The moment I’ve been waiting 52+ episodes for…


H-I-N-A Hinagiku! Hai Hai! *da da dun daa dun da daa*

Wait what? Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season? Fans of the long running first series might be wondering why this super, unbelievably awesome, and way more entertaining than FMA-remake show isn’t being blogged. Well you count me in for that. The original series was one of those shows that you could easily pick up an episode of and enjoy (possibly even out of order) just because it was so quirky and random and didn’t really have any cliffhangers. Even if you weren’t really looking forward to the next episode, you could just fire it up when you’re bored and be entertained for a good twenty minutes or so. Any anime that can do that for me is pretty good in my books. If you haven’t seen the first series, I suggest you marathon all 52 episodes now. NOW!!!

*Ahem* /regains composure

Under J.C. Staff this time around, Hayate no Gotoku focuses on the relationships in the series and I’m admittedly eating it all up with a silver spoon (…and asking for more I might add). The whole “love pentagon” or whatever you call it between Hayate, Hinagiku, Ayumu, Maria, and Nagi is the real reason I’m watching this show. Using my plethora of anime knowledge prowess (i.e. lack thereof), I would say that Hayate x Hinagiku is the Harima x Eri of School Rumble — the best part of that series. All the comedy, side characters, and other happenings are just bonus. At this point, I would even go as far as saying that an episode without Hina is pretty disappointing on some subconscious level. Luckily, it seems like J.C. Staff caught onto her popularity in the original series and is milking it to the max now. The ending theme and the focus on Hina seem to indicate that anyway. No complaints here though. Give me more Hina/Itou Shizuka please.


Hayate screws up and the clock has to suffer. Way to go Hayate! /sarcasm

Shirahadori! (Blade Grasp!)


I guess it goes without saying that episode 13 was a long time coming for fans. Here on out, I’m really looking forward to all the “awkward” moments between our debt-ridden butler and the student council pres now that she’s FINALLY come to terms with the fact that she loves him. Speaking of which, Hayate can’t seem to do/say anything wrong to Hina — everything just wins him “meromero” points even when he screws up. Showing up late, apologizing emphatically, then giving her homemade cookies for her birthday because the thought is more important than the cost? I see Hina diving into Hayate’s pants already.


Nagi, your expensive watch just got owned. Meromero point GET!

Mmm, the real couple of the series. I have to say, they do look pretty good together.


Ayumu is my pick to help spice things up between these two (sorry Maria! I still <3 you Tanaka Rie), but I already get the feeling it’s going to be Nagi instead which is total crap because she’s not realistically any sort of competition. But hey, this is anime and we know Nagi probably has the best chance of scoring with Hayate so I’m prepared for that (shitty) ending. At least that doesn’t stop me from enjoying all the Hina/Ayumu/Maria stuff along the way. On another note, I’m starting to notice a trend with character personalities that I like. I hope this isn’t the masochist in me talking, but tsundere characters who are dishonest with their feelings are pure win (see Enomoto Kei, another Itou Shizuka character). In my defense though, even the seiyuus agree with me. (Tanaka Rie flips out about how Hinagiku still refers to Hayate as “Ayasaki-kun”… until this episode!)


“Daisuki da yo, Hayate-kun!”


Anyway, here’s my attempt at returning to some sort of regular blogging. If you like my awesome new (i.e. lazy) format and having a place to talk about our Meer Campbell cosplaying, Evangelion OP song singing, pink-haired tsundere, great! If not, well… you can bite me. 😛


“Zankoku na tenshi no you ni, shounen yo shinwa ni nare~”


  1. Blaze: the most amazing part of this episode is actually that:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Also like how they keep up with the trends. I remember in the manga (when the SP were talking with Maria regarding the kidnapping) that

    Show Spoiler ▼

    whereas in the anime episode (12 IIRC)

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. agree on hayate x hinagiku is the equivalant of harima x eri

    i do root for hinagiku, and i did with eri, shame nothing is ever gonna happen between these 2 couple cause of the nature of these 2 shows

  4. Who: it’s actually like this:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’d also like to point out that HayatexHina is not the same as HarimaxErie, for the following reasons. In School Rumble Harima has a big crush on Tanma and has Yukumo as a possible romantic partner. Erie just happened to be in the same class as them, and her relationship with Harima is rather one-sided. Hina, on the other hand, shares Show Spoiler ▼

    with Hayate and they like each other.

