OP Sequence

OP: 「ホログラム」 (Hologram) by NICO Touches the Walls
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After another successful battle with an alchemist, an injured Scar returns to Yoki and finds him with a little girl. She introduces herself as May Chang and reveals that Yoki had helped her after she had collapsed. Scar wants her to leave, but she instead decides to treat his wound with something she calls alkahestry from the country of Xing. She also notices his tattoo as being connected to alkahestry, so Scar reveals that his brother researched both alchemy and alkahestry, and his tattoo is a result of that research. In any case, May Chang wants to go with Scar and Yoki to Central, and she’s trying to go meet Ed because of what she heard about immortality and alchemy. Meanwhile, in Central, Hawkeye is coming home from grocery shopping when she’s attacked by Barry the Chopper, but he’s no match for her pistol skills. The fact that he can remove his armor’s head doesn’t surprise her either because she knows Al, and when she realizes that he knows Al too, she brings him in for questioning with Mustang. Barry ends up telling them what he knows about the fifth laboratory and the Philosopher’s Stone, but what Mustang is most interested in is if Barry had anything to do with Hughes’ death. Barry doesn’t know anything about it though, so Mustang lets it go.

Over in Rush Valley, Ed and Al return to Winry so that Ed can get his arm repaired again. She patches him up but needs to get more parts, so the brothers are free to wander the town for a while. By chance, Al finds a guy passed out on the street, and after they feed him, he reveals that he’s from the country of Xing. He had gone through the desert between their two countries because he wanted to see the ruins of Xerxes, and he went there and is here now to look into the connection to alkahestry, which is used for medicine. Ed contrasts this to the military uses of alchemy here ever since King Bradley came to power. He and Al then introduce themselves as alchemists, so the guy introduces himself as Ling Yao, but he’s not a user of alkahestry. He is, however, interested in the Philosopher’s Stone. This alarms Ed and causes him to try to walk away, but Ling summons his bodyguards to get the information out of the brothers. When Ed questions what Ling plans to do with it, Ling reveals that he wants to find a way to obtain immortality. Not one to be threatened, Ed starts fighting with one of the bodyguards while Al battles the other. Although he initially finds himself on the losing end of the fight, Ed figures out that he can get his opponent angry – and thus easier to read – by talking bad about Ling.

Using this, he’s able to remove his opponent’s mask and is surprised to find out that he’s fighting a girl. She retaliates with an explosive, but once the smoke clears, Ed uses his automail arm as a trap to capture her. Al has captured his opponent as well by this point with Paninya’s help, and Ling congratulates both of them. When the townspeople confront them for destroying the town though, Ling and his bodyguards escape to avoid getting blamed, leaving Ed and Al to fix things. Ed is surprised to see that Al can now transmute without a circle, and it depresses him a bit. The two of them run into Ling again when they return to the shop where Winry has been working, and Ling introduces his bodyguards as Lan Fan and Fu and claims that he himself is a prince. The Xing emperor has fathered a child from each of the 50 ethnic groups that make up the country of Xing, and there are currently 24 princes and 19 princesses. Ling is twelfth in line, and because the emperor’s health is poor and there’s a bit of a succession fight going on, Ling has decided to go after immortality to curry favor. Ed, however, still refuses to reveal anything about the Philosopher’s Stone.

Once Winry returns and is able to properly work on Ed’s arm, Al reveals that they’re headed for Central again, and Winry wants to come along again to visit Hughes. Also on their way to Central are Yoki and Scar along with May Chang. Yoki still doesn’t know Scar’s name, so Scar explains that the Ishval people call themselves proudly by names bestowed by God, and for that reason, he’s thrown away his name. Scar feels that if he’s on a path in which he cannot turn back, then he has to throw away everything bestowed by God.

ED Sequence

ED: 「LET IT OUT」 by 福原美穂 (Fukuhara Miho)
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The new songs are, as expected, really good. I really like how Hologram begins and its subsequent chorus, but LET IT OUT isn’t bad either. In fact, LET IT OUT sounds a lot like a song you’d hear on western top-40 radio (I found this extended version of it on imeem). Both the OP and ED sequence are very pretty to look at, particularly with their use of colors, but more importantly, the new OP sequence shows a lot of cool shots that get me excited about what’s upcoming in the series (especially concerning Wrath and Ling fighting).


This episode started a little confusingly because I didn’t realize Yoki was sticking with Scar, but otherwise it was pretty good. For one, it was great to see and hear some new characters. Miyano Mamoru uses a nicely playful and energetic voicing of Ling, and I was surprised to see that one of his bodyguards was a girl, voiced by Mizuki Nana no less. The fight this episode between Ed and Al and those two bodyguards was pretty good too, though not quite as cool as how King Bradley kicked ass last week.

