Maria, the runner up in the popularity contest, goes on the offense and calls out Hinagiku’s small breasts! Oh now it’s on!


I feel a bit trolled here. Where’s my hot spring episode? While I don’t mind them playing things out a bit more, I was expecting some bare shoulders and a lot of steam covering up the “goods” this week. (Hmm… wait a second, have I grown accustomed to expecting so little from hot spring fan-service episodes? T_T)


Hayate learns the harsh reality of telling a girl the truth about how she looks. “Honestly, how do I look?” is a TRAP.


It was amusing to see everyone’s reason for wanting to go to the Shimoda hot spring though. Ayumu: studies, Isumi: powers, Nagi: growth, but most of all Hinagiku wanting larger breasts. It looks like the effects of being all lovey-dovey over Hayate has finally gotten our student council president concerned about her appearance.


Ayumu looking good. Bicycles, the real way commoners travel.


Oh that train ticket won’t do you shit now Nagi. Ayumu’s not looking so dumb now is she!


The appearance of Hinagiku this week made me forgive them for faking me out with the episode title.


Episode +100 points. Hina looks better in everyday clothes…


…and is cute as hell when she’s all flustered. (cue in Yui and Ritsu) Moe~


Personally, I’m quite cautious with my finances so I can fully appreciate Hayate’s views on money. Damn ridiculously rich people! Anyway, an episode of Hayate wouldn’t be quite complete without our good ‘ol butler pulling off some crazy stuff right?


As the voice of heaven points out, don’t try this at home kids. You WILL die.


Even being run over by a truck can’t hold our butler down! Flash cool pose.


What’s wrong with this picture? Buff ramen chef in a pink apron? No, that’s not it…


At times, I still wrestle with the idea of who has the most “honest” love for Hayate. Since Nagi’s a controlling freak and Hinagiku’s been pretty dishonest with herself, Ayumu’s probably it. I mean, she’s the only one that’s actually confessed thus far, plus she plays the token childhood friend-like character. I guess this is probably why she’s my second pick among Hayate’s love candidates.


The proper way to have a picture on your cellphone. Not like that stalker-ish freak Makoto from School Days.


This probably isn’t the best way to ride a bicycle with a short skirt like that. I doubt the people behind would complain though…


Hitmen on cue. At least they were nice enough to ask which one of them is Sanzenin Nagi. You should always be courteous to others!


I LOL’d. It’s not like Ayumu didn’t ask for it.


Based on the preview, we should be getting an actual hot spring episode next week. It seems like my spunky, Kansai-ben speaking favorite Sakuya will be making an appearance too. Hurray to bare shoulders!


This scene would’ve been a million times better if it was Hina instead of Nagi. Mmm… Hina…


Since episode titles don’t seem to mean much, I’m going to read literally into the next one, “Stardust Memory”, and break out some old school Gundam 0083 “Men of Destiny”. Who’s with me!?


(click HQ for higher quality)


  1. NOT BECAUSE I HATE hinagiku or hayate no gotoku or for that matter th blogging style but the highlight of this entire article was the 0083 opening because i spent the wohle time watching it thinking, “WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE” (although i knew it existed i wasnt keen delving into the histroy of gundam out of order)

  2. It was a really good episode by my point of view. It’s one of my favorite shows along with the first season. After this season ends, I will definetely going to read the manga.

  3. Wait, “Maria … calls out Hinagiku’s small breasts”? Compared to everyone else’s, can we really call them small? >.>

    As for Ayumu… “Be careful what you wish for.” 😀 Anyway, now that she’s lost her cell phone, how is she going to afford the express train ticket back home?

  4. Nagi isn’t a “control freak.” She honestly believes Hayate loves HER. Why wouldn’t she get jealous of any other girls? Plus, she’s /13/ for fuck’s sake. Jesus Christ, you Hinafags are the worst.

    Name (required)
  5. Been a while since I commented, but since “Name (required)” sorta stifled that option…

    Uh, that’s precisely WHY she’s a control freak. You described it yourself. And at 13, the attachment level is kinda freaky, even if you have read the manga and know every spoiler about her.

  6. Nagi just had to get off the damn train so Hayate have to go look for her… If she stayed on the bloody train like normal people would before they reach their destination… Hayate wud be chatting away wif Hina >:(

  7. To the first commenter… you do realize that more than one person blogs here right? Each having their own style. Omni would be the “main” blogger I’d guess you say, but there are several others who do series he won’t.

  8. I don’t see why Hinagiku should be considered she’s a flat tsundere and the most popular character. That and aren’t most of the main competitors on the flat side as well.

  9. But I liked 0080 better. D: *cough* Anyho~

    Is this anime really that funny? :O You’re the only person who I know (both in RL and on the net) who follows this eries. Hm, maybe I should check it out…?

  10. Would just like to chime in that Hamster doesn’t really qualify as the childhood friend since she and Hayate met each other for the first time during her bicycle escapade down a hill (also note that the anime did a bit of snafu at that part with Hayate already dressed up as a butler, even though he was still in school at that time and hasn’t met nagi yet).

    Anywayz, thanks for blogging this show! It’s leagues better than first season.

  11. “Hmm… wait a second, have I grown accustomed to expecting so little from hot spring fan-service episodes? T_T)”.
    Onsen episodes aren’t what they used to be anymore.
    I blame Love Hina.

  12. 1) Nagi needs to realize Hayate wasnt confessing to her.
    2) Maria needs to tell Nagi Hayate wasnt confessing to her.
    3) Hayate needs to realize he is making people fall in love with him.
    4) Don’t torture us with people who havent been introduced in the Anime!!
    5) Show Spoiler ▼

  13. not that im obsessed with trains or anything, but that’s not a shinkansen that hayate was thrown out of… ^^;;

    (It’s a Super View Odoriko service using the 251 series trainset with max speed of 120 kph)


  14. qwertyaardvark:
    Wow, you’re right. Good eye! Thanks for pointing that out (and not being a jerk about it!).

    For everyone else, the Super View Odoriko that qwertyaardvark is talking about is the JR express train that runs between Tokyo and Shimoda. More info here.

  15. heh, no problem. ^_^ i only recognized the livery of the train since i have/had plans to build an N scale model of Tokyo station… (so maybe im little obsessed with Japanese trains) ^^;;


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