “innovators” as a whole.

  65. I like how they’ve been trying to end each episode in an emotional tone (Right before the ED). I think they’ve been doing a pretty good job at it over the last few eps.

  66. “Innovation” might not exactly mean the evolution of the entire human race per se. It might simply be a metaphorical term for a certain kind of philosophical enlightenment that Schenberg wants mankind to achieve. The Innovators are able connect to one another psychically, and this could be symbolize perfect understanding the hallmark of the philosophy of Innovation. When you can see into the innermost reaches of one’s mind, you are able to understand him or her intimately (in theory). This perfect understanding between all humans that what everyone desires is really just peace; this is probably the enlightenment that Schenberg desires, which will put an end to conflict and create peace.

    The name “Celestial Being” could not be more apt. Celestial Being will be the overseers who watch over the people of the world in this time of turmoil. They will also be the forerunners of the coming change, an organization which fights for this “enlightened” ideology, though they may not all understand it. They are the ones who will lead humanity to “innovation.”

    The term” Innovators” is an interesting term. In definition, it means “Agents of change.” The innovators are meant to be the catalyst that will bring along innovation. They are the ones who are forcing Celestial Being to act, and through the actions of Celestial Being, (And through observing the ruthlessness of the Innovators) humanity will see the light, and change will come.

    Setsuna is the first among the Innovated humans, his innovator powers enabling him to fully understand the true meaning of Innovation, and Schenberg’s true goals. Through him perhaps Schenberg hopes that this understanding can be spread to the rest of humanity.

    I do not really think that Schenberg intended evolve all humans into Innovators, but rather simply to be of an “Innovated” mind. (Even Ribbons states this clearly, though I don’t think he fully understands why.)
    Also, in the Gundam 00 universe, where everything seems to be at least marginally based on science, I do not see a way where everyone on Earth could be quickly converted into innovators; certainly not a way that would take any less that a few hundred years. The only way this would be achievable is through a Deus ex Machina device, like the thought elevator in Code Geass. It might be tempting to think of Veda as such a device, but so far it has done nothing to show that it is capable of playing any role in human evolution. It will most certainly play a central role in the end, but it is more likely to be the instrument through which Ribbons and the Innovators will be defeated.

    (This all just hit me while watching the episode!)

  67. I think that Setsuna becoming an Innovator is perhaps the greatest plot twist in the whole series! Setsuna in that state is as strong or perhaps stronger than Hallelujah and Allelujah combined consciousness, and since he is the first ever human to become an innovator is that why he is stronger than the artificially created Innovators by Aeolia? Since Setsuna was just able to pawn a lot of innovators, where even an Innovator like Tieria is having trouble beating one. The thing that I really want to happen in the next episode or so, is everyone in the Ptolemy learning about Setsuna becoming an Innovator. It’s quite ironic in contrast to Tieria who completely denies his existence as Innovator, and instead chooses to become human (the ep. where he killed that innovator, declaring that he is human).

    Though your right Omni, Setsuna’s fate in the series seems to be gloom, since doesn’t he and Ribbons have the same goal of uniting humanity by turning them all to innovators? Though I suspect that Ribbons’ plan is more so of world domination, but the means is still the same, guiding humans into becoming innovators.

  68. So Setsuna can use the SEED now…

    I kind of feel like gundam 00 isn’t going the right direction for the last few episodes. A perfectly good story is starting to become plainer and plainer…

  69. Anybody notice 00 Gundam’s new sword in the preview? It looks like Exia’s main weapon, and it has a pointed edge. Unlike the GN sword IIs. They have to do an OVA at this point. There are just too many questions to be answered in four episodes. I hope they redesign the Gundams, like they did with all the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Gundams.

    And when are the DVDs coming out? This Gundam series is definitely a keeper.

  70. @Raithos

    the sword in the preview is the gn sword III, im pretty sure the 7 sword system won’t appear on the show and is only a part of the manga like avalanche exia.

  71. i wonder where ali al-saachez is gonna feature next… he haven appeared for quite a few episodes already…

    and enough of nekkid guys or meisters already… if really have to, how about showing girls for a change…

    y a p
  72. I’m guessing that Graham realizes how petty his motivations are compared to what its costing the world (maybe seeing his future self in Ali?) and fights alongside CB but dies to Ribbons in a some super suit

    Zaku Fan
  73. I don’t want any sequels of Gundam 00. I already can’t stand Meisters especially Lyle and Alleliujah. I am not emotionally attached to any of them. I reamember the best only 8 episode from 21 episodes.

  74. @Nakobass the gn sword III is supposed to combine the beam saber and the gn physical swords so, the sword is gonna cut just as easily as a beam saber but since it’s part of the physical sword it can go through gn fields too

  75. Anyone notice Setsuna’s Innovator eyes are different from all the other Innovators? I think that, and Revive’s comment, means something. All in all, he’s an Innovator, but not the same as them.

  76. From processing the episode after watching it a couple of times since it aired. I have come to the conclusion that others suspect already.

    Get ready for 00 Gundam series 2/seasons 3/4.

    Bandai already posted *record* mech figure sales and associated material’s profits thanks to 00’s stellar performance.

    The way they have so many lose strings, if they wrap them up neatly in four episodes. They are good for doing so. But the potential profit of comming back to the 00 universe later after the next series; must be too tempting in this global economy at this point and time.

    Why not go for a sure profit, instead of pushing ahead with another series with no familar proven characters?

    Besides 00 is easily my favorite Gundam series after both Seed series with Wing and G Gundam trailing behind in that order. So I would not mind seeing another series based in the 00 universe.

    However, they can wrap everything up in four episodes just neat enough. First the major fleet battle, Veda discovery with exposition and fighting, fighting and exposition, the end. That can be done in four episodes, especially since Gundam shows are famous for rival fighters to blast each other with words as well as beams while having their final duel.

    I can imagine Ribbons losing his cool while fighting Setsuna and just blabbing on and on about how everything went, and how everything should go according to his plan and will. And also how he was made to lead mankind.

    And how Setsuna blasts back, in conjunction with Saiji who probally will Innovate at the last second too, how humans desire the ability to choose and make choices for themselves as well as a deeper understanding of one another.

  77. @Bluevirage:
    We already this season had lots of boring episodes and villians are crappy and they don’t know what to do with some characters and plot started moving only now.
    There isn’t 3rd season.

  78. Actually this gundam has been much more subtle and deeper than the previous ones like seed and wing. I’m sure some people prefer to read between the lines rather than having the plot and characterizations hammered out, all the red herrings exposed and everything explained to the most minute detail.

    Unfortunately, sunrise will probably have to cater to people like lilu who needs everything explained.

    Zaku Fan

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