Episode 05


Arthur drags Arawn and the others out for another hunt, but they realize that another group has already claimed the nearby hunting grounds. That night, they encounter a troubadour who entertains them with his harp, informs them of some bandits, and then leaves. Arawn then sets his sights on the Empire’s city of Londinium, and he takes Arthur and company to check it out. They target a convoy coming out of the city, but they find out afterward that it was a trap and that Gaius is on their tail. Fortunately, they manage to get away. On their next hunt on the beach, they encounter a woman who rises up out of the ocean.

Episode 06


The girl from the sea turns out to be an elf named Llyr who’s here to serve Arawn, and he inadvertently marries her after letting a special outfit of hers get burned. Llyr is rather inept at regular tasks like laundry, but she has some fighting ability that’s put to use when a group of the Empire’s troops threaten. Arawn and company set up an ambush and force the enemy, led by an aggressive man named Bubulcus and his second in command Octavia, to retreat. Bubulcus is so desperate to get away that he destroys a bridge while his own men are still trying to cross, and he yells at Octavia afterward even though he was the one who recklessly led them forward in the first place.


I finally got caught back up on this series, and the thing that really struck me is that it continues to look great visually. I haven’t noticed any drop in quality at all. The action scenes are definitely still the highlight of this show, and I liked episode six more than episode five because there was much more of that on display in the latter episode. I think my main problem with this show right now is that they are introducing a lot of characters who don’t necessarily play important roles right away, and I’m having trouble keeping track of them all. It’s obvious that Octavia will be an important character (and given her jackass superior, she’s probably going to join Arawn’s side sooner or later), however I have no idea if the minstrel or the ninja guy from episode five are important enough to remember. In fact, the cast continues to grow, but there’s not much depth to any of the characters outside of Arawn, Arthur, and maybe Riannon and Octavia. It is still relatively early in the series though, so maybe the character development will come later. Next episode looks to be a visit to a colosseum and another new girl, and the shot of Octavia seems promising.


  1. @arb

    I would but I’m too busy to even play the game for a couple of minutes so I will just keep watching the show just to see on how the plot ends.

    P.S. if there was a K-ON Hgame then I would clear my busy’s time for that though LOL 😀

  2. Random thoughts:
    Wife counter please? It is 3 now, or did I miss any?
    The show with most wives since “The life of Henry VIII” award goes to T3!
    Its cool to be Demon King, ne?
    And Octavia just rox!

  3. well counting it up the ones that need to be in his harem post are limwris ermin octavia and rathy yeah…. original PC game included epona but since i dont know the details for PS3 (dont have the game) stuff so yeah… your getting close arawn your getting close XD

  4. wife counter now: 3 of 8…well actually it could be 6/8 by now, but we seeing the non-ero-version here sooooo…who cares?
    Taliesin has a very important role to the end.
    Riannon does stuff
    Her Brother Arthur still is a “little King”
    and Ogam will breath fire…*note: old man is…reallllllllly Old*
    Age of Gold: Dragons
    Age of Silver: Giants
    Age of Bronze: Elves
    Age of Iron: Humans now


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