• So I found out today that I have tuberculosis. That’s one of those really scary things that you never want to hear from your doctor. Fortunately, after some testing, it was determined that I have latent tuberculosis instead of active, which means I’m not in huge danger and can’t spread it. I am, however, on antibiotics for the next several months, and I’m dead tired right now from all the running around to various clinics that I did.
  • On a more upbeat note, I was watching TBS the other day, and a commercial for Volvic FruitKiss aired with a really catchy song. I’ve never had this drink and the commercial didn’t exactly make me want some, but it did prompt me to look up the singer MiChi and the song KiSS KiSS xxx, and now it’s stuck in my head. This becomes yet another single and PV that I’m interested in, along with the Valkyria OP by HIMEKA and the current Bleach OP by SCANDAL.
  • Since the reaction to Trillian’s photography last time was so positive, here’s another image.
  • Edit: Thanks for all the messages of support – it really means a lot to me.


    1. Blegh. That sucks (about the latent TB)… On a brighter note, at least it’s not active!! 😀 I remember going through the 9-month treatment of isoniazid – 6 years ago. Hated the whole thing…all 9 months of it. -_- On top of that, my mom had me take vitamin supplements twice a day (packs of 7 different vitamins in each). Soo…i had to pop 15 medium-sized pills a day. Ugh, this brings back bad memories. XD

      Back to reading managa. XD

    2. Hope you take care of yourself well and may good health be by your side. I’ve been a fan of ya’ blog for a long time and I love anything that you write. Thanks for the very nice picture you’ve additionally poster as it gives me so much nostalgia.

    3. oww man please do take care I contracted tuberclosis before and I spend 1 1/2 years taking medication, I was practically coughing up blood believe it or not during the period I had TB, hopefully yours does not get worse. Good luck and take good care.

    4. siento mucho escuchar que tengas esa enfermedad amigo, esperemos que tomes el tratamiento adecuado para que te recuperes y te sigamos leyendo en este sitio.

      saludos camarada

    5. Wow. Quite shocking, but my I send best wishes and expect you to stay strong ^_^ Meds are the suck, but a great compliment to them is staying lively, enjoying things, and limiting stress. Rest up!

      It’s a nice photo!

      Ryan A
    6. Actually you not need to be so worry about it, Tuberculosis is serious, but ppl usually no have the most dangerous forms. I don’t know how its seen in Japan, but in my country I have patients with Tuberculosis every weeks, in fact, most ppl have a positive serology for TBC and never had a clinic or something like that. I dont wanna bore the ppl that read this comments just for joy (like me), but I leave my mail here so, if u have any doub about it, feel free to write :p

    7. It’s good to hear that it’s treatable. I hope it isn’t related to those past incidents with the collasped lung or anything. Please take care and rest lots. I hope you get better soon!

    8. on the bright side, you’ve been given plenty of time to prevent that annoying pain from becoming worse. well i’d really love to say to take it easy but your work (academic and others) seems to be taking their toll… at your expense… ~_~

      nonetheless, never forget to give yourself a breather.

      get well!

    9. hey, take care of yourself. it’s actually pretty shocking to know that you have latent tuberculosis, because i just found out about a week or 2 ago that i have latenTB too. now i’m on the medication aswell.

      heres hoping for your speedy recovery!

    10. @omni

      I’ve had TB as well, hey! At least You didn’t have as bad as me. After a few X-RAYs, I was diagnosed with Sinus Venosus Atrium Sceptic Defect (a missing atrium wall :3), and had to get open heart surgery and then take my TB pills =___=.

    11. Wow sorry man that’s awful but at least its not super serious, hope you get to feeling better man I’ve loved this blog ever since I found out about it. Rest up and take it easy

    12. Eep, I’m sorry to hear that. But at least you got diagnosed early. Good luck and take care!

      On the other hand, I’ve been quite addicted to Volvic’s Fruit Kiss (grapefruit) lately ^ ^” It hardly tastes like water~ Personally I really like it :3

    13. unlike the old days, TB is curable. just do what your doctor says and you should be alright. really goes to show how unexpected life can turn out to be… here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

    14. Don’t stress, its not going to be good with antibiotics for the next few months.

      Take Probiotics, they help restore the good bacteria in your intestine that the antibiotics kill off.