    While you may agree that Hina likes Hayate, but I also claim that Hayate likes Hina as well. To see this, first note that the real romantic possibilities for Hayate are actually Ayumu and Hina, since Hayate doesn’t even like Nagi (but this will be THE drama to unfold in the future when Nagi finds out), and treats Maria like a big sister. Now, it is pretty obvious that the mangaka will not be drunk enough to do HayatexAyumu, so it has to be HayatexHina or HayatexNoone. In essense there is a real chance that this couple will work out as compared to HarimaxErie.

  5. I am still waiting for A-tans hayate’s first girlfriends appearance cause in the end i feel if hayate is going to end up with anyone its A-tan or Nagi cause though she has not been introduced yet in the flash back in the manga its pretty much reveals that hayate really really loved her and that he is who is is today cause of her teachings ie out of everyone his ever meet she has had the biggest influence on him.
    Come on anime introduce her already.

  6. The Super Soldier program was in 00; I don’t want to have to dig through all the episodes but I definitely remember that Allelujah was one of their test subjects. Plus the original material was only Cosmic Era reference, so it’d make more sense to keep it within Anno Domini as well for this one. But I guess you can take it either way because we all know Gundam loves to recycle stuff around.

  7. illu:

    I think what brianleung8912 and I are referring to is not so much that their relationships are similar, but that they’re the couple out of all the possible pairings that makes the show shine (i.e. interesting and entertaining). Stuff that involves Hayate x Hina are just fun to watch, just like Harima and Eri were.

    That’s what I was alluding to anyway.

  8. With the series following the manga more than the 1st season did (though they focus more on character arcs), are you going to continue blogging Hayate now?

    The way this is blogged made me think that I went to the other animeblog, though i like it as well. And yes I agree Hina x Hayate makes this show more interesting and entertaining.

  9. *confession* yo! look.. i don’t really get “MOE” but then maybe i do…. not a fan of lucky star, nor k-on or others similar s ..but goddammit all to hell I LOVE WATCHING HAYATE!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. YAHOO! FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO APPRECIATES THE PINK PRINCESS! The manga is a bit blasted considering there are 5 scan groups that work on that all at once… The anime is a fresh SMB in the throat! HayateXHinagiku 4 life…

    THE Enigmatic Moondoogiebuiscuit
  11. I agree with your view on the Nagi ending – I’d be quite surprised if in the manga some other girl would enup with him. However even when the manga had some chaps dedicated to relationships it returned to the usual story stuff. I wonder how the author will end this..

  12. Funny that you mention HarimaxEri, considering the School Rumble Z ending makes them canon. Well whatever, the fact remains that this season 2 is very enjoyable for all its Hinagikuism :)) i mean just look at the ending song.

    Nagi? Dude, is she even legal?

  13. You know what could have made episode 13 of HnG 2nd an epic one? If they used the BMG “The Heady Feeling of Freedom” from Evangelion OST III; I just tried it a few minutes ago… pure bliss.

    Anyway, Hayate no Gotoku! 2nd season has been wonderful so far, and I agree with you, Nagi as the end girl will be horrible, yet for the first time I must agree that a side character as Hinagiku deserves more than a second place in Hayate’s heart. The manga is still ongoing in Japan, so we don’t know what will be J.C. Staff decision in the end. Let’s cross our fingers and pray for a hinagiku ending.

    Please, someone, make a video clip with that scene and the BGM from Eva.

