If you haven’t heard of ELLEGARDEN or Hosomi Takeshi, watch the above video first before reading the rest of this. Having not heard of any of those before now, my first reaction to it was that it was surprisingly good English from a Japanese band (and it reminded me of how I recently found out that Mizushima Hiro also speaks good English). You probably could have fooled me into thinking that this was any random American group, and only after looking them up did I realize that the HIATUS is a Japanese group led by former ELLEGARDEN vocalist Hosomi Takeshi. I’m not writing about it just because it features good English though – it’s a very catchy rock song too, and I love the way the song starts and the chorus. The PV was interesting to watch as well, if a bit abstract with that man made of rock. It’s pretty good stuff overall, and I’ll have to pay more attention to Hosomi Takeshi’s music from now on.

The album Trash We’d Love that Ghost In The Rain came out on was released a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Oh my gosh I love ELLEGARDEN so much!!!!!!!! I’ve only discovered them in the last year-and-a-half, so I was devastated to learn that they were disbanded. But I didn’t realize Hosomi Takeshi had another group…I’m so excited!!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  2. Having heard Ellegarden going on hiatus was a bit disappointing, however this song was pretty catchy, hope they get back together soon, we don’t want another Gun’s and Rose’s incident -.-

  3. KEEP THE PVS COMING OMNI!! Every single one you’ve posted so far has been AMAZING to listen to..your recommendations are basically my only connection to Jap music now =.=”. Awesome song!

  4. It looks more like they want the man to be metal. After all, he’s been shown to be magnetic…

    Also looks like some college student was just fooling around with a new 3D animation program.

    Song was good though. =)

  5. Sorry for posting again, but just wanted to say, Takeshi has gotten better at his English. It was really good before, but it’s even better now. Omni, I think you’d really like some of ELLEGARDEN’s songs.

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