Speaking of new characters, I guess Scar is now getting a little girl companion in May Chang who can heal/take care of him. If she sticks with him, and it leads him down the path of becoming a better person, I’ll be tempted to make the comparison to InuYasha‘s Sesshoumaru and Rin again (it’s even more true if you consider that Yoki is kind of like Jaken). In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when May Chang runs into Ed and if her bishounen image of him gets completely shattered. For the time being though, I suspect it’s going to be quite sad when Ed, Al, and Winry finally learn that Hughes is dead in next week’s episode. That’s probably what this preview shot is about.

Oh and as a random sidenote, Hawkeye really needs to wear her hair down more. It looks much better that way.


  1. I really, really, REALLY can’t stand Ling, but Miyano Mamoru makes him marginally tolerable.

    Oh shit, Scar and Mei really are Sesshomaru and Rin, that’s awful. I do like how they’re trying to keep Scar relevant, but now that he’s already met Mei, it’s sort of deflated his badass image. He hasn’t done anything worthwhile in the manga for, like, fifty chapters.

    The new OP had some great animation, but the song is bland. The new ED wasn’t as good as the first one.

  2. Epic episode.

    My one of favourite characters finally appear.

    Ling 3>

    Sadly the Royai scene was cut out(AGAIN), however I am happy that nothing important was cut off(except for Mei’s introduction in Coal Town)

    Unknown Voice
  3. 0:40 of OP

    Familiar scene, ei…

    Well I’m really looking forward to watching this episode! (LIING) X3
    Aww man… the Royai part was cut out?
    Oh well, I’ll live (Though I was looking forward to that.)

    I hope the part where Ed is running away from a chainsaw-wielding Winry towards the sunset on the beach wasn’t cut out and just wasn’t included in the screen caps. XD
    Gawd I seriously wanna see that part animated!

  4. The new OP sucks balls.The new ED would be better off as the OP.Its a little dull,but at least the lyrics are OK.

    I guess its time to start watching this again (=.=)

  5. woah, the new op is absolutely amazing animation-wise.
    somehow it’s sad that they cut out Mustang wanting to burn Barry.
    as for Ling – considering the newest manga chapter, yay for Ling 😀

  6. Nani??? Nana as Lan Fan?? HO SNAP must watch asap. i ♥♥♥ Lan Fan 😀 With Nana combo = could’ve be better.
    Bishounen Ed LOLOLOLOL
    And yes, Riza really needs to let her hair down more often ♥♥♥♥~~~
    OP’s okay…. i totally prefer YUI’s though =[
    I want…. Mei’s panda. I’ve wanted it since seeing it in the manga, i still want it now…. T-T
    and woooo Ling 😀 Miyano Mamoru~~

  7. @baka~
    considering the backstory was from Omake, i see no reason on why should they waste time on that.

    Except that its the other way around.

    Mosquito looks like Joliot.

    Joliot Comanche in FMA appeared way before Soul Eater ;]

    Unknown Voice
  8. Cool opening. I loved all of the cool little action scenes and previews for upcoming material. I did lol a bit when they showed Mustang’s group and they gave Breda a hotdog. Is that all he means to them?

    So, we get the Xing characters, finally. Well, I don’t think that they’re God’s gift to the series like many others do, but it’s nice to finally see them animated.

  9. I’m not liking the opening very much. It doesn’t capture the same kind of energy that previous full metal openings, including the first for Brotherhood had. The first time I saw any of the openings, I had to replay them to satisfy my gluttonous craving for music, but this one…is just blegh.

    Daggers McFearson
  10. Wow Now I think i should wtach this anime even if it’s the same as the manga (That i spoiled myself with xD).
    I really like the ending song 🙂 This season of FMA is something.

  11. I think the Xing guys are more of a result of Arakawa’s love for China?, and they always felt sort of…uh, unnecessary to me, but goddamn it who cares. Ling and Ran Fan and FU are just too cool to not see animated.

    I love the new OP~
    But the new ED was kinda eh. Like the animators were too lazy to do some actual movement.

    The new VAs are great, especially Ling’s. Not so much Mei’s, it’s pretty annoying.

  12. Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! it’s a new chapter and follows the manga *w* greed-sama! mmmm i like so much the opening by Yui…. is good this new one? I hope so. =) well i will see and let you know xD Matta ne!!

  13. Haseo0408: Sorry for the late, late reply, but I added the mirrors.

    Freya: I didn’t read the manga prior to this series and have intentionally kept myself away from it so as not to spoil myself.

  14. Ranfan, hooray! ♪
    But I’m disappointed that they’re still rushing so much; Ling doesn’t explain his situation until volume 11 in the manga, likewise with Comache’s fight. Still excited to see Ling & co, but urgh! At this rate they’ll catch up to where we are in the manga in no time! O_O Fillers AGAIN is a definite possibility!


    as for the new ending…i’m too stuck on the opening to actually listen to it for a 3rd or 4th time.

    haven’t seen the episode yet. just waiting for a certain sub group to release. can’t say the name because FUNI’s spies might be on this website.