  14. it was an awesome episode indeed, hurrah for hina! Too bad that next week we’re getting a new arc though, so i guess the cool hinaness of these last episodes will be losing major focus 🙁

  15. @SnooSnoo
    no cursing nagi for owning hayate as he is her butler in debt but butler in debt also can have his own romantic comedy love story no? ^^

    well its good to see so many hinagiku in one episode of course we will have to hope for more and more of hinagiku to appear on stage ! 😛 but this serties is more about hayate and nagi so lets just sit down and enjoy all fo the hinagiku moments shall we? ^^

  16. ^I forgot about Shuffle. I agree, I like Asa too.

    These past 13 episodes of HnG have just been a massive euphoria of Hina. I love it, although we’re moving into a new arc.

    I wonder if A-tan will show up this season.

  17. I simply don’t see a Nagi ending, to be honest. This was the obvious canonical pairing right from the start, the “hey, you know what’s gonna happen” match, but yet, up to chapter 230, it did NOT make any of the necessary developments so far: Hayate needs to stop seeing her as a kid he’s tending to. And Nagi needs to grow up (not just physically). NOTHING in this department over 230 chapters.

    The mangaka said himself that Hayate no Gotoku WILL have an ending. He also said that Hina and Maria are “in the strike zone”, so he definitely considers a Hina ending. And she not only wins Hayate character contests, she massacres the opposition, usually scoring almost as many votes alone as places 2-4 combined.

    If this trend continues, I will soon give Hina even money on Nagi, and I’d already clearly put her ahead of everyone else.

  18. ya Hayate is really fun to watch, and like Devine ive been waiting for this moment for a long time to.

    also its understandable that this is not bloged its not blog material wont generate questions and answers and such, its just for pure enjoyment. i think haha…

  19. @Bluekino:

    Not really…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. One of my favorite series from 2009, I liked the first season too, but that’s much better! My favorite cuople is Hayate x Hingaiku too. Unfortunately, the Hina arc’s been finished, but I Hope that we’ll see her in the future too.

  21. I doubt Nagi will win. The female protagonist is not always the winner (just watch True Tears). I vote 100% on Nishizawa Ayumu though. I normally go for the childhood friend if she’s the type to hit the main character.

  22. I couldn’t stand watching the first season through, probably because it was so disconnected. The new focus on character development has me really enjoy the series though. I definitely agree that Hayate/Hina are simply more fun to watch than the rest of the cast.

    I don’t think the necessary development has happened yet either. I think this this series overall is a bit more up in the air than most others, which really are more or less forgone conclusions. While I hope for the best (HayatexHina, I always prepare for the worst (HayatexNagi).

  23. fun episode, glad you picked this shittt upppp!! It keeps getting better and better every episode. At first I was dissapointed with Jc staff animating it and not synergy, but now I have come to terms to like it even more than S1 art style.

  24. RandomC just got an extra million points for this sole entry, thx Divine. Indeed this ep was amazing, and it will be hard to top it, but still I’m really looking forward to the hot spring arc, Isumi’s grandma is just wicked.

  25. I dropped this on ep 34 of season 1 then watched the last ep(I don’t know which but it was a Hinagiku ep). Should I really rewatch this or just skip right through the 2nd season?

  26. I don’t usually comment here, but this post is epic win and deserves being commented on.

    I pretty much agree with your entire post. It’s kinda sad that, while Hina and Hayate go well together, it’s going to end up being a Hayate x Nagi thing at the end (Japanese just love to favor the loli tsundere characters >_>)

    I’m glad this is being blogged here. Nice new format, I await your weekly posts on this =D

  27. Setsuken:

    why do you think so? Hayate does not even like Nagi in a romantic way, and them being under the same roof is purely by Nagi’s misunderstanding (that Hayate is hitting on her). I have never seen an anime where couple worked out but their feelings were not mutual.

    At best, the solution could be that Nagi learns Hayate’s romantic interests to ???, storms him out of the house, then come to realization later that he doesn’t like her, and asks him to be back to be her butler even though he has a girlfriend outside of the house.

  28. Hey Divine, I remember you wrote a summary of one of the early Casshern Sins episodes a while back. Did you stick with that series? I think it turned out to be really good.

