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Summary and Thoughts
A peppy Churuya-san that’s excited for Tanabata is cockblocked by Kyon at every turn, from the tag-hanging to showing off her yukata, and since he looks like that fish, that one too. And he probably bought her the sparkler, so that one too. And sent her into the tombstone abyss where smoked cheese goes to die. Baaaastarrrddddd. At least she gets her brief moment of happiness at the end!

It raises an interesting question – if you had a Churuya-san of your own, how would you treat her? Maybe with sheer reverence like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me? Or maybe tender loving teasing like Yuki and Achakura? Or maybe you throw her in a pit with Michael Vick’s dogs and see if her overwhelming intelligence can trump razor-sharp fangs.

How would Tsuruya-san treat her? Unlike Achakura, whose miniaturization was a result of a botched respawn process, Tsuruya is supposedly alive and well, unless she was crassly and inexplicably replaced by Churuya. Still, it’s an interesting prospect…


  1. I’d go with the Yuki and Achakura, well, a little kindler. Although smoked cheese is out of the question. I’m a poor college student and I can’t afford shoveling that stuff into her mouth. Dx

    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

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