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Summary and Thoughts
Churuya shows off her smoking hot bikini bod, gets denied by Taniguchi’s long lost seafaring ojiisan, takes a gander at Kyon’s short rod, claws the hell out of Taniguchi’s ugly mug. And Ashakura gets shut down again. The sheer amount of emotional trauma these two chibis are put through on a weekly basis is frankly starting to get to me, and yet I still coming back week after week. I guess it’s the same idea as going to watch Evel Knievel hoping he’ll actually make the jump, hanging out at Michael Vick’s house to “be with the dawgs”, and watching Queen’s Blade for the storyline (see, it’s proving useful already). Any of that make sense? No, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Hey, anyone watch K-ON! yet? That show owns!



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