The current Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood opening song is performed by a group called NICO Touches the Walls that I wasn’t familiar prior to this, but apparently they had sung an ending song for Naruto last year. Regardless, I took an immediate liking to Hologram back when I first heard it in the commercial that aired for the current FMA story arc, and over a month later, I still like it, especially the way the song starts. It’s worth noting though that I’ve been listening to the new ending song LET IT OUT a lot more and am interested in the PV for that too after seeing a commercial for it during last night’s episode of FMA. In any case, despite the catchy song, the PV for Hologram is rather bland. It has a lot of colors and semi-flashy effects, but the video mainly just shows the band standing around and playing the song. It’s not worth watching more than once or twice.

The single for Hologram is due out August 12th, 2009.


  1. @roger: Well they do have a boy-band’ish look. But I never judge a song based on how the band members look…

    I like the song, but (IMO) it’s not as good as the song they did for Naruto that Omni linked above. ^_^

  2. Well I’ll say this is just another above average song to me.
    It just lacks impact.
    LET IT OUT is just so much better as compared to this.

    @roger: Don’t judge a song by how the band plays it, judge it by how the song itself.
    You can always turn of your monitor and leave your speakers on 😀

  3. Who said I judged the song by their looks. Song was ok. I am saying they really need to learn how to play a guitar properly. Without learning how to play it properly they are doing all shakes, long hair, etc etc. If I am not mistaken they should be able to play that song with 1 guitar if they were playing the guitar properly. With that many they should have somewhat of an echo effect. Listen and watch Lynrd Skynrd you’ll know what I mean.

  4. Video sucks….the song is too repetitive.I’m half asleep now…its 4am and all my dead brain hears is mada miru sekai-e X100 times.Sure…the unseen world,whatever.

  5. @roger

    It’s a music video…it’s pretty much guaranteed that they aren’t playing any of the instruments for real and are lip-syncing the track. A music video is probably the worst way to judge playing ability since it’s generally all for show.

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