    15. Nevermind, a google search revealed that several studies in the last 10 years suggest a rise in “incidence of spontaneous pneumotorax caused by lung tuberculosis.” Interestingly, articifical pneumothorax used to be used as a treatment for tuberculosis (by cutting a hole in the lung =S to deflate the lung and let it heal/close up holes left by the tuberculosis).

    16. It is a looong treatment so… CHEERS! If you keep doing the treatment in the right way, there won’t be any problem, just DON’T STOP the medicine by yourself! It’s the worst thing to do to this things.

      Good luck, and get better soon!

    17. Sorry to hear that. Following Random Curiosity for the past couple of years, I noticed that you push on yourself a little too much. May be now it’s a good time to take some rest.

      On the positive side, after each time one gets sick for a long period, if he had rested properly and relaxed a little, then the following period would be a more energetic and creative one. Hopefully, you will have this experience to its fullest.

    18. @ Kinny Riddle. you make sound like his blogging is wrong thing to do.

      No worries man we all respect your decision if you decide to take a break from blogging for a while

    19. Geez, thats terrible!At least its not too too serious, tho. Me and my friends were just talking about TB the other week and how its kinda commin back. Well,I guess you’re like Ukitake-taichou now:)And he’s what?1000 and some years old? Well, good luck on your antibiotics and such:)

    20. LOL! So your hooked on that song? Well, good thing you found out its latent TB. Hope you’ll get well soon. Seriously, I wouldn’t find any other sites that are as good as yours so get your health to 100% and please do continue this site.

    21. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you have TB! Thank goodness it’s not active, though. I hope that you’re able to get well soon and feel better! Good luck, Omni! All of us here will be supporting you and wishing you well.

    22. My flatmate just got diagnosed with latent TB as well. She had to wait over 2 weeks for the results of her tests (and they lost the first batch so she had to do all the blood tests again!). UK hospitals have their moments.

      It still sucks, but glad you’re okay Omni.

    23. You`re a quite young person, aren`t you Omni? I hope tuberculosis is possible to heal completely, but i don`t know about it. Myself i have a transplanted kidney since August 2005, i had bad kidneys for over 20 years. But despite of my age, i feel reasonably well, have enough of retirement pension to live with my hobbies which include anime, manga, model building, playing music (jazz & rock of every genre, despite i`m awfully old, i need a new body at least 40 years younger desperately)& other typical otaku stuff since 80s and some of them much earlier. So, you don`t have to feel bad, if you only have things you`re REALLY into.

    24. Omni, take care of yourself and make it a habit of always taking your antibiotics on time everday. That’s tough news to hear, but I’m certain you’ll pull through. You have to keep a positive attitude and don’t let it get you depressed. Having a positive mind can save you.

    25. Hello,
      I often read your blog (I LOVE it!!) and, yeah, sorry to hear about the TB. I hope for you that the antibiotics work and that somehow, you’ll be healthy again.

      Take care,

      A fan

    26. I am so sorry to hear the news! It’s been a long time since we last talked, but I do read your blog regularly. I hope your recovery goes smoothly. I hope you’re well, in spite of the circumstances.


    27. How do they diagnose you with tuberculosis? Skin test or chest X-ray?

      Don’t worry if you only have positive skin test, but negative chest X-ray. Lots of people have that. It’s just latent TB and nothing much to worry about. The bug is not going to harm you. It just means that you’ve exposed to the tuberculous bacteria in the past.

      Just be compliant to your medication. It’s gonna be 6 months though. Understand how tough it is.

    28. Tuberculosis? That’s nothing. I’m on a medical field, so I know 🙂
      Just religiously take your medication(s), follow the physicians orders, and you’ll be fine.

      Just Another Comment
    29. I think your Pneumothorax from before sounded scarier compare to this latent TB but that is just me. Ditto with “Get better” msg and hope you have no more issues.

    30. Bacille Calmette Guérin, also known as BCG, is a vaccine given throughout many parts of the world. It is derived from an atypical mycobacterium but offers some protection from developing active tuberculosis, especially in infants and children. This vaccination is believed to be important in parts of the world where TB is quite common. This is not the case in the United States. When BCG has been administered, future PPD and Tine skin tests remain positive and can cause some confusion when trying to diagnose TB. It is also important to realize that even with a BCG vaccine in childhood, tuberculosis can still occur in an adult exposed to the tuberculosis bacteria, which calls into question the real utility and effectiveness of this vaccination.

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