Oh yea, you heard me. The first episode of long awaited, mistakenly self-trolled, probably way overhyped anime to end all anime Suzumiya Haruhi is currently airing on Teletama, entitled “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody”. Suffice to say, 2ch is going crazy, and I have crapped my pants.

Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Hell yeah! I have been keeping track of this since the “accidental” release of the episode list back then. At last we got the new series, however we will not have a new episode until after 4 weeks( since there is mysterique sign and Lone Island 1+2)


  3. Finally- best news Ive heard all year- make that for the past few years. I have been waiting so long since they first advertised the new season so many months. . .years .. ago.

  4. Does this mean I’m gonna have to re-purchase my DVD boxset of the series? Or will Bandai have the decency to release a “Lost Episodes” Collection?

    Oh well, happy times either way.

  5. QUOTE I’VE READ HERE, to think about.

    “Finally- best news Ive heard all year- make that for the past few years.” ..really??


    and here’s mine “Haruhi has got one BIG ASS HEAD, even fo anime standards”
    good day

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. for a moment there, i think i just died. and immediately revived. can someone please pinch me, i think i’m dreaming. damn. now i can’t get any sleep, can’t think straight, until this gets SUBS!!

  7. CNN Reports: Worst Water Shortage in the History of Earth

    A world-wide water shortage has been confirmed as otakus across the globe flock to laundry mats en mass after having crapped their pants. Governments are expected to address the problem with swift and sure military force.

  8. Aww, younger Haruhi was cute. The voices seemed consistent to 3 years ago (does Tomokazu have another voice? =P ), but I think the characters looked different at times, no surprise. Great ED as well – I’m still seizure free!

  9. RJ984UJ3WEJRERJNWOE4J3RJ39R4JW3RJ3R4J8934C *Froths at mouth*

    Can somebody call up the devil and ask if hell has frozen over? Also please keep a watch outside of your window for flying pigs.
    Its here at last, at long last :’) The 3 year wait better have been worth it… then again anything with Haruhi-sama in it is worth it!

    Back to spreading the word of Haruhiism I spose then…

  10. The overall animation quality is better than those screencaps suggest. I’d say on par with, or ever so slightly better than, the first season.

    That might disappoint fans who were expecting a huge spike in animation quality three years on, but I for one am glad to see a little consistency.

  11. >Maximilian

    If that is true, why show “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” first. Chronologically, it should come after Melancholy if i’m not mistaken.

    Furthermore, did Kyoani animate this season as well?
    Doesn’t look like their production at all.

  12. They’ve been showing Haruhi episodes since the first week of April. This is the eighth week, the perfect place for “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” chronologically. We expect the next new episodes will air in four weeks time after three older episodes. we expect there to be at least three, maybe as many as five new episodes in a row after four weeks followed by Episode 00 (the Mikuru movie), Live A Live, and the Space Game/battle episode.

  13. >evil_paladin
    Actually, The Boredom occurs between Melancholy( happens in May) and Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody( 7th of June-Tanabata), so chronologically it’s in correct place.

    And yes, this is Kyoani. However, there is the issue that it’s their first time doing two anime at the same time( K-on! and Haruhi).

  14. >Mazimilian
    I have a feeling that they’ve been working on the second season for the past three years (two at least) so they probably have at least enough episodes finished, or close to finished, to show before K-ON! ends. So technically, they probably aren’t really animating two at the same time if my theory is correct.

  15. It’s also because the second season is being done by a different director then the first. So the animation will have a different direction in the style, not to mention it’s been 3 years, plus the pic of Haruhi up there for one is when she’s 3 years younger, so it’s gonna be significantly different.

  16. For those who understands chinese, heres the whole schedule:

    04/02 第01 春日的郁1 <—已播放(already aired)
    04/09 第02 春日的郁2 <—已播放
    04/16 第03 春日的郁3 <—已播放
    04/23 第04 春日的郁4 <—已播放
    04/30 第05 春日的郁5 <—已播放
    05/07 第06 春日的郁6 <—已播放
    05/14 第07 春日的 <—已播放
    05/21 第08 竹狂想曲<—新作影像(new episode)   
    05/28 第09 神秘信
    06/04 第10 孤症候群(前篇)
    06/11 第11 孤症候群(后篇)
    06/18 第12 漫止境的八月<—新作影像    
    06/25 第13 春日的溜息1<—新作影像 
    07/02 第14 春日的溜息2<—新作影像 
    07/09 第15 春日的溜息3<—新作影像 
    07/16 第16 朝比奈玖留的冒 Episode00 
    07/23 第17 Live Alive
    07/30 第18 射手座之日
    08/07 第19 Someday in the Rain
    08/14 第20 春日的消失1<—新作影像
    08/21 第21 春日的消失2<—新作影像 
    08/28 第22 春日的消失3<—新作影像 
    09/03 第23 春日的消失4<—新作影像 
    09/10 第24 示怪客<—新作影像 
    09/17 第25 雪山症候群(前篇)<—新作影像 
    09/24 第26 雪山症候群后篇)<—新作影像
    10/01 第27 <—新作影像
    10/08 第28 消失后<—新作影像

  17. @Maximilian

    not really… Clannad AS and Munto(the long ass title that I wouldn’t dare to type even though I typed something much longer than the title I was avoiding.)

    I think they can do it. Munto and AS didn’t have quality drops that I have noticed.

  18. Been waiting for years..

    The animation of the first series is better. Probably because of he colors.. It’s like bright unlike the first series that’s kinda shaded a bit.

    Roy G. Biv
  19. So calm and yet my body tickles every single inches… my stomach is giving me strange sensations…
    do not panic it’s going to be ok…

    /tears of joy

    Now the question… wait for the final episode to watch them peacefully, it will hurt for sure (waiting until the last one) or enjoy them as they come?


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