  29. Setsuken:
    Thanks for commenting! I hope you continue to do so in the future! 🙂

    In all (anime) seriousness, Hayate’s probably going to end up with no one and we’ll get the “life goes on” type of ending that gives us absolutely no closure. (Note: I hope to be proven wrong here so I’m just setting my expectations low. ^_^)

    Yes I did finish Casshern Sins actually. I’m glad to hear others did as well. Overall, I thought it was a “deep” series that taught a bunch of good morals — something you probably wouldn’t expect from a show like that (…at least I didn’t).

  30. Wow, you have just proven you’re one of the worse Hina fans, Divine.

    Everyone saying Hayate/Hina will be canon needs to take a step back and rethink just WHAT kind of series HnG is. If anything, the first series had the charm and wit of the manga, JC Staff however has turned it into Hinagiku no Gotoku rabu rabu drama. Yes, they are following the manga more closely than Synergy did, but they often skip over jokes (hell, they skipped over the entire story of Hayate being Ayumu’s butler) to play in more romantic elements in Hina’s favor. It ruins the fun. But I digress.

    Hayate will not end up with ANYONE. Even if every girl in the series confessed to him, he will NOT leave Nagi’s side due to his loyalty and care for her. I’m not saying it’s going to be a Hayate/Nagi end– far from it– I’m just saying because of his debt to her, he won’t commit to a relationship. That’s just the kind of character Hayate is.

    Name (required)
  31. Wow, you sound like you’re writing the manga “Name (required)”! We should be rest assured that this is factual information people!

    In all seriousness, they can probably take any direction they want. Last time I checked, Hayate no Gotoku’s a (light) romance / comedy, so if they want to focus more on the former (even to no absolute conclusion relationship-wise), that’s fine by me.

    I’m just here to enjoy the series, not pick it apart and predict endings. I’ll leave that up to the “hardcore” fans, or whatever they’re self-proclaimed as. 😛

  32. Never really saw Hina as a real prospect, given her popularity with girls for starters. Now count me as interested if this will be something as interesting as HarimaxEri (though I still can’t decide until now whether I prefer that pairing or the Yakumo one).

  33. This season completely blows away the first season. Each episode has boatloads of character development. Also the facial expressions this season are quite good.

    I’m so thankful I decided to watch this again.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  34. Oops, i wasn’t paying enough attention, so i discovered Divine is back just now :O
    Omg, welcome back Divine XD

    btw i marathoned Hayate’s first season, but i found out it so-so. I honestly don’t know what to think of it: there’s no plot, situations and commedy is pure nonsense, the pace is screwed up, the show just relies on jokes and citations. If i’d answer a question about Hayate’s plot i’d say: “i just don’t know: the chars just move on the screen but they absolutely don’t know what they are doing and who they are”. So I’m inclined to dislike it, but i found the show almost entertaining.

  35. I love this show. Besides Guin Saga and Phanton Requiem, this is the show I look most forward to every single week. And none of those shows are being blogged on RC!

    S2 is sooo much better than Hayate no Gotoku S1 because of the focus on relationships like you mentioned. Though they’re switching arcs, I hope they continue to show Hina lots of love.

  36. There’s still hope for a hayate/hina in the end what with hinagiku constantly getting the most votes concerning popularity…that, or they’ll end it with a stalemate and leave the rest to our imaginations

    I’d prefer those endings over a hayate/nagi ending anyday

  37. Im with you Divine! Hinagiku is pure WIN! I absolutely agree with you about comparing the couple to Harima and Eri, which is a couple with good chemistry, too bad the mangaka didnt explore the possibilities of the two. I mean that was one of the series, were the main girl and main guy didnt end up together, but pursued different paths, which was really awesome for the show and the manga, despite the terrible ending.

    This is why I could still hope that they do this in this series, I hope that they have the guts to actually make Hayate end up with Hina instead of Nagi, heck if it cant be Hina, then it’s still perfectly fine with me, if he ends up with Ayumu/Maria/Athena, so long as it’s not Nagi. I like Nagi as a character, and her role as Hayate’s master, but not as a potential romantic interest, its too disturbing for me, they dont fit at all.


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