When Bessho Yoshihiko and Arihara Yuuji visit their sisters’ school, their relationships with their respective younger sisters become obvious. Yuuji loves his sister Ayumi even though she doesn’t think very highly of him, and conversely, Koyoi loves her brother Yoshihiko even though he doesn’t return the same feelings. Koyoi in particular is excited about their father being away from home, giving her time alone with her brother. Yoshihiko, however, has feelings for Misaki. All of this comes to a head with a series of events starting with Yuuji one day telling Yoshihiko about how Zaitsu won over his sister with candy. Yuuji still thinks that his sister is in love with the elder Zaitsu brother, and he demonstrates on Misaki by shoving a lollipop into her mouth. Yoshihiko panics and apologizes to her, and he thinks that Misaki was angered by this.

Misaki ends up calling Yoshihiko that night while he’s in the middle of fighting off Koyoi’s advances in the absence of their father. She wants to meet and talk with him, and his subsequent happiness about it all makes Koyoi think that it’s going to be a date. Koyoi thus disguises herself and follows him, and she’s shocked when she sees how beautiful of a girl Misaki is. Fortunately for Koyoi – and unfortunately for her brother – Misaki soon reveals that she’s become interested in Yuuji after what he did, and she called Yoshihiko out because she wanted to know more about Yuuji’s love life. Koyoi is overjoyed, but she realizes that her brother might be feeling down, so she prepares his favorite hamburger meal that night.


This was a surprisingly good episode; probably my favorite of the four so far. I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot of the Koyoi story and was worried that her character would end up more annoying than anything else, but this turned out not to focus on just her, and it was a lot funnier than I remembered. It’s the sort of light-hearted love-comedy fun that was I hoping from this series from the beginning. Unrealistic yes – never mind the brother and sister complexes, what kind of girl falls in love after getting a lollipop shoved into her mouth by a random guy? – but still a lot of fun to watch. Another plus was that the writers segued nicely from the events of last episode and kept the story of the two brothers and sisters more or less intact from the manga.

As for next week, the preview indicates that it’s going to be Meguru’s story. Hino Satoshi did a pretty good job this week as Yoshihiko, and I hope they have a good voice actor lined up for Takei next episode to go with his over the top attitude.


  1. Yes, I love this episode! Ever since the anime started airing, this is THE episode I’ve been waiting for~ I am so happy it’s Episode 4 (so early!). One of the funnier episodes, though not as emotional powerful as some of the others. Still, it’s nice to see my Misaki again and best of all, her crush on Yuuji! ^^ Thanks for the blog entry!

  2. Yo everyone! I’ve been following this place for months, and it always gave me a hand in determining how good the series are and how it’s episodes are going (I also like how some of you do give me some data about the parts of original material each episode may be based on…)
    I followed through here pieces like Toradora!, Tower of Druaga and Tales of the Abyss, and they were all quite reviews and stuff… Now following pieces like Fullmetal, K-ON! and this one, of course…

    Now, to finish this up, I have a request that I don’t know if it can be posted here…
    I wanted to get the manga of this series to catch up with the following story and to see what tey skipped in the anime, but there’s a bunch of groups that took care of it, and I don’t know which one may be better.
    Can someone here point me one of the best, if possible?

    THX for your time, and keep it up… IT’S GOING GREAT!!

  3. Is this series 12 eps long?

    How bout a poll where who wants a koyoi type sister? :3

    Hopefully they will extend it to 2 seasons just to finish the manga w/o compressing the story too much..

    @X-Rick, you can just get the whole series from the spoiler below. [don’t know if its alright to do this so i just put it in under spoilers..] Its mostly Mangaddicted & Franky House

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Cool! The animators seamlessly combined two manga chapters into one epsiode again, though the preview last week only focused on the one about Koyoi. It certainly made sense as both chapters are similar – a bro-con and a sis-con. Having Misaki in was a plus, as she did have a few things to do with both of the guys in each of the chapters.

    Oh and yes, the scene with Yuuji shoving the lolipop into Misaki’s mouth was cute
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And one of my favorite characters is up next week – Meguru! 😀

    Sailor Enlil
  5. what kind of girl falls in love after getting a lollipop shoved into her mouth by a random guy?

    that basically runied the whole story for me
    it felt so forced

  6. To 8ghosts:
    well, that’s the beauty of that scene. misaki is the girl that is very beautiful, always in control of situation, she acts/looks confident and always keeps herself cool – although both boys and girl admire her, they are somewhat afraid to come and talk with her. and then this guy shows (juuji) out of nowehere, crosses her way, talks to her like they are friends and puts the lollipop in her mouth. that is the moment she feels insecured for the first time and out of her comfort zone, so she gets interested in the guy that made her feel this way.

    so do not give up on this anime


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