  16. The series is finally heading into uncharted territory! Ling is annoyingly lovable, just like in the manga. Love how the panda’s expressions is synchronised with Mei Chang’s. XD

    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. I watched this ep w/ rlly bad subs :[ but Ling Yao still proves to be awesome here just as he was in the manga. I didn’t like how they included elements w/o much explanation like Garfiel-san. The op song was soso though the anime was awesome. Ed song was lovely (she’s got an awesome voice). Too bad they skipped jealous Roy…I wanted to see more Roy and Hawkeye :3

  18. Wow, Mizuki Nana is back among the FMA cast, and as Ranfan no less.

    Now the series is picking up as we’re heading into unchartered manga territory. Before there wasn’t much to discuss because it was more or less similar to the first half of the first series.

    Kinny Riddle
  19. Really great episode. The new OP is amazing; a sneak peek of how awesome the series will turn out to be I hope. I liked the old ED song better than the current, but that’s not to say the current one isn’t great as well.

  20. i really like the manga version of fullmetal and the fact that (pretty much) they have followed the manga makes me very happy. Some of the most amazing stuff that was cut from the original (which sucks). Though the manga isn’t over i think it will be soon (though who knows) which is good. Just look at bleach thats proof that following a the manga is tough when its not over<-(anime original stuff). I just hope they keep that stuff low key. Btw scar is the most bad ass character. Ever.

  21. I haven’t watched the episode (haven’t had working internet and now I’m too tired), but I watched the vidoes of the OP and ED. I’m too tired to react about the songs (I’ll listen too them a couple of times, then I can deside if I like ’em), but the OP vid I must say Ed and Al really like to walk on railroad tracks….And in the ED, it was adorable when the went to buy groceries and Al stumbled! the ending felt sad with all the backs…people leaving…

  22. @Omni

    “I didn’t read the manga prior to this series and have intentionally kept myself away from it so as not to spoil myself.”

    Really? Methinks you should be really careful reading the comments then. You never know when a troll might just post a spoiler intentionally with no warning. Anyhoo, I think you should read the manga (you read Bleach manga after all and get spoiled for the anime). Why? Because the anime is missing A LOT of scenes from the manga, some (if not most) are IMPORTANT scenes to the plot. Let me give you an example from this episode; whats Falman doing with Roy and Riza? Riza called Roy obviously but why is Falman in the scene? Hes there to interrogate Barry. Falman is considered the human library of Mustang’s subordinate so he uses his knowledge to interrogate and figure out whether that is the real Barry or not. Another example, this time from ep 14; Bradley just accidentally shows up at Greed’s hideout. Its actually more complicated in the manga. Ed goes away by himself to do his State Alchemist Assessment and accidentally lets Bradley know about Izumi being his master and where she lives. He then follows Ed back to Dublith, interested in making Izumi a State Alchemist for a “human sacrifice” and then eavesdrops on someone commenting about Greed’s hideout and THAT’S how he ends up there.

    See, The FMA manga isnt like a weekly ShonenJump series where each 20-page advances the plot slowly, like Bleach or Naruturd. No, each FMA chapter is around 40 paged with A LOT of story to tell. Hell, almost every chapter has enough material to be one episode. Here they do 2 (or more) chapters per episode and omit lots of material. And when you squeeze more than two chapters into a 20-minute episode you get a rushed plot. I think you owe it to yourself to read the manga. If not ahead of the story, you should at least read the story youve seen so far, which would be volumes 1-8. That way you get the WHOLE story and not a rushed version of it.

  23. now I have finally watched it!! The funniest episode so far!! EdxLing-action is much funnier than IchigoxRenji! When the fight with eachother, that is! The bickering, nothing else!
    I love Ling’s voice.
    I also, after listening to it five times, love the opening, actually, almost equally to how much I totally worship Again – Yui!!

    Yoki’s voice is really nice, it’s bothering…

    and Scar’s face when he saw the panda really bugs me! why did he do it? tell me tell me now!! It was buttkicking hilarious!!

    Barry!!! Da CHOPPA!!! pure love! <3 <3 (and, agreeing with so many people: I miss jelaous Roy wanting to burn Barry!)


  24. I just read through the manga “from” episode 15 and 16, and realised that cutting of Mining Town made May Chang (?) a little less awesome and “hmm, who is this girl? What amazing, strange powers!”
    And it kinda makes more sense that she didn’t know of Edward when she came to Amestris (sp?), cause Xing is very far away, why should they have heard of Edo? If she of course hasn’t researched a lot about modern alchemy…

    aaand, jeez, Amestris sure wars..warriores…warses…fight a lot!


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